The Fantasy Was Real 4.4/5 (18)

He sat, sipping the last of his drink & watched as the black gentleman left the elevator & strolled through the lobby. A satisfied cocky look on his face, once the gentleman left the building, he finished his drink, hung up his phone & went to the elevator. He got off on the 7th floor, stuck his key card in the hotel room door, heard the click pulled it out and opened the door. As he entered the room the smell of sweat & sex filled the air thickly. When he got to the bed he noticed she was laying there exhausted & used.

Her tits wear pink, from being sucked and being groped, he could see her pussy was throbbing open, it was unclear if the cum was dripping off of her ass, or dribbling out of her ass, but it was definitely all over her ass, her thighs & the bed. His dick was already hard, but now his pants could barley hold his erection. He stroked his cock through his pants, there was guaranteed already pre cum wetness in his lower region & all he could think about was wishing there was a video of what had just happened in this room.

Rewind 45 min.

He watched them leave the club, the black guys hands all over her phat ass and her thick thighs as the walked. Truthfully he had been watching them in the club, while they had been drinking and dancing. He watched as she had pressed her ass against his jeans, he could only imagine how hard the gentleman was getting, he would hold her waist while she slightly bent over and grinded against him, his hands would inevitably make their way from her thighs to her tits and she would smile because she like that he was paying attention to them. If she was facing him he would have both hands grabbing her ass pressing his dick against her.

He’d watch them throughout two of his drinks, on the floor grinding, Making out, damn near dry humping. He was fairly certain that at one point she had put her hand down his pants to feel her dance partners cock, the lights were dim, and the dance floor was busy, so he couldn’t be sure what you saw, but his own dick started to move in his jeans at the idea. He had watched her say something to him, and they went to the bar paid their tab & walked out. He finished his drink and followed far enough behind to watch, but not too close enough to be noticed. He followed into the hotel, into the lobby. As they wanted for the elevator, he went the bar & ordered a drink, he could see the gentleman’s hands all over her as the elevator closed & his phone rang.

By the muffled sounds he couldn’t tell if her phone was in her hand, or her pocket. But he could make out voices, not words, but he could hear the gentleman’s voice & he could hear she was trying not moan to loudly. He connected his headphones & sat in an over sized chair, sipped his drink & pictured the gentleman having her pushed against the back of the elevator, one hand squeezing her tits, or maybe her throat, the other hand found its way into her pants.

He heard the elevator ding, heard them open the door to the hotel. He could tell she set her phone next to the bed as the undressed each other, he could make out the recognizable sounds of her slobbering a cock, he could her the black gentleman moaning & telling her what a good job she was doing sucking that dick, he heard her gag a few times & his dick started to throb in his pants at the thought of seeing her pretty mouth wrapped around a big black dick.

He heard the man slap her ass & the muffled moan of a mouth that was full.
The gentleman had told her to get up & lay on the bed, by the slurping sounds & only her pleasured voice, he knew she was being licked, sucked & fingered.

When he heard her gasp, he almost spit out his drink, the gentleman’s dick must have been a little bigger then she had expected when he slid it inside her. As he listened to their moans get louder, the sounds of their thighs slapping against each other, he wanted to pull out his dick & stroke it to the thought of the gentleman holding high on her thighs, railing his cock in & out of her, with ever thrust, he could tell it was almost to deep for her, but she wouldn’t dare say stop. It was the opposite, she kept yelling yes, deeper, harder. The first couple minutes he thought maybe she was putting on a verbal show for him on the phone, but when the pounding stopped & he could tell she was back to sucking his dick, he knew she had finally let go & was enjoying herself.

He listened & lightly stroked his dick through his jeans as she told her dance partner to sit down, she was probably going to straddle & ride him, she complimented how big his dick was while she slide it inside her & began to ride him, through the sounds of her yelling he heard the man tell her to stop or her was going to cum, she must have listened like the good girl she was, cause he could her them making out & the guy sucking her tits. He slowly heard her work herself up again, riding, bouncing & grinding on his dick, the man groaning to keep from cumming, she let out a scream & told him to choke her, he must have had a confused look cause again she yelled choke me, this time he must compiled because her moans changed to that of growls as she must have been cumming all over his cock.

The gentleman told her to get on her knees & put her ass in the air, she was heavily breathing, but clearly did as she was told.

He pictured the man and his hard black dick standing behind her, licking his lips at the site at her on all fours, her wet pussy begging for more, he could tell she must have grabbed a pillow to bite down on or scream into when the gentleman must have began to fuck her from behind.

He pictured the pillow or a blanket in her mouth as he heard the sounds of her being spanked, he could hear her muffled voice yell for harder, fuck me harder.

He could clearly hear her as begged for her dance partner to cum all over her ass, he held her hips & after three more deep thrusts he pulled out & stroked his dick while his cum poured warm all over her round red ass. She let out a wiper at first because she wasn’t ready for his phat dick to be taken out so abruptly, but once she heard & felt him cumming, she smiled. She looked over her shoulder to make sure he was done unloading.

She must have stayed on her knees but turned around, reached for his dick, she put it back down her throat, reached around, cupped his ass & processed to fuck her own mouth with his dick, until he got the picture & held the back of her head and started fucking her mouth for himself. He could hear her gagging once again on the big dick & he wanted so much to be stroking his own dick right here, right now.

She must have been fully aware that his dick was clean of their sex juices, she pulled his cock out of her mouth, stroked it for a bit & then told her friend it was time for him to leave, she needed to shower before her husband got there from the airport.

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    Very very hot and one of my many fantasies to see my redheaded wife in the same situation

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