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Chapter One – The Husband

Looking up at the ceiling she opened and closed her eyes as she sucked on his flaccid penis. He was straddling her shoulders with his member in her mouth. She had been doing this for some time without results. She had started this session horny but she was fast losing it. Finally he pulled out cursing quietly.

“I’m sorry Jean,” he said, “I thought it would work this time.”

“David, how about giving something to me darling?”

He got off the bed, went down to the bottom and crawled back on. Lifting and spreading her legs he started licking her labia and opening it with his tongue. Working his way up he concentrated on her clitoris and then sticking the end of his tongue into the opening of her vagina.

She tried to concentrate on what he was doing but she had lost the feeling. So many failures, she wondered if she expected him to fail and turned off when he approached her.

Finally she said, “David, it’s not working, I’m OK so why don’t we quit.”

“Are you sure Jean,” he asked. “I could get your vibrator, we could try that.”

“OK David, let’s see it that works.”

She heard him fumbling in her toy drawer, then saw him put lubricant on the device. He came back, knelt down and slowly inserted the vibrator dick head into her vagina. If he only knew how much action that device got. Sometimes three times a night. The familiar vibration hit her, it was like fucking an old friend alas one with a small cock.

Two minutes later she jerked her legs up as she came strongly. This was what their sex life had been relegated to. She knew he could get an erection, she saw him masturbating in the shower one day and his cock appeared to be fully erect. She expected that David would jerk off in his bathroom later. Looking at images on Tumblr or somewhere. Why not to her?

The next day at work she slyly looked at Jim the intern. Hot was the best description for him. Too bad that a thirty five year old woman was not on his radar even though he was always nice to her and sometimes she noticed he seemed to be lurking on her. Today she wore a fairly short skirt, hose, three inch high heels and a blouse that left nothing to the imagination.

Despite her husband problems she knew she was a hot looking woman. Brown straight shoulder length hair, a classic face. Five foot, seven, about one thirty. Very nice 36 C breasts with eraser nipples. Classic ass and a wide mouth just made for sucking cock. During her college days she had used that mouth to score with a lot of hot men.

It was Friday and they were planning a few drinks at the local pub after work. Jim came up and asked her if she was coming.
“Maybe, if you want me too.”
“God yes Jean, I would love to see you come.”
She felt a drop of cunt juice drop after that comment.

Later in the afternoon she got a call from her husband telling her he had to work late and would get dinner out. When the work day was over she went into the restroom, combed her hair and removed her bra.

“That should wake a few of them up.” She thought as she saw her erect nipples in her blouse.

Later she arrived at the pub. The gang had already started getting drunk. She was glad she was within walking distance of home. Jim was all over her, within seconds he determined she was not wearing a bra and spent a lot of time rubbing her back, sometimes getting around to the sides of her breasts.

It was hard for her to ignore Jim, he was twenty five, six foot tall and hard bodied. He was a younger image of her husband, just the kind of guy she always fell for. Playing with Jim made her feel good and his response did wonders for her ego. After a second kiss at something she said she stated.
“Jim, I am old enough to be your maiden aunt.”
Looking at her he said, “Well if you are my aunt it’s not incest.”
Another charge of electricity up her cunt.
“Senior abuse,” she said.
“I would love to abuse you Jean.”
Feeling her cunt drip again she said, “My husband flies out early Sunday. Will you be around later?”“For you I will always be here pretty lady.” He said.

Chapter Two – Jim

Jean’s husband left at two Sunday afternoon. She called Jim and he told her to come over whenever she wanted. She told him probably around seven. She showered, and laid out her clothes. She had planned to wear a matching bra and panties set but decided to skip the bra.

She knew this would telegraph her intentions but that is what she wanted. She had seen Jim’s erection a couple of times at work and was sure he could give her what she wanted.

Seven came as her cab pulled up to Jim’s building. She walked to the entrance, pushed the button for Jim’s apartment and heard the lock open. She went in, and took the elevator to the sixth floor. Nervous she walked down to his door.

She knocked and the door opened at once. Jim was there in a nice sports shirt and slacks. He grabbed her hand and pulled her in. Giving her a big kiss on her cheek he then wrapped his right arm around her as his left hand felt her naked breast. They both moaned and started stripping off their clothes.

Jim had a beautiful cock and it was at full erection. Seeing it she dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. Caressing his balls she started deep throating his cock. She was fully turned on because a man was responding to her. All the disappointment of past months fell away as she worshiped Jims cock.

Jim in the meantime was squeezing her ample breasts and then grabbing the back of her head pushing her down on his cock. They both felt the climax rising as he exploded in her mouth. Groaning he grabbed the back of her head as he filled her with his hot seed.

As he finished he pulled her up and carried her to his king size bed. Almost throwing her down he climbed up and trust his still stiff cock into her cunt. She screamed as she took him and wrapped her legs around his body. He started a non-stop fucking of her hot vagina. In a few seconds she reached her first climax, then another as he continued to pound into her cunt.

For the rest of the evening they made love in many different ways. Ordering delivered Chinese food they did take a break but were back at it after dinner. Jean could not believe how many times she had come.

She woke up at home the next morning. Totally sated but feeling somewhat guilty at seducing young Jim. Then again it was a question as to who did who. She knew that thinking of David made her really feel guilty. Off to work and another week at the grindstone. Everywhere she went during the week Jim was there with his tongue hanging out, wanting more than she was willing to give. Finally she pulled him into a vacant office.

“Jim, it was fun but I am married and I can’t do this again.”
He seemed hurt but she knew he was bull shitting her.
“OK Jean, if that is what you really want.”
“Yes.” She said.

Chapter Three – Evelyn

Her husband came home on Tuesday and they had dinner but no sex. He seemed to be afraid to go in that direction. She realized that her sexuality was going to be her problem to solve.

On Thursday her husband was off again. She was starting to wonder why he was having to take so many trips.

Friday evening all the gang was going to the local pub but she did not want to run into Jim again. She had great sex with him but did not want to mix work and pleasure again.

There was another bar down the street in the opposite direction. She decided that rather than sit in an empty apartment she would go down and have a couple of cocktails. Dressing casual in slacks and a pull over top she put her ID, credit card and keys in a small clutch and went to the “City Bar and Grill.”

It was typical, dark, and not too noisy with a fair crowd of drinkers. She took a booth and looked at the menu. Someone had told her the food was good. The waitress came up and she ordered a cheese burger with onion rings for in a half hour.

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