The Consultant and My Wife  4.5/5 (33)

We picked up the consultant, Harry, and took him to a local seafood place. My wife dressed in a hot black dress she had. It was low cut and displayed her 36 C’s to perfection. We could tell Harry was excited. I went to the rest room and when I came back she was a little flushed. Now I had let Harry sit next to her in the booth so I was wondering if something happened. Several times during dinner I noticed a somewhat shocked look on her face like something else had happened.

She went to the restroom and he carried on about how hot she looked and how lucky I was and I better keep her happy cause there must be lots of guys lined up to get a shot at her. What Harry did not know was that a lot of guys had already had shots at her over the years and she often took the shots but always came home to me.

Then Harry went to the rest room and we got a chance to talk. She told me that Harry had run his hand up her leg several times and once got as far as going under her under pants and touched her pussy. She said she was hotter than hell and just wanted to go home and fuck. Of course, that meant me going down on her then her blowing me.

I suggested that I just might let her have an option later, she looked at me surprised but did not say anything. We finished, while I went to the cashier to pay, I noticed them whispering and her giggling.

I drove the car back and she chose to sit in the back with Harry. What I found out later was he had his finger in her pussy and she had her hand on his by then hard cock. Now in a story it would be a giant cock but in reality it was not. She has had big ones and complains that most of their owners don’t know how to fuck, they think the big dick will do all the work. She also dated a couple of black guys but felt the same way about them.

In my case in the last years before I went soft I could fuck for hours and prided the fact that I could tell myself when to cum. While I am digressing let me describe my wife at the time. Late 30’s, brown blond hair, about 5’6 and 120 pounds. Natural 36’s and at that time C cup. Never having children, she had a tight pussy and very fine blond hair around it.

She almost looked shaved until you got up close. Only problem was that she just did not cum very often from intercourse, sometimes when she was on top she would cum, but only then. The first time we fucked she ended up on top and we pounded so hard we both were sore the next morning but she came. She also only cum once a session.

Back to Harry. He was staying at a motor lodge up the road somewhat from our place. We had picked him up since he was unfamiliar with the area. We got to his motel and he invited us up for drinks in his room. I had to get up early so I passed, my wife asked me if I would mind if she went up as Harry had said he would drive her home. I knew where this was going but it was OK with me and Harry seemed nice enough so I agreed. I sat and watched them go up the stairs and into his room then I drove home.

I always felt it was better to let her fuck around when she wanted than to have her go unfulfilled. Twenty years later I still think it is a good idea. We have a good life with some sex and she does not go without. She is not going to leave me because she falls in love with some forbidden fruit. I never got jealous and a couple of times over the years I would get a hard on when she came back and told me her story. So she was free to have sex when she wanted which I also think it limited the times she did go out.

She called a couple of hours later and said Harry was going to drop her off the next morning early so she could get ready for work. Sure enough she got home at about 6:30 in the morning. Of course I knew what they had been doing but it would have been obvious from her appearance in any event.

We both had to go to work so I had to wait until she got home to get the rest of the story. She called me about five and said she had to work late and would be home at eight. Eight came and went, she finally showed up at quarter to nine.

The rest of the story: Harry had been lurking around her desk most of his visit now and in the past. She knew he had the hot’s for her and in all fairness she was attracted to his attention and to him. When we got to the restaurant Harry really started working on her. I guess me insisting that they sit together gave him the idea that I was a cuckold and he wanted to have her in the worst way.

When he first put his hand on her leg under the table and she did not move away that sealed the deal as far as he was concerned. When I went to the restroom, he kissed her and ran his hand under her dress up to her pussy. She let him and even moaned a bit to help set him off.

As soon as they closed the door of his room he was all over her. Dress off, bra and panties off and her on her knees undoing his zipper. His cock was average sized, moderately thick, cut but with a big bulbous head. She said it looked like a mushroom on a stalk. She took him in her mouth and wanting to be able to enjoy fucking him grabbed his ass and sucked until he came in her mouth.

He took off the rest of his clothes, lifted her up from the floor and laid her on the bed, spreading her legs as he did. Hard again he leaned forward and started teasing her with the tip of his enflamed cock and when that big head passed her clit she came the first time. Then Harry settled in and started fucking her for real, all the way in, almost out, in again then out. Then that head again going in, he kept it up for some time and she had two more climaxes before he finally pumped a second load into her pussy.

This was the first time in her life she had ever had multiple climaxes. All those boys in her past and me had never been able to bring that about. She was in serious after glow. They rested for a while then Harry started again. They both came again and after that she knew she would never make it home and called me.

She said that about three in the morning she awoke feeling a hard cock against her rectum. This was thing she never let anyone do but Harry must have been a master at it. No lubrication was needed with all her juices and Harrys cum around there.

He slowly pushed and popped in. He went slow with firm pressure on her sphincter muscle until it opened then slowly pushed in and pulled out. There was some discomfort but it soon went away and was replaced by a warm feeling, then she started to feel a climax working and when Harry released another load of cum in her ass she came as well.

The alarm went off soon enough and they showered together and Harry dropped her off at our place. She dressed and went to work where Harry was like a bumble bee all day. At five Harry suggested that she might have to work late at his motel, she agreed and called me. They fucked two more times and she came home.

As she related all this to me my dick got hard for the first time in several years and we fucked although she did not cum. As usual I went down on her, to some interesting tastes, until she finally came. She still loved me and our relationship stayed the same but Harry came back to town twice and she went to visit both times.

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