The Cuck's Regret


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Dan sat in his office contemplating the past three years of his life. As he stared out the window of his 17th story office he tried to short out how a simple question, with the genuine motivation to spice up his and Wife’s love life, had led to this. He tried to put it out of his mind and get back to work.

An hour later he could stop himself. He returned to the email and opened the link. Putting in his AirPods so the rest of his office wouldn’t hear the audio. He clicked the play icon in the video window. The video began to play, and there in the scene was his wife Anne in what looked like a hotel room, taking with a well know black amateur creator of interracial hot wife porn from Dallas. The taking turned to kissing, then to the black man laying on the bed as his wife hurriedly undressed.

Sultrily, she climbed on the bed almost as if stalking her prey. The Knight had laid the bait, his 9" black cock, standing erect out of his pants. Anne crawled to her right and as she approached she eyed the prize she sought. Her head began to descend toward it until her lips slid over the bulbous head. Her right hand grasping the base. She jerked us from the hilt as her mount slid down to meet it.

The video entitled “Slaying a 59 year old Dallas Hotwife” had been loaded to the internet for all to see some 14 hours earlier. Part of the Bellies full of cum" series, the video already had over 30,000 views and about 2,500 were from the DFW area. He had read through the comments which ranged from lewd to personal attacks on his wife for her extramarital sexual adventure.

Worse yet we’re the emails to his personal account sent by friends, of his and hers, mostly males commenting on how they never would have expected that. Some from her female friends inquiring about doing the same. The video was coming to the climax, literally. The came position from behind the copulating couple provided an intimate look of the final moments of sexual passion. The DFW Knight’s long rigid cock plunging in and out of his wife’s outstretched pussy. The lips wrapped around the massive erection reinforced its size and that it was fact it was testing the size of her vaginal canal.

Though you could not see her face from this angle, her slender feet and blue toenail polish was as unmistakable as the longhorn design wedding ring that the cameraman expertly framed in the shot. Her hands had a death grip on the man’s ass cheeks and her ankles dug in to her lovers upper hamstring. Her feet bounced with each successive pump. He could hear her unmistakable moaning. Each time the Knight reached his deepest point of penetration she grunted “ugh. Ugh. Ugh.” The grunts we’re now sounding more frequently, the volume rising to a crescendo that would coincide with her approaching orgasm.

The DFW Knight was mere seconds away from finishing his dominance over his prey. The intimate kissing was over. Both participants were selfishly focused on attaining their own sexual gratification. The piston like action of the Knight’s his increased in speed and force. The angle of her hips provided a perfect view of her puckered ring of her anus, which was spasming, the physiological response of a woman’s climax. They were small at first but you could see it and worse it would become undeniable as she reached full orgasm.

The black man arched his back and his scrotum contracted pulling his testicles tight to his shaft. In. Out. In. Out. His cock trusting deep into Anne’s pussy. Then it happened. On one of the back strokes. A streak of white fluid appeared on the right side of his black shaft as he withdrew. He buried the black weapon back into his sexual adversary. She released a muffled moan as the sword sank deep into its fleshy sheath.

The following retraction exposed that the sword was covered in more of the white liquid. Each successive plunge emptied more of the gooey white lubricant into his wife’s belly. After eight or so deep thrusts he pushed deep and the movement came to a halt. Mutual self gratification achieved, the couple lay there panting. Energy fully spent on the achievement of their goal.

For Dan the humiliation was amplified by his wife’s post coitus vocalization of “Oh my god that is the best fucking I’ve had in years!” That phrase was captured prior to the the post fuck interview they conduct with the woman. The told the story of how she had watched the DFW Knight’s videos for years and had developed a crush on him. How she and her husband got into the lifestyle thanks to the videos.

She confirmed he had in fact filled her belly. She talked about his cock being the biggest one she had ever had in her. Her final comment “I’d love to do it again, but my “va Jay Jay” needs a break. His cock is large, like really big, and he definitely gave her a workout.” Then the video ended and the credits began to roll.

Then his mind pivoted to her excited phone call following the filming of her session with the Knight. How it was a little strange having a cameraman shouting instructions, but it ended with a giant climax. She thanked Dan for letting her do the video and no she wasn’t sure if or when it would make it on the DFW Knight website. Evidently they use that “it all depends on the quality of the actual footage and if it meets William’s approval. But you did a fantastic job!” to manage the female performers expectation."

He thought to himself she definitely made the cut, as she was now an internet sensation and had received a call back inquiring if should would consider doing a series of videos. Interestingly she accepted with our consulting him. She just texted him the news. Dan found that a little casual and had hoped she would have consulted him.

Dan finished his day at the office and he and Anne went to dinner that night. When they walked into Dave’s Chop House Dan was paranoid that every set of eyes followed them too their table. Anne walked to the table head held high, shoulders back in a show of increased self confidence. Dan could only thin of how many of the male patrons we thinking “isn’t that the woman…”.

They sat down and discussed the menu and ordered. But before Dan could raise the elephant in the room, the waiter appeared with set of drinks they had not ordered. “These are from the gentlemen at the table over my left shoulder. He said to tell you he liked your performance very much.” Anne blushed and taking the glass tipped it toward her admirer. A large black man in a suit. Dammit. Dan thought. Is this going to be what life is like from now on.

Over dinner Dan brought up his concern about her decision with out involving him. Anne brushed off and told him not to be so sensitive. He pressed on and she looked up and through gritted teeth shot back “it was your idea. Not mine. You opened up Pandora’s box and you don’t get to shut it because you don’t like the outcome!”

He shut up. “If you hadn’t been such a porn hound, this probably wouldn’t have happened.” She continued “oh Anne what do you think about expanding our sex life. A little more role play. What’s your one unfulfilled fantasy?” He listened as she recalled the conversation. “Oh you want to suck two cocks at the same time. Well what about if one is black?“her rant continued “I say okay and we do it. That gets my motor running and you try and turn it off. But You know me I like getting fucked. So I fuck him and you watch like a pussy.

And she was right. She had bobbed between the two cocks for about five minutes when she turned all of her attention to the black guy. Eventually guiding him to lay down on the bed and proceeded to mount him. She placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy lips and slid down it like it was a greased pole. She worked her hips back and forth furiously on the black cock, eventually repositioning herself with her feet on either side of his hips, hands on his chest to get better leverage.

Amazed by his wife’s actions he stood back beating off while he watched. His wife is as solely focused on achieving orgasm. She stared straight ahead as the black man laid their enjoying the pleasure. She started to shake and grunt and moan. Her hips hitting against his emitted a slapping sound as skin hit skin. As her orgasm began she grabbed his wrists and spread his extended arms pinning him to the bed. She rose up as if about to move into downward dog position, but instead used her legs as pistons to pleasure herself on the black pole.

“Uuuuuhhhhhggggg!” She screamed as she came in as intense an orgasm as he had ever scene. Neither of them noticed the black man had shot his wad just prior to Anne’s orgasm. As she lay on the black man withering in post climax bliss Dan saw it. The cum that had leaking out of the his wife between her premium and the man’s cock. That’s when he realized this was not some fantasy but reality. She rolled off, her now agape pussy leaving a white sticky string of cum across the man’s pelvis. In Dans mind it was a physical sign of the now intimate connection between this man and his wife.

It had never dawned on him that her lovers would merge physically with his wife through the sharing of bodily fluids. “Anne!” He shouted “he…he…came in you!”

She looked down at her crotch and slid a finger deep inside herself. she then withdrew it half covered with cum and looked up at her husband “yeah, that is kind off the idea when you have sex.” And with that she laid down on her now relaxing lover’s chest and slid the finger into her mouth. “Mmmmmmmm” she moaned her eyes closing as she savored the seed.

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