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I’m Joe and my wife is Kelly. We’ve been married for 22 years, completely faithful, and were virgins on our wedding day. We’ve had a great sex life and never considered anything unusual. My only complaint is that my wife won’t consider anal sex or let me cum on her face.

About two years ago we met some neighbors down the street who were out walking. Introductions were made along with some small talk and we soon discovered they shared our passion for strategy based board games. In short order we were engaged in weekly game nights with the Prestons, who are a couple years younger, share all our values, and had recently celebrated their 20 anniversary. There was instant synergy among our foursome.

Bob is gentle and quiet, reserved, but with a razor-sharp wit. Jill is boisterous, a risk taker, inquisitive, and is a great listener. Bob and I are just regular looking guys in our 40s — nothing spectacular but we’re both average height and weight with average looks. The girls could not be more different. Kelly is an Italian and chef whose world revolves around food. She’s got a youthful, beautiful face, fading blond hair and brown eyes. She’s about 80 pounds overweight but it’s very proportional. She’s sexy and curvy. I honestly believe she has the most beautiful breasts in the world. All she has to do is take off her shirt and raise her hands above her head and I’m instantly rock hard. Kelly is straightforward, emotional, and some would say brusk. But like all Italians she has a deep, passionate heart.

Jill’s a brunette with wavy shoulder length hair and blue eyes. Her face is not as pretty as Kelly’s but she has a bright smile and is incredibly health conscious. She is the perfect weight for her 5’4″ frame and has small firm breasts and a small, round bottom.

The four of us are pretty competitive and we have had many exciting and tense gaming sessions over the last few years. We have developed a deep affection and respect for each other. We do not see each other socially outside game night, although we have discussed dinners or camping. It’s just never happened.

Despite all the time we have spent together, we’ve only developed a surface relationship. Most of our time together is spent in the middle of games, with a smattering of trash talking and joking, but no real thoughtful conversations. In short, we hardly know each other.

About three months ago the girls ran into each other at the grocery store and made spur of the moment plans to walk around the park. The walk stretched into an early dinner at the Italian restaurant Kelly manages. It’s unusual for Kelly to visit the place on her day off, but Jill had been promising to try it out and insisted on treating Kelly to dinner and a bottle of wine. Kelly rarely consumes alcohol but Jill bought the bottle so they enjoyed dinner and wine. Apparently most of the afternoon and dinner had been spent in the usual way — discussing their husbands — and the girls grabbed some dessert and the rest of their wine and retired to the gardens behind the restaurant to cap their day together.

At some point the topic of sex came up (of course) and Jill confessed that Bob has a huge dick but cums rapidly and immediately falls asleep, leaving her sore and frustrated time and time again. After much coaxing Kelly confessed that while I am a little smaller than average, I can last forever and that she has enjoyed multiple mind-numbing orgasms for the last 22 years. Whether the wine was a factor or just an excuse, mutual curiosity was aroused.

Jill and Kelly soon began initiated a regular walking schedule in addition to our game nights. No doubt much time was spent in “harmless fantasy” and speculation that only served to titillate the pair.

Finally some sort of plan was hatched and the next thing I knew Kelly was proposing a partner swap with me. I was shocked, dismayed, and repulsed at the thought of another man having sex with my wife. I flatly refused and considered whether to confront Jill and Bob or let it go.

“You’re probably right, honey, it might be a mistake,” Kelly said. “But tell me one thing — do you like Jill?”

“Of course I like her.”

“But are you attracted to her?”

“Not really.”

“Then it would just be sex. Experimentation. You know I’ve got no interest in Bob. You’re my man.”

I walked away. Later, when I had gotten over my anger and jealousy, I returned and spent a great deal of the rest of the evening ignoring my wife.

“I’m sorry I brought it up,” Kelly said after we had gone to bed and laid in silence for a half hour. “Please forgive me.”

“Okay,” I said and felt myself drifting rapidly toward sleep.

Kelly leaned over and gently bit my ear. “The thing is, though, she wants you to do her in her ass.”

I didn’t receive a call from Bob the next day to discuss the insane idea and wasn’t sure how to take that. I assumed the girls had reached an agreement to broach the subject to both of us at the same time. I heard nothing and wondered what his reaction had been.

There was no discussion anywhere near the topic over the next two game nights, although I did see the girls exchanging glances and once caught Jill biting her lip. Bob seemed absolutely oblivious to the situation.

Kelly never mentioned it again. But the seed had been planted and I found it difficult to get the image of fucking Jill in her tight little ass out of my mind. It was particularly appealing because while I liked Jill and admired her body, I had no feelings for her whatsoever.

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  • jack hayes

    Reply Reply March 16, 2019

    it has been so strange since maryann has become a hotwife for a couple years i had been wishing for it to happen hinting etc then when it did happen or i mean when i found out it had already happened it really surprised me i find i do get along with Ben her first lover i have met some of the others and all seem friendly she now thinks expanding her friends she is talking of going bar hopping topick up some new friends she seems to be staying with black men

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