The Fishing Trip

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Section 1

The couple rejoined the five other guests and Heather was handed another mimosa. Charles quickly declined anything alcoholic to drink - not wanting to temp fate by adding to the mix in his churning gut. The guys chatted Heather up a bit, wanting to know what she did to stay in shape and maintain her gorgeous tan.

“It’s a lot of work,” Heather explained. “I run 5 miles a day typically and I work out at the gym 5 days a week. Plus, I’m a nurse and that keeps me on the go all the time. The tan is thanks to the sun deck that Charles built in our backyard. Lots of privacy and plenty of sun.”

“So, do you sunbathe in the nude then?” Jake boldly, and inappropriately, asked.

“Maybe…” was Heather’s coy reply.

After 20 minutes or so, the boat left the protection of the Inter-coastal waterway and moved through channel into the Atlantic. Almost immediately, the waves doubled in size and the boat began to pitch significantly more than before.

Heather shot a worried glance at Charles and saw that his face had gone pale and he had the look of a person that was about to be sick. “Oh, honey, you look awful. I’m afraid this just isn’t going to work out for us today,” Heather warned.

Charles didn’t answer - rather he rushed to the port side of the boat and vomited into the waves. Heather joined him and put an arm around his shoulders, “I think we should ask the captain to take us back in, honey. This is probably only going to get worse and you heard that he intends to take us several miles offshore. I do not want to see you having to endure hours of this.”

Wiping his mouth with the back of his arm, Charles countered, “I agree. This has the makings of a miserable trip for me. I should have taken a Dramamine last night and not drunk as much as I did. But I insist that my issue not interfere with your day. We both know how much you want to do this, so let’s ask the captain to take me back in and you stay onboard to finish the trip.”

“No, honey. It’s OK. There will be other fishing trips. I don’t want to leave you at the hotel all day without any company,” Heather protested.

“Don’t worry about me. The Marks told us they are going to chill at the hotel all day. This will give me an opportunity to schmooze with the vice president of the company and his wife all day. A much better use of my time and talents than a fishing trip,” Charles countered.

“Are you sure?” Heather asked again.

“Absolutely,” Charles quickly responded and then threw up over the side again.

Heather approached captain Badrick and informed him of their situation. He slowed the boat to a crawl, set the autopilot, and moved down to the main deck. There he told the other passengers what was being requested and asked if they were OK with turning back to drop Charles off at the hotel.

“We will lose about an hour of our scheduled time if we do this,” he warned.

Quickly, almost too quickly, everyone agreed to the plan.

“I used to get seasick before and there is not much that is much more miserable to endure,” Cameron, another Club member, offered. “Let’s get him back.”

Forty minutes and 5 more spews over the side for Charles, the Atlantic Dream docked at the hotel. Heather gave Charles a long hug, foregoing a kiss, given his recent activity. There were two staff members from the hotel waiting to escort the sick man back, having been notified by radio of the change of plans.

“Are you absolutely certain you are OK with me staying aboard?” Heather double checked.

“Yes - absolutely, honey,” Charles answered. “I want you to have a very good time. Don’t let any concerns about me interfere with your enjoyment. An opportunity like this may never come again, so I want you to make the most of the circumstances. Promise me you will not hold back.”

Looking Charles squarely in the eye, Heather sensed that there was a message within the message that he was sending. “Don’t hold back?” she questioned.

“What have I always said when you have gone on your girls nights out?” Charles explained. “What I don’t know…”

“…won’t hurt you,” Heather completed. “I know, I know.”

Charles gave Heather another hug and stepped off the boat onto the dock.

“Don’t worry about Heather,” Jake shouted. “We will take good care of her.”

“I fully expect you will,” Charles called back. “However, I think you will find that she can handle herself very capably. I hope all of you have fun.”

Charles waved goodby and turned to leave the dock with his two escorts. Heather turned and climbed the ladder to the fly bridge to sit by the captain as they once again motored toward the Atlantic.

An hour and a half later the Atlantic Dream was 20 miles offshore. As luck would have it, the wave action declined significantly as the wind direction shifted unexpectedly. Devin and Javel set about preparing the fishing rigs for everyone and by 10:30 baited lines were in the water. Badrick set the engines to a slow speed as they began to troll the area. Heather had claimed one of the three teakwood fighting chairs onboard as hers and was firmly ensconced with a fishing pole between her toned and tanned legs and a beer in her cupholder. The visual of the large pole protruding from her crotch area did not go unnoticed by the others onboard.

After 45 minutes of trolling and a couple of missed “hits” on two of the lines, Heather felt a definite tug on hers. She allowed the fish to pull on the lure for a moment and then pulled the rod sharply upward to set the hook. Sensing its dilemma, the fish took off, moving away from the boat at first and then darting left and right trying to free itself. Heather let the fish run for a few moments to tire it out and then she began the slow process of reeling it in to the boat.

Everyone on board had gathered around her to encourage and instruct her on what she should be doing. “I’ve got this, gentlemen,” Heather barked. “Just be ready to land it when I get it to the boat.”

Duly chastised, the men backed away a bit and watched the hot girl use her legs and arms to work the fish closer and closer to the boat. Seeing her work was quite a turn on for the men. Sweat glistened off her skin and her movements with the fishing pole made it appear, at times, like she was riding it. Her excitement caused her nipples to stiffen and protrude very obviously through the material of her top. The men appreciated the view she was affording them and stared unapologetically at the hot wife’s chest.

After a bit of work, the fish appeared a few yards away from the boat - still fighting, but obviously tired. Javel grabbed a gaffe and was preparing to hook the fish when Heather shouted, “don’t use the hook - use a net. I want to release this guy.”

“But its just a barracuda, miss,” Javel protested.

“I don’t care what it is,” Heather insisted. “I don’t want to kill it. Use the net.”

Bowing to her wishes, Javel switched to a net and soon had the 20 pound fish up on the swim platform. Using a long t-bar, he worked the hook our of its mouth and grasped the fish firmly with both hands. He brought the captive to Heather, who quickly took it from him and held the 3' barracuda in front of her for a picture. Afterward, she returned the “trophy” to Javel who walked it back to the platform and carefully released it.

“Barracuda are not large fish, but they have a lot of fight in them,” Badrick opined. “Did you enjoy that, Ms. Heather?'

“Oh yes, that was a lot of fun, thank you,” Heather grinned. “I have had enough for a while, who wants to take my seat?”

“I’ll take a turn,” Brett, the last of the five Club members, said.

“Great. Now, I want to take advantage of this beautiful sunshine and work on my tan for a while,” Heather declared. “If you gentlemen will excuse me, I’m going to go slip into something smaller.”

Heather retreated into the cabin of the yacht - moving downstairs to the captain’s cabin where she stripped off her short-shorts, top and sneakers. Reaching into her bag, she retrieved the Wicked Weasel bathing suit that she had brought for the outing.

Section 2

The bikini was Charles' favorite and was made of a mint green, semi-transparent material that clung to her body like a second skin and left very little to the imagination. The top tied at the back and neck while the bottoms tied at each hip. The crotch of the bikini bottoms was barely enough material to cover her womanhood and neatly trimmed bush. The back, while not a T-back, was cut so that a good part of her ass was exposed.

Heather freshened her makeup and then made her way back up to the main deck. As she exited the hatch, the men were waiting for her and intercepted her before she could head to the bow to sunbathe.

“Join us for a celebratory drink, Heather,” Sean called to her. “You made the first catch, so we need to toast your success.”

Thinking it cute that the men were making a big deal of her fish, Heather detoured to join them on the aft portion of the deck. Once there, she saw Sean retrieve a bottle from an ice chest and begin to pour shots into small plastic glasses.

“You seemed to enjoy the Goldschläger shots last night, so we thought we would bring some along on the trip,” Sean said as he handed Heather her drink. “Here is to the first catch today.”

Everyone quickly downed their respective shots and Heather felt the familiar warmth of the gold-infused liquid sliding down her throat.

“Another toast to the President’s Club and these fantastic trips the company provides us!” Manny proposed as glasses were refilled and lifted in response to the toast.

Heather felt the second toast hit her head quickly. The effect was a lowering of her inhibitions and an acceleration of her aggressiveness, “Let’s do one more, to the crew and the captain,” she suggested as her glass was immediately refilled with the potent liquid.

She downed the third shot and quickly felt herself become a bit unstable on her feet. “Ok, guys. This lady needs to sit down for a moment,” Heather insisted.

The men moved away from one of the elevated fighting chairs and helped her up into the seat.

“Wow, that shit is really potent. I am not usually affected by alcohol this easily,” Heather noted. “I think I should go to the bow and chill out for a bit.”

“One more toast before you go,” Jake insisted.

“To what?” Heather inquired.

“To our luck having a hot piece of ass like you onboard with us for our fishing trip, sexy,” Jake proposed.

“Well, I guess I have to drink to a compliment like that, albeit a bit inappropriate,” Heather chided.

As she lifted her glass to her lips and took her fourth shot of Goldschläger, she felt the bow at the back of her neck being undone and her top falling forward away from her breasts. She grabbed at the top to prevent it from falling, however, the drinks had seriously impaired her coordination and she whiffed in her attempt to maintain her modesty.

“Nipple shots! Nipple shots!” the men cried out as Heather’s uncovered breasts came into full view. Her pink little nipples were hard as rocks, and her breathing was very rapid. Seeing the hungry eyes of the horny men surrounding her caused a surge of desire within Heather. Rather than pulling her top back into place, she smiled, dropped her hands, and leaned back into the chair while arching her chest outward.

Jake trickled a few drops of the liquor onto one of her breasts and immediately moved his mouth to her stiff, Goldschläger-coated nipple and began to lick and suck. With her instincts to object long gone, Heather’s fogged brain shifted her focus to how good the action on her boob felt and she pushed her breast against the mouth that was mauling her nipple.

Seeing her surrender, Brett dripped the liquid on her other breast and began to suck on the sticky nipple.

“You guys are bad, very bad,” Heather scolded without conviction. “Oh, fuck that feels good,” as she put her hands behind the two men’s heads and pulled them closer.

When Jake finished sucking and licking Heathers’s tit, Cameron replaced him. One of the men poured another shot into Heather’s glass and fed it to her has she maintained her grip on the men sucking her nipples. At one point during the nipple shots, the bow at her back was undone which completely released her bikini top and it was quickly pulled away from her body.

The attention to her breasts was moving Heather closer and closer to an orgasm. She was instinctively pumping her hips up and down in response to the waves of pleasure surging through her body, however, she was unable to cross the finish line and cum. Without thinking, she moved one of her hands away from the head it was grasping and put it between her legs where she began massaging her swollen clit.

After several more moments of nipple sucking and clit rubbing, the additional stimulation did the trick and Heather’s orgasm erupted within her as a powerful wave of release. The men on her breasts intensified their efforts as she rubbed even more vigorously on her throbbing clit, “Oh God, oh fuck. That feels so so good,” Heather cooed as she pumped her hips into the air.

Slowly, as her orgasm subsided, Heather decreased the pressure she was applying to her clit. As she did this, she felt another hand move to her crotch and displace hers - taking over the stroking between her legs.

After a several moments Heather felt hands pulling at the strings that held her bikini bottoms in place. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” she objected. “Tits are one thing, but you are heading into much more serious territory there, guys. I’m not sure I am OK with this.”

Its owner noting her uncertainty, the hand that had continued to massage her pussy through the bikini material pressed harder and slipped between the lips of her vagina, touching her in places it had not gone before.

“Relax, baby. We are just having fun here and you are having a good time too, aren’t you?” Jake asked.

“Well yes, I admit that I am,” Heather panted. “But we are about to cross a significant line here. You guys are trying to get a look at my pussy and that is probably not a good idea, since you all work with my husband,” Heather cautioned.

“True, we do work with Charles, but there is a clear understanding that whatever happens on one of these trips is kept in strict secrecy. All of us are married, and we don’t want to mess up a good thing,” Jake continued.

“Well, Charles gives me a lot of latitude when it comes to my time away from him. He always says what he doesn’t know doesn’t hurt him and he wants me to have fun,” Heather explained as the hand on her pussy continued to work its magic. “This, however, is taking things much farther than I ever have before.”

“Understood,” Jake agreed. “Whatever has happened or will happen stays between those of us on the boat. I know you want to play with this for a while longer, so help us get the rest of this bikini off of you and let’s play some more.”

“Fuck it. You want to see my pussy? Ok, take a good look, " Heather acquiesced as she moved her hands to the sides of her bikini bottoms and untied each of the ties. The hand at her crotch reached up and grasped the material to remove the tiny garment. Heather lifted her hips to assist with her disrobing.

After pulling the flimsy material completely off of her, the men lifted her feet up to the seat of the chair and pulled her legs apart, completely exposing her pretty little pussy. Heather felt another rush of excitement and realized that she was very turned on by having these men look at her exposed vagina. With her right hand she reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips apart to give the men a better view.

“We want to do a lot more than just look at it, girl. I want to do a pussy shot,” Jake declared as he took the bottle of Goldschläger, removed the cap, and positioned the long neck between her pussy lips. He pressed forward and began to slide the bottle inside his coworker’s wife. Heather responded by opening her legs even wider and pushing her hips up to meet the invading glass vessel.

After pushing the 10” neck of the bottle as far as it would go inside, Jake tilted the bottle so that some of the liquid flowed into Heather. After carefully pulling the bottle back out of her, he quickly dropped his head to her crotch and began to lick and suck the nectar as it flowed back out of her opening. Heather responded to this new attention with reckless abandon, pulling his head tight against her pussy and humping against the man’s face.

Section 3

Jake slurped and sucked away at the small hole. He pushed his tongue inside Heather as far as he could and licked the insides of her hot pussy. Adding two of his fingers to his efforts, he began to finger fuck her, enjoying the reaction his invasion of her most private of areas brought about from the very excited woman.

Heather fucked Jake’s face, all the while fully aware of the other men standing around to watch his oral assault on her wide open pussy. She was discovering that she liked having an audience, and her level of excitement was higher than she could ever recall. At that moment, Jake stopped his oral manipulations and pulled away from her - much to her disappointment.

“Who’s next for a pussy shot?” He asked the group.

“I am,” Cameron asserted, with authority - grabbing the bottle and replacing Jake between Heather’s legs. “Open your cunt so I can pour my shot,” he ordered.

Heather complied and held herself open for Cameron to insert the neck of the bottle back inside of her. He pushed it all the way in and then fucked her with the bottle for a few seconds before slowly removing it and quickly dropping his face down to catch the flowing liquid. “Hold her legs up higher,” Cameron said to the others. “It’s running out of her too quickly.”

Two of the guys lifted her legs from behind her knee which tilted her pussy higher and kept the remaining liquid from running out of her. Cameron moved down lower and licked the excess that had drained from her pussy down past her asshole. He ran his tongue over and inside her puckered hole which sent a whole new set of shivers up Heather’s spine. “Nice, girl. Maybe we will do asshole shots next,” he said to her.

Cameron finished his shot after a few more moments and then moved aside for the next shot taker. Each of the five men took a turn sucking a shot out of the willing wife. When the last of them had finished, Jake returned for a second helping of the sweet liquid and poured yet another drink inside her. Lifting his face off of her, he announced, “Fuck, this pussy is hot to the touch. This slut is really worked up!”

Keeping two fingers inside of her, he slowly moved his head up her torso as he licked and kissed her body. Higher and higher he moved, pausing at her navel to insert his tongue and probe it a bit. Reaching a near-standing position and looking down on Heather’s face Jake inquired, “are you enjoying this Heather? Does it feel good, honey?”

“Yes, yes, yes. Please don’t stop. This feels amazing and I love it,” Heather moaned.

“Let’s see if we can increase your pleasure a bit, darlin',” Jake proposed and then moved his rock-hard cock to Heather’s exposed vagina and pushed it inside.

Heather’s eyes popped open in surprise as the man began to fuck her with rapid thrusts of his hips. Before the objection she was about to raise could make its way out of her mouth, an overdue orgasm surged through her overly stimulated vagina and any protestations were forgotten.

She grabbed Jakes ass and pulled him in closer so that his cock would achieve maximum penetration, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she pleaded. “You can do anything you want to me, but please don’t stop. This is amazing.”

Hearing her plea sent Jake over his edge and his 8” cock began to twitch and spew his cum inside her hot pussy. Well past any reasonable concerns, Heather tightened her grip on his ass and pulled him tightly against her. She imagined how his cum looked as it coated the inside of her vagina and enjoyed how nasty and wrong it made her feel. She used her kegel muscles to milk the last drops of cum from Jake’s deflating cock and issued a disappointed sigh as it finally slipped out of her.

She was not disappointed for long, as Manny quickly replaced his friend and slid his very fat cock inside of Heather. He reamed her hard for several minutes and then added his semen to the load that she already had inside of her. “You are one hot slut,” he told her. “We are going to use you all day long.”

Heather looked around to see who would be fucking her next, now resolved and excited that the fishing trip was going to evolve into her own personal gang bang. She knew that there was still a lot of time left in the day and a lot men on the boat. As the next cock was pushed inside of her, Heather realized that Charles had to know that something wild was likely to happen on the trip. She knew he was a very smart man and knew better than to try to suffocate her wild side. Instead, he encouraged her to explore her sexuality and granted his tacit approval by employing his standard disclaimer - thereby letting her know that he did not want to know what, or whom, she did.

All five men took a turn fucking Heather while she sat in the chair and each of them deposited a load of cum in her churning pussy. “I need a drink,” Heather declared after Sean took the last turn inside of her. “And, please, not Goldschläger this time. That stuff is like liquid crack and you don’t need it anymore. I’m fully into this gang bang and ready for the next rounds as soon as you guys are up to the task. I will be your slut all day.”

As she sipped on the cold beer Sean was kind enough to bring her, Heather looked around the boat. The guys were seated in various locations around the chair she still occupied. She stared happily at the cum that was running out of her in a slow, steady stream and puddling on the floor beneath her chair. Glancing up at the helm, she saw that Badrick, Devin, and Javel were looking down at the scene that had unfolded below them. Badrick has set the engines to a slow speed and was keeping the boat moving just enough to keep their ride as smooth as possible.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Heather called to the crew with a smile.

“Yes ma’am,” Badrick grinned. “This has been a most unusual but enjoyable cruise so far. You are a very talented lady.”

“Do you think so, really?” Heather questioned. “Hang on a second, I’m coming up there.”

Leaving her gang bang crew behind, Heather ascended the ladder to reach the upper deck. Once there, still fully naked, she approached the three crew members and dropped to her knees in front of them. “You haven’t seen me do this yet,” she teased as she tugged their bathing suits down and freed their erect cocks.

“Oh, shit,” Heather thought as the Jamaicans' cocks came into view. “I guess this proves the cliché.” Each of the cocks was larger than any of the five guys' that had just fucked her. Without missing a beat, she moved her mouth to the nearest and took as much of it as she could inside. Devin pumped his hips against her face and fucked the girl’s mouth carefully. Heather moved to the next cock and sucked it as well. Javel was not as careful and pushed hard to get as much of his 10 inches down her throat as possible.

Pausing to breathe, Heather glanced at the captain’s huge member. Appropriately so, he had the largest cock on the boat. A full 12" inches in length and with a girth that she could not get her hand all the way around, it was most impressive. Heather made a futile attempt to get the monster well into her willing mouth, but it was just too big, so she licked the pole and his ball sack to provide as much oral pleasure as she could.

Lying back on the deck, Heather suggested, “put this in my pussy, Badrick. I can do a much better job for you with that part of my anatomy.”

Badrick moved between her legs and began to gently work the large head of his cock between the lips of her pussy. The lubrication provided by the cum still remaining inside of her helped with his efforts to penetrate the sexy passenger. As the head slipped into her hole, Badrick withdrew slightly and then pressed ahead once again. With each thrust, more and more of the black staff disappeared inside of Heather.

Section 4

As he neared full penetration with only a couple of inches to go, Badrick looked down at Heather and asked, “are you doing OK? Do you want me to stop?”

“No, don’t stop. I’m doing OK. I want to feel you all the way inside of me, captain. Keep going.” Heather assured as she grasped his ass and pulled.

Abandoning any semblance of caution, Badrick pulled almost all of the way out of the girl’s pussy and slammed his cock back inside. The result was the realization of Heather’s wish - Badrick’s cock was buried inside of her all the way to his ball sack.

“Ahhh…” Heather moaned as the huge cock punched into depths of her pussy that had never before been touched. “Fuck me, big guy. Fuck me,” she urged.

In response, Badrick began pile driving his weapon deep inside her without mercy. Heather’s legs were spread to an almost perpendicular position as she opened herself as wide as possible to accommodate the monster that was pounding her cunt. The inner walls of her pussy clung to the big shaft as it was withdrawn, and an audible squish could be heard each time it was plunged back inside her. She lifted her head so that she could see the enormous black cock moving in and out of her womanhood.

As Badrick’s pace increased, Heather placed her hand on her lower abdomen where she imagined she could feel the monster inside of her moving in and out, “are you alright?” Badrick asked with concern.

“Yes, I’m fine. Don’t stop - keep going,” Heather responded.

Badrick resumed his pumping for several more moments until his cock reached its maximum girth as it filled with the cum he was about to spray inside the woman. “Wait for me,” Heather begged.

“Cum on my cock, woman,” Badrick ordered as he intensified his thrusts. “Coat my cock with your juices.”

That did it for Heather and she screamed as her orgasm surged through her body, “Oh, fuck! That is so good. Fuck my pussy! Fuck my hole.”

Before she had finished, Badrick’s powerful ejaculations began to erupt inside of Heather, adding a copious amount of thick fluid to the five loads already deposited by the men below, which prolonged her ecstasy. The captain continued to pump his cock in and out of her, enjoying the slutty desperation she was displaying. As he finally lifted himself off of Heather’s small frame, he noticed that her swollen pussy was still clinging to his softening cock, reluctant to let it go.

Devin and Javel moved back in after the captain vacated the space between her legs. Devin slid his 9" cock into Heathers cum-filled pussy and began to pump away. Javel took a position next to her head and presented his fat 8" dick for her to suck. Heather smiled up at him and opened her mouth to accept his cock.

The two worked the woman over for several minutes until Javel looked over at Devin and nodded. Devin held on to Heather’s waist and rolled her over, putting her on top of him with his cock still securely in place. Javel, having disengaged from her mouth, changed location - moving behind her. Scooping some of the fluid that had leaked onto the floor, he coated his cock with the slippery liquid. Taking more of the semen, he pushed it inside her asshole.

Becoming suspicious as to his intentions, Heather looked back over her shoulder just as Javel was positioning himself to put his cock in her ass. “Dude, I’ve never done that before,” she warned. “I’m not sure I can take this.”

“Relax, baby. I’ll go easy. You’ll love it,” Javel promised. “Pull your ass cheeks apart and invite me in, slut.”

The nasty part of Heather liked him talking to her that way and she complied with his demand. When she felt the spongy texture of his cock head press against her tight rosebud, she pulled even harder on her ass cheeks to help with the entry he was attempting. Devin continued to fuck her pussy, which made rear entry even more difficult, however, a determined Javel continued to press harder and harder.

Heather did her best to help him, pulling her ass cheeks wide apart and pushing back against him. Their efforts were finally rewarded as Javel managed to pop the head of his cock past her anal ring. Pausing for a moment to allow her to adjust, Javel resumed his assault with short quick thrusts that inched more and more of his cock inside of her ass. After several minutes, Javel pushed one more time, hard, and found himself fully inside her rectum.

“Tell me to fuck your ass,“Javel demanded.

“Fuck my ass,” Heather complied, quietly.

“Louder, let the guys below hear what I am doing to you,” Javel commanded.

“Fuck my ass, please,” Heather shouted. “Pound me, fucker!”

This caught the immediate attention of the guys below and they quickly ascended the ladder so they could watch the action between Heather and the crew. Devin and Javel quickly achieved a comfortable rhythm alternating their thrusts like pistons in an engine. The club members were mesmerized by the site of the hot little wife being double fucked by two dark cocks.

Heather’s tight, virginal asshole gripped Javel’s cock so tightly that he knew he was about to blow his load. Suddenly, he withdrew his cock from her ass and quickly moved to her head where he grabbed her hair, lifted her head and said, “suck it, nasty slut.”

The nasty slut comment had the desired affect on Heather and she opened her mouth to accept the penis that had just been in her ass. Javel face fucked her for a few strokes and then groaned as he began to spew his load into her mouth, “hold it on your tongue and show it to me,” Javel told her, sensing that she wanted to behave like a slut and be told what to do.

Javel pumped the last of his cum into her pretty mouth, “now, show me.” Heather opened her mouth and displayed the white creamy liquid that filled her mouth. “Show them,” Javel nodded toward the five men that had joined them on the bridge. Heather turned her head a bit and opened her mouth again to display the man juice she had taken from Javel’s cock.

“Swallow,” Javel told her.

Tilting her head back, Heather let the viscous fluid slide down her throat, licking her lips as the last of it left her mouth.

Devin had been patiently pumping away at Heather’s pussy while her attention had been pulled away by Javel’s rude actions. Flipping her over again onto her back, he savagely pounded her pussy as he worked himself toward his orgasm.

“I love it, I love it,“Heather cried out. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. This pussy belongs to you, pound me” As she said this, she grabbed Devin’s ass and pulled with all of her might.

Reaching his boiling point, Devin growled as he released his spunk into her cum soaked pussy. “Good pussy, slut,” Devin noted. “You can’t get enough, can you?”

Heather laid back on the deck as Devin dismounted her body. She beckoned to the five club members who began to move toward her prone body when they were stopped by Badrick’s voice, “gentlemen, we need to head back in now, so you’ll need to take her below decks if you want to continue your fun.”

“Sure, no problem,” Cameron spoke for the group.

“Somebody bring me a beer, please,” Heather requested as she gingerly descended the ladder and moved toward the aft stateroom to continue servicing the men onboard. Once there, Manny immediately handed her a beer, which she drank with gusto. “OK, who’s ready to go again?” She inquired.

Section 5

Jake was quick to grab her by her shoulders and turn her around. He pushed her onto the bed face down and lifted her hips. Quickly, he began pushing his cock into her no longer virgin asshole.

It was only because Javel had just blazed a wide path through the area that Jake was able to easily penetrate it again. He fucked her ass for several minutes, as he was able to hold out much longer since it was his second time around. Eventually, he let loose a stream of cum into her bowels and pulled his cock out with a pop.

The next two guys elected to fuck Heather’s ass also. Inspired by an opportunity that did not come along very often, if at all, for any of them - they were determined to take advantage of the young wife’s willingness and hospitality.

Manny was next, electing to have her suck the cum out of his dick and swallow it - showing it to him before she did.

Cameron was last, just as they were approaching the docks, and he went for her pussy again. “This is the best pussy I have ever fucked and I want to fuck it again.”

Somewhat honored, Heather laid back again and spread her legs wide to grant Cameron’s wish. He took his time, wanting to make it last. He would stop his stroking until his urge to cum subsided and then go back to a slow and steady pumping of the tight little pussy.

While this was going on, Badrick and the crew had brought the boat into the dock and secured it in place. Two young boys, Badrick’s twin sons, Tyrone and Damerae, quickly came aboard to help clean the boat and assist the guests.

The 19 year-old twins were in their first year of college, and they helped their dad out from time to time to earn a little extra spending money. Entering the salon room of the yacht, they heard sounds coming from the downstairs cabin area. Thinking their dad was there, they both descended the stairs and followed the sounds to their source.

When they reached the cabin that Heather and the Club members were in, they quickly realized the source of the sounds they were hearing. They were greeted by the sight of Cameron slamming his cock in and out of a sexy woman on the bed. Everyone watched quietly as the couple worked their way toward their individual orgasms.

A few moments later, Heather felt her trigger release and she grabbed Cameron’s ass to pull him in tighter as she came. The clinching of her kegel muscles pushed Cameron over the edge and he began pumping his cum into the well-fucked pussy of his co-worker’s wife.

“Fuck! She is even tighter than the first time we fucked her,” Cameron announced. “Work it, baby. Work that pussy up and down my cock - there is still more cum for you, slut.”

As the action on the bed began to calm down, the others became aware of the two newcomers. “Hi boys,” Jake greeted. “Did you come down to get some of this hot pussy?”

Thinking quickly, Tyrone responded, “yeah, sure. If that’s OK.”

“Let’s check with our party slut,” Jake responded. “Heather, darling, are you up for two fresh cocks? These boys would like to spend a little time in you, if that is OK.”

Heather looked over at the boys. They were young and obviously twins. The bulges in their swim trunks indicated they were ready to go and well equipped to do so.

“So, you boys want to have fun with me?” She challenged.

“Yes ma’am,” they responded in unison.

“Well, you’re going to have to stop calling me ma’am, if you’re going to fuck me,” Heather teased. Looking them in the eye, she shifted her body toward them and spread her legs wide - motioning for them to join her on the bed, “You can lose the swim trunks, boys. You won’t need them where you are going.”

The twins stripped off their suits and moved toward Heather. Looking at their swollen cocks, Heather had a brief moment of both recognition and amazement, “oh my god, their dicks are identical as well,” she thought.

The boys wasted no time and went right to work on the white beauty. Damerae pulled Heather on top of him and slid his meat into her slick and swollen over-used pussy. Tarone moved up behind her and began working his rod into her previously untouched asshole.

It seemed to Heather that the twins had done the double penetration thing with a woman before as they worked in perfect unison and very quickly had their respective cocks buried inside of her, “oh, damn…this is perfect. Fuck me boys. This is great. Your cocks are so big and hard. I feel so used. Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck me.”

The twins sawed their cocks in and out of the panting woman, enjoying her very verbal reactions. As the threesome continued on the bed, Badrick walked to the door to see what was transpiring and was shocked to see his sons being serviced by the cum bucket everyone else on board had enjoyed. “Oh, shit! Their mother will kill me if she finds out,” the captain worried. Even though he had been divorced from her for several years, she was a very protective mother and thought that he indulged the boys too much already.

After a few more minutes with Heather, the twins were ready to pop their respective corks. Feeling the enormous organs swell within her, Heather encouraged the brothers to cum, “that’s it boys. Pump your cum inside of me. Empty your balls in my holes. Let me feel it, please.”

Although not simultaneous, the twins shot their loads into the woman in quick succession. Damerae came first in her pussy and, as he was shooting the last of his load, Tarone ejaculated into her ass. In a hurry to get back to work, they quickly pulled their spent cocks out of Heather, exited the bed, and grabbed their shorts . When they looked up, they saw their dad standing at the door waiting for them.

“Hi dad,” Tarone said sheepishly. “Sorry, but she asked us to join in.”

“I know. You two were helpless victims,” Badrick said sarcastically. “I hope you had fun, but don’t tell your mother.”

“Uh, dad. No worries. We don’t talk to mom about this kind of stuff,” Damerae informed.

Looking over at the boys, Heather saw them with Badrick and immediately made the connection. Now she knew why their cocks looked so familiar.

Reluctantly, the group began to gather their belongings and Heather dressed again in the outfit she had started the day with earlier. Later, as everyone was ready to go ashore, Heather stopped by to thank Badrick for a wonderful day and to compliment him on his sons.

“You have two good looking boys, captain. They are also really good fucks, like their daddy,” she said grinning at him. “I regret the day is ending. I could have gone on much longer.”

“Thank you, Heather. You have made for the best fishing trip I have ever captained or crewed. You are an exceptional lady, with an exceptional appetite, ability, and stamina,” he observed. “If you find yourself with time later this week, I would love to introduce you to my friends who hang out at a Jamaican dive bar on the Inter-coastal. They are a lively bunch and I believe they would fill you with Jamaican enthusiasm and spirit.”

“Really?” Heather asked with keen interest. “How many friends would there be?”

“On a slow night 10-12. This Friday 2-3 dozen,” the captain estimated.

“Hmmm…I’ll see if I can make Friday night work then,” Heather said with a wicked grin.

With that, she kissed him on the cheek and stepped off the Atlantic Dream. When she reached the top of the steps leading back up to the resort she found Charles waiting for her with a drink in hand.

“Join me and tell me all about your day, my love,” he beamed.

“Ok, darling, but maybe not ALL about it, in keeping with our ‘what you don’t know’ agreement,” Heather cautioned.

Looking down at his wife’s thigh, Charles saw a stream of liquid running down her leg from the crotch of her shorts and he felt his breath catch in his throat for a moment, “perhaps I might want to know a bit more this time, if it was a particularly exciting trip.”

“Really? I would love to tell you all about it, if you are certain you want to know. I realize that you are aware that you are married to a bit of a ‘wild child’ and I very much appreciate the latitude you have shown me up until now, so I don’t want to ruin our arrangement,” Heather warned.

Section 6

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. I would never set you up like that. Frankly, I have been confused about my feelings up until now. I have had thoughts and urges that I have suppressed because I was not certain how to feel about them,” Charles explained. Seeing the look on Heather’s face, he continued, “No, I’m not gay - not that there is anything wrong with that.”

“It is just that I have long fantasized about watching you with another man and I did not know if I should tell you. I watch porn and read stories about loving wives that have sex with other men while their husbands watch or they tell their husbands about it later. By giving you free reign, I fantasized about what you might be doing when you were out.”

“Of course you should have told me, you idiot,” Heather chided. “You have basically pushed me to fool around on you instead and I would much prefer that we do everything together. For what it is worth, I never took advantage of the latitude you gave me before today.”

“You are absolutely right, Heather, I should have told you. But, I’m telling you now, so, will you please tell me about your fishing trip?” he implored.

“OK then, since you are sure. Well, I was the first and, as it turned out, the only one to catch a fish…” she began. Forty-five minutes later she concluded her story with her description of the twins' double penetration of her body.

Looking Charles squarely in the eye and scraping her fingernail across the continuing stream of cum running down her thigh, she put the spunk into her mouth and said, “that’s cum, sweetheart and there is a lot of it in me. It is probably going to be leaking out of both of my holes all night. So, are you still glad that you decided that you want to know?”

“Without a doubt,” he responded quickly. “I only wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see it all.”

“About that,” Heather grinned. “You may have a chance to be an observant ‘fly on the wall’ later this week. Badrick has invited me to join him at a Jamaican dive bar on Friday…


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