The Covenant 4.1/5 (25)

-Plans for Tonight-

Just before shutting down my computer and completing the mundane ritual that is the end of my workday, I noticed a new email message alert on the screen. It was from my wife Jessica, which was unusual in that she rarely sent me messages.

I thought it odd that she didn’t call me if it was something important and I really wanted to get home, but I decided it might be something she at least expected me to read. After a few clicks, I was very happy I decided to read this rather than close the shop a few minutes early to get home to my gorgeous wife.


made res for 2nite for our fav restaurant in the tower. decided to look over the lights of vegas just like we did when you popped the question (the first time lol). and yes, i will have an answer for you 2nite. getting hair and nails done now, and a few other things.


Loves, Jess

‘Holy shit!’ I thought. At twenty eight my Jessica still turned plenty of heads, sometimes even females ones every so often. I could only imagine what she would be doing with those light brown locks. ‘Damn, I hope she doesn’t get too much trimmed off because I love the way it flows down to her breasts and halfway down her back.’ Just thinking about this got my libido stirring.

My mind wandered to her figure, which she kept in top shape by working out at the gym, jogging, biking and playing some casual sports. Close friends of mine often jokingly called her Barbie Doll, Bikini Babe, or just plain Boobs when she wasn’t in earshot because, well, those 34 D’s were hard to miss on her 5′ 8″ willowy frame.

‘Seriously, I wish I could go home and fuck her silly when I first come in the door…….wait, dinner date you idiot! And she has an answer to my proposal. God I hope it is a ‘yes’ so we can begin and start solving this issue.’

“Mr. Kendall, when did you want us to close the place tonight?” asked the soft feminine voice from the door to my office.

For a second I was a million miles away until my brain kicked me to stop the lewd images of my wife in my head. I had to snap back into the now, “Excuse me, what? Oh, Cassandra, um yeah, make last call whenever it is slow, but not before midnight. Have the kitchen close at the usual ten, m’kay?”

I pulled myself closer to the table to hide my obvious hard-on, and looking at Cassandra was not helping the situation. I could feel my dick really starting to strain inside my pants because Cassandra was a stunning green-eyed blonde with a hot figure blessed with gravity defying 36 DDs, smooth hips, about 5′ 4″ tall, only 26 years old, and a set of gorgeous full lips on a mouth that could make a drill sergeant blush.

Every time I looked at her perfect chest I was reminded why I had promoted her up from waitress to night manager when I bought the place. ‘Gawdamn, what I’d give to have her or Jessica drape their tits across the back of my neck while I banged the other. Too bad she usually prefers women…..shit, shit, shit………….then again…..’

“Mr. Kendall, are you okay?”

“What? Yeah! I mean yes, I’m fine. Why?”

She gave a slight smile to let me know I was absently staring at her perfect natural tits under that thin cotton shirt she had on, “You look a bit flushed is all. Maybe you need to get home to that gorgeous wife of yours, huh?”

Cassandra did not know our sex life had slowed, but I just didn’t want to open that door into our married life just yet and let her see, even though she was what I considered a ‘best friend’ to Jess and I. That and talking about sex with another extremely attractive woman could end up with me needing to change my underwear.

“You’re right. I’m just a little excited about tonight. She just sent me an email about a dinner date we’re having.” I replied smiling stupidly. ‘And if things go as I hope they will, maybe someday soon Jessica and I just might get you into…..’

‘Kay, then. Get home and treat my BFF to a romantic dinner. But you might want to use the back door so everyone in the place doesn’t have to see that huge hard-on you got.”

My expression flashed a bit of shock, then embarrassment, “That obvious?”

Cassandra held up her hand with only the little finger extended, “Just a little.” Then that fucking gorgeous smile of hers popped onto her face.

“You Bitch!” I laughed.

I grabbed my backpack and held it in front of my pants as I walked out to pretend I was hiding my prick from her gaze, like a schoolboy would do. I gave her a quick peck on the cheek which she held out to me in an overly obvious and comical manner.

“Luv ya, Cass.”

“My love to Jess, Robert. And my condolences.”

All I could do was bark back over my shoulder as I was going out the back door, “Wha?! Bullshit! You know I have what it takes to satisfy Jess, and you jus’ want some for yourself. Yeah, I know chicks talk.”

We both laughed as the door closed behind me and I got to my car. It was my favorite, a new convertible Camero Jessica bought me when our restaurant really started to do very well. ‘Damn I can’t help but love my Jess.’


On the drive home I kept thinking about the problems Jess and I were having and how I hoped what I proposed would help our marriage. Sex had become rather vanilla for us, usually with me once a week or so rolling over onto her, mounting her with my thick seven inch cock and fucking her missionary style until I came deep inside her.

She is also on the pill, and has been since we married, but even that didn’t ease her mind and let her enjoy sex like it used to years ago. I knew the spark had gone out for her, and I made an effort to get into as good a shape as she was thinking maybe I didn’t have the stamina she needed.

Jess constantly assured me that the fault was not mine, and that the loving emotional bond was enough for her. We ‘saved’ ourselves for after our wedding, and the sex was incredible for the first few years with us doing everything we could think of in bed, and a few other places.

But now, it weighed on me terribly that for the last four of our ten years of marriage I could not remember her having an orgasm when we made love. And intimacy was rapidly becoming less frequent. It nearly brought me to tears sometimes when I was alone, thinking about how she was drifting away from what she used to enjoy so much.

I tried to introduce toys and some videos, but it didn’t work. She was also too personal and guarded to even consider therapy since she mistrusted counseling of any kind; it did nothing to save her parent’s marriage when she was a young child and this left deep and terrible scars in her memory when her father left.

I also think the fact that she and I had been sweethearts since middle school and neither of us had ever experienced anyone else brought a certain, well, comfortable boredom if-you-will. I even began to wonder if I had deprived her of something special with our relationship being so emotionally close in the late teen years.

Perhaps her developing personal freedoms during those experimental stages in a young life had been unknowingly bypassed, her ability to explore and choose denied simply by my always being at hand.

Then, I tried something about six months ago that at least got her more active in bed and moving into some other positions, like her favourite doggie-style. I found fantasy talk during sex stoked up the heat a little bit. I noticed when I would describe having a second man in bed with us stroking her body while I fucked her balls deep, I could elicit some closed eye moaning from her and some heightened sensuality.

And if I went on to verbally paint scenarios of the mystery lover leaning back and holding her on his chest while I went down on her pussy, then with me fucking her while she made out with him and listened to his voice while he was embracing her, she definitely got very wet. Even more juices flowed if it was me holding her while another man fucked her. But still, no orgasm.

I wanted to expand on these ideas, but before I could really play on thoughts I was developing like maybe sex with a few men, me watching, or even double penetrating her with another man, Jess decided to introduce a few ideas of her own.

When she began to tell me what scenes were sometimes going through her mind while we made love, well it basically blew my mind because up until then I had no fucking idea Jess had latent lesbian tendencies. She would put images in my head of her watching me fuck another woman she would choose to bring home, or her getting it on with a female lover while I watched.

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