Sue Doubles Her Pleasure

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Section 1

I was pretty shaky the morning after Tom and Sue made love. Before that night, I would never have believed that I could watch my wife have an intense, intimate relationship with another man. Their lovemaking was so passionate that it left me completely drained. Sue and I had never strayed before, and so it was a shock to me that she really went ahead and did it.

We had talked about it for years, but when she finally broke loose, it took my breath away. Afterward, when she told me that she loved me, and we made sweet love into the night, I was less fearful. Still the next morning, a Sunday, as we awoke from sleeping in, I was anxious.

I woke up first, as she lay next to me, sleeping peacefully. After I was fully awake, I just watched her. I really love her, and want her to be happy, without any feeling of constraint. But I was feeling kind of stupid that morning. I mean, what’s wrong with a man who has a gorgeous wife and then encourages her to go fuck another guy?

Especially when the other guy is a good looking and really hung. I was kind of naïve, I guess. I was nervous about what she would say when she woke up. I knew that she wasn’t going to say “Oh, hi, Gene, you’re history. Now that I’ve been fucked by a real man, I’m leaving you.” But I felt scared anyway. What if she thought it but didn’t say it? I told myself that the kids and I were her life, and that last night was just a fling.

But there was this slightly ill feeling in the pit of my stomach. As the feeling came into my consciousness, I realized that the scariness of the situation was enjoyable. Somewhat like a small pain that was intense. Could it be that I liked feeling scared? Maybe I let it happen just to have the feeling. There sure was a thrill there.

I guess I didn’t really think she would run off, and that confidence was the key to my enjoying the fear. Watching her come with Tom’s big dick inside her made me come, too. The whole experience was illicit. It was forbidden, and scary and just plain exciting. As long as nothing important really changed between Sue and me, it was arousing. I wondered how Sue felt.

I tried to imagine how she felt, but I couldn’t, and she hadn’t admitted anything to me. At the party, she had said something about breaking loose, and that very night she ended up with Tom inside her, and she really loved it. Underneath my little scary feeling was a real fear that Sue might be changing into someone else.

Even so, as I lay in bed, I realized that I had enjoyed the whole night of Tom and Liz’s party. The buildup, the horniness, the tension, and the watching. God, the watching! They had been so erotic! Images of them with him on top of her, his big cockhead wedged inside her, flashed through my mind. I groaned inwardly as I re-lived her wildness, with her legs wide open, just panting and moaning.

Normally totally in control, Sue had shown her true hot female side, and if it was stimulating for me, Tom was really inflamed. My memories flooded over me and I got a huge erection, just lying there looking at her next to me.

So I knew at that moment, the very morning after, that I wanted another adventure. I was shaky, but it was that shakiness that made me feel excited. And what I had to look forward to was another fantastic female explosion. My anticipation made me worry that there was something wrong with me.

When I realized that I wanted her to do something like that again, I felt guilty, like I was failing in my husbandly duty. I knew that getting her to do it again was a dangerous act to contemplate, and I really shouldn’t think about it. But deep inside, I knew that I wanted to feel that dangerous feeling again. I wanted to let go some more, and I wanted to be with Sue when she did it again.

Later that week, when Tom’s wife, Liz called to ask us over for dinner, I suggested instead that they should come to our house for a Saturday evening, two weeks away. She accepted gracefully, and we agreed on the date. As I put down the phone, a chill went through me. I figured that something would happen that night but I had no real clue what it would be, since I figured that Liz was unaware of their tryst. She had been out cold when Tom and Sue had been making love. So maybe nothing would happen.

Two weeks later, when Liz called a few days in advance to say she had to go home to help her parents for the weekend, a tremor went right through my chest. Oh my God! I wondered if Tom had told Liz about his night with Sue, but somehow, I felt pretty confident that he was a little too slippery to confess. So Liz’s late announcement was innocent. She probably had no clue that she was setting things up for a repeat engagement.

But Tom knew. And Sue knew. But Tom and Sue didn’t know that I knew. Sue still hadn’t told me. I kept expecting her to sit me down and confess, with reassurances, of course.

The fact that Sue hadn’t told me anything was unnerving and made me feel vulnerable. Why didn’t she share her hot night with me? Good God, how many husbands gave their wives license to go out and make love to other men? When I told Sue told that Liz couldn’t come over for dinner, she looked positively radiant.

She gave me her long slow smile, and said, “Gee, too bad that Liz has to go to her mom’s. But I bet Tom would like to come over and have dinner with us instead of sit home with leftovers.” Well, I bet he would, too. Any man who thought he even had a chance to sit close to Sue would break down the door.

She tossed her long, thick, black mane of hair and stared off into space. “Why don’t you give him a call and make sure he knows he’s welcome?” I was rigid with excitement and fear. So when I called Tom to make sure he knew he was welcome, I was kind of choking. My throat got thick when I remembered Sue with him. They were very good together. While I was on the phone with him, I had a vision of him thrusting into her, and her fierce explosion under him. I almost fainted when he said he’d love to see us.

As the reality of the impending evening dawned on me, I didn’t actually feel all that relaxed about things. I mean, Sue would probably like to make love to Tom again, yet she still figured that I didn’t know. Also, I was pretty sure she would be uncomfortable about fucking Tom with me right there . Rather than just let things drift in no direction, I decided to arrange things the way I wanted them. As I thought back over Sue’s various fantasies, the one that came to mind was the Prince Charming dream.

She’s a hopeless romantic, and only capable of letting go if her fantasies are tweaked. So the day after Liz called, I wrote a sweet note and tucked it into a dozen roses at a florist across town, and paid for it with a smile. I knew that she’d think it was from Tom. “You are so beautiful and you give so much pleasure that I have not been able to sleep since we were together.” Wow there’s some romance, and pretty obvious not from that tired old husband, Gene.

When I got home that Tuesday night, the roses were in a vase and no note in sight. I kissed her on the neck and breathed down her throat. Held in a tight grip, she melted her stomach and thighs against me. Tom got the credit, but I got her heat. I dropped my hand down to her rear, and pulled her tighter against me. She was probably thinking about Tom, but when I nipped at her breasts, she sighed and pulled me down on her, right there on the couch in the living room. The kids were at friends, thank God.

On Saturday, I discovered that the kids were each staying overnight with a friend. Sue had arranged it smoothly. They needed some social interaction, she said. By Saturday night, Sue was positively electric. She was very confident and pleased. She spent all day, humming and making dinner. A fruit tart for desert, and fancy vegetables, and a beautiful beef roast. She set the table with linens and crystal and big fat, thick candles.

Section 2

About an hour before Tom was due, she got in the shower, and then spent about half an hour putting on makeup that carefully looked like almost no makeup. She dressed in red lace bikini panties and a matching sheer, lacey bra to capture her round perky breasts. Over these, a very sheer red slip that wasn’t really for coverage. It was short and filmy, and she was radiant. Her long tapered legs were gorgeous below all that red.

For a top, she put on a satin top that draped over her breasts and was scoop necked enough so that if she leaned forward, you could see right down into her bra. Her skirt was short and showed her thighs. The total effect on any male was so strong that most men would stop dead in their tracks and stare.

I couldn’t help but kiss the back of her neck and graze my hands over the sides of her breasts. She liked it and leaned back into me. I slid my hands over her breasts from behind and cupped them both, and lifted gently, just applying a little pressure. When I got no resistance, I kept going and rubbed my fingertips over her nipples. She made a nice little mewing sound and pushed hard with her bottom against my crotch.

I was enjoying her letting go, but I knew that Tom would be there soon, and that we were going to be interrupted by a doorbell. I guess that she knew, too. I whispered in her ear, “Tom really thinks you’re hot, you know. He’s going to be entranced by you. You look stunning tonight.” She just melted a little more. Finally, we heard the doorbell and we separated.

My hardening cock gradually subsided as we walked, and we greeted Tom at the door. He was clearly rocked by Sue’s image. She stood up close to him and he looked down at her. The view was great. Her cleavage was just right. Puffy, but not too big. Sweet looking, and very hot.

I watched him suck in his breath. He was really knocked out by her. I couldn’t blame him. I thought she looked so good that I would have gladly taken her clothes off right then. But not yet, I thought. I groaned to myself as I thought about her smooth, sleek, naked body, the slight round rise of her stomach, and her black hairy bush hiding her treasure.

I had to force myself back to the evening in front of us. I smiled to myself, thinking about what a magnet she was. Two men mesmerized by her. Like two tense, hungry bears circling a female in heat.

I set out a silver ice bucket with some expensive imported champagne, turned down the lights, and lit the candles. The dining room looked like a private room in an exclusive restaurant. Warm and cozy, with low lights and gleaming china and silver. A fantasy room. Tom walked in and instantly caught the flavor, “God, Sue, this is fantastic. You’re a real genius at entertaining.” Those were magic words.

Sue beamed, and chirped back, “Well, Tom, I wanted to do something special for you.” Tom reached out and lifted Sue’s hand, and then bowed to kiss her lightly on the back of the hand. Sue enjoyed his attention, and then, still holding her hand, he turned it over and kissed the palm. The kiss was a little too intimate, but I could see that Sue was loved it.

While Tom and Sue tried to think of something more to say, I went in the living room and put on some soft music. We sat down together, and I said to Tom, “Doesn’t she look gorgeous? I’m a very lucky guy.”

“Gene, I have to tell you that Sue is a beautiful woman. And Sue, you’re driving me crazy. Your eyes are so black and deep.” Wow, I thought, way to go, Tom. Sue was actually beginning to look a little worried about me. Tom was sounding pretty sincere, and I certainly was noticing. But I wasn’t acting jealous. Sue’s worry would turn into puzzlement, soon enough.

We ate her romantic meal, with light talk about Liz, and how she recovered after their last party. On the one hand, I had another flash of feeling stupid, steering the conversation around to that night. I knew they would both have some strong memories, and a couple of times their breath caught, and they just looked at each other.

But on the other hand, I loved the scared feeling I got. By encouraging them, I could be setting myself up for something I didn’t want to see and feel. As I wondered what was going to happen, I actually shivered and a shudder ran across my shoulders. They didn’t notice.

I kept Sue’s champagne glass filled, and she laughed and was very pretty and happy. Tom kept his glass empty, no matter how hard I tried to fill it. I finally had to get up and get a backup bottle chilling in the refrigerator. I thought to myself, these two are having a big time.

I wondered what they thought was going to happen. Surely they were wishing that somehow they could repeat their last encounter. Sue had begun to lean forward, toward Tom when she gestured, and he was getting little flashes of red lace against her soft skin. Tom was hypnotized.

Tom kept up the complements. “Sue, your hair really gleams in the candlelight.” And then, “This dinner is one of the best I’ve ever had.” Sue was thrilled, and giddy.

We finally ate our sweet and sour tart by candlelight, with filmy music in the background. After we finished, I poured each of us a brandy, and we adjourned to the living room. We sat together with our big soft couch cushions puffed up around us. Sue and I sat together, and Tom sat across from us, around the corner of the couch.

As we sipped our brandy, and the violins softly played, I put my arm around Sue, who by this time didn’t seem to know what to do. Here we were, the three of us, awkward, but bound together. Neither Tom nor Sue seemed to want to initiate anything. They didn’t seem to know what to do.

It seemed really simple to me. I decided to see what would happen when I kissed her, right there in front of Tom. So I leaned over and gave her a nuzzle, with a nip on the neck. She stiffened a little, as if to say, “Gene, not here in front of Tom.” I put my right hand around her throat, and gently pushed her head back into the cushions. She yielded, and looked up at me. I smiled down at her, and she blushed. I looked over at Tom, frozen as though he couldn’t wait to see where this was going.

I relaxed, and enjoyed the two of them waiting to see what I was going to do next. The moment was loaded with sexual tension, but no one spoke. The candles, the music, and the champagne, combined with Tom’s flattery had made Sue really compliant.

She was enjoying whatever was happening. I wanted to be sure that she felt safe, even though she had to be uneasy about Tom’s reaction to any sexual advances from me. But the truth was that Tom wasn’t about to jump up and leave, and Sue was really pretty hot by now.

Looking into her eyes, I leaned closer to her, and slid my hand down her throat to her bare cleavage. I grazed my hand over her satin blouse, and brushed across her nipples without making much contact. Her eyes fluttered, and she blushed again. Without saying anything, she breathed in hard and swallowed. Tom stared and watched. I couldn’t slow down now. With my right hand on her cleavage, I slowly lowered my face down to hers, and brushed my lips across her mouth.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, and I put my own mouth right against hers and we kissed. It was a long, slow, kiss that had a built-in intensity. After a long moment, I pulled back and kissed her gently on both eyelids and whispered in her ear, “I love you. You are so sexy.” She bit me on the earlobe with a nip and a tonguing. Tom squirmed around, but he kept his gaze riveted on us.

Section 3

I leaned back and cupped her right breast with my right hand. Looking at Tom, I lifted her breast and then slowly circled my fingertips around the perimeter, without touching the nipple. Sue’s chest expanded as she became visibly aroused. The fact that she let me caress her breast meant that she was losing some inhibitions. Her nipples poked through her blouse, and her breast pushed against my hand.

I ran my hand from her right breast to her left breast, and still she didn’t move her arms. I really expected her to object, but with her eyes closed, she was breathing heavily and obviously enjoying my caresses. And the feel of her breasts, swelling with excitement, was very arousing to me. I couldn’t help but squeeze her left nipple with my thumb and forefinger, and that elicited a little moan from her. Her head rolled gently from side to side. She looked like she knew where we were headed.

With my mouth by her ear, I whispered to her, “Would you like me to invite Tom over there to help me? I can see he really wants you.” She didn’t say anything, but her breath quickened. She bit her lower lip. She was pondering this question, with my hand slowly caressing one breast. She nodded her head back and forth, saying no. I knew that wasn’t really what she wanted. Tom, meanwhile, was beginning to fidget. I figured that he had quite an erection by now.

So I kissed her again, and this time I enveloped her left breast entirely in my hand and squeezed, and pulled my hand back, ending up rolling her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I couldn’t help myself any longer and as pulled and twisted her nipple, I shot my tongue deep into her mouth. She loved it. She moaned and arched her back. She bit my tongue and then kissed me back deeply. By this time, Tom was rubbing his crotch without being too obvious.

Since her sexual temperature was going up, I gently kissed my way down her throat and onto the top of her breasts. Little slow kisses, with my right hand caressing both her breasts. She began to shift around on the couch, clearly becoming more agitated. With her eyes closed, she leaned forward and held her face up to be kissed again.

I reached my hand inside her blouse, and slid my fingers inside her bra, cupping the soft skin of her breast and giving it a gentle squeeze and a twist of my hand. I looked over at Tom and he was leaning forward, his eyes glowing, with his hand on an obvious bulge in his pants.

I whispered in her ear, “Don’t you want Tom to come over here and help me make you happy? It’s ok with me. I just want to see you enjoy yourself.”

Her eyes flickered open, and she licked her lips and then rolled her head over to look into my eyes and said, “If it’s ok with you, I’d like that.” My heart fluttered as I realized where we were headed. I had not been sure that she would go for it, but I knew that Tom would be good to her, and that she would really love whatever he did to her. Having watched them make love before, I was pretty confident that this would turn out ok. And it sure did make me excited. I couldn’t believe we were really going to do it.

I looked over at Tom, and said “Would you like to come over here, Tom? I think Sue would really like that.” Tom gulped and then said, tentatively, “Are you guys sure about this? I wouldn’t want you to…” I thought to myself, oh come on, Tom, who are you kidding? Rather than respond to him, I just buried my face in the side of Sue’s neck and gave her a slow bite on the side of the neck, and squeezed her right breast, which I was still holding and caressing.

Sure enough, Tom was next to Sue in about two seconds. She looked up at him, and he slowly lowered his mouth to hers, and they kissed a long slow kiss, with lots of little bites on the lips. Sue put her right hand on the back of my neck while I kissed her right under the ear and Tom kissed her on the mouth. Two mouths on her made her moan.

I slid my right hand up, pushing against her breast, and I could feel her blouse stretch as Tom gripped her other breast. Sue let out a moan, and said, “I can’t believe this is happening. I am getting so excited.” She put her head back on the couch and closed her eyes, a woman who was in new territory and just letting things happen. She was really getting hot. And Tom was really primed. He was breathing heavy and groaning.

Tom and I kind of divided her up. He got the left half and I got the right half. We kissed her, with her clothes on, for a good ten minutes. We caressed her, and we slowly ran our hands under her blouse, and felt the lacey slip and bra.

While one of us reached inside her bra from the front, the other one went under her blouse and caressed her stomach. Sue made wonderful noises, and kept sighing and saying, “Oooohhhhhh, please don’t stop. I can’t believe this.” My erection was rock hard.

Somehow Tom and I managed to keep from grabbing each other’s hands. All three of us kept on getting more excited, and both of us men had stiff hard bulges in our pants. We stayed above her waist, kissing, nibbling, licking and softly rubbing. She was groaning and moaning and making very satisfying sounds. “Oooooohhhhhh yessss”, “Mmmmmmmm. Please do that some more….” All three of us were huffing and groaning. I told Sue that I loved her, and Tom whispered into her ear.

Even so, Sue and Tom continued to wait for me to take the lead. As she began to squirm, her knees began to slowly separate, and her thighs actually shivered. She began to raise one knee and open and close her legs. She was gradually sliding lower on the couch, and both Tom and I began to run our hands down her legs, but just on the outside, not her inner thighs. Finally, with her legs open, her knees trembled steadily, as though she was very hot. Her entire body was undulating, and we had yet to caress her thighs.

But her knees stayed open, and her mons was grinding up and down. We were torturing her and she was loving it. She began to gasp, and she said, “Oh, I am so excited. What are we going to do?” She was ready for anything. Her sexual needs had overcome her inhibitions. She knew Tom would do great things to her, and she was pretty confident that I would, too. Her thinking processes were fogged over now, and she was ready for some penetration. I knew that she wanted her cloths off, and our hands on her bottom half.

I wanted to take her clothes off, but we needed to find a better place than the couch. There was the floor, but I didn’t want her to get floor burns. It was a little awkward to stand up and go somewhere, but we had to get up and walk to the guest room. We were all so hot that it was really no challenge.

“Come on, you two” I said. And I stood up. Tom didn’t let go of Sue, and her free arm started to wrap around Tom. I grabbed her arm, and pulled her up slowly. “Come with me. Let’s go to the guest room. There’s a nice big bed in there.” That was all they needed to hear. Tom stood up and we each pulled up on her. She stood between us, and we pressed her between us. Like a sandwich, with all our clothes on.

Sue rotated around to face me. She sounded a little groggy, “Are you sure it’s ok? I don’t want to hurt you.” I smiled at her and at Tom, and said “Let’s make Sue totally happy.” To reassure Tom, I said to him, “You know, I’m not gay.

I just want to see Sue have a great experience.” Obviously I had lost my mind. I was on fire inside, a real turmoil. And I was loving all these strong feelings. Both Tom and Sue stared into each other’s eyes, as if they were finally free to keep going. And I was free, too. I was getting very excited. My breathing was coming in spurts.

Section 4

I caressed her ass cheeks with one hand, and ran my other hand across her stomach. Tom put two hands on her breasts and began to pull on her nipples so her nipples and breasts pulled out a good two inches. She let out a groan, and yelped, and rotated her bottom against the maleness around her. She was rising up to heaven, and I was feeling really excited. There was a quivering in the pit of my stomach, and my throat was tight. I was going to let my wife fuck another man right in front of me. All three of us knew it, and it was very exciting.

I put my arm around her waist, and pulled her toward the bedroom. Finally all three of us walked to the bedroom, two men with one woman in our arms, between us. She was clearly very willing, almost liquid in her motions. It only took us a few seconds to make it into the bedroom, and Tom pulled the covers on the bed back, and sat down on the bed. I stood away from the bed, turned Sue to face me, and pulled her blouse over her head.

She put her arms up and I stared down at her beauty. “This is going to be a fantastic night,” I said. She smiled, and tilted her head up to be kissed and we fused together for a long searching, probing embrace. When we slowed down, she reached around behind herself to unzip and drop her skirt. She stepped out of it, and turned to walk over in front of Tom. He reached up and ran his hands up the back of her legs, from her knees up to her ass. We still hadn’t touched her thighs.

She shivered and vibrated, clearly in need of major contact, and Tom stood up, running his hands from her ass up her sides and ending on her breasts. He reached down to her hips, and grabbed her slip, and in one fast motion, pulled the slip over her head. Her arms flew up and I came up behind her, and cupped both bra-clad breasts, sliding my hands down over her stomach, and finally running my hands down onto her pubic bone. She moaned and her hands began to search front and back for our cocks.

I caressed her around the back and then up to her shoulder blades. Tom put his hands on her breasts, and kissed her gently on the mouth. Her hands were desperately searching for cocks. As he was kneading her breasts, I undid the clasp of her bra. When the bra came loose, his hands suddenly cupped both naked breasts and he squeezed and she cried out, arching her back. She was almost completely naked now, and she was lost in a haze. She was completely ours to play with. She was not thinking at all.

We left her panties on, and Tom sat back down on the bed, with her standing between his legs, her breasts jutting out. While she stood, Tom leaned slowly forward and kissed under her nipples. With one hand under each breast, he suckled the nipples gently. Sue began to moan and gasp, and I kissed her on the back of her neck.

She put her head back against me and moaned louder, as Tom sucked each nipple and pulled the other. He began going back and forth, faster and faster, and working her breasts with his hands. She was transported to another place, and her knees began to buckle.

I guided her down on the bed, and she hitched herself across the mattress, so that she was sitting with her legs under her. She looked at Tom and then she looked at me, and she said, “Please take off your clothes.” Tom was out of his shirt in zero seconds, and he stripped his shorts and shoes off, in one motion. His cock popped out, and he said, “Oh God, Sue, you are just so beautiful, I want you so bad.”

He scrambled across the mattress and his fat cock bobbed as he moved. His cock was short, but really thick. It was very dark, a deep red, and it stuck straight out from him. Sue looked at it with hunger. As he got close to her, she reached out and gripped his cock tight. She put the other hand around his neck, and he kissed her mouth hungrily. They stayed in that kiss forever, their tongues searching each other, her hand slowly rotating and stretching the skin of his cock in long slow pulls.

As she started to caress his balls and he began rubbed the inside of her thighs, I took off my clothes, and sat down on the bed so that I could watch them. They began to lose track of me, and their heat continued to increase. I couldn’t believe that nobody had come, but both of us men were focused on her, and we were both really enjoying her vibrations.

It was clear that she was boiling hot. Her legs were apart and his hand was slowly easing up to her silk covered pussy. Her pants were wet between her legs. As his hand finally reached her pussy, she sucked in her breath and cried out, “Oh, Yes, Tom, Oh please..”

He was still in no hurry, though. I leaned forward and just watched while he lightly danced his fingers across her pussy lips. He ran his hand back and forth, with his fleshy fingertips pressed up against her wideness. She had her knees far apart and she had his cock grasped in her hand. She was pulling his cock skin all the way over the end of his cock and then pushing back against his pubic bone, with a thump.

Each time she pumped, Tom let out a grunt. Her pubic bone was grinding against his hand. I could see that those panties needed to come off, so I reached over and hooked my fingers under the panties and pulled down. She rolled over just enough for me to pull both sides down, and I kept on pulling until they came right off over her feet. They were soaking, and her smell filled the room. It caused both Tom and me to flare out nostrils and to swell up.

She dropped back on the bed, rolled over on her side, and he scooted over so that he was facing her, his cock against her stomach. She hung on to his cock, and he reached around her waist and put his open hand on the swell of her ass, pulling her against him. His cock was poking into her stomach and she was now moving her hips with smooth, intense rolls, holding him to her stomach in her fist. Her right leg began to come up over his side, so that her pussy was wide open for his hand. She was the universal female asking to be fucked. She was saying, oh please mount me. I am wide open.

The scene was too much for me to just watch. I couldn’t just sit there, so I slipped my hand onto her inside thigh and began sliding upward toward her pussy. She began to hump into Tom, as I arrived at her pussy. I slid my fingers apart, so that I had her lips between my fingers, and I stared to rub forward and back. She was very wet, and she began to move in time with my hand, making little whimpering noises. Tom’s hand was on her back, pulling, and she gripped his cock as I was stroking her pussy.

We were mindless, but we were all in tune together. It was indeed fantastic. I should have felt terrified at what I was letting my wife do with another man, but both Tom and I were so absorbed in her pleasure that she was all we really could see. She was completely wild now, just breathing heavily and making little whimpering sounds.

Tom slowed his own humping of her stomach, and captured her face with both hands, while she held him. Almost sitting up, he slowly lowered his face down onto hers, and kissed her tenderly. He gave her a long slow, tonguing of her lips and her mouth. He began to suck on her lips and run his tongue in and out of her. Her noises got louder. She began to rock and shake. Her pussy was still only lightly caressed by Tom and by me. I knew that she was close to an orgasm. Her thigh muscles were jerking and jumping.

Section 5

While Tom was kissing her, I fell forward and put my face between her legs. I blew hot air on her beautiful, wet, pink pussy, and ran my fingers over the opening, making circles with my fingertips. I knew she loved finger fucking, so I slid one finger slowly into her. She went wild and began thrusting wildly with her pussy.

My face rocketed forward, and I captured her clit with my mouth. My face was up against her sharp smell, and her wetness. My nose was in her pubic hair. I ran my tongue lightly over her clit. She made animal noises, high pitched female noises, sounding desperate, and then she screamed, before I could even get two fingers in.

She came all at once, while Tom had his tongue down her throat, just as I was sliding two fingers into her and my mouth had captured her pleasure spot. Her back snapped into an arch, pulling her face away from Tom, and her pussy squeezed down on my hand like another hand grabbing my finger. She bucked and cried out, “Yeeeesssss, Oooooooh God, that’s sooooooo gooooooodddd. Ahhhhhhieeeeeeeeee. I’m coming.”

I held on to her pussy and forced both fingers all the way in while she was coming. She responded with another back snap and another cry. She was out of control, just one giant come. I lapped at her pussy, causing more little screams and jerks. Tom’s hand was by my head, massaging the spot above her pelvic bone. Wow. What an experience!

As she was coming, Tom slid down lower on the bed, so that his cock could get between her legs. Much to my surprise, his cock started pushing against my head. My fingers were inside her convulsing pussy and, as I pulled my face back from her, Tom’s fat cock slipped down to press against my hand. It was the most elemental basic sensation I could imagine. It seemed dangerous to me. I was blocking his way, and he need to get into her.

She needed him very badly. I slid my fingers back, and his cockhead pressed into her, brushing my fingers aside. I could feel the underside of his cock, and I couldn’t stop myself from wrapping my fingers around his cock as it slid into her. It was a stunning feeling, gripping his cock as it moved through my hand, all hard and slick.

She was completely soaked, and he was leaking precome fluid. My hand was covered with their juices, and as I gripped his cock, Tom let out a huge moan. His cock was so incredibly hard and bumpy, and the rough feeling of all that slippery thrusting almost made me come. Tom pushed hard and his pubic bone crushed against my hand, pressing my hand into Sue’s pussy. After a couple of his thrusts with my hand around him, I pulled my hand back, and rested my hand on her ass cheeks.

Everything in the general area of Sue’s pussy was soaking wet. She had generated enough liquid to cover her pussy and her ass, and her thighs. As Tom rested his cockhead partway inside her, I ran my fingertips around her ass hole. Sue quivered, and jerked back toward my hand. Without any thought, I slid a finger inside her ass. She made an approving noise. She said, “Oh, yes, I can’t believe this. Please fuck me good.”

With her on her left side, and with her right leg over his side, it was easy for me to slip another finger into her ass. As I first started to push, she was still relaxed from her cum, and she opened her ass up with no resistance. My fingers went in easily, and she wiggled in pleasure. Tom thrust further into her pussy, and I impaled her from behind with two fingers. Sue was mindless. She had arrived in heaven.

Tom couldn’t get all the way in with one thrust, so he stopped and gave her a chance to adjust and to push with him. They gradually pushed together, and he gave little jerks as tremors passed through her crotch. She squirmed and rotated and pushed, making gaspy little grunts. When they finally were joined all the way, I shoved my fingers in to the hilt as well. Tom and I had her pressed between us, and she was very hot.

I knew suddenly what the culmination of this adventure was going to be. I gently withdrew my fingers, and moved my cock up to her ass. Sue just made a little sobbing noise, and rotated her ass up for me to enter. As I pushed, it must have hurt, since she pulled away, but there wasn’t really anywhere for her to retreat.

Tom held still and gripped her around the waist, immobilizing her while I pressed from behind. I knew enough to just hold my cock head up against her, while she got used to the idea. More penetration was coming her way, and I knew she would ultimately yield to it and love it.

We all lay there wordless for a minute or so, breathing hard, and then I could sense her need to move. I pressed against her, as Tom held her. Finally, she responded by pushing against me with a simultaneous gasp of pain. My cock head was large enough that, even in her relaxed state, it took effort to get the head inside her. She shoved hard and grunted as I popped into her. It was supreme. We lay there again, three souls in heat. Two bears with a female, about to fuck. We all quivered and moaned together. It was incredible.

I kept up a steady pushing, and gradually entered her deeper and deeper, as far as she could take me. As my cockhead got inside, I could feel Tom’s cock, bumping against my cock through the wall of her vagina. My own cock was throbbing, it was so intense. At last, both Tom and I were deep inside Sue. She was impaled like never before. She was babbling, with a kind of guttural laughing. Kind of like a huffing, stuttering sound. We were at the peak of our adventure. Another man was fucking my wife and she was loving it. So was I.

Tom and I were both very careful, but it was hard not to just go wild and fuck her ass like crazy men. She was wide open and totally at our mercy. Sandwiched between us, she just hung on, mostly to Tom. Rather than thrust wildly, we both continued to push steadily up inside her as far as we could reach, until she let out a deep groan. “Ooooh my gooooodddddddd, please fuck me now. Please fuck me sweet.”

Tom began a slow withdrawal, and I stayed in place. As he began to slowly slide back in, I started to slowly pull out. It just seemed natural, and we each began slow withdrawals, alternating with slow pushes back inside her, our cocks bumping into each other through her inner wall, as we thrust. She was completely beyond thought.

Just impaling herself and getting fucked like never before in her life. She was beyond any previous self-restraints. She was blissful. All our smells were mingled together, into one tangy, sweet aroma. All three of us just floated in a mutual sexual haze.

Tom and I were very happy, and our thrusts began to take on their own lives. My cock was beginning to be exquisitely hot and tingly. I knew that I was not going to last very long, and I began to take faster thrusts. My cock was running away with me. It was thrusting and vibrating, and I couldn’t hold back much longer. My balls began to pull up and I could feel them swelling up.

Sue felt it building, and so did Tom. She began to scream and Tom and I thrust faster and faster. Her head was back, her eyes closed, her teeth showing. Her breasts were bobbing, her back arched, as we both thrust harder and harder. She was crying out, “Oh, oh, oh, aaaaaaahhhhhhh.” Her noises were getting higher pitched. I knew that meant that she was just about to come.

At last, I felt my balls and my cock tingle and sharp little pleasure pains shot through me, from my balls up to my abdomen. I couldn’t stop myself and I fucked her as hard as I could, with cum shooting out of me. My brain exploded in my head, and I let out a huge groan and grunt as I shot a stream of semen into Sue’s ass.

A split second later, another blast of sound came out of Tom, as he, too, came into Sue’s pussy. With both of us shaking and thrusting and crying out, Sue screamed even louder and her entire abdomen started to convulse. Her ass and her pussy simultaneously convulsed and gripped the two cocks that were throbbing inside her.

Section 6

The three of us came for what seemed like several minutes, and we lay together, shaking, and jerking. For a while, we lay motionless, just getting our composure. I withdrew first, and let Sue fall back on the mattress. As she collapsed against the bed, Tom plopped out of her, with a trail of semen reaching from his softening cock head to her furry entry.

I rolled over and kissed her on the mouth, and she kissed me back passionately, with hunger. She had tears streaming down her cheeks, and she was totally absorbed in her feelings. Tom flopped back and then rolled over to give her a second kiss, which she returned with the same hunger that she had just kissed me.

We passed out. Sometime in the night one of us pulled the covers over all of us, and we slept like we were drugged.

In the very early morning, while it was still dark, I woke to their lovemaking. I could hear them breathing and kissing. Tom’s upper half was over her, and he was tonguing her mouth. Sue was on her back, with her legs spread and her knees up, and his hand was between her legs. She was making little moans, trying to be quiet. I raised up on one elbow so that she’d know I was awake, and I looked right at her. She turned and looked over at me. There was almost no light, but enough that we could see each other’s eyes.

As Tom caressed her pussy, she reached out two hands, and grabbed my cock first, and his second. I rolled closer and she pumped me. Tom was very urgent, and he spoke to her, “Please, Sue, I need you now.” I nodded silently. Tom rolled over on top of her, and she hung on to both our cocks, except that his was being guided between her legs. Tom pushed forward, and she held on until he was entering her, and then she withdrew her hand from his cock.

Suddenly he was inside her, where he pushed all the way in to her bottom in one long but hard thrust. She gasped. He stopped and she pulled her knees up higher, effectively sucking him further inside. She let out a long singing moan, and still hanging on to my cock, she started rocking her ass, which made his pubic bone grind against her clit.

He stayed all the way in, slowly pumping and pushing hard, in circles. She came quietly, with a very sweet little whimper. She was still gripping my cock, and I was entranced, hearing her high pitched noises, and seeing her pushing with her pussy, her feet now on the mattress. Tom groaned, and pumped more semen into her, with spurts that still didn’t pull back.

I came as they both quivered and shook. My come shot over both of them, mostly on Tom. He collapsed and fell asleep almost instantly, on top of her. She closed her eyes, with him still inside her, and her hand went limp on my cock. They slept that way until dawn. I fell asleep myself, with dreams of Sue.

When the full dawn came, we were three lovers, and there was not much self-consciousness. As I was waking up, Sue crawled up on top of me, and inched her pussy down onto my morning erection. She smiled at me and said “Good morning, husband. I love you.” She pressed herself onto me until I was past the crusty dried cum, up inside her. Her pussy was wet inside, and Tom’s cum was still inside her from their last lovemaking.

She smiled dreamily down at me, whispering,. “I have been wanting to tell you that Tom and I were kind of tipsy at the party and we ended up fucking on the couch. Did you want to know that? I hope it’s ok to tell you, because I hate having any secrets between us.” She blurted this out softly, in my ear. It sounded like she had wanted to say these words for some time. She sighed as she pushed her pussy down further onto my cock.

As she was talking, she was grinding her pubic bone against mine and she was gripping my cock with her legs together. On top of me, she clasped her fingers in mine, in both my hands, holding them down on the mattress. It felt so good, I didn’t last long. I came with a single long upward thrust, and she just sighed happily. I spurted again and again, and felt overjoyed with my life. And my wife.


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