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Laura settled back on the settee, nervous, yet sexually excited. She enjoyed her ‘fantasy nights’ with her husband Tom.

She could feel the coldness of the steel handcuffs that bound her wrists firmly behind her back and she could also feel her own dampness between her thighs. Wearing a thin black dress with just a pair of black stockings and suspenders underneath, she could feel a chill too. She was also in darkness. A black silk scarf covered her eyes to give everything added effect.

Tonight Laura was playing the slut, a slut who would be pimped out by her husband to satisfy a lusty friend. In a few minutes her husband would come in, pretending to be a complete stranger. He would take her upstairs to make her do things that only a slut would do. He would speak to her as if she was a slut; call her a slut as well as other names and then he would use her like a slut. There would be no gentle lovemaking; no selfless foreplay and selfless sex, making sure that she was satisfied as well. Tonight he would use her; use her for his own pleasure and he would also be a little rough with her. A slap here; a tug of the hair there; she was just a slut, his slut and he would use her well.

Laura sat back expectant and excited. She enjoyed these nights together; forgetting that she was a wife and homemaker, exploring inner desires that normally lay dormant. She was also a school teacher; a young woman of respectability. No one would ever think that she had these kinds of fantasies roaming around her head, and this was one of the tamer ones! She was fortunate that she had such a good husband that she could not only share them with but also re-enact them with. Tom was also a school teacher who taught drama; how ideal; how perfect; how wonderful it was that he could play the parts so well.

Laura jolted as she heard the door open. The silence in the room was suddenly broken by the creaking door but there was something else; something that was different; something shockingly unusual. There were two sets of footsteps; someone else was in the room with Tom! Laura jolted again and gasped as she felt someone sit down beside her. It wasn’t Tom; this man was heavier and the aftershave that he was wearing was not Tom’s either. As she opened her mouth to speak she felt a hand on her face tugging on the blindfold.

“Oh my God!” She cried out as saw him.

“This is Jason.” Tom told her.

She sat open mouthed, almost dumbstruck, staring at the large black male sitting inches away from her. For a few moments there was just silence then Tom shifted his stance and placed the key to the handcuffs on the coffee table and began to walk away. Laura called out after him but he continued walking to the door without turning around to reply. As the door closed behind him Laura suddenly realized that he was turning her fantasy into reality. He had often said that he would; he had often threatened to do it for real and she had laughed it off and called him a tease. Laura was not laughing now and this was no tease.

“W…ww…..what do you want?” Laura asked him.

The man smiled for a moment but remained silent then after a few more moments of looking her up and down he said. “I think you know what I want.”
“It………it’s just a fantasy that Tom and I play.” She told him softly.

She was scared now; frightened almost. This was actually happening; her fantasy was developing before her very eyes but she was scared. This man was real; this was no act. The large framed man sat with her was real. He seemed serious; it all seemed serious. He was going to fuck her like a whore.

“I know.” He told her as he rested a large dark brown hand on her knee. “I am here to make it all real for you.”

“Please no.” She said with faltering voice.

His hand lifted from her knee and reached for the key on the table. Moments later her wrists were free. “That’s okay.” He told her as he let go of her wrists and handed her the key.

Laura gasped again but for different reasons now.

“You might regret it though,” he told her. “You would have enjoyed what I had planned.”

She shifted in her seat and felt the dampness from her excited state. “W……w…..what did you have planned?” She found herself asking.

He reached for the cuffs that she held tightly in her hands. “Only one way to find out.” He replied as he tried to take them from her.

Laura held firmly onto them. “I….I…..can’t.”

Jason looked her in the eye as he maintained his hold on the handcuffs as well. “Yes you can Laura.” He told her. “I know all about your fantasies and I can help you. I have helped many young ladies like you to live out their fantasies. I am very experienced and I find it very enjoyable.”

She found herself staring into his eyes. “Enjoyable? Experienced?” She said softly, realising that his hands were also holding hers as well.

“Very experienced Laura.” He answered. “You will know that you have had real man between your thighs when I have finished with you and I also find doing it very enjoyable.” He told her. “In fact nothing gives me greater pleasure than making a whore out of someone like you Laura!”

His grip had tightened now and his gaze was penetrating. He was serious, of that she had no doubt. He frightened her in one respect and yet in another way he excited her. She had no doubt that by the time he had finished with her she would know that she had been fucked by a real man. She had heard about the reputation of black men and their sexual prowess when it came to white women. For them it was the most supreme of conquests to get a white woman in their bed and she had no doubt that once they did, a white woman would not be able to leave that bed until they had completed exhausted themselves upon them.

She found herself gazing down at his groin. She knew the reputation of black men when it came down to cock size. There was a bulge in his trousers; a bulge that was far bigger than she had ever seen on Tom or previous boyfriends; a bulge that was meant for her. Suddenly she began to realise that Jason was easing the cuffs from her grip; easing them from her hands. Laura began to realise that she giving them up for him; giving them up for him to use on her.

It was almost as if she was helpless as he lifted them from her and then fastened one cuff around her left wrist. She looked down at it and couldn’t understand why she was not offering any resistance. “That’s a good girl Laura.” He said softly as he began to guide her arm behind her back.

Laura leant forward as he rose up and guided her both hands behind her. She offered no resistance as he fastened them into place. All she could do was remain passive as she stared at his groin.

“That’s better Laura.” He said as he sat back with and air of satisfaction. “This is what you want isn’t it Laura?” He said as he gripped his bulge.

Laura looked away. She was embarrassed that he had caught her staring at him; not just staring but drooling; mouth agape and drooling. She was behaving like a total slut!

Jason’s hand reached out for her chin and gently turned her fully to face him. “It is cock you want isn’t it Laura?” He asked her. “Big, thick black cock filling your cunt Laura. That’s what you need isn’t it?”

She said nothing. She was never going to admit that; she was never going to tell a man like him that she wanted his cock. She was a lady; a respectable lady. She was no whore! Suddenly his hand dropped to her knee. Her eyes automatically followed it; watched it alight on her knee; her black nylon covered knee. Her eyes watched his hand make contact with her. “I bet you are wet Laura.” He said quietly. “I bet you are a very wet girl aren’t you Laura?”


  • Malcolm Jensen

    Reply Reply December 6, 2019

    Just one question – Why do these authors keep referring to women as whores. None of them is. Sometimes they act slutty, but not one of them is a whore. Are these authors totally ignorant is this just a way to act macho; a way that proves that macho clearly does not apply to them.

  • Micheal

    Reply Reply December 7, 2019

    This sounds like something my wife did, she enjoyed over 500 men by the age of 20

    • Steve

      Reply Reply December 8, 2019

      It was sooo sexual

    • David

      Reply Reply December 9, 2019

      My wife was just as hesitant when we began our cuckold, hot wife adventure. Her fantasy was two black men at the same time while they were standing. She straddled one and the other took her from behind. This changed everything and there was no turning back.. She was 37 at the time and could not have any more children. Totally safe and she still sees both gentlemen often and together. She is completely hooked on this lifestyle.

  • Ric

    Reply Reply January 24, 2020

    My wifes first time with a Black Lover went much the same way… the throes of passion and lust, “seeing what it felt like to have a fertile black cock in her equally fertile unprotected pussy” turned in to a fuck fest like NOTHING I had ever seen, and resulted in her sending me and our 2 yo son she woke up SCREAMING during orgasms out to a motel “for the night”. That was Friday evening…….she finally let us come back home LATE Sunday night and then only because he had to drive back across state for work Monday AM!!

    LONG story, but he came inside of her eleven times total, with her BEGGING him for his baby after promising me she would out her diaphragm in “as soon as you are gone” and admitted she was LYING thru her teeth, knowing full well she had NO intention of doing anything but getting pregnant by him.

    Luckily (?) she did not get pregnant, but it ignited a LUST in her that continues to this day to get pregnant by someone other than me. She is currently involved in a HOT affair with her Boss/Lover and they are totally birth control free HOPING she will get pregnant by him.


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