Sue Breaks Loose

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Section 1

We were both in our underwear, getting dressed for the party. Susan was in her lacey black bra and panties, and her gorgeous figure was making me lose my concentration. Freshly showered, she was standing facing the mirror, with one hip cocked to the side, her head over to the other side. Her shiny, jet-black hair swayed as the brush stroked from the top of her head down to the bottom of her mane, by her elbow.

“Hey, gorgeous,” I whispered across the room, “You’re going to be a knockout at this party.” She looked in her mirror and smiled a wide, sloe-eyed smile. I knew we were due at the party in an hour, but her slender legs, wide hips and graceful full ass cheeks made my head a little foggy. “I’m getting stoned on you,” I said. Married for almost 15 years, I couldn’t believe how hot she still made me. The kids were already at Grammy’s, and the part was an entire hour away.

Still stroking her hair, she licked her pink tongue across her lower lip. “Don’t tease me, Gene,” she said. “You know I’m getting ready to go.”

I walked over to her side, and slowly leaned forward, not really touching her. The heat of her back made the bare skin of my chest tingle as I leaned near her shoulder blades. I gently ran my finger tips down the exposed right side of her neck, just as she finished another long stroke with the brush. I asked her with a smile, “Just how ready are you, anyway?”

She made a mock whimpering sound, and rocked her hips left and right. “You’re just playing with me…”

I couldn’t help but press my swelling pelvis against her, so that I nudged the small of her back. She rotated around and smiled, still brushing, but slowly now. “Watch out”, she said, and I knew what she meant. She rotated her hips again, and her pelvis ended up against my thigh.

She leaned against me, and my whole crotch twitched. God, she’s sexy! Her eyelids slowly closed, and my left hand rose to cup her right breast gently. I started to close my thumb and forefinger over her nipple, through the lacey fabric. She lowered her face into the base of my throat and nuzzled me with her lips open.

Although I settled my right hand on the swell of her hip, I knew we had to quit, or we’d never make it to the party. She was clearly getting hot, and so was I.

Both of us wanted to see Tom and Liz, our friends who were giving the party. They were somewhat new friends, and we really like them. A little younger than us, they’re both easy and fun. Tonight their part was a typical, fun theme party.

We didn’t want to leave them in the lurch, or to miss the fun. So I leaned back, and said softly, “Hey, we better take it easy, or we’ll miss the party.” She opened her eyes and smiled again, and then pressed her pelvis against my hip with some urgency, and said, “Ok, see you later, big boy”. She rolled her eyes in mock flirtation, and we both laughed. We were both aroused, and savoring the feeling. We kissed a nice long kiss, and we nipped each other’s lips with toothy little bites. A nice promise for a hot visit later.

We pulled apart and got dressed quickly. She surprised me by being ready in just a few minutes. She looked great. She has small breasts, probably a b cup, but they’re a beautiful circular shape, with high hard nipples that have nursed two kids.

She wore a pushup bra and a low cut black dress with string straps and mid-thigh flared skirt. With high heels, a bronze tan, and her long black hair, she looked stunning. I couldn’t resist placing a slow kiss on the top of each breast, and putting my hand under the back of her skirt, and pulling her ass toward me. She didn’t resist and her dark eyes just looked up at me hungrily. We ran for the car, before we lost it.

On the way over to the party, we were both excited, and we flirted about having sex at the party. I was kidding, but it was an easy way to bring up the subject of her having some extra-marital fun, one of our most favorite topics. For all these years, we had not strayed outside our marriage, but it was fun to fantasize about some fresh sex partners. Sometimes we talked about some woman I thought was a turn-on, and sometimes I pointed out this guy or that guy. She always knew who I was talking about, too.

Sue was convinced that she had no real interest in anyone else, but come on, she was only human. “No I don’t really want any other guys,” she would vow. Sometimes I would catch her flirting with some college boy, and she’d just laugh. She likes the slender ones, with gentle moves.

It was easy for me to kid around, but frankly, when I really thought about her and some other guy, with her all worked up, I got pretty anxious. Anyway, we stayed high on our way to the party. As we got out of the car, I said, “Maybe this is the night you’ll get lucky.” I was only kidding, but she threw me a hot look, and I wondered what that meant. I felt a stab, and I remembered the old saw, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Tom greeted us at the door. “Hi Gene, hi Sue. You look great”. He wasn’t talking to me, though. He sucked in his stomach and expanded his chest. Tom is very proud of his athlete’s body. A college trackman, he still ran every day. He grinned idiotically at the top of Sue’s breasts, and tried to act suave, but I could tell that he was losing oxygen. Sue lowered her eyes, and gracefully slid by him, toward the party. Although you couldn’t tell, I knew that Tom really turned her on, and that she enjoyed getting a rise out of him.

There were already about 20 or so people there, and they were making a loud buzz, with 60’s dance music going in the background. A few people were dancing, a few were sitting around on couches, but most were standing in little groups, with drinks in their hands. Everyone looked smart and upscale.

We detoured to Tom’s kitchen table, which had a little bar set on up it. Tom was the gracious host, and was pushing Margaritas, so we each had one. Sue and I chatted with Tom for a while, and then wandered in to the party. The men in the room immediately started shooting looks at Sue. I suppose the women did, too, but they didn’t make it obvious.

Sue and I joined a little group that we knew, and started trading news and working on the party puzzle, which was part of the theme. Sue was sipping her margarita, and looking sultry and graceful at the same time. We were both happy and relaxed, and having a good time. It wasn’t very long before Allen, a single friend of ours, joined our group, and slid in next to Sue, away from my side of her. He was always an upbeat and cheerful guy, and he and Sue started laughing and flirting.

How could he help himself? I didn’t think much about it, although it sort of irritated me that he was so damned clever. As Sue was finishing her drink, she was clearly feeling good. Smiling and laughing, they went off to the dance floor to have more fun. I turned to Alicia, who was next to me, and very pretty, and we started joking around. As the party progressed, I spent some time with Alicia, and we ended up dancing. She’s gorgeous, but she’s clearly not available, and that takes the fun out of spending a lot of time with her. Somehow, she’s a closed book.

At the same time as I was dancing with Felicia, I couldn’t help but notice that Sue was beginning to dance close with Allen. She was closing her eyes and they were moving slower and slower. His right hand, parked on her lower back, was just a little too low. Her right hand, clutched in his left, was folding in to his chest, and her head was gradually relaxing onto his chest. Meanwhile, Alicia was friendly, but just not as hot as Sue. Alicia needed a margarita, I thought.

After two dull dances with Alicia, I began to feel kind of irritated by Sue and Allen’s overheated condition, so I returned Alicia to her husband. I turned to face Sue, just in time to see Allen’s right hand slide down a little further, and I watched as she shifted her pelvis tight up against Allen’s thigh. Sue was getting steadily hotter, so I decided to rescue her before they got too far along.

I sauntered out to the dance floor, and tapped Allen on the shoulder. “I’ve come to dance with the pretty lady”, I said. What could he say? Sue looked at me with a slightly groggy smile, and very liquidly slid over and pressed herself against me. Sigh. She felt great, and the only thing wrong was that there was a room full of people around us.

Section 2

“Would you like a snack or anything?” I asked her. “How about another margarita?” she said. It was a borderline call. She wasn’t so far gone that one more was obviously too much, but she wasn’t much of a drinker, so it wasn’t such a great idea, either. But she made a pouty face when I hesitated, and I couldn’t take it. As usual, she got what she wanted.

I got here another one, and we decided to sit for awhile, sipping our drinks. After about two minutes, she turned to me and gave me a slow, lazy sultry smile. She purred “Wouldn’t you like to take me to the bathroom?” Wow, I thought, what a great idea! I was pretty sure what she meant.

Holding each other’s hands, we took our margaritas in our opposite hand and nearly ran to the downstairs bathroom. We ducked inside before anyone really noticed, and locked the door. We threw our arms around each other and Sue wrapped herself around me. Her legs came right off the floor, and she locked her heels behind my ass. I kind of lurched forward, toward the sink, and parked her on the counter top. We kissed furiously, our tongues deep in each others mouths, going back and forth between our teeth. We were so worked up by this time, there was no holding back.

I unzipped her dress down the back, and hungrily nibbled my way down her front to the edge of her right bra cup. She was hanging on to me, with her arms around my neck, but she dropped back so that her hands were just clasped behind my head, giving me access to her nipples.

I unsnapped her bra and vacuumed her right nipple into my mouth. She moaned a beautiful, long lusty, “Oooohhhhh. Mmmmmmhhhhh. Yessssss”. We were really going. I stepped back from her, leaving her with her hands on the vanity counter top, and with her legs spread, black lace panties showing. Her panties were soaked. She was very ready.

It looked like I was going to be the lucky one tonight. I reached out to each side of her panties at the hips, and pulled them down. She hiked her hips up by putting her heels on the top edges of the vanity door, and I slid the panties all the way down to her ankles. She brought her knees up and I pulled the panties all the way off. I slipped them into my pocket, and kneeled down to kiss her pussy. “You’re a gorgeous woman,” I said. “You get me so excited I could cum just looking at you.”

“God, don’t cum yet,” she said. “I need you now. I am just your little whore tonight.”

She put her heels back on the cabinet doors, and I began kissing the inside of her thighs. So smooth and soft, I began to get very excited. She was making little whimpering sounds, “Oh, yesssss… Please lick me….”. I slid my hand over her pussy, dragging my finger tips in the wet crevice between her lips. She rotated her hips slowly, clearly loving it and just letting herself go.

I kissed and nibbled with increasing passion, toward her center. My fingertip was making spirals toward her pussy entrance, and she was moaning in my ear. As I slipped my middle finger part way in, she let out a big “Oooohhhhh, God, yessss..Oooohhh”.

I had just started to rest my tongue on the soft thatch of hair on her wet pussy when someone began banging on the door of the bathroom. “Hey you in there, we’ve got a lady out here who needs the bathroom NOW”. I almost jumped into the bathtub. Sue’s knees jerked up reflexively, and she looked at me with a stricken look.

I said, “Oh my god, what are we going to do?” Sue shouted out, “What’s wrong?”, and the person on the other side said, not really shouting, but loud enough for us to hear, “She’s going to be sick, you gotta get out!” Not a lot of choices. We both groaned. Sue pulled her bra back on and zipped up her dress. I shifted my erection so that it wasn’t too obvious, if I leaned forward.

With grim grins, we unlocked the door, and it flew open. We leaped out and Tom’s wife, Liz, leaped in. The door slammed shut and retching sounds started. Those damned margaritas. First Sue gets glassy-eyed, and now Liz is sick. Sue and I stared into each other’s eyes, and slowly pulled each other into an embrace.

I whispered to her, “How about the bedroom?” But we both knew we weren’t going to do it. No matter how hot we were, it would be just a little too obvious. Bad enough to be caught having a party in the bathroom, but the bedrooms were a little too much. All Liz’s buddies were hanging around, wringing their hands.

So we tried to straightened our clothes without being too obvious, and went back to the party. After about 3 or 4 minutes, Liz went by, obviously not doing very well. Tom was close behind, and went up to their bedroom, to put Liz to bed. Tom had consumed a couple of his own margaritas.

“Boy, those margaritas got everyone going,” I said, like a total moron. I had this big lump in my pants, and I wasn’t thinking too clearly. What I really wanted was to grab Sue and fuck her silly right there. But this was a pretty proper event. I put my arm around Sue’s waist and tried to be proper.

Sue leaned on me, and she seemed to be softly flowing over me. We were both pretty frustrated, and Sue was clearly very aroused. She had been getting increasing stimulation all night, and after the drinks and our trip to the bathroom, she was breathing pretty fast. Her eyes were bedroom eyes. She had passed beyond some threshold, and was clearly in an unusual state. Hot, hot, hot. I was reeling from my own frustrations, and wishing I could just pull up her dress.

“Would you like to go, or stay, or what?” She didn’t seem ready to go, but she was also not very happy. She finally said, “I need to break loose. My life is kind of cramped.” What was she talking about? Here we were, happily playing with each other, and she has a couple of drinks, and now, she’s cramped?

By then it was about 12 midnight, and time for us suburban parent types to think about heading home. In my slightly giddy and very confused state, I was pondering what Sue really meant, and not at all thinking about parenting.

Tom came back and said “Poor Liz, she’s really out of it, and I know that tomorrow she’ll be so apologetic that she’ll be crying.” We all understood. Meanwhile Sue and I were so horny that either one of us could probably have come if someone had just touched our privates.

It was late for most of the people with babysitters, and they started putting coats on and heading out the door. Tom was the perfect host, smiling and ushering everyone out. Sue and I were sitting on the couch, and somehow, we were just dreamily watching everyone leave, couple by couple. I had my hand on her knee, and I was just tracing little circles on the inside of her kneecap. Her knee was slowly rotating with my hand. She didn’t seem cramped.

All of a sudden, Tom and we were the only ones left. Tom wasn’t pushing us out the door, and Sue and I were kind of squirming around. So when Tom sat down on the couch with us, the three of us just had a good time laughing about the party, and poor Liz. Tom couldn’t help but look down the front of Sue’s dress, and she seemed to enjoy it.

She started tilting forward to improve his view. Tom seemed to be having trouble putting his hands anywhere. They flopped around on his lap and seemed to have a life of their own, drifting toward Sue. I felt a little threatened, and spread my hand out over both of Sue’s knees. She put one hand on my thigh, even as we talked with Tom.

A few minutes after we mentioned Liz, Tom jumped up to check on her. He came right back and flopped down again next to Sue, right against her. He said that Liz was out cold. We all agreed that tomorrow morning would not be any fun for her. We were all feeling pretty good, and not especially inhibited.

Section 3

Tom’s hand settled innocently near Sue’s stomach, with the back of his knuckles just resting comfortably against her. When he raised his hand to gesture, his fingers glanced off Sue’s breast. She jumped, and her face kind of lit up. Tom was really having trouble figuring out what to do. He was getting very worked up. All three of us were breathing fast. None of us knew what to do.

I felt a strong urge to pee, so I excused myself and got up to go to the upstairs bathroom. The bedrooms are up a half level, along a short hallway. I didn’t really want to go back to the downstairs bathroom where Liz had thrown up. While I was up there, I went by their guest room, and then stuck my head in the master bedroom.

Liz was very quiet. The only sound was her gentle breathing, very regular and slow. She’s a very pretty woman. Even in her near coma, she was very attractive. In my fog, I sat down on the bed and just admired her. She really looked great. Tom had somehow gotten her into a lacey nightgown, and her short hair wasn’t very messed up. She never wore much makeup, which turned me on.

I kind of lost it, and reached out my hand to caress her upper arm, and my hand just ended up on her breast. She didn’t move, or respond, and I just sat there for a while, with my hand on her warmth. I have thought about fucking her so many times that I was tempted to put my hand under the covers and gently excite her. I brushed her nipple with my finger tips.

Even in her unconscious condition, her nipple responded. As I flicked my fingers over her nipple, a shiver ran down her spine, and her ass jerked. But I exercised great control, and just grazed her breast with my fingers. The idea of taking advantage of her was really turning me on, but in the end it wouldn’t be fun, and I’d be hideously guilty in the morning. Besides, what about Sue and Tom?

Yipes! What about Sue and Tom???

I got up and pissed in the bathroom. I had been gone for some long period of time, and no one had come looking for me. I forgot to flush the toilet, and just tucked my tired pecker back in my shorts. I failed to wash my hands, and just started back downstairs. I realized that I hadn’t made any noise, and that, with rugs upstairs, they wouldn’t hear me coming. So when I came to the end of the upstairs hallway, I stopped short of the entrance and just peeked around the corner.

And what I saw was Sue and Tom dancing. My throat constricted as I saw they were kissing, with long slow tongue kisses. Her legs were apart, and her thighs were clamped around his leg. Her hips were moving in a circular motion, in time with the slow, steady beat from the music. Tom’s left hand was on her hip and his right hand was on her the exposed top skin of her left breast, and his eyes were closed as he clearly was transported into an excited state. Sue’s arms were locked around his lower back, and she was moaning into his mouth. Was I gone that long? They were clearly forgetting about me.

I just stood there, stunned and undecided as to what to do. The whole scene was making me slightly ill. Sue sure seemed to be in another world. As I watched, their kisses continued slowly and languidly. There was a deep intensity to their motions. They were slow but I had the feeling they were very tense. Tom’s hand stroked up the side of her face, and then back down to the top of her breast. He spread his hand out and pressed the heel of his hand down so that it slipped inside her dress top, and must have been grinding on top of her lace covered nipple.

To my horror, I was also getting an erection. I was getting turned on. The scene was very erotic. She was swaying smoothly, just floating along. But as Tom leaned forward to kiss her throat and his hand was clearly headed into her dress, she stiffened, and said, “No, no, no…..I can’t. It’s not right.” I suddenly felt much better. She wasn’t lost, and she loved me.

Tom said nonchalantly, “I wonder where Gene went. I better go see.” He leaned forward again, and took advantage of her distraction by kissing her on the mouth again, full on. She started to kiss him back, and her fingers clutched at his chest. But he broke loose and pulled back. He stared quietly down at her, with one hand on her hip. “I’ll be right back. I want you, you know.” There. He had declared himself, and she could decide for herself what to do.

As he turned to head for the stairs, I pulled back from the hallway entrance. Panic grabbed at me. What should I do? I knew that I could magically appear right now, and just take Sue home. We could go home and fuck like rabbits. Or.… something tugged at me. Tugged at my stomach and my crotch. In this short moment, as Tom was beginning to move toward the stairs, I was seized by a desire to watch them go further.

I was scared by Sue’s passion for Tom, and worried that he would be too good with her. It was obvious what Tom wanted, and I was deeply aroused by their intensity. In an instant, I decided to let things go wherever they would. I felt wicked, and loved the feeling. I turned and fled and ducked into the guest room. I quickly stepped across the room and flopped backwards onto the bed, assumed a sleeping position, and closed my eyes. I was excited and scared.

About one minute later, Tom walked in and stood next to the bed, apparently looking down at me, trying to decide what to do. First he said, “Gene, are you ok?” Solicitous old Tom. When I just keep sleeping, I could sense him leaning over me,

“Gene, you should get up.” I held my breath. He poked one finger on my upper right arm, and nudged me. “Gene, I really need for you to get up.” I mumbled. Then Tom said, “Gene, I really would like to fuck Sue, if it’s ok with you. Is it all right?” I mumbled again. “Thanks, Gene,” he said. Good God! Tom was going to go ahead and finish seducing her. Well, wasn’t this what I wanted? I slowly inhaled and pretended to keep sleeping.

I could sense him move away, across the carpet, and I heard the door softly click shut. Silence. Total silence. No noises. Good God, what had I done? What were they doing? I held my breath, and waited about a minute and then got off the bed. Moving very slowly and carefully, I turned the door handle silently. Fortunately everything was well oiled. I slowly opened the door, and slipped silently out into the hallway, which was now dark.

I decided to go very silently, so I got down on my hands and knees, and crept along to the end of the hallway. I felt totally crazy. What if someone could see me like this? Here I am, a full grown man, whose devoted wife is so aroused that she has forgotten who she is. I should stop this and take her home. Fifteen years we’ve never done this before. But the whole scene was so illicit that I couldn’t stop. Illicit. Exciting. I couldn’t stop. I was vibrating all over. I was trembling.

The view was strategic. The hallway was up about 3 feet above the living room and the couch was only about 15 feet away. I could see and hear them like they were on a big screen TV. I stretched out on the rug, and got comfortable. They had no clue I was there. I didn’t move a muscle.

Tom was already sitting on the couch on Sue’s right side. His right hand was gently caressing the side of her face. I had missed his first words, but now Sue was saying, “Well, I better go get into bed with him.” Tom put his left arm behind her on the couch back, and didn’t fool around. He held her neck from behind and her face from the front. He leaned into her with his face.

Section 4

He kissed her on the mouth with force, and then said fiercely, “God, Sue, I have wanted you for so long.” Before she could say anything, he was kissing her on the neck and his right hand was gripping the side of her neck. He began caressing her neck and shoulder, bare down to her breast. Sue breathed in deeply and said, “Oh, Tom, we just can’t. There’s always tomorrow. I love Gene so much.” Yeah, Tom, I thought, what about that?

Tom just kissed her on the mouth and said, “It’ll be fine. You’re so hot.” She sighed and weakly pushed against his right shoulder. Tom’s response was to kiss her again, this time with his mouth open, and clearly with his tongue penetrating deep into her mouth. I could see her whole body stiffen against Tom, her stomach and hips pressed up against him. She gasped for breath and then lunged forward, clicking her teeth hungrily against Tom’s mouth. Her head turned to the side, and she shot her tongue into him.

She was torn in two directions. She was massively frustrated, and turned on by Tom. But she was still not over the edge enough to want to go all the way. Tom slid his mouth sideways, along her cheek, and licked and kissed his way down her neck. She moaned and her head drifted back, as she exposed her neck to his mouth. As he nibbled and kissed his way down her chest, he moved his right hand up to her left breast, and squeezed gently.

“Ohhhhhh…..Nooo…..” Sue said. I could tell that she was giving in, and Tom could tell, too. He reached around behind her back with his right hand, and pressed her breasts forcefully against his chest. She let out another gasp, and then kissed him again on the mouth. She was losing her control, and they both knew it. He kissed her for a long time, and she wavered and wavered. She was slowly sliding lower on the couch, and beginning to breath fast again. She was very aroused. She really liked Tom. This wasn’t easy for her, but she was so tempted.

With his right hand, he pulled the zipper on her dress all the way down, and this made Sue jerk back. He was moving a little too fast. Tom’s left hand was still on the back of her neck, and he pulled her forward again, and then pulled the front of her dress down, exposing her lacey bra. Before she could react, Tom started kissing her breasts, above the bra. He wasn’t rough, he was just gently kissing her from left to right, and down and down. He put both hands on her shoulders and caressed the tops of her breasts with slow gentle caresses that were synchronized with his kisses.

Sue was riveted in place. As he got closer to her nipples, he just hooked his fingers over the top of her left cup and pulled down. Her left nipple popped out and she whimpered and squirmed her chest up at him. I could only see the back of Tom’s head as he moved down to suck on her nipple, but as he closed his lips on her nipple, Sue arched her back and let out a cry, “Oh, God, Tom, that’s so good. Ohhhhh. You should st-st-stop.” She wasn’t very convincing.

Now he reached back and unsnapped the bra so that he could suckle both breasts. Her head came forward, and he cupped both breasts, the nipples sticking out between his thumb and forefinger. His mouth went back and forth from nipple to nipple, until her head drifted back again.

She was pretty far gone now, and enjoying his lovemaking. She was drifting into a dreamy, sensual place. He helped her recline further against the back of the couch. With her bra off, he slid her dress front and bra down to her stomach, and slowly rubbed her front with both hands. Starting on her breasts, one hand on each, he began to slowly work his hands down her front. Her arms came up and she put her hands on his upper arms, as if to push him away, but she just stiffened as he gently massaged her breasts and stomach.

His hands went back to her breasts, and again he gently rolled each nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. He slowly pulled on both nipples until they were stretched way out. Alternating between sucking her nipples and twisting and pulling them, he got her very excited. She was panting and whimpering, and her hips were slowly rotating. Her circular hip movements were giving way to thrusts with her mound.

With her head back, and him passionately loving her breasts, they made such an erotic sight that I could no longer keep my cock in my pants. I lay down on my side and slowly unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock. I gripped it with my right hand, and tried to prevent myself from coming, but still slowly pulled my cock skin up from the base. The feelings washing over me were so strong that I ceased to think at all. My chest was vibrating. I held my breath to make no noise, but I felt light-headed.

Sue was floating now. Her arms went up and around his neck. She began to run her fingers through his hair, with her head thrown back. Tom kissed his way down her front, stopping to pay special attention to her belly button. She was no longer resistant.

She was enjoying him. He stuck his tongue in her and she responded by arching her back and rotating her ass with a quick motion. She was very hot, now. While he was tongue fucking her belly button, he brought his hand down to her legs. All this time and he hadn’t touched her legs! She had kept her knees together up until now.

When his right hand slid up her left leg from her knee, and ending on her hip, her knees quivered, and she spread her legs, wider and wider. She was now spreading them wide. Her skirt was still covering her pussy, but I knew her panties were in my pocket. To my surprise, she reached down with one hand, and pulled her skirt up, and then pulled her hips back quickly.

Tom’s head sort of stayed in place, and all of a sudden, Tom’s mouth was on her pubic bone, and she tilted her pelvis up at him, clearly asking for his mouth on her. She was now nearly horizontal, with her legs spread wide, both feet on the floor, and her dress bunched up around her waist. She was finally getting what she had wondered about for all these years. She was really into it. Now she was over the edge of her indecision, and there was no longer any resistance. She was in heat.

Tom must have thought he was in heaven. With her legs spread, and her feet on the floor, he slid his right hand up the inside of her right leg. Even though he could probably have done whatever he wanted, he was still very slow and gentle.

He ran his right hand up her quivering thighs toward her center. He didn’t give her what she wanted. No kisses on her pussy. And still he held back from touching her wetness. Her pussy hair was clearly separated by her wet and swollen lips. Tom moved his hand over to her left thigh and gently stroked it with his finger tips. Her legs started shaking, and she thrust her pussy up with whimpers.

“Oh Tom, please, please, please. Do me. Do me” She whispered to her lover. These two were realizing something that had been between them for a long time. I thought for sure that he was going to put his face right between her legs and make her happy, but no, not Tom. He said, “Hold still, Sue, I want to give you whatever you want. But there’s no hurry. We have all night.” She shivered and groaned, and put both hands on his head. She pulled his face to hers and they kissed for a long time, with his hand sliding up toward her pussy.

Her kiss and her hips were too much for him, and he couldn’t hold back any longer; suddenly his hand was on her pussy. She writhed and cried out. She tilted her mound up and spread her knees even wider apart, so that now she was wide open. She was so wet, that his hand was instantly between her lips. He dragged his finders across her open entrance, all red and swollen.

He tried to move slowly, but she was so needy, after all these hours of frustration, she moved her hips again, and his two middle fingers just slipped in to her. With her pushing so hard, and him moving in time with her, he had two fingers all the way in with just one hard move. His fingers moving against her juices made a slurping sound.

Section 5

She let out a squeal and a gasp and groaned, “God, yes, Tom, please fuck me now. I want you so much.” He kissed her again, and her entire body rotated and vibrated under his chest. She was almost sobbing.

He moved his hand back and forth slowly and Sue dropped her ass down and pushed up with her pussy. She arched her back and whined. Tom let out a big groan, and then pulled up, with his fingers hooked inside her. He learned close to her ear, and said in a loud whisper, “Go ahead, I’ve got you.

You’re gorgeous when you’re hot. Come for me.” His hand went in and out faster and faster, and he held her tight with his left arm, around her the back of her shoulders. She put her head back so that she was looking straight into his eyes, and then she let out a shriek.

She bucked and bucked and came like a crazy woman. “Oh God! Yes! I love it when you fuck me! Oh yes, Oh, Oh”. She was nearly convulsing, her hips pushing up a good foot off the couch, and her hands clenching the cushions.

Tom’s hand was soaking wet, and her juices were dripping on to the couch cushion. Her mouth was pulled back from her teeth, as though she was in pain. From as far away as I was, I could see the ripples of her vaginal muscles reflected on her stomach. God, she is such a pure female!

Tom was hanging on, riding with her moves. I almost came with her, but I managed to hold off while she recovered. At last her ass dropped down and hit the couch, and her face relaxed. Her back uncoiled, and she just melted into the couch. Tom’s hand was still inside her.

At this point, Tom’s needs overcame him. He had been a real lover, and hadn’t even thought about himself up to now. But suddenly, he was really in need. He stood up and said to her, in a desperate voice, “I want you now. I have to be inside you.”

She made little sobbing noises while we unbelted his pants, and they dropped to the floor. He slipped his boxers down with one quick move, and his cock jumped out. It was kind of odd that his cock had been in his pants all this time, but she was so intense, and he was so devoted to her that he just never had a moment to pull it out. Sue’s head rolled side to side and she moaned and said “Please, Tom, fuck me now.”

I got a real chill in my stomach when I heard that, because it was really going to happen now. I just bit my lip, and kept quiet. She was going to go all the way, and I was just going to watch. I was trembling all over. Incredibly, she also started to tremble as she looked at Tom’s cock.

His cock was shorter than mine, but it was much wider. It was plenty big to give her a good feeling. He reached down behind her left side, and slid and rotated her so that her head was on the far left of the couch, on the wide arm. Her ass was on the cushions, with her right leg on the floor and her left leg against the back of the couch. Tom folded her left leg so that her knee was up and he got on his right knee on the cushion. Leaning forward and supporting his weight on his arms, he moved his cock down close to her pussy.

With his left hand, he slid his fingers across her wet, wide open pussy lips. She groaned and groaned again and then reached out with both hands, and seized his cock. She pulled hard on his cock, toward her pussy. He pushed forward with his ass while she pulled him in. Together they joined, with his fat cock head pressing part way into her. It wasn’t all that easy. She was very wet, but still tight, and he was bigger than she was used to.

“Tom, I love it. Your cock is wonderful.” Sue was delirious. I was ill and about to come. Tom grunted and stopped to kiss her again. With his cock head lodged in her, he stopped to kiss her deeply! She moaned even more. They went back to their effort to become one.

She pulled his cock more and he pushed again. The big head of his cock was in, but it was smaller than the thick shaft. She had both hands between her legs, holding on to him. Part way in was driving her crazy, and he was showing amazing control. She was making noises like a cat yowling. Finally, grunting in her ear, he pushed hard, and she put both hands on the back of his ass, and pushed up with her pussy. He finally forced himself all the way in, and then stopped and froze in place.

He didn’t move for a full minute. “What’s wrong?” she said. Tom didn’t say anything. I was amazed he hadn’t come when he went in. She was all over him and there was pussy juice and precome fluids all over both of them. The smells were wonderful. She had a tangy odor that now filled the room.

Finally, he started pulling back slowly, causing her to croon, “Oooohhh, I love your cock, I’m so full. Please Tom, please fuck me”. Very slowly, Tom kept pulling his cock back, until he was all the way out. With his cock head just touching her opening, he froze again, until she twitched and made a frenzied noise. Then he pushed in again, and I watched his ass slowly move forward, with a steady motion. He moved steadily in and out, with long slow strong thrusts. Each and every stroke brought moans from Sue. With each stroke, the moans pitched a little higher.

After several minutes of rocking back and forth, she began panting. On the next stroke Tom stopped again when he got to her bottom, and then he began to rotate his hips. I could visualize his cock inside her, the base of it moving hard against her vagina entrance, and then the tip of his cock rotating around inside, against the walls. The head must have been rubbing against her insides. That did it. Sue started to sound crazy with a continuous moaning, a wordless song. Tom was fucking her beyond her controls, and she was loving it. “Oh, Unh… Oh. Oooh”

After a few more minutes of this, Sue began to come. Tom went back to stroking her, but with fast hard stabs, and her back arched with her pussy pointed up at his cock. She was jerking with her pelvis, and making guttural sounds. In her heat, her right leg flew up, and shaking, wrapped around his ass cheeks. Her pussy was wide open and taking anything he did to her.

Tom changed his cock thrusting angle so that it was almost up and down, and he was clearly rubbing against her clit on each stroke. Her coming had a long slow ramp up. She cried out loudly, over and over. When she reached her peak, her back snapped and curled so that her pussy pointed straight up.

She was crying, “Oh, Oh, Oh, Gooood!” “Oh, you fuck me so good!” Tom fucked as hard as he could, and he came with huge grunts. His thrusts were hard and long. At the bottom of each come thrust, he held his cock inside her, and his balls pumped, making his cock and his hips jerk with strong mindless waves. Her pussy was contracting and her spasms were grabbing at his cock, pulsating around it, with trembling thighs jerking in spasms. He pumped and pumped with grunts and groans.

Watching them had driven me crazy. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, and I couldn’t hold back any longer. All I knew was that I had to pump myself, and I too came like crazy. I managed to keep quiet, and just sprayed my semen out like a hose blast, across the floor and onto the wall. My cock felt like a rocket going off. A wave of hot pleasure swarmed over my body, from my crotch up past my eyes, and into my heard. I tingled all over, and my balls and my cock quivered and spasmed.

Tom and Sue had just made the most intense love that I could imagine, and I couldn’t stop coming. Even after the wall was covered from the first burst, I came more, a second wave, I was seeing stars as I pumped. My eyes stayed open, watching them.

Section 6

With a wordless cry and a sigh, Sue finally slumped back on the couch, full of his semen. She cried and sobbed a few seconds, with obvious great pleasure. Her eyes wet, and sweat on her throat, her muscle tension dissolved, her arms fell back on the couch, and her hands hung limp. Tom collapsed on her, trying not to let his weight crush her chest, her breasts and softening nipples pressed into his hairy chest. His cock was still buried to the hilt, and they just lay there as they recovered. They lay together without moving for a few minutes.

Finally, I watched as he pulled back, and his cock plopped out her. Tom rolled off, and the sight of Sue lying there, completely open, her legs spread, with come rolling down her ass, was fantastic. I couldn’t believe that I had watched the whole event. It had been so intense that I forgot my own existence for most of the time. I was scared. I don’t think that I ever fucked Sue like that. Tom was incredible. Sue was going to want more. I could feel it. And it made my stomach roll.

But now they were done, and while they were recovering, I got up and stuffed my cock back into my pants. I slowly pulled my zipper up and straightened up my pants and shirt. Tom stepped off the couch and stood there with his dick hanging out, partially erect, wet with their juices. Her eyes were closed, and she looked like she might fallen asleep. He looked down at her with a mixture of tenderness and amazement. I have a feeling that he was not used to such animal heat from a woman.

I stood up quietly, retreated softly to the bathroom, and closed the door with an audible clunk that had to be heard downstairs. I turned on the light and looked in the mirror. Wow, what a night. I was feeling a little freaked out. I flushed the toilet, and ran some water into the sink. I washed my face, and sat down on the toilet for a minute to catch my breath.

I just sat there, with my pulse still pounding, and felt fear and delight at the same time. I waited until my pulse slowed down, and I could compose myself enough that I thought my voice wouldn’t quiver. I didn’t really want to go out there. What if they didn’t have their clothes on? I didn’t want to talk about them fucking.

I gave them another 60 seconds to get their clothes on, and then opened the bathroom door. I slowly strolled down the hall, and stopped at the head of the stairs. I looked down at the living room. They were both on the couch, fully dressed, and about 3 feet apart. Sue was all flushed and her lips looked puffy. They looked up and saw me at the top of the stairs, so I yawned and said “Gosh, I must have fallen asleep.”

The smell of sex was very strong in the air, and they both looked kind of wet. I decided it was easiest to ignore the obvious. Pretend I was just too sleepy to notice.

They both stared at me and then smiled nervously. I said, “We better go home, Sue, don’t you think?” She wasn’t very perky. She just stood up and came over to me. She put her arms around my neck and hugged me and said, “I’m ready to go home.” With no panties on, swollen and full of Tom’s semen, she moved slowly and carefully. She was clearly a little unsteady, and still in a sex haze. I found that I was not angry at her. Just worried about her feelings. I felt very tender toward her.

I shook Tom’s hand, and noticed that he couldn’t seem to look me in the eye. Sue and I walked out the door, got in our little car, and I started the engine. I looked over at her, and her head was back against the seat cushion, with her eyes closed. She rolled her head over to face me as I started the engine. She opened her eyes with a lazy, happy expression, and gave me a slow smile and said “I love you.” I just looked at her with tenderness, and I really felt relieved that she said it.

I knew then that what had just happened was not about a rejection of me. She didn’t say any more, and I wasn’t supposed to know what had happened. I turned and kissed her on her swollen lips, and her tongue lazily circled my mouth. She sucked my tongue a little and then we separated for the drive home. Her kiss made me feel better. I felt uneasy, but I love her, and she had just reassured me, so I didn’t bring it up.

I didn’t really know what to say, and my throat seemed to choke up whenever I started to say anything, so our ride home was silent. She lay her head on the back of her seat, facing me with her eyes open, just looking at me peacefully. Blissfully.

When we got home, we stayed up late making love, and she was very tender and sweet. She paid a lot of attention to giving me pleasure. Her pussy was dripping wet, and almost drooling, but she didn’t mention Tom, and I decided it would get talked about some other moment. When my cock slipped inside her, I was very aroused, and fucked her for several minutes until I came with a huge lunge and we both collapsed, exhausted.

I had a feeling of peace, but it wasn’t total. Her silent contentment after the party left me troubled. This might not be the last time. I fell asleep, hoping it was a one time event, and also realizing that the night was one that we would both remember for a long time. No matter what, our lives would not ever be the same again. I hoped that I could deal with it.

In the morning, I awoke with a huge erection, and I relived the scene of Sue fucking Tom over several times. The sensations were intense again, but when she brought me breakfast in bed, I began to relax. As we sat together, crunching toast and smiling, I began to wonder what would happen next, and a slight feeling of excitement gripped me. Things were going to change, and so would we.

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