The Glory of love


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Section 1

It was Saturday morning after our preceding week’s training session. Or should I say, my training session. Sue and I had spoken about it that night when we were in bed. She wanted to make sure she hadn’t hurt me, having gotten her training advice from our swinger friend Ellaine. She was afraid she’d gotten a bit overzealous. I assured her I was fine, no permanent damage though my ass would take a couple of days to mend.

I asked her if she found the experience of both trainings’ erotic. She said yes and wondered what we’d get into next. I reminded her of our agreement made as a condition of the last training, and she smiled and said yes, and what did I have in mind? I really hadn’t decided yet and was still mulling over a couple of ideas.

By Saturday morning though I had decided on a plan of action. I was up early mapping out what I hoped would be a memorable evening. Sue got up at 8 AM, came down to the family room with her morning coffee and started perusing her phone. I asked if any of our friends had anything going on this evening.

“No, at least not yet. It’s still early to hear from everyone.”

“So, if nothing pans out with them, why don’t we go out tonight. Dinner and drinks, a night on the town. Let’s do it up, okay?”

“Okay, sounds good to me. I’ll never turn down a fun night out.”

I spent the rest of the day lining up dinner reservations and making sure our evening would stay on schedule. Our dinner time at the restaurant was eight pm, I went up to the bedroom at six-thirty to get dressed. Sue was in the shower, so I took that time to gather a few things together for the night. I got one of her large canvas bags and shoved four towels and some moisturized and disinfectant wipes into it.

Then a box of condoms and a couple of her toys, a dildo and vibrator. If my plan came together, we’d need most of this. I ran it out to the car and stowed it on the backseat floor, I got back upstairs just as Sue was exiting the bathroom. I got my clothes off, told her my turn and headed into the shower.

I came out of the bathroom a few minutes later to Sue doing her hair, in her panties and bra. I noticed one of her black dresses hanging outside the closet. She’d picked one of my favorites, a cute form fitting number.

I started getting dressed, the TV news was on, and her hair dryer on full blast made conversation impossible. After a few minutes the dryer shut off, Sue stood and took the dress off the hanger, putting it on. She then went into the bathroom to put on some makeup. I finished dressing and sat on the bed to watch some of the news. After a few minutes Sue came out of the bathroom and said she was ready.

“You look terrific, WOW!!

“As opposed to normal, thank you.”

“You know what I mean. Hey, do me a favor. Don’t wear any panties under your dress tonight.”

“Jay, are you out of your mind? I can’t go out in public like that, especially in this dress. It’s already too short.”

“C’mon babe, please. It’ll be fun knowing what others don’t. Maybe after dinner we’ll go park somewhere and fool around. C’mon.

“Oh, alright. But you watch and make sure the dress doesn’t ride up at dinner when I sit.”

“Oh, you bet I will.”

Sue raised the bottom of her dress and wiggled her panties down to her ankles, then kicked them off to the side laughing. She stepped into her pumps, then we headed for the car. We had a wonderful time at the restaurant. It was good to get out, just the two of us. I had a couple glasses of wine, one with dinner. Sue is partial to Mojitos, and I kept them coming. She was three in by desert.

I ordered coffee and we talked in hushed tones, the restaurant was still busy, with a large loud party going on in a room just off the main floor. We were at a square table. I sat right next to Sue. Occasionally, I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, never going all the way up, but feeling a slight quiver each time, I did it.

“So, be honest with me. I didn’t hurt you the other day when we were playing? With the strap on thing.

“I said no, you didn’t. On some level I enjoyed it. The idea of you taking control was sort of a turn on.”

“Well, Ellaine said her, and Roger do it all the time, and she explained it to me but While I’ve heard of it in my therapy work with patients, they tend not to be too descriptive, and…..”

“It’s fine. Look, we’re sixty years old now. Like I said, it’s now or never. Kids are grown and gone, we use it or lose it. We agreed to explore our sexual boundaries and stretch them a bit. I just wasn’t expecting that much of a physical stretching.”

We both laughed.

“All we have to do is communicate. We’ve been married thirty-three years. I’m not into possession or jealousy. Let’s just have fun. We’re both fully capable of saying no if we don’t like something. But we agreed to give the swinging thing a try, and we’re barely scratching the surface in a year. I will only say that seeing you pleasured by Kenny at the casino was a complete turn on for me. The look of ecstasy on your face, wow!!

I had to tone down the volume again as I didn’t want any of the nearby people to hear.

“Alright, let’s get out of here. I’ll get the check.”

“I have to go to the ladies room.”

“Of course. I’ll settle everything up here.”

Sue headed off to the restroom and I signaled the server for the check. I left it and the tip on the table and headed to the front of the restaurant to wait for Sue. She joined me several minutes later and we got in the car and pulled out onto the main road. The mojitos were kicking in good now as she began talking and laughing to herself.

“Let’s go home and fuck. I’m kinda horny not wearing any underwear.”

“I’ve got a better idea. We can go someplace and have some fun. We’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Where, an empty parking lot? Oh, how about behind a church. Wouldn’t that be really bad?”

Yep, the mojitos were in overdrive. More than thirty years and my wife never learned to hold her liquor. I drove on, quiet for a minute or two, drawing closer to our destination.

“I thought maybe we’d go to that adult video store down the road here. You know the one.”

“Is it like the one we visited in Pennsylvania last year? That was kinda fun, but I was so nervous.”

“I know. Umm, somewhat similar, but no large theater like that one had. They have viewing booths where you choose what you want to see. Let’s give it a try.”

Before she could reply I made the turn into the video store parking lot and was parked. There were about a dozen cars in the lot, no one was milling around in the lot. We got out of the car, Sue, tentative at first. I reached in the backseat and grabbed the canvas bag.

“Here my love, you’ll need this.”

I handed her the bag. She put it over her shoulder, barely looking in it.

“You had this planned all along.”

“Strike it up to the agreement you made during our last “training” session. By the way, try not to wobble so much when you walk.”

“It’s these shoes.”

“Yea, those pretty mojito-colored shoes.”

Sue was a few steps ahead of me walking into the store. I wanted to get an unobstructed view of that ass stepping into a dirty video store.

“That ass stepping into a dirty video store.”

The store itself was typical. Toys, lingerie, DVD racks, and off to the right the arcade area with all the booths. Several guys were browsing in the aisles. They looked up as soon as Sue walked through. I directed her into the booth area past two swinging doors. There were aisles of booths. Some had the doors closed in operation, the lights on above the door. Remarkably the place was clean and no offensive smells.

We walked down the aisle, opening partially closed doors until I found one that would suit us. Guys were peering around corners and eyeballing Sue. She didn’t make eye contact with any of them but stared into the booth I’d chosen. I couldn’t get over the exhilarated feeling I was having watching them watching her. What were they thinking or fantasizing about? I directed Sue into the booth, then stepped in closing the door and latching it.

Section 2

“Stepped in, closing the door and latching it.”

Sue stood inside the booth looking around curiously. The whole booth might have been six by six square. There was a fiberglass bench style seat big enough for two people to sit side by side. A thirty-two-inch flatscreen TV was encased in the wall opposite the bench, behind a protective glass shield. It had a dollar bill receiver for payment of video time, and a modern touchscreen control panel for video selection.

There were controls for some sort of webcam pay per view, as well as a “Buddy” view button that would clear an opaque looking window on the left wall. Then there was the most fantastic thing. A gloryhole “hatch” on the same wall close and on the low side of the screen facing bench. The hatch had to be unlatched and opened from both sides on hinges to be truly open.

It also had two sized doors, the smaller within a larger two by two-foot sized hatch. This place has been renovated I thought, and the owner took everything into consideration when building it. This also appeared to be a booth built for couples. Again, it was clean. No trash on the floor, but a small trash can in the corner.

I slid a ten-dollar bill into the bill receiver. It made a grinding sound as it accepted it. A couple seconds later a scene started on the TV. It was a black guy doing a milf with another guy, the husband I assume, looking on. Perfect scene, I thought. I had to gear down the volume on the touch screen. I took Sue’s hand and guided her over to the bench. I undid my pants belt and clasp and scooted them down. My cock was already getting hard and needed released. I sat down on the bench, Sue gasped,

“Put something on that seat.”

I grabbed a towel out of the bag we bought and spread it on the bench, the reseated myself, pulling Sue down to sit on my lap. I hiked up her dress so her bare ass was sitting on my bare lap. The scene on the TV was playing on, the female on her back while her husband held her legs apart while the black guy hard fucked her. I spread Sue’s legs and ran my hand up her thigh and started rubbing her pussy. She moaned slightly and reached down grabbing my hard cock and started stroking it.

“You want to feel a big hard black cock inside you, don’t you?”

“Oh, hell yes. The dildos we use just aren’t the same. Look how she’s getting fucked. Would you let me do that? It’s just a fantasy, but a hot one for me.”

She reached her other hand down and started rubbing her pussy too. Still feeling the alcohol, she gyrated her hips a little and looked at me, sticking her tongue out and putting it in my mouth.

“Sue, put your fingers in my mouth. I want to taste your juices.”

She put half her hand in my mouth.

“Do I taste good baby.”

Fuck yes, and you’re really wet too. YEA!!”

I kissed her with her luscious juices on my lips, my fingers probing her wet hairy pussy. She still had hold of my cock but luckily wasn’t stroking very vigorously or I’d have cum already. She turned to look at the screen again, then asked,

“What’s that on the wall next to the TV?”

“That’s called a gloryhole. Actually, it’s an advanced one compared to ones I’ve seen in other places. You open the hatch, and if the hatch is open on the other side, a guy will stick his dick through for you to play with.”

The look on Sue’s face was somewhere between astonishment and complete befuddlement.

“You mean just some strange dick pokes through and you what, suck it?”

“Or fuck it. Yep, that’s about it. Want to try it? You can use a condom you know. I’d highly recommend it. Let’s open the hatch and see what happens. We can always close it again.”

“Hopefully not on the guy’s dick,”; laughing.

“If I open the hatch, are you going to freak out?”

“I don’t know. It’s just so weird. You’ve done this before?”

“Only in my raucous youth.”

A small lie, but I wanted to get that gloryhole open before Sue had too much time to think about it. No time to sober up and think clear headed now. I stood her up off my lap and waddled, pants half down the two steps to the hatch. I wasn’t overly sober myself. I pulled the latch on the small door, and it dropped down below the probably eight by eight opening.

There was a second door that could enlarge the opening substantially, but small steps I thought to myself. The other side was open, but only a small glimmer of light shown through. I put a few more dollars into the movie machine and stepped back to the seat, when I turned to see a silhouette of something, a head, on the other side of the gloryhole.

Sue was standing, intently watching the movie play, holding up her dress and rubbing her wet cunt. I slid my pants over my shoes, removing them, freeing my legs. Now, naked from the waist down except for my shoes, I reached for Sue. I didn’t yet let on about the peeper next door, I wanted to be sure. I put my right leg up on the bench and said to Sue,

“Come here and suck this cock.”

All she had to do in that small booth was bend over. As her lips went over my cock I groaned out of reflex, but I could clearly see movement on the other side of that gloryhole. I purposely turned Sue’s ass toward the opening, then bent over her back and hiked her dress up above her hips.

I rubbed her back and ass cheeks as if it was all for her benefit, then reached down and spread her ass cheeks as wide as I could, all while flexing my hips back and forth to keep my cock in her mouth.

“Spread her ass cheeks as wide as I could.”

The light from the TV bathed the booth in Pseudo-daylight. I thought I heard an exhale of breath from the open hatch, and I had to stop Sue from blowing me as I was getting too excited. I raised her up and turned her toward the gloryhole saying,

“I think we have an observer.”

“Really, I don’t see anything.”

“He’s there. Move over closer to the hatch and tease him. Show him your pussy closeup.”

Sue looked at me to protest but I cut her off saying,

“Remember the deal. Whatever I say.”

She scooted a few inches closer to the open hatch and raised her dress. She looked between the hatch, the TV screen and me, and started to rub her pussy slowly. I took my phone and started recording a video, not wanting to miss anything. As if a light went on through the hatch there was now definite movement in the next booth. I saw the silhouette of a head, looking right at Sue.

I sat on the bench watching, stroking me hard cock, excited that my wife was enticing a complete stranger. After several seconds there was light in the next booth as the guy must have activated a movie on the TV.

Sue was looking at our TV, rubbing her pussy. As close as she was to the hatch, she couldn’t get a good view of what was happening. After a few more seconds I then saw him, obviously he had stood up, stroking his cock in the open hatchway. I stroked faster, nodding to Sue to keep playing with herself.

After several more seconds, the guy in the next booth stuck his hand and forearm through the hatch. Sue reacted with surprise, pressing herself against the wall and looking over at me. I stood ready to jump up and shove his arm back through the opening, but he wasn’t doing anything threatening. He was groping for a feel of Sue, I motioned her to step into his hand, and whispered,

“He wants to touch your pussy. Let him.”

Sue looked momentarily stunned, but then a wry grin came to her face. I knew she had gotten her pussy wet, standing there rubbing away, so the envelope of play was being stretched. She got closer to the opening and his moving hand, and suddenly it found its target.

He felt Sue’s hairy muff, first rubbing, then turning his hand, his fingers found and began probing, playing with her cunt lips, and rubbing her clit. Sue leaned against the wall, looking up at the ceiling, and opened her legs and slightly bending at the knees, giving him full access. She moaned slightly as two of his fingers entered her wet cunt, flexing and rubbing it.

I had to stand. I placed one foot up on the bench and jerked my cock vigorously as I watched Sue being groped by an unknown hand. I had to slow down, not wanting to blow my load anytime soon. The guy withdrew his hand back through the opening.

Section 3

I imagined him sniffing and possibly licking his fingers, enjoying Sue’s hot juices. Sue exhaled heavily, then resumed lightly rubbing her cunt, one finger between her now open, excited lips.

As if on que, a hard, average sized white cock protruded through the gloryhole opening. Sue looked at it and giggled slightly. She looked over at me and shrugged her shoulders smiling. I got close to her and whispered,

“You need to reciprocate for the fingering.'

“I’m not sucking that cock. I don’t know who’s on the other side,”

“We have condoms, so that isn’t an issue. But since this is your first gloryhole cock, hand stroke him until he cums, okay?”

Sue grinned and began to bend down toward the waiting cock. I grabbed her shoulders and unzipped the back of her dress, then pulled it up over her head. Except for her shoes, she was completely naked. I put the dress in our bag.

“No sense getting cum all over that dress.”

I motioned her to squat in front of the guy’s cock. I squatted down behind her, just off to the side but enough to brace her from falling backwards. This gave my phone an optimum view as I started another video.

“Jerk off his cock Sue. Go ahead, do it.”

Sue grasped his cock without hesitation and began stroking it. A moan could be heard from the other side of the opening. This was fabulous and hot. I held the phone in my left hand and rubbed Sue’s ass with my right, giving her ass cheeks and occasional smack.

“Yea, jerk off his hard cock. Make him cum. You’re liking this aren’t you?

“Yes, and his cock is really hard. It won’t be long.”

“Fuck yea babe, stroke faster. Make him pop! Let me see!”

Sue picked up the stroking pace and sure enough not twenty seconds later he groaned heavily and slammed himself full against the wall.

A bead of cum shot out of his cock hitting Sue just below her chin, and on her chest. Several more shots followed, each hitting her chest and slowly flowing on to her tits. She shook his cock once and let go. It withdrew immediately through the opening and a hurried zipping and sounds could be heard. Then a whispered “Thank you” was followed by the sound of a door opening on the other side.

I turned Sue toward me to get some pics of her cum covered tits. I then grabbed another towel, some tissues and hand sanitizer out of the bag and helped clean her up.

“Wow, you thought of everything but soap and water.”

“Well, wipe the cum off. I like seeing it glisten on your skin.”

“What now?”

“We wait, there’ll be others. I really enjoyed watching you play.”

I fed the movie machine some more money, and we sat down to catch our collective breathes. It wasn’t long before we heard the door creak, close and lock again. The previous guy had left the hatch open on his side when he left. This time though, there were voices on the other side.

A man and woman’s voice. I couldn’t resist, so I slid down and peeked through the opening. Sure, enough it was a man and woman, at least from what I could see. They fed money into the movie machine, then clicked through a couple of selections, settling on a group sex video. He then loosened his jeans and dropped them to his knees.

His wife, “(I’m assuming), dropped to her knees in front of him, and started sucking his cock. They were a middle-aged couple as well, like us. I motioned Sue over and we both looked as best we could through the opening. I reached behind her and under her ass and rubbed her still wet pussy. She reached over and stroked my cock. We were both very horny, and totally unconcerned with spying on this couple.

I reached up and unlatched the larger section of the gloryhole door, but it was still latched on the other side. The other couple heard the noise, and the guy came over and leaned down. Seeing the two of us, he unlatched their side of the opening.

His wife immediately knelt down and resumed sucking his cock in plain view of us. I stood and motioned Sue to start sucking me, which she did. It was so hot watching both these women blow their men. Both women looked at each other and smiled with cocks in their mouths, the men both moaning away.

The other woman then stood up and her husband lowered her jeans down past her knees too. She had a nice hairy pussy too, which he proceeded to finger and fondle while she stroked his cock.

I whispered to Sue,

“Reach in and rub her pussy and his cock. Go ahead.”

Sue reached through and slightly fingered the woman’s pussy, while simultaneously taking the guy’s cock. They both moaned a little but didn’t pull away. The guy wriggled out of Sue’s grasp and moved his wife totally in front of the opening. I nodded to Sue who then rubbed and fingered the woman’s pussy, once pulling her hand away to place under my nose. I kissed her hand and put it back on the woman’s wet cunt, while the other guy and I watched and jerked off.

“Sue had both of them.” Sue rubbed and fingered the woman’s pussy.”

The other woman continued to moan. She leaned on her husband for support as he reached around her and spread her pussy so Sue could get her fingers in. The husband then motioned for Sue to stand and had his wife start to fondle Sue’s cunt.

Both were now moaning, and saying yea, oh yea, and how good it felt. The other woman then switched hands, putting one on Sue’s cunt, while also reaching over to stroke me. The other guy said,

“Yea Tina, that’s it. Finger fuck her too.”

After another minute Tina moved back from Sue’s hand and withdrew her hand from Sue as well. She dropped back down to her knees and started sucking her husband’s cock again, extremely fast. He groaned after a minute and said,

“Okay, yea, now!!”

Tina stood and her husband put his arm around her waste while he jerked his cock with the other hand. He pulled her close to him, gave a final groan, and came all over her pussy. He soaked her crotch with cum, then stopped jerking off and stuck his hand on her pussy, rapidly fingering her.

“Yea, you whore. You like that don’t you? You liked that girl finger fucking you? You come now while I shove my jizz into your pussy, YEA!!!”

“YES, OH YES honey, I’m coming, AHHHH!!!!!”

While Tina was coming, I was phone filming while Sue rubbed her pussy and stroked my cock. When it was over, they both hiked up their pants and waved goodbye. They shut the larger hatch on their side, as did we, and after a minute or two, we heard the door open.

“WOW, this is all fuck and no frills. Shouldn’t we be leaving too? I’m about spent.”

“Yea, I guess so. Let’s fuck, you bend over the bench, I’ll get behind you.”

As we were getting into position, the door closed and locked again beside us.

“Let’s see who that is really quick.”

I moved Sue in front of the opening again and rubbed her pussy. I couldn’t believe what happened then, but the largest, darkest cock I’d ever seen came through the opening. I had to look twice, and Sue stood there wide-eyed.

“Fuck, get on your knees and suck that. You can’t let the chance and a cock like that get by.”

Sue stood there thinking twice about it. We’d been in the booth a little more than an hour, and I’m sure the alcohol was wearing off.

“I don’t know, I’m getting tired.”

“Just this one, then we’ll leave. Your fantasy come true. This is your graduation to “Hotwife.”


‘Come on, before he pulls back.”

Sue knelt, reaching out to fell the large cock in front of her. She raised it to her lips and put it in her mouth. I stood right beside her. As she sucked her mouth was distended, the girthy dark cock filling her mouth completely.

I was filming everything, while I stood watching and stroking. From the other side we heard loud moaning.

“That’s it babe. Suck it hard, and slop all over it. Get it really wet and hard!”


After a few minutes, the guy pulled his stiff cock out of Sue’s mouth and pulled back through the opening. Well, that’s all over I thought. Until a booming voice came through the opening,

“Get your ass against this wall baby and I’ll fuck you good!”

Section 4

Sue looked at me questioning, ready to bail into the hall naked I suspect. I reached into the front pocked of the bag and pulled out a condom. Sue shook her head, and I said,

“Hand him the condom. If he refuses it, we’re done. If he put it on, I want to see you come all over that big cock. Remember our deal and my sore ass.”

She took the condom and passed it through the opening. We heard it being torn open, and a moment later that big cock came through the opening sheathed in rubber and ready. I turned Sue around, so her ass was toward the opening.

“Bend over and take that big dick for your man. Ride it until you come, and he does too.”

Sue bent over. I grasped her ass on both sides and guided her back to the opening and awaiting cock. She reached between her legs, opening her cunt as wide as she could with her fingers. It took a couple of attempts, but I knew instantly when he entered Sue,


“Yea baby, that’s it. Gonna fuck you good now. No little white dick over here.”

As he thrusted, Sue got into the rhythm, bouncing back against him as he shoved forward. There was a noticeable pounding against the wall that I’m sure could be heard in the hallway. I kneeled down in front of her, looked under her to see that huge black cock moving back and forth in that beautiful hairy cunt. I could just see the outline of his stomach, his muscular abs visible only a little.

I raised up and sat on the bench. My cock was so hard the slightest touch, and I would be cumming all over. Both her and him were practically screaming their pleasure. I took Sue’s face in both my hands and said,

“It feels really good, doesn’t it? Stretching that pussy out, aren’t we? You take every bit of that cock, you hear me? This is it. You’re going to be fucking a lot now. With me and without me, I’m sure!”

“Oh, Jay I’m about to come! I may even squirt!!

“Suck my cock babe. While he fucks you!”

He must have heard her from the other side as he started cumming just then, and so did she,


Sue was sucking my dick screamed anyway, as she came and I blew my load in her mouth,

“MMMMMM.AHHHHH, (Muffled), FUCK!!!!!!

Sue’s knees were wobbling. I had to steady her down and on to the bench where she breathed heavily for a few minutes. The guy had withdrawn back to his side. The movie had ended minutes before, the machine wanting more money.

“Let’s get out of here.”

We hurriedly dressed. I opened the booth door slowly and looked out. There were guys meandering in the hall. I guided Sue out and to the exit, all the while enjoying their stares at her ass as she passed by. We got in the car and headed home. All was quiet until Sue said,

“God that was the strangest best fucking evening we’ve had in a while.”

I laughed the rest of the way home. Partially from what she just said, and partially hearing her recount how it felt. It took us about a half to get home. We went upstairs and she threw off her clothes to head for the shower.

“Wait Sue. Lay on the bed please.”

“Jay, I’m tired, sweaty and need a shower.”

“I know, just lay on the bed a minute.”

As she did, I tossed my clothes off and climbed on top of her in a sixty-nine position. I spread her legs and began ravenously eating her used cunt.

“What are you doing? Haven’t you had enough tonight?”

“From now on, every time you fuck strange and come home, I get your pussy. Understand?”

“Yes, but…”

I went right back to eating her pussy. I could smell the condoms odor but didn’t care, I kept licking her. My cock was hard again.

“Open your mouth and suck my cock. All the way in. I want to shoot my load down your throat!”

As she sucked, I spread her legs ass wide as I could. I licked her clit; she was getting wet again. I reached around her ass, spreading her cheeks, licking her hairy taint and asshole. I then shoved two fingers in her cunt while licking her clit. After only a few minutes,

“Oh, I think I’m going to come again Jay!!

“Yea you are. Remember the fucking you had tonight!!”

With that Sue started coming again. As she came, I flexed my hips down, shoving my cock deep into the back of her mouth. She gagged as I thrust once more, blowing me cum load down her throat.

“YEA!!!! That’s it! Now go get in the shower my HOTWIFE!”

As she headed into the bathroom I ran and transferred all my pics and vids to my secure drive. What I had to tell Roger was going to be incredible. As for our future, that was going to be both incredible and sometimes regrettable.

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