That Little Black Dress 4.8/5 (50)

My wife Sandra looks very hot in her little black dress, which clings skin-tight to her taught form like a second skin, showing every curve and mound of her sexy body. Whenever we go out to a smart party or a cocktail bar it is her weapon of choice to show me I am married to the hottest looking chic in the room and not to forget it!

I was sitting on our bed waiting for her to finish putting on her lipstick before one such evening, admiring her long legs, when I realised her dress was about as high as it could go without actually showing off her pussy.

“You look so hot tonight! If that dress rides up another few inches, I will catch a glimpse of your panties!”

“Do you think so?” she asked, looking over her shoulder, with a wickedly cheeky smile. “What if I’m not wearing any?”

I was stunned for a second or two?

“Wouldn’t that be a bit risky in such a short dress?”

“Risky for what? A sudden cold breeze?”

“Risky like someone might see your pussy?”

“Oh, that kind of risky!” Sandra paused and glanced back at me again, winked and then carried on with her makeup.

Was she wearing panties or not? The question was intriguing me and I was getting hard. For some time now I had been encouraging her to wear increasingly skimpy clothes and I had often said it would turn me on if someone got a quick flash or her perfectly formed shaved pussy.

“So are you?” I asked.

“What? Am I going to take that risk? Of course I am!” she said giggling, “I thought it was what you always wanted!”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing this from Sandra. She had always fended off any attempt before to get her to go without panties.

“What made you decide to do it tonight?”

“Wait and see!” she said suggestively as she turned around and presented herself as a picture of the ultimate sex goddess. “How do I look?”

“The sexiest I have ever seen you, darling!” I replied honestly, my cock bone hard looking at my lovely wife in the full knowledge she was naked under that tiny black dress.

“Good – that’s exactly the effect I wanted! Now take me to the party. Let’s see if anyone works out I am naked under this dress!”

My mind was running wild with the possibilities as we got in the car and drove downtown to the bar and restaurant in a chic boutique hotel, recently opened and popular with the beautiful crowd. We had a private party room and there would be about a hundred and fifty guests.

Sandra’s dress rode up as she sat in the car and I could see her pussy clearly if I leaned to her side. It was true! There was her oyster! Maybe tonight my fantasy of seeing another man look at her exposed pussy would come true!

I put my hand on Sandra’s naked inner thigh but there was no way she was going to let me have a feel, threatening to put her panties on which she had brought in her bag if I didn’t behave. It didn’t stop me having a raging hard on.

“I don’t want to arrive all wet and dripping”, she said, “that would spoil the fun because I would have to put my panties back on before the night starts and I’m sure you don’t want that!”

I had to agree and so I behaved. I couldn’t resist asking Sandra what she had planned for the evening. She shocked and electrified me with her answer.

“You just watch me and see what I do. If I find a good-looking man, I am going to encourage him to find out that I’m naked under this dress. I’m not going to flash them but I am sure they will find their way to my naked pussy!”

“What do you mean – find their way?”

“I’m going to put myself in situations where they can feel under my dress and touch my pussy if they want!”

It was all I could do to keep the car on the road.

“What kind of situations?” I asked, my head spinning.

“Oh, you know – a slow dance, kissing in a dark corner, going outside the party somewhere private – maybe even going up to a room in the hotel if I get turned on enough!”

I was nearly coming in my pants. This was far hotter than I was expecting and bordering on my ultimate fantasy that I had never dared reveal to Sandra.

“You mean, go to their room and fuck them?”

“Not necessarily. Just let them find my naked pussy and see what happens next. Why, would you be upset if I fuck somebody else tonight?”

I wasn’t sure if it was a trick question and I hesitated, not knowing how to answer.

“Oh come on”, she goaded, “surely you’ve thought about it?”

“I have. It’s one of my fantasies”.

“Then tonight could be your lucky night, big boy!” she said, feeling my monstrous hard on, “if you can cope with your wife being with another man!”

“I can”, I said, my pent up emotions pouring out of me. “I’d really like you to fuck someone else. I hope you can still love me for saying that?”

“I hope you’ll still love me if I do it?”

“I will if you tell me all about it afterwards and let me feel your come filled pussy!”

“You dirty fucker!” she laughed, “You really want me to do it!”

“Yes. And I really love you”.

“I love you too”, she said as we pulled up at the valet parking. “Now let me give this nice young parking attendant a good flash and then let’s go and party!”

Sandra got out of the car in a rather unladylike way as the young man held open her door. He couldn’t disguise his delight at seeing her hot beaver and he gave me an envious smile as he passed me the ticket.

“Have a good evening Sir and Madam”, he chuckled, knowingly.

The party was really well set up between two rooms, one with a dance floor, surrounded by sofas and booths around the sides, with dr*pes separating each intimate area and the other room for a full bar and a buffet area with lots canap?s. Doors opened onto a courtyard and people were eating outside in the warm evening. There were plenty of attractive single men, women and some couples.

We got our drinks and Sandra suggested we split up enough for her to appear single. Once I had positioned myself in a corner so I could observe the whole bar area I watched Sandra talking to various people in turn. Finally, after about fifteen minutes, when she was going back to the bar for another drink, a handsome guy positioned himself beside her and they quickly got into a conversation.

My heart started pounding because Sandra looked over his shoulder and winked at me. I didn’t have to wait long before he took her by the hand and led her into the other room. It was all I could do to hold back and wait but I gave them a head start of five minutes before I went to see what they were doing.

Sandra and her man were in a dark booth and as I walked past I saw them making out, kissing passionately. His hand was on her upper thigh but not yet far enough up to touch her pussy. Fortunately, he was facing away from me so I could loiter by the booth and watch the action. I was totally aroused and I had a huge hard-on.

After a few minutes, Sandra realised I was there and again winked at me. Then she slightly opened her legs and pulled the man’s hand deep between them. I knew he had found the prize and I watched thrilled as my wife let a stranger finger her pussy while they kissed.

By now, Sandra had entwined her arms around his neck and was hanging onto him, heaving deep breaths. I knew this meant she was getting high on his fingers. I almost shot off in my pants when Sandra came with a violent shudder, again fixing me with her stare.

A man whispering in my ear made me jump.

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