Summer Fun 4.6/5 (47)

A few years ago myself and my then girlfriend Lisa were away on holiday in a seaside town in the UK. We had ventured out for the night after having a few drinks at our campsite and ended up in a loud bar with a dance floor. Lisa liked to dance.

We had a few shots and were feeling pretty tipsy. Lisa was always very flirty and she didn’t hide it, this secretly turned me on. She openly flirted with the barman whilst ordering our drinks.

After I returned from the toilet I found her talking to a guy by the bar, he was obviously trying to chat her up and she seemed to be encouraging him. I thought I’d hang back and watch to see what happened, but he eventually took off with his drinks and she looked round to find me.

I asked Lisa who she was talking to, she said his name was Rob and he was also on holiday! I asked if she fancied him and she replied “sure, he’s fucking fit.”

We danced a bit and got a bit more drunk, then we found somewhere to sit. We kissed and Lisa started feeling me up through my jeans, I ran my hand up her short skirt to her wet knickers. “Wow” I exclaimed, “something’s got you all horny I see.” She smiled.

I said “Or is it someone?”

Lisa didn’t deny that she had the hots for this guy, she told me that if I wasn’t around she would have pulled him. I knew from our first encounter a year previously that she would have fucked him too, because she fucked me the night we first met.

I was so horny at the thought of her and this other guy that I said, “why don’t you go and see if you can find him?”

“And what would I do if he came onto me?” She said

“Whatever you want babe.” i replied excitedly.

We talked it through for a minute and she said, “ok fuck it, I’ll go find him, but you better not be angry with me if something happens.”

I assured her that I was cool with it and she kissed me deeply, winked at me cheekily, “wish me luck” she said as she turned and walked away.

There was a balcony overlooking the dance floor, I waited there, looking down as Lisa went to the bar where she had met him. I could see her standing at the bar, she ordered a shot from the barman and chatted to him for a while. I stood and waited nervously, watching to see if this guy was about. Then a few minutes later someone approached her. It was Rob!

My heart was pounding, wondering what would happen. After a minute or two of talking I saw her take his hand, they walked to the dance floor. She had her hand round his waste, holding him close, girating against him. I saw his hand on her bum and I could feel my cock stiffen as I watched from afar. Then they kissed!

She danced with him for a few more minutes when I saw them walk away from the dance floor, down towards the exit and out of sight.

‘Fuck’ I thought, there was a tinge of jealousy mixed with a shit load of hornyness.

I walked down stairs and tried to locate them. I went outside and I spotted them heading down the road that lead to the beach. I hung back as they disappeared down some steps.

‘She’s going to fuck him on the beach’ I thought. I had to see this, but couldn’t risk Rob noticing me. I guessed she hadn’t told him about me.

I let them get to the bottom of the steps to the beach and I crept down myself. I could see them find a secluded spot below the sea wall and I managed to hide behind a small boat that was moored up on the sand.

Rob was kissing Lisa deeply, he had her up against the wall and I could see her hands grab his bum, his hand disappeared up her skirt, where mine had been earlier. I knew she was dripping wet. Then she shuffled down and undid his flies. I watched as she took his big cock in her mouth, she was a great cock sucker and I knew she would be living this monster.

After about five minutes she stood up and pulled her knickers down, I watched as he hiked her skirt up and put his impressive member inside her. He wasn’t even wearing a condom.

Rob fucked my girlfriend up against the sea wall for while, then spun her round and stared to do her doggy style. Lisa screamed as he fucked her, then I heard her cum. She was clearly loving it.

Lisa was on all fours in the sand and this guy was smashing her from behind, as I stood behind a boat watching and playing with myself, my cock standing up straight, as hard as he was, but not as big.

Then I saw him up the tempo and let out a moan as he came inside my beautiful girlfriend. It was the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

I heard him say he had to get back to his mates, he kissed her good-bye and she sat down on the beach and let out a satisfied sigh.

It was then that I came out from behind the boat and went to see her. She grabbed me, kissed me passionately and told me she loved me. She said that Rob was amazing and that his cock was humongous. I asked if she’d had enough and she said she couldn’t handle being fucked again, but she wanted to cum one more time.

She smiled at me wickedly and grabbed my crotch hard. I knew that meant she wanted me to go down on her.

“Not now” I said,

“oh please baby?” Lisa pleaded, “I really want your tongue on my clit! I’ll blow you afterwards!?”

So I went down and licked her well fucked pussy, it tasted and smelt of his cum. She rubbed her vagina all over my face as she held her hand on my head.

“That’s it baby, drink my lovers cum from me.” she screamed.

I duly obliged.

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