Taking Advantage of Govt. Snooping 3.8/5 (19)

When I was a directionless young woman, just out of community college with an Associate’s Degree in computer science, I, Allison Barth, started working for a local Private Investigator. Unfortunately much of the work I did was on cheating spouses, both male and female, with a ratio of about 60-40.

After about four years I had become licensed by the State; I was quite proficient in my job and up to date on all of the latest hacking software, bugs, bug detection, video cameras, and taps. There was even talk of making me a partner. However, two things caused me to change careers.

The first reason I quit was that I was becoming jaded about male-female relationships. In the four years I worked as a P I (or P I’s assistant) there were only two cases I handled in which the spouse suspected of infidelity wasn’t cheating. I had at least one, and likely a second, relationship tank because of the trust issues I had that my boyfriend(s) could not countenance.

The second reason that I changed careers was because I was uncomfortable with the tactics of my boss. He pushed right up to the legal and ethical lines on things that I knew about, and I surmised way past those lines on things that I didn’t know about. I really didn’t want to get painted with the same brush that he did if the shit ever hit the fan.

In preparation for my career change the last year I worked as a P. I. I took Internet courses in cybercrime and computer forensics at an on-line University, in order to polish my resume. I actually already knew, from my work experience, 80-90% of what was taught in the courses,

but I recognized the need to have some certificate showing my credentials if I was to be taken seriously in my new career. I became a computer consultant to law enforcement and private companies who had computer issues of all types.

I actually hit the ground running in my new career and after overcoming a few instances where I wasn’t taken seriously I landed some good clients, including some on retainer. It seems that if you talk the lingo effectively and wear fake glasses even if you are, like I am, a tall natural blond with big tits, male cops and corporate types in managerial positions will take you seriously if they have a real problem.

My career change turned out to be a really good move. Eleven months after leaving my job as a P. I. my former boss was arrested for a myriad of computer and phone tapping crimes. I was interviewed once by the police but I convinced them that I knew nothing of his illegal activities and my former boss also maintained my innocence, so it did not adversely affect my new career for more than a couple of weeks.

Since all the work I do and did as a consultant was confidential, I could never talk about it with friends, relatives, or dates. However, I had developed an elaborate story about how I worked for a bank in data entry, and everyone seemed to buy that story even though

I’m sure that some wondered if I wasn’t turning tricks on the side since I lived up to the well over $100,000 income that I earned, far more than any data entry job would pay. Also, I never, ever, ever told anyone about my life as a P. I., although a very few friends and family members did know but never brought it up.

When I met my husband Andrew I liked him right from the start. He was tall, good looking, and most importantly had an easy manner and a trustworthy look. Also, he took me to new heights sexually.

The first time that Andrew and I had intercourse he really took his time, slowly undressing me, then working over my entire body with his mouth and hands until I was about ready to scream. When I was so hot I was leaking pussy juice all over the place he grabbed my ass cheeks, lifted me up, and pinned me against the wall of his bedroom — no mean task since I’m 5’10” and weigh 145 pounds.

He then changed from lover to animal as he fucked me vigorously while somehow keeping his mouth on one of my nipples as he played with my pucker hole with two fingers from each hand.

I went through two mammoth orgasms before he jettisoned his man cream into my abused pussy, and a third by the time that his last cum grenade had exploded inside me. I was a wet noddle by the time that he laid me back onto his bed.

When he fucked me while I lay on my stomach in the middle of the night I was in such a dream-like fog that I had fallen in total lust with him by the time that I woke up, enhanced even more when even though he was still asleep he was unconsciously sucking on one of my big tits when I did awaken.

To make a long story short lust shortly turned into love, my trust issues were a thing of the past, and we were married, with mutual pre-nuptial contracts, nine months after he showed me what Richter Scale sex was. I call it “Richter Scale sex” because it is the erotic equivalent of an earthquake.

Fast forward four years. My love was even stronger than when we got married and I had no reason to believe that Andrew’s situation was any different. However once you work in a job like I had for four years your antenna is always subconsciously up. Whether you like it or not your approach to life becomes (like Regan first said about the Russians) “trust but verify.”

That’s why I couldn’t help but become suspicious when Andrew suddenly developed an interest in a bowling league. Every Tuesday night he was gone from about six until about eleven. According to him he and his teammates had a quick dinner,

bowled for a few hours, and then went for a few beers afterwards. Since I had my own night out for book club or volunteer work every Thursday, I had no reason to — and didn’t — complain.

What got me wary, however, when I started to think about it was that even though we had a full sex life, we never had sex when he got back Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, but every Wednesday night Andrew totally ravaged me.

Wednesday nights he fucked me in different positions and using different toys with a zeal that was completely satisfying but wasn’t present any other time we had sex. The third time it happened I noticed the trend; by the fourth time I couldn’t push it to the back of my mind.

At first I felt extremely guilty about my suspicions, but we are what we are and I knew that I had to deal with them. So the fifth “League Night,” I dressed incognito and paid a visit to the bowling alley. Although he had never given me the name there were only two within a twenty mile radius, and I was sure that it was the more upscale one. I was right.

Imagine my shock when I found out that it was a co-ed league, that his one male and two female team members were obviously single, and that he was all touchy feely with one of the females. I wondered about his taste since she had a slutty appearance —

although I was forced to admit that most guys would find her tight bubble butt, prominent tits, thin waist, and sleek thighs attractive; at least based upon the lecherous looks she received from every male in her vicinity.

“OK,” I said to myself, “so he finds a slut-tease attractive. I’ve found some of the men I deal with attractive too, and even have let a few guys pinch my ass. That doesn’t mean he’s doing anything!” But of course I had to find out.

When bowling was over, Andrew and the little slut — her name was either “gorgeous,” “sexy,” “honey,” or “Jill” based upon what her teammates called her (I assumed that it was “Jill”) — took off like they were going to a fire. It was only 8:30 when they got into Andrew’s car and peeled out of the parking lot.

Luck was with me as they hit almost every stoplight, and sometimes the street lights made the interior of his car visible enough for me to see them playing “kissy-face.” About two miles from the bowling lanes they pulled into a garden apartment complex.

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