Taken for Pleasure

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Section 1

Molly James was 34, married to William James, also known as Bill. They had two children Emily and Samuel ages ten and seven. Her husband was a salesman for a liquor distributor and she was a stay at home Mom. Life was good. She loved her husband, children.

They were the typical American family. Scouts for both children, little league for Sam, church for the entire family. There was one minor problem, sex with Bill was milk toast.

While Molly had a history in college, Bill was a virgin when they met. He refused to have sex until they married and then it was missionary all the way. Once she had tried to suck his cock but he had thrown a fit, telling her that was something whores did.

When she first had the kids, it was easy not to think about sex, she was always tired, getting very little help from Bill, who did not think a husbands duty was to do housework or help her, especially with her at home all the time. Bill also tended to be quick on the trigger so she often had to finish herself later by hand.

Sometimes when she was masturbating she would think back to college and Joel. Joel was a real pervert and brought out something in her that she thought was best left buried. But Joel knew how to treat a woman, she remembered the multiple climaxes he used to give her.

The night she blew three of his Frat brothers and then got fucked by, how many she could not remember. She was glad she was not Catholic and faced confession over that night.

The E-Mail Thursday after work, she sat down at her computer, turned it on and went to her mail server. There was one e-mail with the subject “From the Past.” She opened it and saw an attachment that said Molly.

Opening it she was shocked to see a younger version of her, on her hands and knees with a cock in her mouth and one in her cunt. She closed the e-mail and erased it looking around with horror. Nothing else happened that day but the next morning there was another one. Making sure no one was around she opened it. No picture just a line of text.

“Hey Slut, I need to fuck that hot cunt and ass of yours and get one of your great blowjobs. I have lots of pictures to send to your husband, your parents and your church. I will get in touch with you soon.” She broke down in tears thinking that her whole life was ruined.

She wrote back, telling the sender to leave her alone. The e-mail came back into her Inbox within seconds as not deliverable. The next day, just after lunch, the phone rang. She picked it up and was shocked to hear. “Hello Molly, this is Joel, you were really hard to find.

I had to pay a detective to find out all about you. I need a reward for my efforts.” “Leave me alone Joel.” She cried.123456 “No chance babe, I just moved here and am looking forward to spending a lot of time fucking you.

I saw you the other day, those two kids did wonders for your tits. I can’t wait to suck on those nipples of yours.” She slammed the phone down into its cradle. It rang and rang, but she did not pick it up. An hour later it started ringing again and again.

Finally, she grabbed the handset and screamed. “Leave me alone.” “Molly, Molly is that anyway to treat your old and best lover?” “Joel, I"m married and have two kids, I am not interested in having anything to do with you.” “Molly, I don’t give a shit what you want or don’t want.

It is all about what I want and I want that sweet mouth on my cock before the day is done.” At that moment her computer dinged and she saw a new e-mail, opening it and the attached picture she saw a photo, It was a large cock, with a hand wrapped around it shooting cum at a picture of her sucking off Joel. “See Molly, I am tired of beating off to your picture, I want the real thing.

Maybe if you do this once I will consider letting you off the hook.” Thinking she said, “Joel if I meet you once will you promise to leave me alone?” “Molly, as I said I will consider it. Go to the Westside Mall at seven this evening. I will be in the Men’s department at Macy’s. Don’t be late.” “OK Joel, just this once.” “Oh and Molly, wear something sexy, no underwear and be sure to shave your pussy hair off. Well maybe leave a thin landing strip.”

“In case you think about trying to run away from me again I just sent you something that I think Bill could use to get sole custody of your kids.” The computer dinged again as Joel hung up. It was a video file. The first clip was a younger Molly, naked, on her knees sucking one cock and holding two more and in the background a bunch of naked guys lined up holding their dicks. Someone yelled, “Line up for blowjobs.” The screen went black then opened to the game room at Joel"s Frat house and a naked Molly leaning over the pool table, zooming back Joel was fucking her.

The camera zoomed up on her face showing a look of great pleasure as she screamed, “Joel, fuck me harder.” Another black screen then the final clip. A black guy laying on a bed with her riding him cowboy as another black guy fucked her ass. She was screaming, “Oh God, I feel so full, I love it.” Then the sounds of her climaxing. The Mall After hanging up Molly turned the call over and over in her mind. She was not sure she could trust Joel but what other option did she have. Thinking about Joel brought a tiny thrill to her. She tried to brush it aside but it was hard to do.

She realized those video clips turned her on. She had wiped that part of her life out of her mind but she now knew that it had only gone into a shallow hiding place. She was still that Slut. When Bill came home she asked him if he would stay with the kids as she had to go to the Mall for a meeting in the conference room.

Bill quickly said that he had nothing to do and would be happy. She went up, took a shower, and dressed in a summer dress, zipping up the back. She looked at herself in her mirror checking that she could not see her nipples or the lack of panties.

Coming back downstairs she went into the TV room, finding Bill and the kids watching something. She said goodbye to the kids and gave Bill a perfunctory kiss. “Have fun dear,” He said. I bet I will she thought as she went out the door. She got to the mall and went to Macey’s Men’s Department. There was Joel, grinning like a banshee. He rushed over and gave her a deep kiss while he felt up her left tit. “Good you followed my directions.

Follow me.” He led her into a changing room. Dropping his pants and pulling his cock out of his shorts he pushed her down on her knees and pushed his hardening cock into her mouth. Memories rushed back as she felt her pussy moisten.

She took his hard-thick cock into her mouth and had the remembered thrill of giving a man a great blowjob. While Joel’s cock was almost eight inches long when hard she was able to deep throat him, just like in the old days. She was blessed with a large mouth so taking a thick cock was never a problem for her.

She loved the feeling of a big cock in her mouth, her tongue running up and down the shaft, hearing Joel groan as she pleasured him. She grabbed his smooth firm balls and felt the tension rise until he blasted her with his cinnamon flavored cum. Five shots, three more than her husband could get out of his weak cock. She swallowed it all and stood giving Joel a sperm flavored kiss.

He spun her around, leaned her hands on the bench, flipped her skirt up and drove his still hard cock into her juicy cunt. They both enjoyed the view in the mirror as he fucked her hard. Within a minute she came with a roar as he kept pounding into her.

She was wondering if he was going to come again after the first time as she experienced a series of mini climaxes. Finally, Joel pulled her tight against his body and she felt his cock spurting, this time inside of her.

His cock was almost touching her cervix and she knew his swimmers were flooding her protected womb. Joel pulled out, wiped his wet cock on her dress, zipping up her dress he spun her around again and told her to get ready to go have fun. “Where are we going Joel,” she asked. “You will find out when we get there Slut,” he replied. He half dragged her out of the changing room to the stares of several employees and customers.

Section 2

Some had grins on their faces, she blushed knowing that their union had not been as private as she hoped. Out into the parking lot he led her over to a big pickup. Opening the passenger door he did help her up into the seat making sure he felt her up as she settled into the seat. Getting into the driver’s seat he unzipped his jeans and looking at her said. “Why don’t you suck on my knob so you will be in the mood when we get there.” “Where Joel, I told my husband I would be right back.”

“Well Molly, we are going to a party, so I guess you should tell that dick less wonder you are married to that you won’t be home tonight.” “I can’t do that Joel,” she said, as she got out her cell phone.

Speaking to her husband she said, “Dear, I ran into Jean from my High School, I had too many drinks so I am going to sleep it off at her place. Can you take care of the kids? Oh dear, you are so sweet, I will see you tomorrow and will make it up to you.”

Joel and Friends She followed Joel to a house in one of the seedier parts of town. As they pulled up she noted several cars parked on the lawn. Joel left room for her to park in the drive behind him. She got out with some apprehension and followed him to the front door. She could hear loud music and smelled a familiar odor coming out of the house.

Joel opened the door and she was hit fully by the music and smoke. Walking inside she saw four men sitting in the living room drinking beer. They all looked at her and grinned. “The entertainment is here”, one of them said. They were a mixed group but all were big and tough looking. Two of the men were black and the other two of undistinguishable race. She had done black guys in college so this was not an issue for her and in fact the thought of hard black cocks excited her. She laughed to herself thinking of what Bill would do if he could see her now.

Probably have a heart attack. Joel came up behind her and said, “Boys meet Molly, she wants to find out how many ways you can fuck her.” Joel then unzipped the back of her dress leaving her standing naked except for her shoes. The men all pursed their lips and whistled. Joel took her hand and led her through the house to a large rec room. There was a bed in the middle of the room and lights and a video camera on a tripod.

He undressed and directed the other men to drop their clothes as well. Within minutes Molly was in the center of the room with five, well hung men surrounding her. Joel told her to get on her knees and the men started directing their hardening cocks into her mouth. She saw that Joel had gone to the camera and was taping the action as one after another stuck their cocks in her mouth. She flashed back to the last time with Joel in college and the excitement of that gangbang.

The man she was sucking came with a roar and his cock was immediately replaced by another while two others stroked their own erections. One came, shooting his cum on her shoulder and tits. When they were all though Joel had her stand up and gave her a wet washcloth and towel.

At this point the party slowed down, Joel brought out some food and gave everyone fresh bottles of beer. Joel started a porno on the large screen TV in the corner and Molly realized it was a video of her at the college gangbang. Just watching it got her juices flowing again and she felt the familiar chills go up and down her spine. At this point she told Joel she wanted to call home and check in.

Her husband answered and asked how she was doing, she told him they were just sitting around talking about this and that but she was glad she had decided not to drive home. She then talked to her two children who seemed happy to hear from her. Finally getting back to Bill she told him she missed him and was horny and hoped he would be able to help her out tomorrow. His reply was, “Molly, we just had sex two weeks ago. What is wrong with you?” She said, “You are right Bill, I don’t know what I was thinking. Sometimes I get feeling horny right after my period.

I can wait a couple of more weeks.” Hanging up she realized that being Joel’s slut was going to give her something to live for and fill her needs. The Party Continues Molly walked back to the rec room and announced, “Boys, lets Fuck!” She went over and laid down on the single bed as the first man got up with her and stuck his hard cock into her needy pussy.

His cock was nice and thick although not that long but he knew what he was doing. Hitting her G Spot as he plowed in and out she had her first climax as she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him all the way into her vagina.

Before she could come down George, one of the blacks was driving his long thick cock into her and Bernie the other one turned her head to the left and stuck his cock in her mouth. She loved the feeling of being taken by several men, while some women might object to it she was turned on by the power she had to get these men hard and make them want her. After her husband’s lack of interest in her this was very exciting. George gave her another climax as he shot his sperm into her filled cunt and as he slipped out of her vagina Bernie took his place.

Bernie was not as long but much thicker and the feeling overwhelmed her senses. She was in heaven, then Jack one of the other men put his smaller cock in her mouth and Ralph the other one took her left hand and placed his hardening tool into it, groaning as she started stroking him. This triple teaming kept up with the men changing places.

Finally, they all took a break and had another beer and some more snacks. Joel took the tape out of the camera and started playing it on the big screen TV. They sat there for a while enjoying the action when Molly realized the Joel had not taken part in the sex at his house. She realized that Joel liked the role of director.

Looking at Joel she said, “There is one thing I would like before this is over. Georges cock in my pussy and yours in my ass.” The men all cheered and clapped as Joel stood up and took her hand. “George,” he said, “Go over and lay on the bed.” “Molly, get him ready.” She walked over to the bed, crawled up on it and started sucking Georges expanding cock. When he got fully hard she crawled up over him and slowly sat down on his hard member.

When he was fully in her she leaned forward as Joel coated her ass and his cock with lube, then he got on the bed and slowly entered her rectum. After a brief pain of his penetration she felt the warm fullness of two cocks in her at once. The men started fucking her in tandem, it felt like she was on another plain, the feelings were so intense, so hot and so fulfilling.

She guessed the feeling was intense for George and Joel also because after a few minutes of pumping in and out both the men roared in climax which set her off also. Going Home After the men said goodbye and left, she and Joel went into his bedroom and fell into a deep sleep. She awoke with the sun up and the birds chirping outside. Joel was nowhere around. Getting up she found him in the kitchen making coffee.

He asked her if she wanted breakfast and cooked bacon and eggs for them. Finally she got her dress and shoes on, kissed Joel and got in her car for the drive home. She and Joel had made arrangements for a meeting on Wednesday and perhaps another gangbang in the near future with the same men. Arriving at home she found Bill and the kids eating a late breakfast. “Did you have fun with your girlfriend,” Bill asked.

“Yes, it was fun catching up and we have agreed to try and get together every week although not necessarily for an overnighter.” “Well it is good for you to get out more often, maybe you will have less time to think about your physical needs, dear.” Bill offered.

“Once a month is often enough for me so you should be happy about it also.” Looking at him she said, “Last night my girlfriend and I talked about that and she agrees with you so I have decided to go along and try to get those thoughts out of my head.” “I think spending more time with her will really help that work out for me.” She said with a grin.

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