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My first stab at writing a story that happened to me in college. I have more stories that could evolve from this one if there is any interest. I’m interested in feedback as well.

Our relationship started off fairly normal, just like any other. We had a great sex life in the beginning and couldn’t get enough of each other. However, after being together for a year or so, like any normal relationship, that initial phase kind of slowed down and sex became more regular, less spontaneous and as a result, ended up just becoming routine with the same process and positions.

A little bit of background about this story, my college girlfriend at the time, Lana, was sexually experienced and wasn’t that shy about her body. She had a great perky set of boobs, like any college girl, and a great cute ass. Her vagina was what stood out though, because it was tight and presented like a beautiful flower. The first time I was able to appreciate it, I couldn’t help but spend a lot of time down there orally.

Like many college buddies, we had a group of friends who regularly would hang out every night/weekend depending on what was going on. One buddy will always stand out for the role he played in my life in discovering some of the twisted fantasies I never knew I had. Rico was an outgoing guy that could make everyone laugh. He was good looking but nothing about his physique immediately stood out. That was until one day he came out of the shower at the house we were at and I noticed how well-endowed he was.

When he came out, he flaccid cock hung half way down to his knees. While the length was impressive, it was also the girth that was even more impressive. It looked like he had a Pringles can between his legs and he wasn’t even hard.

For a while, he kind of just let be his little secret, but as word got out about his impressive manhood, he became more and more opportunistic in bringing out his fleshly monster to impress people. At parties, 50 people deep, he would strip down and sit spread eagle on the counter and listen to different college girls ogle him. He started loving more and more of this as time went on.

Fast forward to a couple of days before the incident, as I like to call it. We were playing bags outside of our house and Rico went to take a piss on the side of the house. My girlfriend Lana had just arrived and walked around the side of the house Rico was taking a piss on. It was the first time she had seen his impressive manhood. She came around the side of the house flushed red.

Now I’m an averagely endowed guy, so I’ve never been too self-conscious, but the next words that came out of her mouth have stayed with me since the day it occurred. I’m pretty sure Lana was a bit buzzed at this point, otherwise I do not know why she would have said this to her boyfriend – “oh my god, I didn’t know Rico had such a big dick… I kind of want to sleep with him to see what that feels like”

My first words were “that isn’t something you should be admitting to your boyfriend”… However, at the same time, it made me excited in a way that is hard to describe. It was the first time I had felt a twinge in my dick that was fully of both jealously and excitement. At any rate, the night went on somewhat normally, although I did notice Lana paying a bit more attention to Rico than she had in the past.

That weekend, I had some plans with some buddies to go to a football game out of town and we would drive back later that evening. Lana stayed back to get ready for a themed party her and her girlfriends were throwing. During the day, I had gotten pretty drunk and by the time we got back, I wasn’t in the mood to go out to the bars, so a couple of us guys just ended up staying at home.

I talked with Lana a bit before she went out, since her house was next door to ours. She looked great, but also dressed very slutty for the evening. I was a bit jealous of her outfit and how everyone would be looking at her tits perked up and short skirt all night, however I also didn’t feel like making the effort to go out.

As I sat at my house drinking, I began to get texts and calls from some of her girlfriends that Lana was getting pretty drunk and they were worried about her. This over time turned into Lana is getting very friendly with Rico, you might want to come to the bar and get her. Being my stubborn self, I just said I’ll see her at home.

Finally, I got a call from her roommate saying Lana is at home, but you might want to go over there and check on her and see if she is alright. Her roommate was only looking out for my best interests, however what happened next forever changed my life. I walked into her house, because it was unlocked like most college houses are because people are always coming and going.

When I walked up the stairs to her bedroom, her door was locked but I then heard a distinct and extremely audible moan. My heart instantly sank, but then I remembered that her friends had earlier said that she was with Rico. As I thought about this, my cock twinged in a way I can’t really describe. I tried to crack open the door as to see what was going on.

Mad with jealously, but intrigued with excitement, I was disappointed when I found out the door was locked.

I sat there for a little bit just listening and that’s when the slurping noises started. But it wasn’t just your typical blowjob noises, it sounded like there was some real enthusiasm in this sloppy blowjob, the kind that could only come from a very well-endowed cock. Then I heard Lana say, “this is the biggest cock I have ever seen, by far – You have to be at least three times as thick as Jason’s (me)”.

Hearing these words stung so much, but I also instantly got hard. Sitting there I wasn’t sure what to do or how to process this information. Then I suddenly remembered that the adjoining room was one of her roommates and the house was of old construction and the closets were adjoined – there was separation but enough to crawl between the two individual closets. I decided that I needed to catch them in the act red handed.

As I crawled between the closets, I had to be sure not to make a sound because I didn’t want to disturb them, however I had to see what was going on. I made my way through the closet and luckily her closet door was already partially open allowing me direct access to the bed. That’s when I saw an image that will forever be stained in my mind. I saw Lana sucking the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.

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  • Kev

    Reply Reply November 9, 2017

    Hi what a horny story. Very lucky guy to get cucked at an early age. My wife just had her first big one a few months ago. Now she says I am far to small and will only allow big Cocks.
    Well written keep up theexcellent writing and I will keep waking.

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