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I have always had a desire to watch my wife give herself to another man. Every time I have brought this up to her she has flatly refused. Recently I have noticed a boy in the neighborhood hanging around a lot.

Billy is 18 years old and always seems to show up when my wife Sharon is in the yard working. She says that they are just friends, but I’ve seen the way Billy looks at her ass when she is bent over picking up leaves or doing some other yard work. I know he’s thinking how much he would like to slip his cock between her legs and I can’t blame him.

Sharon is 32 years old and even though she has given birth to 2 children, she still turns heads when she walks down a beach in a bikini. She has a set of 36D tits that sit nice and firm on her chest and an ass that a lot of men would pay dearly to get close to. Watching them together I devised a plan to make my fantasy come true.

I am always kidding Sharon that the only reason Billy comes around so much is because he wants to get in her pants. She always says that I am crazy, that boys Billy’s age have no desire for older women, that there are plenty of gorgeous girls his own age.

“I’ve seen the way Billy can’t keep his eyes off of your tits,” I said “He’d just love to get his hands on them.”

“No he wouldn’t.” Sharon replied. “He doesn’t think of me that way. I’m too old. He has all of those young girls to chase after.”

“He’d make a pass at you if you gave him half a chance.” I said. “No he wouldn’t”
“If you’re so sure, put your money where your mouth is.” I shot back, hoping she would take the bait.

“What do you mean? Make a bet? What kind of bet?” Things were moving in the right direction.

“Invite Billy over on Saturday, dress in something revealing and see if he tries anything.” I answered. “If he doesn’t, you win the bet and I’ll take you away for a weekend any where you want to go.”

She was obviously curious as she asked, “What if he does try something?”

“If Billy makes a move on you, I win. You have to play along and I get to watch you get laid.” I replied.
“No way!” Sharon blurted out. “I’m not fucking an 18 year old kid!” “You’ve got nothing to worry about if Billy is as noble as you say he
is, unless you know that the only reason he comes by is to stare at you
hoping something will happen.” I smirked as I said the words knowing it would annoy her.

“He’s only 18 and probably has plenty of action with girls his own age.

I can’t believe he has any desire for me. We’re just friends.” she said trying to convince herself, I thought, as much as me.

“If your so sure, put up or shut up.” I pushed the right button.

“Ok its a bet. You’re going to take me to the most expensive resort I can find when I win.”

Sharon agreed to my plan and allowed me to pick out what she would wear on Saturday when Billy came over.

She called Billy Friday an asked him to come over and help me move some furniture in the basement. He was supposed to show up about 1:00 in
the afternoon.

Sharon and I had great sex Friday night. We were both so anxious about what the next day would bring that we could not fuck enough. I couldn’t sleep a wink. Even if I lost the bet, this was going to be fun. Saturday morning Sharon was so nervous you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

I really thought she would change her mind when she saw what I had picked out for her to wear, the tiny white string bikini that she had worn on our vacation to Jamaica last year. The top barely covers her nipples and the fabric is so thin that they are clearly visible when they stiffen up. The bottom is so skimpy that the crack of her ass peeks out of the top as do several dark pubic hairs in front.

She started to object after she had it on, but just then the doorbell rang. Too late to back out now, Billy had arrived.

I quickly hid behind the sofa so I could have a good view of the proceedings.

I thought Billy’s eyes would pop out when Sharon opened the door. Her nipples were erect and sticking out prominently through the thin material of her bikini top. He scanned her from top to bottom as she greeted him and asked him to come in. As he followed Sharon into the living room, his eyes were glued to her sweet ass as it wiggled under her tiny bikini bottom. The air was electric.

“Billy I’m sorry, but Jim had to leave and will be gone most of the afternoon, so I guess you get out of moving furniture.” she said. “You can stay and keep me company if you like. I was just getting ready to work on my tan and I’d enjoy having someone to talk to.”

Billy was more than happy to stay and admire my wife’s fine assets. Sharon laid down on a blanket under the sun lamp that I had set up earlier. According to my plan Sharon rolled onto her stomach an asked Billy to rub oil on her.

I could tell she was nervous, but she wasn’t half as shaky as Billy.

You could almost see his hands tremble as he started to apply the oil to her back. He rubbed the oil on in slow circular motions until he
came to her bikini strap. The young man must have been getting braver, because he unfastened the strap without saying a word. Now Billy was massaging Sharon’s back with long sweeping strokes.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

“It feels wonderful.” she responded

Billy was now working his way down Sharon’s back towards her cute little ass which was barely concealed by the tiny bikini bottom. Several
times his fingers “accidentally” found their way under the elastic.

As he started on her legs, he asked her to spread them a little so he would not miss any spots. She did as he requested and I envied his view as I knew a fair number of her dark pubic hairs were clearly visible.

Billy started with her feet and worked up from there. As he worked her inner thighs, Sharon would let out a little sigh so I knew his hands
were occasionally rubbing up against her pussy. The situation with a pair of strange hands on her body and me watching was having an effect on my beautiful wife.

Billy seemed confident when he told Sharon to roll over so he could rub oil on her front. She was so engrossed in what was happening that she did not realize that Billy had not refastened her bikini top. As she rolled onto her back the top slid off.

My heart skipped a beat. There was my wife lying on her back in our living room floor, with her full firm breasts exposed for our neighbor boy’s inspection. Billy poured oil into his hands and rubbed them together, then applied them to Sharon’s waiting tits. She let out a soft moan as her nipples hardened under Billy’s deliberate strokes.

He started to knead her breasts and gently pinch her nipples. Sharon loves to have her breasts played with and was really getting into this. She was getting so hot that she was moving her hips as if she were humping an invisible lover.

Billy stopped his breast massage and slowly started to pull Sharon’s bikini bottoms down. She let out a long sigh resigning herself that she had lost the bet and was about to be fucked by a young man 14 years younger than she. Billy now had Sharon completely nude.

I could see that her pussy was dripping wet. She needed to be fucked and fucked bad. It was not going to take much to push her over the edge to an orgasm. Billy slipped two fingers into her hot, wet box and started moving them slowly in and out of my wife.

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    Hot and sexy story, wish we all could experience this

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