I guess looking back on it I can see that I have always been a submissive sissy.

It started in High School, I had a girlfriend, very pretty and nice body.

We had been dating for about 3 weeks, I was hoping to get to fuck her soon.

She had beautiful blue eyes and auburn hair.

She really seemed to like me and I liked her.

Well, I was never a good student and tests always had me sweating.

We had come to the midterms and I was really nervous. I had to pass my Spanish class to graduate. It was senior year.

During the test I cheated.

The teacher didn’t see it and I passed.

I was fucking happy, for about an hour.

Then this guy who I’ll call Don came up to me with a smirk on his face.

He says " I saw you cheating and I am going to tell."

He knew it would mean I’d fail and have to go to Summer school.

My parents would find out and all my relatives who were planning to come to my graduation would know.

It was more than just failure it was me being destroyed.

I begged him not to tell.

Don just laughed at me.

He showed me the video he had that showed clearly I had cheated.

Finally after two days of not sleeping and feeling sick, I went to Don and begged very submissively for him not to tell.

He just told me to be at his house that evening.

If course I showed up not knowing what I was in for but willing to do whatever he said.

As soon as I was inside, Don says his parents were gone for the weekend and I would be his bitch.

I knew I had no choice.

I hung my head and asked what I had to do.

Don was a thin good looking guy. He was black and muscular.

I could only imagine what I was in for.

Don ordered me to get in my knees and kiss his bear feet. I willing did so.

Then he ordered me to strip naked and bend over his bed.

Once there he told me if I moved he would email the teacher a copy of the video.

I lay there waiting for what he would do to me then I felt a sharp slap and I jumped but remained lying on his bed.

Don was whipping me with his belt.

I’m not sure how many slaps he gave me but I was crying and begging him to stop.

Finally he stopped. I lay there crying and my ass felt like it was on fire.

Don allowed me to get up but he made me thank him for the spanking.

He told me I needed to be punished for what I had done.

Strangely I felt better after Don had punished me. I was actually getting a boner from it.

Of course he noticed this and took full control.

He took pictures of me naked with my ass lined with red welts.

For the rest of the weekend I stayed naked and subservient to my new Master.

It didn’t stop there.

Don sent the pictures to my girlfriend.

Some of the photos he had of me sucking his Big cock.

When Sharon, my girlfriend got them she sent me a text telling me she thought I was a gay pussy.

Don made me agree to it and ask her if she liked him.

It turned out that Sharon did like him and soon the two of them were together and I was their submissive sissy. They fucked in front of me and made me lick her clean.

He was the first to fuck her.

They degraded me and humilated me.

Making me crawl around and eat from a dog bowl.

They spanked me for their pleasure and took pictures.

It didn’t take long for me to be the laughing stock of the entire school.

Don made me accept it because it meant I could graduate.

I had these weird emotions.

I was humiliated and embarrassed but at the same time turned on do that I would jerk off several times a day thinking about it.

Well, we graduated and I moved away.

I thought finally I could live what I thought would be a " normal" life.

Ha, anything but… that’s another story though.


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