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As I looked down at my sleeping wife, I shook my head, and once again marveled at how little I understood about what made her tick. Wearing my usual work garb of a blue suit, stripped tie, on a white shirt, with shined black shoes, I picked up my lap top, brief case, and cell phone, and went through the garage to my car.

The last three days had been real shockers. Sunday, I had found hidden in the back of her closet a pair of lace crotchless panties. They were frayed, and stained from many wearing, but I had never seen them before.

Monday, on a hunch, I had phoned Bud Rolling, who lives on the other side of Raleigh. His wife June is my wife’s best friend. Bud and I had played pick up basketball at the YMCA for the last three years, so I knew him well.

“Bud, Barry Ostrowski here, are you alone, and can you talk?”

“Sure, Barry, June is out shopping, so what is on your mind?”

“Bud, I have discovered something that leads me to believe that my wife, Gisele, may be stepping out on me. Have you heard anything from June that would shed some light on what is going on?”

There was a long silence, which told me that my hunch was correct. The only question was, would Bud tell me what he knew?

I continued, “Listen buddy, I won’t run around yelling or screaming, and probably won’t tell her that I know anything.”

“Barry, I will level with you. June and I have had arguments about if I should have told you about what Gisele has told her. Look, you wife was having an affair with a guy who drove a delivery truck, and has seven kids. Before you go ballistic, he has just transferred to Charlotte, so it is over.”

“Do you have any idea, what about him attracted her?”

“Matter of fact, I do, Barry. She has told June, that the guy got so excited when he saw her naked, that his lips trembled, and his cock got beet red, and bobbed up and down. Plus, he was hung. Gisele told June that you treat her like a China Doll, whereas the other guy slammed his cock into her. When he has finished, she says that she felt Swollen, and Well Used in the pussy, which she really liked.”

“Damn, Bud, I want to thank you for filling me in. I am not sure just how I will handle this, but you can be sure of one thing. No one will ever know that we talked, and I will see what I can do to satisfy my wife.”

“Barry, I figured that you were not the jealous type, and would not leave Gisele. Every guy that I know, that knows her, would give an arm or a leg to spend an evening in the sack with her. Basketball, Thursday night?”

“Ya, see you then. Bye.”

Mulling all that over in my mind as I made my calls, I came up with two ideas. First, was that Gisele, having tasted hot sex, would want it again, and with her looks, it was something she could do every day. Second, I would like some strange too, so I would talk to her about going to meet with some swinger couples.

Tuesday night, in bed, I tried to give her some harder sex, but when I tried to go fast, I would start to cum too soon. Catch 22.

Turned out to be our average sex. Laying there in the dark, I said, “Honey, I have been thinking. We are both thirty now, and have been married for six years. I have heard some stories about couples getting together for key exchanges, or swinging at someone’s home. Would you be interested in trying that?”

She pretended that was a new idea to her, and asked what a key club was, and would I be comfortable with her going to bed with a guy.

The short story is that she agreed to give it a try. That brings us up to date. You can understand that only a part of my attention was on my driving as I pulled off interstate 40 onto route 70 on my way to Goldsboro.

Friday night, we drove to Durham to attend our first swinger party. We wondered if the couples would be attractive to us. Were they! Most were slightly older then us, at thirty-five to forty. Gisele looked fabulous in her black knit dress. I noticed several men staring at her.

I sometimes forget what an impact she has on strangers. As we chatted with the hostess, I looked Gisele over. He face has fine features, with classic high cheek bones.

Her eyes are green, and contrast with her reddish brown hair which hangs down six inches below her neck. She has a dark tan. Because of the weight of her C cup breasts, she wears a full halter bathing bra. Men can not take their eyes off her white mounds of breasts that rise out of the top of her dress, and contrast with the dress and her tan.

A tall dark guy, with wide shoulders, wearing a skin tight silk shirt, sauntered over to us. “What are you folks drinking?” “Long Island Ice Tea, we both said at once.”

As he turned, and Gisele turned back to the hostess, I added, “Strong.”

He stopped. “Hi, I’m Tony, and that tiny blond in the red dress, over there, is my other.”

“Tony, do me a favor. Come on to my wife, and give her a good fucking. I’m Barry, and she is Gisele.”

“Oh, yes, that will be my pleasure, my friend,” Tony said, as he moved off to the bar for our drinks.

When Tony returned, he had his wife in tow. “I’m Linda, Tony said that you wanted him to get your wife started. I’ll okay that if I get you in return. Tony will make her quicker, if you and I leave this area, so your wife does not have you watching him put the make on her.”

I just smiled, as I reached out and gently stroked her hair. Things were looking just fine.

Linda took my hand and led me to the lower level. We went to the corner bed room. “I like the light on,” she said, as she turned her back to me so that I could lower the zipper on her dress. A tiny girl, but beautifully proportioned. Just a baby doll. With a laugh, she jumped onto the bed.

“Eat me, Baby,” she said, as she lay back and used both hands to open her outer lips. It was like going down on a teen, in contrast to my wife, who is a full sized woman in all respects. Her legs were frail, and her skin milky white.

She was wet and ready as I begin to explore and enjoy her womanhood. I guess I am a China doll sex man, because that is the way I slowly nibbled and ate at her pussy until she urgently thrust her hips up to press my mouth deep into her pussy, and let out several grunts of pleasure.

Thrusting my cock into her pussy was the most exciting thing I have done in years. I would pull back and then thrust in as hard as I could. I pumped as fast and hard as I could, until my balls tightened, and I exploded into her with gobs of hot cum. Ya!

After we had stopped panting, and had relaxed, Linda gave me a kiss on the head and got off the bed. As she dressed, she said, “I try to do three guys, when I come to these parties, see you later.” She was out the door.

I washed my cock, face, and combed my hair. When I got back to the main floor, I saw Tony at the bar, alone. “Well?”

Tony smiled, and put his mouth close to my ear, as he whispered to me, “Your wife is a wildcat. I fucked her as hard as I could. She kept saying, “Push.” There is another guy with her in the bedroom at the top of the stairs fucking her now.”

Peeking in, I was treated to the sight of my wife being fucked by a short stocky guy that was pumping as fast and hard as he could. As his cock drove home, her ass would ripple from the impact. Her tits would bound up and down, and her cheeks of her face would shake. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was wide open as she begin to orgasm.

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    Yes, this really turned me on. I had to se all my self control not to cum while I was wanking over this.
    I would love to see my wife fucked by a guy or guys with lovely big cocks.

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