“Teresa” after the Dinner Party 4.3/5 (26)

First of all let me describe my wife to you all. She is the most gorgeous woman I have ever met. She has long dark hair, blue eyes, fair to tan skin depending on the time of year. She is short, only five foot tall, no tattoos and has her belly button and the hood of her pussy pierced.

Teresa has had her days with sexual encounters as she is bisexual. She has been with other men when I was there, but nothing compared to the night of the dinner party.

Teresa’s company had a dinner party soon after her arrival to the job. This Job came in the nick of time for sure, as we had both been out of work. The recession had really taken its toll in our area and the finances had taken its toll in our relationship and sex life. The dinner party we went to was to promote, and give thanks to the new employees, and those who had been there for long periods of time.

Wine has always had an effect on my wife. If she was tired, she would sleep, if she was mad, it would mellow her out, if she was horny…. Well, you will see..

After the party, around 7pm, several of the employees were heading back to the hotel down the street so they would not have to drink and drive. The party continued in the hotel bar and things started to get kind of interesting. The guys would stare, make comments about all the lovely ladies, but the comments were mostly directed to the new hire… yep, my lovely wife.

Teresa was wearing a black cocktail dress, beautiful black shoes with little dangling rhinestones, hair parted from the side, and her blues eyes really stood out due to the accents of blue in her hair.

As we sat at the bar, we commented on how all the guys were looking at her, and I told her she could have an guy in the bar if she wanted them, she smiled and rolled her eyes as if to say she had no chance. Apparently she did not catch what I was saying. Now I love my wife to death, but she has done for me and it was time for me to do for her. So I told her again. You can have any guy you wanted, bumped her with my elbow, and winked at her. Teresa smiled and let it go at that.

A few minutes later, Steve, a fellow employee asked if she could dance, I told her its fine and she moved onto the dance floor. There were quite a few people on the floor and it was hard to see what was going on. I did catch Steve with his hand on my wife’s waist as he was grinding her to this R&B song. It was obvious that Steve had a lot to drink as he could barely even stand.

She played along, continued to dance till there were three more guys dancing around her. I guess the wine had started to catch up to her, as she was enjoying every minute of the attention she was receiving.

She continued to dance till she started to sweat and came back to me at the bar to get a drink. I ordered her a bottle of water, and she asked if she could have a shot of tequila. Of course, I’m not going to say no to my wife, as I was having a blast watching her have fun. I saw Steve leaving with his wife, and she didn’t look too happy at all and she gave my wife a dirty look as they left. My wife didn’t really care, as the alcohol had started to work rather well. She drank her shot, and half the bottle of water.

It was not long till one of the guys from earlier was walking up to her to see if she wanted to dance again, she asked if I minded and I told her to live it up, have some fun. The guy introduced himself as Scott and pointed to the corner where two more of his friends were. Apparently they were the last survivors of a bachelor party from earlier and heard the music in the bar and came to have some fun before they departed the next morning.

Most of Teresa’s co-workers had left around 9:30pm, and the drinks had taken there toll on Teresa. She was not drunk, but you could see she was feeling rather well. I asked if she was ready to leave and she nodded. As we were leaving the bar, Teresa introduced me to Scott again and his friends. They asked where she was going, and she told them the music and noise was not really her type, and we were heading to the room.

They called her a party pooper and then smiled at me. I introduced myself, and told them we were not tired and if they wanted to join us for some drinks that would be fine. The guys discussed it, and decided to come along.

We got to the room and Teresa went to the bag and grabbed the bottles of wine she had brought with her. Scott introduced his friends Bill and Jeff and then pulled out a bottle from his bag. As we talked and got to know each other Teresa sat down beside me and started to snuggle. The wine, shot of tequila had started to work.

We all had several more drinks and Bill made the comment on Teresa’s dancing and how hot she looked on the dance floor. She said the alcohol relinquished her inhibitions and she had a good time.

As we were sitting there, apparently Bill and Jeff were at an advantage to see up my wife’s dress. They whispered to each other, and I asked them what was up and they told me. Teresa smiled, and I asked if they liked what they saw, the smiled and both were like “Hell Yes”.

Scott commented how it was not fair, and asked if he could see. I looked at Teresa, she smiled, and so I reached over and slightly pulled her legs apart. You could obviously tell they liked what they saw by the growing bulges in the crotch of their pants.

I peaked down to see that she had on a royal blue, see thru thong. If you looked closely, you could see the wet spot, right at the edge of her lips. I asked if she was horny, and she said more than I knew. I slowly opened her legs and began to rub her pussy thru her thong.

Teresa laid her head back and on my shoulder as I rubbed her hot wet pussy and she started to moan. I asked the guys if they enjoyed the view, and they all agreed that it was the highlight of their night.

I told Teresa she could pick any one of the guys and she could fuck him. She smiled, looked at me and asked “Just One”? I instantly got hard as a rock, as she reached over and grabbed my dick. As the guys commented as to how lucky I was, all I could do was agree.

Teresa, removed her head from my shoulder, scooted over to the end of the couch and opened her legs, and placed one leg on the sofa so we could all view. She slowly slid her hand over her breast and slid it down to her wet thong. As she rubbed the slit thru her thong, you could see the juices from her pussy start to soak thru and leave a pretty substantial wet spot.

She smirked in our direction and asked if we wanted more? As we all nodded yes, she looked at me and smiled, and asked if it was ok. I told her yes as my dick grew harder and harder. Teresa slowly pulled the wet thong to the side so we could all see her swollen pussy. In all my years of marriage, I had never seen her get that wet that quick. Her lips were swollen, and her clit was quite enlarged in the anticipation of what was to come.

She slowly licked her fingers, reached down with both her hands and pulled her pussy lips apart. You could see her love juices leak from her cunt and slowly dribble down her ass. Teresa opened her pussy slid one finger and then a second deep inside herself. As her she arched her back, she moaned a soft moan of delight.

She looked up with her beautiful blue eyes and asked if anyone wanted to join her. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for all of us to remove the clothes we were wearing. Bill was the first to reveal his cock. It was of average size and length about 6 inches or so, but when Jeff and Scott removed their pants, my wife’s mouth dropped open.

Scott was very long, about 8 inches, but Jeff’s cock was the largest she had ever seen. Jeff’s dick was about 11 inches in length, and was as thick and as round as a soda can. Needless to say, the excitement could be seen in my wife’s eyes.

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