Summers End 4.7/5 (33)

It happened at Wayne and Janice Thomas’s annual end of summer party; my wife of 24 years had sex with another man. It was unplanned but not entirely unexpected, at least by me but I’ll get to those details in a moment.

The usual dozen couples gathered at the Thomas home to do what we do every year which is eat too much of Wayne’s delicious barbeque, drink too much booze, get sun burned playing water volleyball in their pool, play poker and gossip about who is doing what to whom.

A poker game started mid afternoon and several of us guys traded the heat and light of the Labor Day sun for the cool dimness of Wayne’s den. We had a portable bar all our own so we didn’t have to have to walk too far to stay well supplied with booze and it got pretty drunk in there pretty quick.

The conversation was typically masculine bullshit punctuated with a lot of laughter. The conversation momentarily stopped as Carolyn, my beautiful wife, came through the room on her way out to the pool. She had changed out of her wet bathing suit into a wrap around skirt, sort of like a sarong, sandals and an oversize t-shirt much to the disappointment of several of the poker players.

Carolyn is still a knockout, by far the prettiest and sexiest woman at the party. Her shoulder length brown hair still has red highlights without a trace of gray. Her green eyes are wide-set and she has the whitest, straightest teeth of any woman I’ve ever seen. But her figure is what stops men dead and makes women self-conscious.

Despite giving birth to twins, she looks like one of those 1940’s pinup girls with an hourglass figure, high firm breasts, tiny waist, fine shapely legs and the cutest derriere you’ve ever seen. Always attractive, Carolyn has worked hard to keep her figure the last few years when many women her age are giving up the battle of the waistline and saying the hell with it, I’d rather have another pastry.

The poker players bravado, lubricated by booze, couldn’t let her just walk by them without some machismo comment. I’m not jealous by nature, and probably would have contributed my share of smart-ass

remarks if it had been some one else’s wife, like Madelyn Freeman, but that would have been more out of courtesy than real admiration.

“Carolyn, go put your that bikini back on and I’ll loan you the money to sit in on this game, ” Wayne said.

“Look, I’ll go one better. I’ll give you table stakes and you can sit right here on my lap.” Fred Harmon offered as he patted his leg.

“Oh come on, Carolyn, the only reason I come to this stupid party every year is to see you in a swim suit,” Jerry Ellis whined.

“Don’t believe it babe,” I said, “The main reason he comes is to take everyone’s money”. That brought a round of hoots all around.

She smiled her brilliant smile, “Thanks guys. I’m just all a flutter from your lechery and your enticing comments. Your collective suaveness makes a girl weak in the knees and your offers are just so, so tempting, but no thanks.

You guys are all alike; you always want what you don’t have. I’m going to go lay under an umbrella by the pool and read this sexy, erotic, scandalous novel.”

“Okay,” Fred said standing up and dropping his cards; “I’ll turn the pages for you. Cash me out boys.”

We shouted him down and jerked him back into his chair.

“You just holler and I’ll be glad to put sun block any where on your body that you need it as often as you need it. You just can’t be too careful in this sun,” Wayne leered.

She twisted his ear and kissed him on the fore head, “Wayne I’m afraid you couldn’t take the excitement old buddy. You might blow an artery, ” she said to the whoops of the other players.

“Come get me” she said to me, “When you’ve either lost all your money or won all of theirs.”

My poker buddies watched her go and Mark sighed, “You are one lucky SOB, Jack. Carolyn is truly one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world. And she never seems to age. Tell me the truth. Is she really a Stepford Wife?”

I just grinned. I’m used to this BS from my friends. Carolyn, a few years past forty, an age when many women give up on their looks and go strictly for comfort, Carolyn walks into a room, and all heads, male and female, turn her way. I’ve notice even younger guys giving her the once over.

When our twin daughters went off to off to college two years ago, instead of moping around the house suffering from the empty nest syndrome, Carolyn reinvented herself, again, just as she had when she gave up her career for motherhood.

Determined to get find life after being a soccer mom, she plunged ahead with enthusiasm. She let her hair grow, bought new clothes, dropped a few extra pounds and acquired a real estate license. She enjoyed getting back to work and meeting new people. The glass is always half-full for Carolyn.

What these guys sitting across the poker table from me didn’t know is that along with her physical transformation, her sex drive, more or less dormant during the child raising years, awakened and then kicked into overdrive. Like most people married 24 years, our sex life had become routine.

When the girls were young it was a full time job taking care of them and she just collapsed into bed at night. I was working long hours and I was exhausted also, so my sex drive slowed to a crawl. But as the girls grew up and took less of Carolyn’s attention and my practice matured into a nice comfortable living, our sex life flickered back to life.

When the girls went off to college, it roared to life like a wild fire. I was thrilled and we discovered each all over again. It was wonderful. She felt liberated with just the two of us in the house and she initiated sex equally as often, if not more so, than I did.

We walked around naked inside the house and screwed on the patio where our neighbors, had they been looking at midnight, could have clearly seen us through their up stairs windows.

She became more self confident and less uncomfortable when men

flirted with her. When the twins were home from college and the three of them were together, people often thought they were triplets. After years of dressing, ‘like a mommy’ as she called it, she began dressing in clothes that showed her figure and her beautiful, long legs.

She got a real kick out of men watching her and that turned her on in bed. Sex became playful for us again and I had her to thank her for the renaissance to our love life. She suggested writing a book called from ‘Soccer Mom to Suburban Hussy in 60 days’.

And then god had his little joke with me. It started with a small painless lump on my penis that twisted the shaft to the left. My doctor explained I had an incurable condition called Peyronies Syndrome but I shouldn’t worry because it would probably go away by itself.

Ha! Scar tissue forms in the penis and it is transformed from its familiar shape to a miss-shaped and shortened lump of flesh that I referred to as Frakendick. As the Peyronies got worse, my erection penis got smaller and I wondered if it was going to completely disappear but it stopped at 75% of it’s previous size.

It also has a 20-degree crook to the left as if I run, full tilt, into a rock wall with a massive hard on..

It still works okay and I still got a lot of pleasure out of sex but it doesn’t get as hard or consequently as large as it used to. I feel like the guy in the old joke with the tiny dick that goes into the whore house and the madam says, “Now just whom do you expect to please with that” and the guy replies “me!”

I could tell the diminished capacity was not giving my wife the stimulation she was used to. Doctors say implants aren’t an option with this condition so we tried to compensate with toys and an array of vibrators but Carolyn is an old fashioned kind of girl and she likes the real thing.

I love her very much and I hate to see her unhappy. The discussion got around to her having sex with other men and since neither of us are the jealous, possessive type, I told her that it was okay with me if she had sex with other men if she felt like she needed to.

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