The First Night Cuckold 4.8/5 (72)

You won’t have slept well that first night; in fact if you slept at all it would have been in fits and starts. You will lie there begging for the morning light to come peeping through your curtains and when you finally drag yourself out of bed you will feel so weak that it will be as though you have had a night of battering.

You will lie there in the silence listening to the thoughts that will create wave after wave of jealous pangs. The silence will be interrupted from time to time as your wife and her lover recover from their exhaustion and fuck again.

Five, six, even seven bouts of lovemaking are not uncommon that first night. Your wife’s lover will be out to prove himself in the excitement of fucking her, with her husband sleeping in the next bedroom, and your wife will drive him on in his act of humiliation.

It won’t be the sex that you will find so punishing; indeed, it will excite you to the point of masturbating each time, which in turn will keep draining every ounce of energy from you. It will be the times of silence that will haunt you.

After their first lovemaking; after that moment when you become a cuckold, you will stand there at the bottom of the stairs again and stare into the dark and silence.

“What are they doing?” You will ask yourself. You know that they won’t be sleeping; you didn’t just roll over and go to sleep the first night you spent with her did you? No. You lay there kissing and caressing her; exploring her body; letting your fingers acquaint themselves with every inch of her soft, warm flesh; finding those erogenous zones that would slowly arouse her again. Will his fingers be exploring those soft folds of pink flesh that cover her opening? Will they be dipping into the warm liquid of his thick cum that will be seeping from her?

“What will she be doing?” Will she have her arms around him, pressing her body against him? Maybe she will be touching him. Maybe she will be holding his soft cock in her hand; cupping him as she whispers to him her thanks for satisfying her. Maybe she will be telling him what a good lover he his; how big her felt inside her; how wonderful it felt to be stretched by such a thick cock. Gradually he would stir again; grow hard once more ready for her eager pussy.

Or perhaps he is still inside her. Perhaps they are lying there still coupled together; his cock not fully erect but still stiff enough to stay inside her. She would like that; she would enjoy that. She would enjoy wrapping her arms around him holding him in and in between soft kisses tell him that she wanted him again. Telling him that her pussy was his for the night. She would move her hips against him and get him moving again.

Whatever they were doing you won’t be part of it. That bed is no longer your domain; your wife has someone else in there now with her.

After a while you will feel too tired to stand there and you will climb those stairs to get into bed. Not your bed of course; the spare bedroom that she will have prepared earlier for you. She will also have left a clean shirt for you and a change of socks and underwear for next morning. There would be no excuse for you to disturb them next day.

As you walk past their bedroom door you will be tempted to go in. You want to of course; you want to see her; you want to kiss her; want to cuddle her; want to fuck her, but you can’t. She belongs to someone else now. And anyway if you did go in what would you say to them? You can hardly ask him to leave your wife alone can you? Well you could but you what the answer is likely to be.

Maybe you will manage to pull yourself through some of those gut wrenching times of silence and just start to relax only to hear their bedroom door open. For a few panic-stricken moments you sit up and stare at your bedroom door expecting them to enter but then you hear them go downstairs. Of course, they will be thirsty and need refreshments.

Now is your chance to go and join them; to speak to them; to see your wife. You need some reassurance from her; a kiss; a cuddle, an acknowledgement that she still loves you. But you are scared. It is a bit like disturbing another couple having a clandestine moment; they are a couple in fact, another couple!

You can’t go and join them can you? You lie there alone in the darkness for a while and then from the room below you begin to hear sounds. It is the lounge and they are in there. The sound of her moans tell you exactly what is happening — they are making love again. You also know from the area the sounds are coming from that they are doing it in your armchair. How many times have you had her in there? As she sits back naked with her legs splayed over each arm you have taken her; fucked her with passion; pummeled her bottom into the leather upholstery; drove your cock in and out of her until every drop of cum had drained from you. How many times has that been you there with her?

Not now though; it is someone else who else is enjoying her there. You know that it is an act of deliberate humiliation her part. You have seen her enter the room before in that red silk dressing gown that she keeps behind the bedroom door; have seen her stand in front of you, pull on the sash and let it fall to the floor before backing into the chair and settling down in it. His reaction will have been the same as yours; get up; drop your trousers and give her the seeing to that she was asking for. You will hear her cum; hear her scream out as he empties himself into her. Afterwards she will sit up and suck his cock; clean his cock of all that cum and her juices, and he will look on with a look of self satisfaction as she gives him everything she gives to you.

And so next morning how will you wake or rather how will be awoken. You will have told her every detail of your fantasy during the course of your discussions with her. She will know exactly what you crave. Will she fulfill your dreams?

Will she slip into your room and wake you gently, naked except for a baby doll nightdress; nightwear that you bought for her. There should be a pair of matching panties with them but you know that they will be lying under the bedclothes at the bottom of the bed. Or maybe she didn’t bother putting them on at all; what’s the point? They wouldn’t be on her for very long anyway.

You feel her gentle shaking of your shoulder and you look up and see her smiling face looking at you. She kisses you and then tells you that she has something for you as she climbs on top of the bed. On her knees, she shuffles towards you until she reaches your head. You can look on aghast as she straddles first your chest and then your face. “I have lots of cum for you!” She says softly as she lowers herself upon you.

It’s what you have always wanted isn’t it? What you have always craved for? Being made to eat another man’s cum from her well fucked pussy.

Before she can even lower herself fully upon you those juices are falling from her and onto your nose. “Lots of nice cum for you darling” She tells you as she presses her cunt against your mouth.

You have no choice but to swallow the juices that are flowing from her; salty, creamy juices that came from his cock and filled her deep inside. “That’s it my cuckold, eat every drop!” She tells you.

She is taunting you know; humiliating you even but you know that there could be more to come. You know what else you have told her; you know what other confessions you have made when you told her all about your fantasy. She climbs off you and off the bed and takes you by the hand. “Come.” She says.

You have no choice but to be led like a sacrificial lamb to her slaughter. Moments later you are in their bedroom and he is lying there under the bedclothes. As she pulls away the bedclothes to uncover him you know what is to come. “Come.” She tells you. “It’s okay Frank doesn’t mind you sucking his cock.”

There, it is out now! She has told him; told him that not only did you fantasies about cleaning her up after sex but you also wanted to clean up her lover too. You wanted to be made to take his cock in your mouth; clean him and refresh him; get him hard for her again.

As she kneels by his side she takes his cock in her hand and tells you to clean him. “Come on get him clean and hard for me.” She tells you.

He is already bigger than you and he isn’t even hard yet and you get close to him on your knees and closing your eyes, you lower your face down. Her hand alights on the back of your head and pushes downwards. “Come on.” She tells you.

You feel the tip of his cock against your lips and open wide; you now have another man’s cock inside your mouth. “Come on, suck and lick him.” She tells you, giving your head a nudge.

You can taste him now; taste his cum; taste his stale cum. You can taste her too; you can taste your wife’s juices on another man’s cock. Your sucking and licking must be good because you can feel him stiffening inside your mouth. You have always wondered what it was like for a woman having a cock in her mouth, now you know. “That’s it get him nice and hard for me and then you can hold it and guide it into my pussy.”

Before long you are gagging, not from the taste of their juices but from its size. It is fully erect now; thick and hard and ready for your wife. Suddenly your wife pulls at the back of your head and as you lift away she starts to position herself over him. Holding the base of his thick cock you watch as she lowers herself down on him. She didn’t really need your guidance; it was almost like a missile homing in on its target. You watch her sink down on him; watch his cock disappear inside her. At last you are getting to see another man’s cock deep inside your wife.

Sitting back you watch them; watch her move up and down on him; watch his cock appearing and disappearing inside her. You watch him thrusting upwards to meet her downward thrusts. You watch your wife fuck another man. But she is not just fucking him with her pussy she is also fucking him with her mouth; fucking his mind with the words coming from her lips.

You can hear her telling him how good he feels; telling him how great it is to have a real man’s cock inside her; telling him that he is the best fuck she has ever had. Shouting words that a man likes to hear; shouting words that drive a man to fuck harder and deeper; shouting words that will bring his cum gushing from him.


  • Mark

    Reply Reply November 29, 2019

    I totally agree with the progression of this relationship. It parallels a few of my own past experiences. The realization by the cuckold that he has now traveled on the path he selected for their relationship and can not control it at all. He is now a total cuckold and his wife and her lover now call all the shots. He will learn to love his cuckolding just as I have done and he will even enjoy serving the two of them whenever they’re together. He will garner his pleasure by helping wife and lover to enjoy each other fully and even learn to enjoy humiliation from them. I know this all from my firsthand lifetime experience.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply December 7, 2019

    I enjoyed it

  • David

    Reply Reply December 9, 2019

    I can complete empathize with the story in so many ways. I even drive my wife to her dates and pick her up the next morning or afternoon. And, yes she also tells me how much better he is than me. Bigger, much more stamina, just an all around better lover. I love it so.

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