The Cuckold

Section 1

I met Roxanne in college. We were lovers for years, and when it became obvious that we could find no mates that were equal—we married. We have always been experimental, but we never actually entered into the swinging lifestyle.

Being educated, we have read works like the Kama Sutra and it has enhanced our lovemaking. Recently we read Molière’s “L’École des femmes” and the diaries of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and I became intrigued with the idea of cuckoldry as a fetish. My role was not as a submissive, but more as an alpha male crafting and directing our fantasy.

After talking about it at length, we decided to seduce a younger man together. It took several nights of touring clubs, but eventually we found the perfect playmate. He was young, intelligent, broad minded, and my wife winked at me after dancing slow with him a number of times, confirming that he was apparently well endowed.

After several drinks and a late dinner, I became convinced this was the perfect man for our fantasy. Roxanne was a constant tease, and it was obvious he was both aroused, but appropriately cautious. We both tortured him at the table with innuendo and suggestive glances.

Finally, I decide it was time to really get things moving. At one point Roxanne was practically sitting in his lap, and he kept looking at me as if asking for permission. I leaned over and stared him in the eye for a moment. “Mark, would you like to fuck my wife?”

He cleared his throat and looked away. Roxanne grabbed a hold of his chin and forced his face back into my gaze. She leaned into him and nibbled his ear. “I want to fuck you, Mark, but you have to ask my husband for permission first.”

Mark paused for a moment. I could see him trying to fight through the fog and struggle with the situation. He wasn’t sure how to proceed. His lack of control was arousing me. Roxie knew exactly what I wanted and I watched as her hand snaked down into his lap and began stroking his cock through his pants under the table. “Please, Mark. I need you to fuck me, really hard, but you have to get his permission first.”

“Uhhm. . .Ron. . .may I. . .may I fuck. . .” He looked down at his lap and closed his eyes for a moment as Roxie was now tugging at his stiff cock through the fabric of his trousers. After a moment, he regained his composure and looked at her with a frantic smile and then at me, “Ron, please let me fuck your wife.”

“You may fuck my wife, Mark, but there are conditions. The first of which is that I will be in the room the entire time. I will not be acting. I will only be watching. Secondly . ..”

I continued to present the rules for play that Roxanne and I had agreed upon. Mark agreed to all of them. By this time his brain was deprived of the blood that was now surging in his manhood. Roxanne left to go up to our room, and Mark and I remained in the hotel bar for a moment to have a drink and give her time to get ready for us.

When we arrived in the room, she had transformed what was already an elegant hotel room into a lover’s lair complete with soft red lamps, candles, and silk. Roxanne was dressed in my favorite lingerie. It was all black lace. She had on thigh-high black stockings and spiked, black heels that showed off her shapely legs.

I saw her excitement immediately as her nipples were pushing through the mesh of her bra. Her hair was pulled up in an elegant style that hinted at sexy, but sophisticated. One curled lock dangled suggestively over her left eye. Externally I was as calm as a rock, but my mind was whirling and I was very nervous. I went over to the ice bucket and poured us each a flute of Asti Spumante and made a toast, “To new friends.”

Mark barely sipped his, and licked his lips unable to take his eyes of Roxie. She was fixing him with a similar dark and lusty stare and licked the tip of her glass suggestively. I took my seat at the edge of the bed in the ornately carved, wooden dining chair that was placed at the end of the bed. It had a plush, red-velvet cushioned seat and back.

It resembled a king’s throne. I didn’t remember that chair being there before, and knew that Roxanne had phone down and requested it from the concierge. It was her subtle way of acknowledging whom her king was, even though she was about to fuck this young stud.

I made myself comfortable and motioned for them to begin. Roxie glided over to Mark and coolly wrapped around him with a sleek and seductive kiss. It was like she was a different woman. Calm, in control, elegant yet somehow very slutty.

She took him by the hand and led him to the bed and began to undress him from the top down taking her time. I could see him looking at her legs as she walked over to the dresser to stack his folded jacket and shirt. “Do you like what you see, Mark?” I leered at him.

He nodded at me, clearing his throat nervously. I teased him some more. “Just remember that she is my wife, and she wouldn’t even glance at you unless I permitted it. You are blessed that I consider you worthy enough to fuck her.”

That was the last thing I said as I motioned to Roxie to take over the scene and I settled back into the chair to enjoy the show she was putting on just for me.

Roxanne returned to Mark and reached up around his neck and kissed him. I could see her tongue sneaking into his mouth. His hands were stroking her back and then down to her shapely rump. I was already very excited and couldn’t wait to see how this went.

They continued kissing for a moment. Her hands swirled over his tan and muscular chest and she rested her head against his shoulder looking around him to me and mouthed the words “thank you” at me.

I watched with excitement as her hand drifted down from his bare chest to the belt of his pants. She tugged at it playfully a few times before slipping her hand further south. Soon her fingers were rubbing the rise in his trousers and she began stroking his cock through his pants. I could see the bulge already growing in there.

After a short while, she knelt before him and began to unfasten his pants very slowly, fixing him with a wicked smile. He closed his eyes unable to return her look and she turned to me and winked. When his trousers fell to the floor, I could see his stiffening cock protruding from his boxers.

She teased him a bit, nibbling on his cock through his boxers, and then looked at me and asked, “Are you enjoying this?” I smiled at her, but when he turned to me he saw only my mask of no placid calm.

She pulled his underwear down and slowly licked his balls with the tip of her tongue. I heard him take a sudden, sharp breath as soon as her tongue touched his balls. Slowly, she ran her tongue upwards to the tip of his cock. She kept her palms on his thighs the whole time, and I watched my beautiful wife worship this stranger’s cock.

Occasionally, she would sneak a peak at me with those enquiring brown eyes. I smiled at her to let her know how much she was pleasing me, but returned to my stone demeanor whenever Mark would look at me.

Roxanne continued teasing Mark relentlessly. The poor young man looked like he was about to explode as she picked up the pace, licking, stroking, and nibbling his scrotum. I enjoyed looking at his face, and watching him try to summon his control as my wife had him completely in her power. Mark was shuddering on his feet and his eyes were clamped shut.

He was attempting to breath deeply to relax, but with each lick Roxie took of his cock and balls his breath whistled in and out sharply. I doubted that he even remembered that I was in the room at the moment. Roxanne looked over at me for permission to suck his cock and I knew she wanted to deep throat him. I gestured to her to continue and she opened her mouth and took him in. He was very large and at first she struggled with his thick length.

Section 2

He pushed a little and I knew it had finally hit the back of her throat. She gagged slightly and he started to apologize and back out of her mouth. I smiled as Roxie slapped his ass and grabbed and pulled him again deep into her mouth gurgling on his thick cock. It actually excited her to choke while giving head. Before long, her jaw opened and gullet accommodated his size and soon she was not only deepthroating him, but doing it in long and rapid drafts.

Soon he was rocking on his feet and thrusting into her mouth. He began fucking her face and she moaned with excitement loving every moment of it. She never lost a beat and continued to suck in everything he could give her. A long trail of spit and pre-cum was hanging off of her chin.

She gurgled and hummed around his meat and he finally began to give the tell tale signs of impending orgasm. He was holding his breath, and his face was turning red. Roxanne grabbed his cock at the base and gave one last fierce suck and he came.

She knows that my ultimate fantasy includes seeing a guy cum in her mouth and watching a huge load of cum dripping out over her lips and down on her body. Mark did not disappoint us. His load was copious. Ropes and ropes of cum erupted from his cock and her lipstick was streaking from the onslaught.

Soon a mixture of make-up, spit and cum was all over her chin and drooping down like exotic jewelry. She continued licking him for a while. I loved watching her dribble and play with the fluids that covered her smiling face. It was better than any pornographic film I have ever watched.

She excused herself to the bathroom and Mark fell to the bed, exhausted. She returned and gently wiped him clean with a steamy towel. I could see that she cleaned herself up before returning as well. I took great pride in seeing him laying there on the bed, completely spent after having the most amazing blow job of his life. I had taught her how to do that, and it gave me great pride.

Playtime had only started. Roxanne finished making him fresh and removed the rest of his clothing. What I found amusing was that this time she didn’t undress him gently. She removed a shoe, and tossed it over her back. The other one followed slapping against the wall of the hotel room.

His shirt came off next and then his socks were pulled from his feet and flung in different directions, then she stripped her lingerie off and tossed the pile of lace across the room as if they were obstacles to be dashed. She started in kissing him deeply and pushed both of their bodies roughly to the pillows. She broke the kiss abruptly and sprung like a cat to his lap and started stroking and teasing his cock again.

Once again she teased him, kissing, sucking, nibbling on his body. It did not take long for him to respond. Roxanne was an accomplished lover and knew how to stoke a man even beyond human limits. After a while, he began to get erect again. Roxanne then returned his stiff cock to her hot mouth. I was seated at the foot of the bed, and she was going down on him, so all I could see was her face framed by her dark wild hair and his cock disappearing into her hungry mouth.

She was bent over him, but facing me. Her sexy eyes gazed at me as she sucked his cock and I almost came sitting there in the chair watching her.

It took a while, but he finally got rock hard again. She reached and found a condom and opened it, then gently applied it to him using her mouth. Once it was in place, she slid her leg over him and with a nudge, sat down on his cock. I could see it going into her pussy. She even arched her back so I had a better view. Roxanne does not ride a cock–she dances on it.

She does not merely hump up and down, but rather slides, twists, and twirls along the length of a cock in a complicated, lusty tango. While I knew this from personal experience, my knowledge was only tactile. Now I saw it for the visual beauty that it also was. She truly is a work of art in motion. I could tell she was going to cum.

She sat straight up and began deeply grinding on him. She rocked back and forth cooing and murmuring and her face grew flushed with excitement and pink blotches rose on skin of her arms as she grabbed onto Mark plunged down and against him.

Watching her cum with this stranger’s cock inside her made me erect and I had to stop from muttering about my excitement.

After she came, he rolled her over and took her from behind. I moved my chair to the side so that I could watch her face as he pounded into her. His cock jumped in and out of her and she fucked him back with reckless abandon telling us how much she loved it. Roxie’s lips formed a shuddering “O” as she bent down for leverage and fucked back at his thrusting hips. I could tell they were getting tired from the furious fucking.

Eventually, his pace quickened, his thrusts grew shorter, and he closed his eyes, and his body shuddered. Roxie sensed it too and pulled away from him. She wrapped her fingers around his thick cock and ripped the condom from his throbbing penis. She gripped his cock tightly in both hands and rubbed the tip against her lips, chin and cheek.

She licked it several times and Mark shouted that he couldn’t take anymore and she released his red cock from her tight fingers and cum exploded out in a lava river that splashed on her neck and chest. She caught the second and third ropes inside her mouth and O stood and commanded her to give him a snowball.

Before he could object, I watched as Roxie enveloped him with a deep, lusty french kiss and deposited his own cum back into his mouth, twirling his tongue with hers so he could not spit it out, then she sucked the slurry back into her own mouth. She turned to me and showed me what was left and then threw her head back and swallowed it.

Then she turned back to us both and showed us that she had taken it all. I stood and handed Mark his clothes and told him to get dressed and get the hell out, because he had only gotten my wife started and that she needed to now be fucked by a real man. Roxie blew him a kiss and led me into the bathroom where we showered together and made love for hours.


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