The Absent Travelers Wife

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Section 1

Amanda was not happy that her husband, Troy was, once again, leaving for yet another business trip. They had been married for 11 years and he had been traveling for business their entire marriage, however, lately the number and length of those trips had been steadily increasing.

She understood that travel was a part of her husband’s business, and she never gave him any grief about it, but she still found it difficult to be alone for long stretches of time. Rigorous exercise and volunteer work kept her busy during the day, but the nights alone were the worst for her. They were a childless couple, unable to conceive, despite spending a tremendous amount of money and many heartbreaking years trying every medical option available. Troy was not open to adoption, so Amanda had resigned herself to never being a mother.

Amanda realized that many of the other women in their social circle considered her to be “just a trophy wife” and, in a way, she supposed she was one. She had met Troy at a party when she was a sophomore in college, just 20 years old. He was 30 at the time and already impressively successful with his tech business. Her parents were not thrilled when she started dating a man 10 years her senior, and even less so when Troy and she were married a year later.

Troy encouraged Amanda to drop out of college so that the two of them could enjoy each other’s company at every opportunity. He had even curtailed his business trips for a couple of years to spend more time with her. Eventually, however, the business pulled him back on the road as much or even more than he ever had been.

Amanda busied herself with volunteering and physical activities, honoring her husband’s request that she not return to college, to insure she was available those times when he was home. Her activities had paid off in the form of a tight, five-feet, six-inches tall, 115-pound body that made men (and some women) drool, while the rest of the women hated her just a little bit for it. Worse, or better, depending upon the beholder’s perspective, her pert, 34C breasts and long, dark-blonde hair plus bright-green eyes completed Amanda’s striking looks.

Being childless and not working did not give her much in common with other women and, as a result, she found herself on her own much of the time. Most of those women were not enthusiastic about including her in social situations that involved their husbands as they didn’t enjoy the attention she drew from their spouses.

The worst of it, though, may have been that Amanda was a very sexual person. She loved sex with Troy and was also very orgasmic. Their lovemaking was hot and exciting… when he was there to be with her. Recognizing his wife’s unfulfilled need, Troy had purchased several sex toys for her, including a Sybian, the mac-daddy of sex devices. He had also encouraged her to watch and read porn, as he did, when he traveled, but she declined.

Amanda used the toys on herself, particularly the Sybian, which gave her many extreme orgasms, but she wasn’t into watching or reading erotic content and the toys did not fully satisfy her sexual urges. She wanted the real thing.

In an attempt to curtail his travels once again and spend more time with his wife, Troy brought on a junior partner two years ago to help him with the business. Bobby Nichols was on the spectrum for autism, which made him very much an introvert who kept to himself, but also somewhat of a savant when it came to the type of work the company did, and he quickly ingratiated himself to Troy. However, Bobby’s expertise soon resulted in a huge increase in their business and actually created more travel for Troy rather than the desired reduction.

The one thing that Troy noticed about his new, 26 year old business partner, however, was that he appeared to have a fascination with Amanda. Whenever she was around the business, Bobby would make a point of stoping by to say hello to her and would linger for a bit of awkward conversation, which was both cute and sad. Amanda was always very warm and nice to him, as she genuinely liked the boy and would dismiss it when Troy would tease her about her young fan.

And so it happened that, as Troy was about to leave for the airport, the following conversation took place between the spouses:

“Are you really going to be gone for 10 days this time?” Amanda asked.

“Yes, I will, for at least that , unfortunately. I am not certain how much time I will need to spend with the new client in Toronto, but I know it’s likely to take a while,” Troy answered.

“I get so lonely when you are gone. Worse, I get so horny when you are gone! The toys you got me help somewhat, but they do not scratch the itch that I have,” Amanda pouted.

“What do you need to scratch this itch?”

“I need human participation. I need you. I’m in my sexual prime and my husband isn’t around most of the time to be with me.”

“I understand, honey, honestly, I do. You know that I want you to be happy and satisfied in every way. Sometimes I still can’t believe you agreed to marry an old fart like me, and the last thing I want is for you to be frustrated or lonely.”

“You were not and are not an old fart. You are a wonderful and loving husband, whom I adore. I’m just an oversexed diva, I suppose.”

“Oversexed, maybe - diva, never,” he answered. “I happen to really like the oversexed part of you, even if it is difficult for me to keep up at times. I’ve been thinking about this and I have an idea, but first, do you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you, Troy. You have never given me a reason not to.”

“OK then, don’t freak out, but you should know that if you should ever want to engage in casual sex with another man, I would not have a problem with it. I’m not talking about an affair, simply raw, just for fun, fooling around from time to time.”

“What the hell? You want me to be unfaithful to you? How can you say that to me?”

“That is not what I am saying. I would never want you to be unfaithful nor would I ever do that to you. I am telling you that I am OK with you using another man as a sex toy for your enjoyment when the urge arises. No long walks on the beach or taking showers together. Just using each other for physical pleasure and that is it.”

“Sounds like the same thing to me. You want me to have sex with another man behind your back.”

“No, that is still not right. I am telling you that I will not have a problem with you fooling around if you want to do so. I would prefer that you tell me about it beforehand, if possible, but afterward at least.”

“Is this something that you want to do as well? Do you want to have sex with other women while you are on the road?”

“I expected that you might think that, but no, I do not want to do that, nor have I ever. I simply recognize some of the compromises and sacrifices you have made to be in this relationship and I would like to mitigate some of them this way, if I can.”

Amanda paused to consider the conversation for a moment and then, “You wouldn’t be jealous?”

“I won’t really know until it happens, will I? But I don’t think so. I suspect it may even be a turn-on for me, as I have thought about it while masturbating in my hotel rooms at night after reading stories about wives fucking other guys, with their husband’s permission. If I am wrong, we can call an immediate halt to the arrangement and never discuss it again — with no recriminations ever.”

“I’m going to need some time to consider this and you better not be kidding me, because it wouldn’t be funny. I’ll get back to you later,” Amanda declared.

“Sounds fair, honey. Whatever you decide will be fine with me, but I hope you choose to try what I am suggesting,”

Troy left on his trip later that day and Amanda settled into a familiar pattern that was her life while he was away. Morning workouts every day and evening yoga classes every night. Weekends were the worst, because there was less for her to do to distract herself and the few friends that she socialized with during the week were busy with their families.

Toward the end of the first week, during one of her semi-regular nightly conversations with Troy, he mentioned that he thought it might be a good idea if she were to invite Bobby to dinner at their house on Saturday night. “He is a lonely guy with limited social skills. I’m sure he would truly appreciate an evening with you.”

Section 2

“Oh, I don’t know, honey. He is so stilted and stifled conversationally that it is a lot of work to try to talk with him. To think about an entire evening with him depresses me somewhat.”

“Knowing you, I am confident that you can pull him out of his shell. I’ve told you before that he seems fascinated with you and he is very important to the company now, so we need to ensure that he is happy and stays onboard.”

“Crap! All right, I’ll invite Bobby to dinner this Saturday night, but you’ll owe me big time for this, buddy!”

“I already owe you big time for being such a beautiful, loving, and supportive wife. Text me updates Saturday night and let me know how it is going, OK?”

“Sure, but I expect the dinner won’t last very long with me having to carry the conversation all night.”

“We’ll see. He may surprise you. One more thing — why don’t you give him a thrill and wear something sexy. It will make his night.”

“Maybe — I’ll have to see what kind of mood I’m in that night.”

Amanda called Bobby at the office the next morning and invited him to dinner Saturday night, expecting that he would decline. To her surprise, he quickly accepted and asked what he could bring. She suggested a bottle of Cabernet, if he liked red wine as she did. He enthusiastically thanked her for the invitation and said he would bring something nice for them to drink.

Her doorbell rang promptly at 7:30PM Saturday night.

He must have been waiting outside for the exact time to arrive. That is so cute.

When she opened the door she was pleased to see that Bobby had dressed for the occasion. His normally scruffy beard was neatly trimmed and he was wearing a nice, slim-fitting pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, untucked with the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows. Even his tan leather tasseled loafers screamed a GQ guy rather than the scruffy curmudgeon that she was used to seeing. He was actually a good looking guy, even kind of sexy.

He was holding not one, but two bottles of NAPA Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. “Oh, Bobby this is so sweet of you, but it’s too much. There are only two of us, you know,” she said as he entered the house.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I wanted to make sure we had plenty and I wasn’t sure how much it would take, so the guy at the wine shop suggested that I bring two bottles, I’m sorry.”

“Please don’t apologize. It is very magnanimous of you to do this and, you never know, we might just need that second bottle. Better to be prepared than not, and we are not only prepared, we are well prepared, Bobby. These are spectacular wines that you have bought, wow!”

“Thanks! The guy said they were good and that anyone who knows wine would appreciate them.” Bobby grinned with satisfaction as he said this. “By the way, you look great, Mrs. Sullivan. I mean you always look great, but you look even greater tonight.”

She thanked him for his somewhat awkward compliment and then asked him to call her Amanda from now on. He readily agreed and followed her into the kitchen.

“Troy tells me you are a vegetarian, so I have prepared a vegetarian meal, OK?” Amanda asked.

“That will be perfect, thank you,” he replied with the grin still on his face.

She saw that he was checking her out without employing much subtlety, which made her glad that she had taken Troy’s other advice to dress a little sexy for her young “date.” She had chosen to wear a short denim skirt with white sneakers and a thin knit top. She noted that her lace bra could be discerned from underneath her top without too much effort. She had gone for “cute, but sexy,” and thought that this look achieved her goal.

The dinner began with eggplant and porcini “meatballs” in tomato sauce, followed by a main course of miso-roasted eggplants with tomatoes, dill, shiso and black vinegar. Both dishes paired well with the wine Bobby had brought. As dinner progressed, she found that Bobby was a much better conversationalist than she had given him credit for previously. He seemed relaxed and engaged — taking a true interest in what she had to say and contributing interesting content to their conversation himself.

The wine he brought was indeed excellent. So smooth, in fact, that they finished off the first bottle before they completed the main course. The second bottle helped turn their conversation from “surface” areas to more intimate stories about themselves.

Amanda found herself revealing to this young man the number of lovers she had known before Troy and what she liked best about them.

Bobby revealed that he had only had sex three times in his 26 years and that two of those times were with the same girl — a friend of his sister.

“Did you enjoy yourself, at least?” Amanda asked.

“It was OK, I guess, but not what I was hoping for, actually,” he admitted.

“What was wrong with the experience,” Amanda asked, now genuinely interested in his response.

“I think my expectations were unrealistic because I watch a lot of adult videos and they can affect how a person expects sex to be,” he said honestly.

“Do you think you should maybe stop watching so much or maybe even stop altogether?” Amanda asked as she took another sip of wine.

“No, I don’t want to do that. I really enjoy going to the adult theaters and watching the films there.”

“But can’t you watch porn on your computer in the comfort of your own home without having to go to some seedy theater?” Amanda asked incredulously.

“Sure, I do that at times also, but I like going to the theater because sometimes there are women in the audience and I like watching them watch the movies,” he said without hesitation.

“These women seem to like to watch people having sex on screen while other people are sitting around them?”

“Very much so, if fact, some of them will touch themselves or let others touch them while they watch.”

“No shit? They let strange men touch them in a public theater?”

“Not all of them, but some do, yes. I think the answer to my problem may be that I need to date a woman like that. Someone who is into porn as much as I am,” Bobby said earnestly.

“You make a good point, Bobby. That may indeed be a solution to your situation. You know, Troy likes porn. I’ve caught – I mean seen him looking at it on his computer, but we have never discussed it before. As for me, I have never seen a XXX adult movie,” Amanda mused.

“You have never been to an adult theater and never even seen a porn movie? You have got to do that, Amanda. You don’t know what you are missing. It can be one of the most exciting experiences ever, particularly the first few times you go. I’d love to take you to see one sometime.”

Surprising herself, Amanda did not immediately decline. “I must admit I am curious now, but I don’t know if it is such a good idea,” she said with doubt in her voice.

“There is no reason to be concerned, Amanda. I will be right there with you to look out for you and we can leave anytime you want, if you find you don’t like it. I think it would be a fun new experience for you and I would love to have you go with me so that I can watch you experience it. Heck, I will take you to one tonight, if you would like to go. What do you say, will you go?”

Handing him a third bottle of Cabernet from their stock, she replied, “Give me a few minutes to think about this. I am intrigued and the wine is giving me courage, but I need a little time to process this, OK?”

“Absolutely! The theater stays open all night, so we have plenty of time,” Bobby said as he handed her a glass of wine from the third bottle and watched her ass as she walked away.

Amanda retreated to her bedroom with her glass and mobile phone. A few minutes later, Troy received a text message:


Are you there?

Section 3


Yep, I’ve been waiting to hear from you. How is it going?


Quite well, actually. I’ve really enjoyed myself tonight. He is kind of a hottie, albeit an odd one.


That’s great — glad to hear it.


There’s just one problem. Bobby wants me to go to an adult theater with him to watch a porn movie and I kinda want to go, but I’m not sure it’s a great idea.


Of course it’s a great idea! This is exactly what I was talking about a few days ago. Loosen up, have fun, take risks, be a little naughty. Plus, you will make Bobby a very happy guy. Go have fun, baby and don’t worry about a thing.


You’re sure?


I’m sure, now go!

Amanda took a few extra minutes to freshen her makeup and then rejoined Bobby in the dining room, “OK, I checked with Troy and he is fine with us going to the theater, so I am onboard as well. We should call a ride share though, as neither of us should be driving.”

Bobby agreed as the big grin returned to his face. They called for a car and decided to take two flasks of bourdon with them in Bobby’s pockets because the theater did not sell alcohol.

Admission for Amanda was free, but Bobby had to hand over $20 to enter. “They like to encourage ladies to come here, so they don’t charge them,” he explained.

“Perfectly understandable,” Amanda answered as they entered the theater.

The room was surprisingly large, as the building had previously housed a mainstream theater that seated 200 people. The regular theater seats had been removed, however, and faux leather sofas were lined up side-by-side in 20 rows. As her eyes adjusted to the low light, she could see that there were at least a couple dozen people in the room, including another woman. Upon further inspection, she could see that the woman was giving a guy standing in front of her a blowjob and was being felt up by two or three others.

She gave Bobby a quizzical look and he told her, “Like I said, some women like to have men touch them while they are here. Some, want to do more than that. It’s kinda great, isn’t it? I love watching that. Maybe you do too?”

Amanda felt a twinge in her lower abdomen in reaction to this last bit of information and seeing the woman sucking a guy’s cock. “Yes, I do. I’ve never seen people having live sex before, this it is really hot.”

She felt Bobby’s hand on her arm as he directed her to one of the couches that was unoccupied at the time. As yet, it did not appear that anyone had taken notice of their presence, as most eyes were on the screen or the action surrounding the other woman.

After taking her seat, Amanda turned her attention to the large screen at the front of the room. On it, there was a woman performing oral sex on a black man while another was slamming his penis into her from the back. “It’s called spit-roasting, for obvious reasons,” Bobby explained.

“Yes, I can see why it would be called that. She seems quite good at it and is maintaining good rhythm between the two men,” Amanda observed with clinical detachment.

Bobby handed her one of the two flasks and opened the other for himself. They both took a couple of sips of the brown liquor and settled in to watch the movie. The woman on screen had progressed from sucking one of the men’s cock to mounting it and fucking him with her pussy. The man that had been fucking her had repositioned himself and was now fucking her in her ass.

“That’s called double penetration,” Bobby narrated.

“Obviously,” Amanda added.

There was a little bit of a commotion at the front of the theater where the other woman was located. The man she had been giving a blowjob groaned loudly and appeared to be ejaculating into her mouth. As soon as he finished, she made a show of swallowing his semen and then stood up to leave the theater. One of the men also stood and escorted her out of the room. “Probably her husband,” Bobby noted. “A lot of men like to watch their wives doing stuff with other guys. If I had a wife, I know I would.”

“Really? Wow, I had no idea,” Amanda replied, but felt another twinge and could feel her nipples stiffen.

Returning her gaze to the screen, she now saw that a third man had joined the others and he had he penis in the female’s mouth. She liked the formation and the way it displayed the woman being used by the three men.

“That’s called airtight,” Bobby interjected.

“Makes sense. All of her holes are plugged,” Amanda agreed. “I like that one,” she added as she felt the twinges continue and could tell that her heart rate had risen and her breathing had quickened.

Quietly, Bobby asked, “May I put my hand on your leg?”

Amanda looked at him for a moment and saw the puppy dog-like desire in his eyes. Recalling what her husband had said to her a few days ago and what he had said in his text tonight, she replied, “Yes, you may. That would be nice.”

Bobby’s hand was on her thigh above the knee in less than a second. He kept it still for a couple of minutes before he began stroking and lightly squeezing the soft flesh of her lower thigh.

Amanda was enjoying his touch and she was also enjoying the movie. Onscreen, the man who had been fucking the woman in her ass quickly withdrew and moved to replace the man at her mouth. He quickly jammed his erect cock into her mouth and fucked it for a moment before pulling out a little to show that he was ejaculating into it. She held the cum there while the camera did a close up of the white liquid sitting on her tongue and then swallowed the entire load.

“ATM — ass to mouth,” Bobby noted.

“I think I could have guessed that one,” Amanda said, while taking notice that Bobby’s hand had progressed halfway up the top of her thigh. She was much more excited and into everything now, so she decided to reward his efforts by parting her thighs several inches, allowing his hand to dip between them. “That feels nice, Bobby.”

On screen, the second guy had moved to the woman’s ass and was fucking her there until he too, withdrew and moved to put his cock in her mouth. It took him a little longer, but he eventually deposited a load of cum in her mouth as well.

Meanwhile, Bobby’s hand had moved as far up as it could go without her spreading her legs even farther apart, so she did exactly that. She pulled her short skirt up to her hips which allowed her to move her legs very far apart. It also exposed the crotch of her lacy light blue panties.

Bobby’s rapid breathing was audible now and his hand was trembling as he slowly progressed upward toward his goal. Amanda was attempting to will his hand to move even higher.

I’m a sure thing, Bobby, touch it.

Finally, she felt his fingertips reach the crotch of her panties and begin to stroke her labia and swollen clit through the material. She closed her eyes and went with the delicious feelings that were surging through her. She had not felt this way in years. Not since Troy and she had first started dating.

Adding to her pleasure, she felt Bobby’s other hand begin to fondle her breast and tweak her nipple. It felt great and she was glad he had taken the initiative without asking. However, it finally dawned on her that the breast that was being fondled was on her other side — away from Bobby. She opened her eyes and saw that there was an anonymous hand reaching over the back of the sofa to fondle her left breast. She looked to her right at Bobby who simply smiled, shrugged and intensified his attentions at her pussy.

Amanda smiled back and leaned into the sofa with her arms to her side and her eyes closed again, as a sign of submission. The emboldened anonymous hand used the opportunity to lift her knit shirt up over her bra and then returned to massaging both of her breasts through the bra.

Bobby also sensed that he could take more liberties with his partner’s wife and so he knelt between her open legs and moved them even farther apart. He slid both hands up the outside of her legs to her hips where he grasped the sides of her panties and began to tug them off of her while he looked at her face.

Section 4

Amanda opened her eyes again and looked at Bobby as he worked to remove her underwear. “Go ahead, Bobby. I want you to.” Then she lifted herself slightly off of the sofa to aid in the lacy garment’s removal.

Mr. Anonymous took this action as a sign that he could advance his cause as well and proceeded to pull her shirt over her head and then completely off, his actions aided by her raising her arms to accommodate him. Without pausing, he unsnapped the front clasp of her bra and slid it off of her arms so that he could totally remove it. She was now completely topless with her small, pink nipples totally exposed and begging for attention.

Bobby had succeeded in getting her panties down to her ankles, but was taking a moment to take off her shoes before totally removing the panties. Once he did, he lifted her legs up, while keeping them spread apart so that he could gaze at her exposed pussy for a moment.

It was beautiful, with a small patch of blonde pubic hair, providing evidence that her hair color was natural. Her labia were engorged and puffy and her clitoris remained swollen, wanting to be touched. Amanda was still looking at him as he did this and gave him a sweet smile as he moved his face between her legs and began to lick and suck on her clit while he pushed two fingers inside of her.

Both of her breasts were now occupied, she realized, by two different men. They were gently twisting and pulling on her nipples or sometimes squeezing her entire breast with her little diamond-cutter nipples pressing into their respective palms. Wanting more, the two men climbed over the back of the sofa to sit on either side of her and both moved their mouths to her nipples where they started nibbling and sucking on the rigid buds.

Pausing for a moment, Bobby lifted his head from Amanda’s crotch, unbuttoned her skirt and pulled its zipper down. He tugged at the garment as he had her panties and she again lifted her hips to aid in its removal.

When it was off of her, he returned to eating her delicious pussy. Amanda was lost in the sensations being generated by the simultaneous attentions to her erogenous zones and the thoughts her sexually aroused brain was generating.

He wanted me totally naked in front of these men. That is so kinky. There are three of them. I wonder if they will make me airtight like the woman in the movie? Should I let them cum inside of me? Where are the other guys that were here?

That last thought shocked her. Where was her mind going? She was already letting three men have their way with her and she was wondering it there might be more to come. She didn’t have time to consider those thoughts further as the three men were moving her sideways into a horizontal position on the couch. She saw Bobby moving between her still spread legs to position his stiff cock at the entrance to her vagina.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Amanda. OK?”

Amanda didn’t speak. She simply nodded her head and quickly felt Bobby slide his above-average cock inside of her. He moved slowly at first, giving her an opportunity to adjust to his length and then turned into a human pile driver when he felt the sexy woman pushing her hips up to welcome him inside of her.

“Oh, fuck me, Bobby. Please fuck me hard. I am so turned on right now. I really need to be fucked. You feel so good inside of me. Fuck me deep. Don’t stop…you’re going to make me cum.”

Amanda was pumping her hips up to meet Bobby’s with all the energy she could muster. She was on a mission to finish with him still inside of her and wasn’t going to let him pull out until she did. The sound of the two bodies slapping together became louder and louder until Amanda cried out, “Oh, fuck! That’s it…I’m cumming. Please don’t stop, please don’t stop. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my pussy…Oh fuck!”

She thought her head might explode as her orgasm ignited within her. Her pussy was producing copious amounts of cum and vaginal fluids which were escaping around Bobby’s still driving cock. As her pussy clamped down on his over-sensitive rod, it triggered his release and led to a huge burst of pent-up semen that had needed to be let out for some time now.

Her spasms subsiding, she was again able to focus on the world around her and she felt Bobby’s ejaculations pumping his cum deep inside of her pussy.

I guess that answers my “Should I let them cum inside of me?” question, she smiled to herself.

When he had no more semen to put inside of her, Bobby gave her a deep kiss as he slowly withdrew his cock from her pussy, “That was great, Amanda. You are a really hot fuck. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, Bobby. It was my pleasure,” she chuckled at the formality of her response.

As soon as Bobby vacated the area between her open legs, one of the other men quickly took his place and slid his cock inside her now, well-lubricated pussy.

I guess these guys are going to gang bang me now. This is so wrong, but I love it.

She quickly worked into a rhythm with the new guy that was fucking her. As she did, she turned her head to look at the screen again and saw a new girl, lying on her back, being fucked straight up missionary style while several other men watched and waited their turns with her.

That’s like me, except for the audience she has. I just have one other guy on deck to fuck me.

“Do you like that, baby? You like watching a woman pulling a train with a lot of cocks? Well, we are going to make that a reality for you tonight, baby. Yeah, we are going to fuck you all night long, sugar,” the man on top of her said.

We? All night? Hey, this black guy that is fucking me has a really big dick.

As Amanda had those thoughts, she moved her eyes from the screen to the area around her and saw that it had been populated by several men, most with their dicks out and stroking them, apparently waiting their turns in her.

Be careful what you wish for, girl.

Amanda decided that, since she had gone this far, she might as well see it through. She had already fucked a man other than her husband and was being fucked by a second.

What difference if there are a few more? I can’t un-fuck Bobby or this guy and Troy wants me to be naughty so, I am definitely being naughty tonight.

The man inside of her picked up his pace and she matched him thrust for thrust until, he too, ejaculated deep inside of her. “Dude, you not only have a big cock, but you just put a boatload of cum inside of me. You are amazing.”

“Well, that tight pussy of yours sucked it out of me. You are one fine piece of ass. Does your husband over there mind you fucking other guys?”

“He’s not my husband. He is my husband’s business partner. As for what my actual husband thinks, I don’t know yet. He is on a business trip and knows nothing about what I am doing. I’ll tell him when he gets back.”

“That’s going to be one interesting conversation, lady. I wish I could be there to hear it.”

“Ya’ll shut the hell up so that I can fuck this girl,” the man that was assuming the position between Amanda’s legs said. “Damn, girl. You are sopping wet.”

He plunged his cock into her in one smooth motion, not stopping until he bottomed out inside of her. This guy was black too, but his cock was not as big as the last one, so Amanda had an easy time with it. However, just as they were settling into a comfortable fuck rhythm, her new sex partner stopped and pulled his cock out of her.

Disappointed, Amanda looked up and him and asked, “Why did you stop?”

“I saw you looking at that Ho on the screen taking it up her ass, so I figured I would give you what you find so interesting,” he answered as he scooped some of the cum still running out of her pussy and used two fingers to push it inside her ass.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, mister, I have never taken it in my ass before.”

“You mean your husband hasn’t tapped that fine ass of yours yet? What the fuck is wrong with him? Your ass is built to be fucked and I intend to break it in for him right now.”

Section 5

Both intrigued and excited by his statement, Amanda said quietly, “Go easy, please. I really am a virgin back there.”

He continued to push the slick fluids flowing out of her cunt into her asshole to lubricate her rectum as much as possible. Then, after pushing his cock back inside her pussy one more time, he repositioned the head at her asshole. Two other men each grabbed an ankle and kept her legs widely spread while lifting her ass to aid with his entry.

When he started to press against her anal ring, the pressure was intense and a very painful burning sensation was her body’s protest against the unnatural penetration. “Spread your asscheeks for me, baby. It will make it easier for both of us.”

Amanda used both of her hands to hold her butt cheeks as far apart as they would go, but still he did not gain full entry.

“Pump your ass up against my cock, girl. You know you want this inside of you.”

Amanda did as he asked and, very quickly, they were both rewarded for their efforts by his cock head slipping past her tight anal ring to begin its exploration of her bowels. Amanda felt a blinding white flash of hot pain for a moment, but it quickly subsided as her body adjusted to the intrusion.

“Easy, easy, go easy. I need a chance to get used to this,” Amanda instructed her anal intruder.

In response, he did slow his pace down a bit, but was intent on fully penetrating the hot blonde, so he pressed to gain deeper entry with each thrust. Amanda was doing her best to help him while biting her lip to stifle the whimpers that were trying to escape from her mouth. Finally, the ass-fucker stopped to relish the moment, having driven his cock all the way inside her anal canal.

Now, however, he was in no mood to go easy with her and therefore began to withdraw his cock and then savagely plow it all the way back inside the twisting woman.

Yelps, cries, and whimpers were escaping her lips as she did her best to cope with the rough treatment she was receiving and enjoying, despite the pain. After what seemed to be an eternity, she finally felt the man stiffen on top of her and begin to pump his cum deep inside her. The warmth and corresponding lubrication was a welcome relief to the woman pinned to the couch by a cock in her ass.

That experience almost ended the evening for Amanda, as the pain had been intense and, while being fucked in the ass was nasty and exciting, the discomfort almost killed her libido.


The men patiently waiting their turns with Amanda did not want to give her too much time to think and so two of them moved quickly to enter her pussy and mouth, leaving her tortured rectum alone for now. This proved to be a welcome distraction for her and she was, once again, an enthusiastic participant in what was being done to her by the strangers.

Those two left their cum in her respective holes and then moved aside for the next pair of cocks that wanted entry into Amanda’s body. While the next pair were spit-roasting her, she cut her eyes toward the screen and saw a woman being vaginally, anally, and orally penetrated by three enormous cocks.

I love the way that looks and I am dying to know what it feels like, but I don’t know if my ass can take it. Maybe I should let these guys try doing it to me and see how I cope.

Decision made, as soon as she swallowed the next load that was deposited in her mouth and felt the cock in her pussy withdraw, she turned to the men still standing around her waiting their turns and said, “I want three of you to do that to me,” pointing to the screen. “I’ve been told it is known as ‘airtight’ and I want to experience that, but whoever is in my ass will have to take it easy. Tonight was my first time and I am still sore back there. So, who wants to do this to me?”

The men shuffled and jostled among themselves, trying to establish their positions to participate in the sexy woman’s request.

“One more thing, the guy with the smallest dick gets my ass and don’t get cute with me now or I will end this thing right here and now.”

A new black guy laid on the sofa and motioned for her to mount him so that he could put his cock in her pussy. It was of significant proportions and Amanda applauded his choice of her holes, “Yeah, that wasn’t going in my ass and I don’t think I could have given you a decent blow job, so, good choice, dude.”

A skinny white guy with a long, but equally skinny dick presented it to her face for her to suck and Amanda immediately took it into her mouth. Lastly, she felt someone prepping to go into her butt and turned to see what was about to go into her, it was Bobby.

“Well, you are not exactly small, Bobby, but since it’s you, let’s give it a try. Remember, I know where you live, so go easy on me,” Amanda chided.

Some well-prepared soul handed Bobby a container of K-Y lubricant and Bobby used it to coat his revived cock and Amanda’s rectum.

That would have been a handy little item for him to offer up earlier. Amanda thought.

The man with his cock in Amanda’s pussy, stopped to allow Bobby to begin to work his way inside her ass. Because the black man’s cock was so large, it made it difficult for Bobby to gain entry into her rectum and he was repeatedly pushed back out. But the two men worked together to make it happen, and finally both of them had their cocks buried inside of her.

The pain was nowhere near what it had been before, so Amanda began pushing back against the men while she sucked the third cock in her mouth. In short order, the four bodies and sex organs were working together in a sort of sexual dance that was somewhat artistic to watch.

Amanda was in depravity heaven. Being penetrated by three men at the same time was the nastiest thing, by far, that she had ever done.

Was there a way she could do four or five simultaneously? She wondered.

She was pulled away from her reverie by the streams of cum that the cock in her mouth was depositing there. She clamped her lips around the pulsing member, working to keep all of its semen safely inside her mouth. When he finished ejaculating, she swirled the silky liquid around in her mouth before swallowing the entire load in one gulp.

The two men still inside of her had maintained their pistoning in and out of Amanda’s body while she was taking care of the man at her head. Now that she was clear to focus on them, she urged them to fuck her harder and go deeper and give her their cum. Bobby was the first to release his hot load, spraying a considerable amount of semen into her ass, even though it was his second time in a relatively short span.

Once Bobby vacated her asshole and moved off of her, the guy in her pussy quickly flipped her over and began to pile drive his enormous cock in and out of her tiny pussy. “I like your cunt, bitch. You are a tight little slut, aren’t you, cock whore?” he said as he pounded her into the sofa cushion.

Amanda didn’t respond to his comments, preferring to focus on the delicious sensations the man’s outsized cock was creating inside of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him even deeper inside of her while she worked her well-developed kegel muscles to draw the cum out of his balls.

“That’s it baby, keep doing that slut. Pull the cum out of my cock,” he groaned as he began to pump his jizz deep inside of her. “Woman, you are one hot fuck and I would love to fuck you again sometime.”

“Maybe, we’ll see,” Amanda said as she looked around for Bobby. “I’m ready to go now, if you are,” she said when they looked at each other.

On the ride back home, an excited Bobby was talking a mile a minute, telling her what he liked about their visit to the theater. Their driver was eating their conversation up and having to work to keep his concentration on the road.

“I wish I had gotten to fuck your mouth, though. It’s the only hole I didn’t put my cock in tonight,” Bobby stated matter of factly.

Section 6

“Well, we can’t have that can we?” Amanda said as she leaned over in the seat and released his hard cock from his jeans and began to suck it.

The driver adjusted his rearview mirror, to better view the action in the backseat and watched as his hot passenger deep throated her seat mate. “I don’t suppose you might help out a poor, horny, driver as well would you?” he asked.

Amanda lifted her head off of Bobby’s cock for a moment and looked toward the front seat, “Find a place to pull over and get back here. You can fuck me while I finish sucking him off.”

Not wanting to waste a moment, the driver quickly found a dark, secluded place to park and exited the car. When he opened the rear door, he saw that Amanda had gotten up on her knees and pulled her skirt up to her waist as an invitation for him to penetrate her.

He pulled his stiff penis out of his pants and guided it into her very wet pussy. It was unnaturally hot inside and very slick, but still tight. He held onto her hips while he fucked her and watched her head bob up and down as she sucked the other guy’s cock. Looking down, he noticed that her asshole was gaping a little bit, so he used a finger to explore that entry point as well. His digit slid in easily, confirming that this slut had been fucked there tonight as well.

Amanda liked that the driver was fingering her asshole while he fucked pussy, so she wiggled her hips to encourage him while she enjoyed yet another triple penetration of her body.

Not long after, Bobby groaned and began spewing his third cum shot into Amanda’s mouth. She sucked and slurped as he did, taking it all in and then swallowing it. The driver, sensed that time was of the essence, so he removed his finger from the girl’s ass and returned to holding her hips with both hands while he pumped away at her pussy.

Within a couple of minutes, he too was injecting semen into the sexy woman. “I hope it’s OK that I came inside of you,” he said, very much after the fact.

“It’s fine. There is a lot more in where you just put yours, so don’t worry about it,” Amanda said. “Sorry about your seats, the cum just keeps running out of me.”

“Don’t give it another thought, pretty lady. Some of what is running out of you is mine, anyway. By the way, this ride is on me. It’s the least I can do,” the driver offered.

“That’s very nice of you and it was my pleasure,” Amanda responded.

Once back home with Bobby, Amanda thanked him for a very unique evening.

“I’ll bet Troy is very happy to be married to a woman like you that will do all the stuff you did tonight. I hope I find a lady like you someday that will let me watch her having sex with other people and go to adult theaters with me. This was fun and I want to keep your panties, to remember it, OK?” Bobby said with a little mania in his voice.

“Of course it’s OK, Bobby, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed having you take them off of me before you fucked me the first time.” Amanda agreed. “First though, can I have them back for a moment?”

Reluctantly, he handed the tiny garment back to her and watched as she slipped her it back on. She used her fingers to push the crotch inside her pussy before removing them again and handing them back to him.

“I thought you might like to have some of what’s inside of me on them.”

Grinning widely, Bobby took the panties from her, sniffed them and turned to leave. As he did, she gave him a peck on the cheek, which seemed incongruous with the evening, but was her instinct to do that at the moment.

It was late the next evening before she heard from her husband via text:


Hey honey, how is everything on the home-front?


Everything is great, actually. I had a wonderful time with Bobby at the adult theater last night and I think he did to.


Great! That is awesome. Did anything about it bother or upset you?


No, nothing bothered or upset me. I mostly enjoyed everything. It did take a while for me to get used to being fucked in the ass, but once I did, it was a lot of fun.


What? Fucked in the ass?


Yeah, babe, that’s a thing in porn these days and I definitely wanted to try it since I was there. I was also spit-roasted multiple times and made airtight once with Bobby’s cock in my ass. It was, as you said, awesome.


You let Bobby fuck you in your ass?


In my ass, in my pussy, and in my mouth, but it wasn’t just him. There were a bunch of guys that fucked all of my holes last night.


Well, babe, I’m not sure what to say. I know I told you it would be OK for you to play around a bit, but this is more than I envisioned.


I was afraid this might be your reaction. You will recall that I was concerned when you proposed the idea of me having sex with another man and now that I have done that, you don’t seem OK with what you suggested that I do.


It’s not that you had sex with another man, babe. What I am having difficulty processing is that you had sex with other men, plural.


I don’t see how that should matter. Sex is sex. Fucking is fucking whether with one guy or ten.


Was it ten guys, Amanda?


Last night? I think so, but it might have been twelve.


Why did you specify ‘last night’?


Because I went back there this afternoon and fucked some more guys. A lot more guys. I think word about me got out somehow, I’m quite popular, Troy.


Well, this is a lot to process, Amanda. I know I started this thing, but you have certainly taken things to a level I never envisioned. You are not going back to that theater again before I get back are you?


No, I am not. Bobby came over a little while ago to take me to different one that he says is even wilder with even more guys there usually. Pretty great, huh?


Yeah sure, babe, that’s great, really, really great and I’m happy for you. Well, stay safe and I’ll see you tomorrow night.


You are OK with this, right honey? It was your idea and I told you I didn’t want to do it, but you pushed me to and now find that I really like it. Isn’t this what you wanted to have happen?


Honestly, this isn’t what I was looking for when I mentioned it to you, but, in fairness, you have done nothing wrong. Give me a little while to process what you have told me and we can talk about it further when I get home. OK?



I thought you would be happy for me and proud of how well I have done. I did this for you and for your company and now you seem unhappy with me. I even thought it would turn you on and you would want to come watch me being fucked by other men, like Bobby does. I am very confused.

Troy took a moment before replying to Amanda’s last text. He quickly thought about what he had set in motion and why he was reacting he way was to her news.


Please don’t be unhappy or confused, my love. I simply underestimated you and thought it would take time for you to ease into something like this. It is good that you did what you did and I am excited by what you have told me. I hope you go out with Bobby tonight and blow the roof off of the new place. Fuck everybody there, if the mood strikes you, and, yes, I will want to go watch you in action when I get back home.


Great! Thank you for clearing that up. BTW, here’s a funny thing, Bobby is eating my pussy while I am texting you and I am about to cum in his mouth. Do you think you may have created a monster?


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