The Birthday Present

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Section 1

John and Amber had been married for over 8 years. They had a great relationship, a wide circle of good friends, and a healthy sex life.

John liked to spend time looking at and reading porn. He did not make a secret of this and, at times, even did it when the two of them were sitting in the family room at night. Amber noticed that his favorite “thing” seemed to be gang bang situations featuring a white woman and several black guys. It puzzled her that it was such a turn on for him, but she had no issues – even playing into some fantasy scenarios when they were making love.

“Would you let a black guy look up your skirt in a bar if I asked you to?” John would breathlessly ask her during intercourse.

“If that would make you hot, of course I would,” Amber would reply, noticing that his penis became even harder after she agreed.

“Would you let him touch you if that was what I wanted to see?” John pressed.

“Yes, my love, whatever you wanted,” Amber answered while pumping her hips harder and faster realizing that he was close to his orgasm.

“Would you let him finger your pussy?” John would almost plead.

“For as long as he wanted to and as deep as he could go inside of me,” Amber responded giving him the type of answer that she knew would put him over the top.

And it did indeed push John’s button and caused him to release a stream of fluid deep inside his wife’s velvety soft vagina.

John knew not to pursue his porn fantasies with Amber too often when they were having sex. He did not want to burn her out on the role play by expecting it too frequently. With his 30th birthday approaching however, he had a plan to move the role play to another level as Amber prodded him to let her know what he wanted for his decade birthday.

“I want to turn my fantasy into reality this weekend,” John replied when Amber asked, yet again, what he wanted for his birthday. “I want to take you to a bar and have you flash a guy and then let him grope you while I watch.”

“Are you serious?” Amber asked, incredulously.

“Dead serious,” John answered quickly. “It is the best birthday present you could ever give me.”

Amber went silent for a few minutes while she considered what John was asking of her. Could she truly go along with his request? If she did, what kind of impact might this have on their here-to-fore wonderful relationship? John was a wonderful husband who always worked hard to please her and provide her with whatever made her happy. Amber had always reciprocated by doing the same for John…but this?

Amber broke her silence, commenting to John that this type of thing could be dangerous for their relationship and, afterwards, it might be difficult to recover from any damage that had been done. John said that they should give each other a “hall pass”, agreeing that, if the evening turned out to be a huge mistake, they would both consider it simply an attempt to spice things up that did not go as planned. Their love and affection would not be impacted and the memory of the activity would be mentally stored away as one of the not so great ideas they had from time to time.

“For what it is worth, I’ve read that couples who engage in extramarital activities together actually have a lower divorce rate than couples who don’t. Because there is no need to cheat, the trust factor in the relationship is enhanced. Obviously, we would be deviating from the norm, but we have never been people that wanted to conform to societal pressure, don’t you agree?” John added.

“Yes, I do,” Amber agreed. “Frankly, I admit the idea intrigues and scares me a bit. Be aware that this could unleash something within me that has heretofore been repressed.”

“Honey, you have no idea how much I want to experience the unrepressed version of you!” John assured.

With that understanding, they agreed to proceed. John taking charge of the logistics and Amber deciding on her wardrobe (with John’s input, of course). After doing a bit of research, John selected a bar on the east side of town that was known for being popular with African Americans and had a fairly nice hotel just a block down the road. Their plans included spending the night at the hotel, alleviating any concerns about driving after drinking alcohol.

Amber walked out of their bedroom and John felt his breath catch for a moment. She was wearing an outfit that was guaranteed to make men drool. She had donned a very short white pleated skirt topped by a black cotton blouse, untucked and unbuttoned to the midpoint of the blouse. To complete the effect, she had pulled her chestnut colored hair back into a pony tail with a red bow which tied in nicely with the red 5" heels she had on her feet.

“Red shoes, huh?” John questioned.

“I thought the shoes and bow would go nicely with the panties and bra I selected for our adventure,” Amber explained while lifting her skirt to display new red lacy t-back underwear and pulling her blouse aside to reveal a matching bra.

“Wow,” John exclaimed thinking to himself that his 29 year old wife looked like a high school student, albeit a slightly slutty one. At 5'5", 125 pounds, and sporting 34C breasts, his wife still had the figure she developed in high school while playing volleyball and cheerleading. John was certain she would have no trouble attracting attention.

Before arriving at the bar, they stopped at the hotel where John grabbed a duffel bag from the trunk and went inside to arrange for a room for the night. Returning to the car 20 minutes later, John asked Amber, “are you sure about this?”

“I am nervous as I can be, but I am OK with it. You do so much to please me and I want to give this to you, if YOU are sure you want it and can handle the aftermath,” Amber answered.

“I am very sure, honey, and I am so turned on right now that I am about to cum in my pants. This is so damn hot,” John affirmed.

Since neither of them wanted to back out, they walked the short block to the bar and went inside. It was almost 10PM and the bar was about 3/4 full. The vast majority of the patrons were indeed black and the men seemed to outnumber the women by at least 3:1.

“Target rich environment,” John quipped to Amber as they selected two seats at the bar toward the end.

Amber smiled at the comment and stepped up a bit to sit on the barstool. John sat to her left which allowed for a view of the rest of the bar and tables from over Amber’s shoulder. After ordering drinks, the couple sat and talked while watching a handful of couples on the dance floor.

There wasn’t a band playing, but the sound system was a good one and it boomed out hip hop tracks one after the other. A group of black men had collected at the bar a little down from them and they were obviously very well aware of the hot white girl in their midst.

“Turn toward them and smile,” John whispered in Amber’s ear.

Amber did as he suggested, crossing her legs as she did which provided a quick flash of red panties to the men who were now obviously staring at the sexy young girl. After a few minutes of watching Amber swing her leg back and forth and wanting to escalate things a bit, John again whispered in her ear, “OK, now uncross you legs and leave your knees a little apart.”

Amber took a nervous breath and then followed John’s instructions which afforded the men at the other end of the bar a very clear view of her red panties. This action caused a stir among them and they stared openly at the up-skirt view Amber was providing them, smiling and nudging one another.

“Let’s leave no doubt of our intentions, sweetheart. Spread your legs wider for them,” John pressed.

Looking the men directly in their eyes, Amber slowly moved her knees widely apart and smiled at them. This brought about comments from the group that clearly showed their appreciation for the show Amber was putting on for them.

Deciding the hook was set, John determined it was time to reel one of them in for the rest of the evening plans. “I’ll be right back,” he told Amber, who nodded, took a sip of her drink leaving her legs as they were.

John approached the group and talked with them for a few minutes. There seemed to be a bit of a debate among them for a short moment, however, it was quickly resolved and John turned and headed back to Amber with one of the men.

Amber was pleased that he was a nice looking man about the same size as John, who is 6' tall and 190 pounds.

“Amber, this is Terrell,” John introduced the man. “Terrell, this is Amber.”

Section 2

“Nice to meet you. I was hoping I would get the chance,” Terrell stood directly in front of Amber and extended his hand.

“Well, that was up to John,” Amber explained. “This is his party tonight and I am here to make him happy. It is nice to meet you as well, Terrell. Did I do OK with my little peep show for you guys?”

“It was outstanding,” Terrell enthusiastically responded. “May I?”

With that, he began to slowly run his hand up the inside of Amber’s thigh. Testing to see if what John had said to his buddies and him was indeed true. Amber said nothing, but kept her hands to her side and looked down at the progress his hand was making toward her crotch.

John smiled at Terrell and nodded his encouragement. His hand made its way past Amber’s mid-thigh and began to push the hem of her skirt even higher, revealing more and more of her creamy skin. Amber responded to the advance by opening her legs even farther to better facilitate his progress toward his goal. Upon reaching the soft, lacy material of her panties, Terrell curled his index finger toward his palm and began stroking the mound of her pussy through the cloth.

As he did this, Amber grabbed the sides of her seat and started grinding her pelvis against his stroking knuckle. Quickly, her body responded to the stimulation of her vulva and clit with a flow of internal juices that dampened the red panty crotch and was noticeable to the touch.

Looking over Terrell’s shoulder, Amber could see that the other men were watching the action with rapt attention. Her body’s reaction to having the men watch what was being done to her at a public bar surprised her as the flow of juices increased and her nipples became rock hard.

After a few minutes of touching and rubbing, John’s excitement got the best of him and he suggested that they head for the hotel. He paid their tab and the three of them left the bar.

“Well, this is convenient,” Terrell said as they reached the room.

“Yep, planned it that way,” John responded.

Entering the room, Amber took note that it was, in fact a two-room suite. “Nice, babe,” she commented.

“Nothing but the best for you, honey,” John replied. “I appreciate what you are doing for me more than you know. I doubt many wives would do for their husbands what you are for me.”

With a loving smile, she moved toward the door to the bedroom passing through the nicely appointed living area, complete with a large flat screen TV and a bar. Upon entering the bedroom, Amber was a bit taken aback when she saw video cameras on tripods surrounding the king sized bed.

“Uh, babe, we did not discuss this,” she said, turning to John.

“I know, sugar. I didn’t want to freak you out before we got to this point. I want to capture everything because this may be the one and only time we do this and I want to be able to revisit the experience anytime I like. Plus, you know how much I like porn and what better than porn featuring my beautiful, sexy wife?” John explained.

“Are you OK with this?” Amber inquired of Terrell.

“Yes, your husband mentioned it at the bar. It’s not the first time I have been in a video,” Terrell agreed with a smile.

With that, John proceeded to turn on and position three of the cameras around the bed, taking one to use as a handheld. “Why don’t you two get on the bed and pick up where you left off at the bar?” he suggested.

“Yes sir, Mr. Director sir,” Amber demurred.

Amber crawled up on the bed and turned to face Terrell who had joined her. Wasting no time, he quickly ran his hand back up her skirt and began stroking her pussy through her panties. The material was still damp from his previous attention and Amber liked that he could feel her reaction to his touches.

Terrell enjoyed seeing a hint of her neatly trimmed bush just above her otherwise completely shaved pussy. He ran his fingers up and down along her slit feeling not only her wetness increase, but noticeable swelling of her labia and clit. Curling his fingers around the elastic of Amber’s panty crotch, he came into contact with bare skin for the first time - causing an electric jolt to surge through Amber’s abdomen. Now, the sound of her wetness was audible as he continued his manipulation of her sex.

After probing her opening for a few minutes he took the initiative and inserted two of his fingers into her hole. Recognizing that this was her husband’s ultimate fantasy, as far as she knew, Amber threw her full enthusiasm into fucking the fingers that were inserted into her pussy as John urged her on.

After a few minutes of plunging his fingers in and out of the hot wife’s pussy, Terrell moved his mouth down toward her undulating cunt and took a couple of preliminary swipes with his tongue. Amber reacted with a combination of ecstasy and caution, because, regardless of how good it felt, this was not part of the agenda she had expected.

As if to reassure her, she heard John coaching Terrell, “oh yeah, thats it. Eat that sweet pussy. Lick her juices. Make her your whore.”

“So, my husband wants me to be a whore,” Amber realized. “Well, lets see if he truly is OK with what he thinks he is asking for.”

Amber gripped the back of Terrell’s head and pulled him toward her throbbing pussy, encouraging him to eat her and make her cum.

John meanwhile, slipped away and stepped into the other room. He returned with Trevon, another of the guys that had been at the bar. Unknown to Amber, he had invited a few more of the group to follow them to the hotel room and wait quietly in the living room for their turns. He had stocked the bar with plenty of liquor and had porn playing on the flat screen.

Trevon quickly removed his clothing and moved immediately to the bed where he presented his black erection to Amber’s mouth. The sudden intrusion into her immediate space shocked Amber out of the euphoric state she was in as a result of the excellent job Terrell was doing on her cunt.

“Suck it, Amber. I want to see you suck his black dick while Terrell is eating your sweet pussy,” John urged as he lifted his camera to capture all of the action.

Amber looked at her husband and frowned - this was another escalation that they had not discussed. As she considered the situation, Amber shifted her gaze to the 8" cock that was vying for her attention, while continuing to pump her hips as she fed her soaking pussy to Terrell.

Looking John directly in the eye, Amber opened her mouth and accepted the 8" cock into her little mouth. Trevon, needing no further encouragement, began to pump his cock in and out of her willing mouth. Amber moved her hand to Trevon’s ass and pulled - causing his cock to slide even further into her mouth and part way down her throat. The two men continued their respective penetrations of Amber’s body, bringing her closer and closer to cuming.

As he continued to eat and finger Amber’s pussy, Terrell used his free hand to remove his pants and underwear. Returning his attention to her now throbbing cunt and sensing that she was close to orgasm, he sucked and licked her clit while picking up the pace with his fingers - driving them in and out of her sopping hole.

Amber met each of Terrell’s finger thrusts with hip thrusts of her own, pushing her pussy against his digits, while the heat inside of her built and built. Suddenly, her orgasm exploded inside of her. Amber pulled her mouth off of Trevon’s cock and screamed, “oh god, I’m cuming! I’m cuming!!”

Grinding herself against Terrell’s face, Amber rode the wave of pleasure as it pulsed through her. The release was like no other that she had ever experienced and she continued to pump her hips up and down, working Terrell’s pussy soaked fingers in and out of her as she did.

As she began to come down from her orgasm Amber released her tight grip on the back of Terrell’s head. Free to move, he took the opportunity to move up her body, kissing and licking as he went, while continuing to finger her pussy. As he reached her head, he quickly removed his fingers from her pussy, grabbed his erect cock and guided it toward her very wet pussy.

Amber was not immediately aware that it was no longer fingers that were slipping inside of her, however, she came to the realization quickly as Terrell began to fuck her in earnest. His 10" cock reaching much further inside her than his now absent fingers.

Section 3

Amber started to object, however she saw that her husband had taken his cock out of his pants and was sporting a raging hard on while busily videotaping close ups of the action at her pussy. An unmistakable indication of his approval of what was being done to her.

“Well, this is a significant line we are crossing,” Amber thought. “I’ll give John what he wants and we will see where it leads.”

Keeping himself inside of her, Terrell rolled them over, pulling Amber on top of him. Trevon, taking advantage of the new position, stood in front of her and poked the head of his cock against her lips. Amber responded by parting her lips to accept the rigid member back into her mouth. The two men then continued to push and pull their respective cocks in and out of Amber; using her body for their pleasure. Terrell also began to push his pussy soaked fingers in and out of her exposed asshole - enjoying the sensation the fingering was creating against his pumping cock in her pussy.

After a few minutes, Trevon pulled his cock out of Amber’s mouth and moved off of the bed only to be replaced by yet another of the men from the bar who was quick to step up on the bed and present his cock for Amber to suck.

“Did John bring the whole damn bar to our room?” Amber wondered as she accepted the new cock into her mouth. She also wondered why Trevon had moved away.

She did not have to wonder for very long. Terrell moved his fingers out of her asshole and she felt something new and much larger pressing against it. This created panic within her and she started to object, however, her new face fucker grabbed the back of her head and pulled her mouth even further onto his cock preventing her from speaking clearly. The sounds that came from her were instead unintelligible grunts and groans that could be interpreted as pleasure rather than discomfort.

“Come on baby. Try to relax. Your husband told us he wanted us to make you airtight, which means we have to plug all three of your holes. He even provided the lube I am using to coat my cock as I work it into your perfect ass,” Trevon revealed.

Through the burning sensation, as Trevon pushed the head of his cock past the tight ring of her asshole, Amber realized that John had an agenda that they had not discussed nor to which she had agreed. However, part of her was enjoying the attention of the three men and the nasty aspect of what they were doing to her. Being treated like a slut and a whore was a new experience for Amber, but it was proving to be a surprising turn on for her.

So, she focused on the pleasant feelings going on in her pussy and mouth as the other two men continued to fuck her while Trevon began to inch his cock further and further into her ass. It still hurt, but a little less so with each thrust. Trevon used a copious amount of lubrication to better ensure a smooth passage into Amber’s ass. He was looking forward to having his cock balls deep inside of her and then pounding her tight and, what he now realized, virginal ass.

After a few minutes, Trevon bottomed out inside Amber’s ass and then withdrew almost all of the way out before plunging his cock all the way back in. After a few strokes like this, he felt Amber begin to push back on his cock, signaling that she had worked her way past most of the discomfort and was now enjoying her airtight experience.

The three men began to work in unison, gaining a rhythm that pushed and pulled on Amber’s insides, creating sensations she had never before felt. The nastiness of the act and the physical sensations quickly brought Amber to another orgasm - even more powerful than before.

As she was coming down from her orgasm, Amber felt the cock in her mouth swell and begin to spurt cum down her throat and into her mouth. Now, fully into her role as a slut and whore, Amber sucked and swallowed - taking all of his cum and pulling the full length of his cock down into her throat.

Seeing his wife not only going along with his plans, but obviously very much into the activities, was a great relief and turn on for John. When he had set things into motion, he was using his “reptile brain” aka “porn brain”, which led him into making decisions that his rational brain would have rejected.

He was getting great videos that he knew he would watch regularly and he now felt more confident about the second part of his plan, which involved bringing in the other 6 guys from the bar whom were still waiting in the other room.

Amber was going to be the focus of a gang bang by 9 black strangers from a bar. Well, 8 strangers, actually. Their mutual friend, Marcus was among the group still waiting to have their turns with Amber. Marcus was John’s co-conspirator in the setup.

It was he that had recruited the others to meet him at the bar and participate in Amber’s gift to her husband. To compensate him for his assistance, his only request was that he also get his turn with the woman that he had always lusted after. A request that John was happy to grant.

As Amber pulled her mouth away from the now spent cock and swallowed the last of his cum that was still in her mouth, she used her now free lips and tongue to encourage the other two, “oh please, fuck my ass, fuck my pussy. This feels incredible and I love giving my husband what he wants.”

Acting on Amber’s urging, Trevon and Terrell pounded her even harder, sending Trevon into spasms as he released a huge stream of cum deep into her ass. Withdrawing his limp cock from her ass, Trevon stepped away and Terrell immediately flipped her over onto her back again and renewed his assault on her cunt. Amber matched each of his plunges into her with thrusts of her hips until she felt him tense and push his cock as deeply into her as he could and he began to ejaculate into her warm pussy. He coated her insides with spurt after spurt of his man juice - growling in satisfaction as he did.

Realizing she had just allowed a strange man to cum in her pussy caused a moment of panic for Amber. Even though she was on birth control, it seemed wrong to have another man’s cum in that most private of her parts.

“Well, I’ve taken cum in my mouth and my ass, so I guess it’s not a huge deal that this guy just came in my pussy.” Amber rationalized.

As if on cue, John asked, “are you enjoying this, honey?”

“You think?” Amber retorted. “I’ve had cocks inside me in places where no man, including you, has ever gone before and I have cum running out of my ass and pussy. I have cum breath from swallowing an enormous load and I’ve had two of the best orgasms of my life. So yeah, I’m enjoying this and I’m a little sad that it is over.”

“Glad you said that, babe, because it isn’t over by a long shot,” John informed as he opened the bedroom door to allow the other six men to enter. “You’ve got rounds 2 and 3 yet to go.”

Without hesitation, the next “team” began to completely undress and situate themselves around her to, once again, make Amber airtight. As she was being pulled on top of the man in the formation who would be plugging her pussy hole, she recognized him as their mutual friend, Marcus.

“Oh, shit, Marcus. I had no idea you were a part of this,” Amber said.

“When John approached me to help set this up, I told him I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to have sex with you. I have lusted after you for a long time when we would get together at social situations, particularly those involving you wearing a bikini. I intend to fuck you in every way possible, starting with your cunt, Amber.” With that, Marcus slid his huge cock into her well-lubricated pussy and began to pump in and out of her.

Amber matched his moves with her own. Drawing him into the pussy that he had longed to penetrate.

“You are being such a slut, Amber. Do you like behaving like a whore with all of these men,” Marcus whispered into her ear.

“Yesss,” Amber hissed back to him. “I fear, however, that this may make for awkward dinner parties with Shanna and you in the future.”

“Not awkward,” Marcus assured her. “You will know that I will be thinking about doing this to you every time I see you though.”

Section 4

“I like that,” Amber said as she gave him a wicked smile. “Shanna can never know, though. Women are not as understanding as men when it comes to slutty behavior like this.”

Amber felt another cock pushing its way into her ass and she reached behind her to open her ass cheeks to aid the stiff organ on its journey into her bowels. Knowing what came next, Amber lifted her face to the cock that was waiting to fuck her mouth.

For the next few minutes, this new group pumped away at Amber’s holes, bringing about yet another orgasm from her. The men then, in turn, spewed their seed into this beautiful girl, pleased that their cum was inside of her.

Marcus was the first to cum. Squirting his fluids deep inside her pussy, “I’ll be back for your ass and mouth when we start the rotation over again,” Marcus predicted.

Amber now realized she was going to be gang banged for hours by these nine men. She was aware of the pungent smell of sex that was growing stronger with each load of cum that was deposited inside her.

“I can’t wait to suck you off and feel you in my tight ass, Marcus,” Amber said. “I will be a well used slut by the time this is over and John will have lots of video of his wife being used by all of you to watch and jerk off to.”

Amber also realized she now knew something new about herself. She loved her husband and loved pleasing him, to be sure. However, she now knew that she also loved the attention of multiple men; loved showing off in public; loved fucking and sucking strange men and yes, she even loved being the focus of a gang bang.

The final three worked her holes over and left three more loads of cum inside of Amber. Then, as Marcus had predicted, the first three started on her again. This time switching positions so that they could each experience how it felt inside a different orifice. Over the next several hours, the rotation continued until all nine had turns fucking her ass, pussy, and mouth. Three of them were even able to get hard for a fourth go at her, each choosing to fuck her pussy one more time.

Thirty loads of cum later and three memory card changes in the video cameras, the gang bang was winding down. Amber lay spread eagle on the bed, inviting any that still had it in him to have another go at her body. Cum streamed from her ass and pussy and a smile was on her cum-caked mouth. Marcus was the last to leave after speaking with John and kissing each of her nipples which had been erect all night and still were.

When they were finally alone, Amber looked at John who was fully naked and still sporting a rigid hard on. “Well, happy birthday, babe,” she smiled. “Did I give you everything you wanted?”

“Way more than I expected, sweetness. You were terrific and I only have one more request. I’d like a shot at your ass now,” John asked with a grin.

“My ass is your ass,” Amber demurred. “Have at it,” as she rolled over and pulled her cheeks apart. “I too have a request, however.”

“Of course, honey. Anything you want,” John quickly agreed. As he slid his cock into her well-used asshole and pumped away with his aching cock. He had not allowed himself to cum all night, which meant he did not last long before pumping his seed into his wife’s already cum filled ass.

Exhausted, as a result of the adrenalin leaving his system, John rolled over and almost immediately drifted off to sleep. The sexual high that had kept him revved up all evening having been defeated by the release of his orgasm. Amber lay next to him, slowly stroking her pussy and tweaking her pink nipples. Her sexual energy was not diminished in the least. She wanted more and was sorry that everyone had left. Then as she lay there, she heard a quiet knock at the living room door.

Amber walked to the door and opened it slightly, peeking her head around to see who was there. She had expected that one of the guys had forgotten something and was back to retrieve it.

Instead, she saw 6 new men standing there.

“Hi,” the first one said. “Trevon came back to the bar and told us about the party you guys had. He said that it seemed to him that you might want to party some more tonight, so we came by to see if you still wanted to play.”

Amber bit her bottom lip and considered his proposition for a moment. The tingling in her pussy pushed any thoughts of saying no out of her head. Decision made, she opened the door and stepped fully into view - providing the horny guys at the door with an unobstructed look at her naked body, “Ok, but you’ll have to fuck me in this room. My husband is asleep next door and the poor guy needs rest. Wait here a second while I grab a camera so that you guys can tape this for him. I know he will want to see what he missed.”

Amber returned with the camera, handing it to one of the new guys and then laid down on the carpet while inquiring, “OK, who’s first?”

Almost 2 hours later, John awoke to the sex sounds emanating from the other room. Walking into the room, he was just in time to see one of the guys bust his nut into Amber’s pussy as she urged him on. “Hi, honey,” she greeted her husband. “Trevon sent these guys over to fuck me some more and we have had a wonderful time.”

John then noticed one of the men had his video camera and was walking it over to him along with an extra flash drive that had been fully used, “Here you go man. We got everything on video for you. She is quite the slut. Never seen a woman who likes cock in her more than your wife.”

The guys departed after offering to help out again anytime. John noted that Amber accepted a card from one of them that contained his contact information.

As the door closed, John turned to Amber and said, “well, that was quite a surprise. Did you get enough cock now?”

“No,” Amber replied reaching down to her thigh with her fingers and scooping some of the cum that was running out of her and putting it in her mouth. “But its late, and we really should get some rest. “You know, I never did get to make my request from before. You fell asleep before I could.”

“I’m sorry, honey. Please tell me what it is you want. After what you have done for me, you can have anything you ask”, John promised.

“Great,” Amber beamed. “I want to do something like this again, soon. Maybe with more guys and include some of our other male acquaintances. It’s quite a turn on for me to know that Marcus knows what I look like naked and what it feels like to fuck me and have me suck his cock. I want other men that we know to see me naked.

I want them to fuck me like the slut I have become and know that I am walking around with their cum inside me. I’d like to experience more of that on a regular basis. Now, get your cock back in my ass and fuck your little slut longer and harder this time, my kinky, nasty husband. Happy Birthday!”

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