St Marteen 4.7/5 (14)

Well there was a time that we were in the Caribbean island of St Martens. We had a individual house on a nude beach on the French side of the island. We laid around all day nude and got turned on by the sun and atmosphere and get really horny then have hot sex every night. The atmosphere was quiet and in general the people stayed to themselves.

One evening the resort had a wine and cheese social and we attended. We met a couple from New York and talk awhile and drank some wine. As the evening progressed I found myself talking to the wife of the other couple and my wife was carrying on a conversation with the husband.

I do not remember how the conversation got started but the wife who’s name was TJ started telling me how she and her girl friend one night surprise their husbands with a little dirty dancing and some suggestive touching of each other.

They thought it would be funny to see the looks on their husbands faces. As it turned out they where surprised at how turned on their husbands got and decided to start to strip each other. She finished by telling me that the guys got so turned on that the girls continued on until the girls where naked and pleasuring each other. She said that it was a huge turn-on for the guys.

I mentioned that my wife had always wondered what it would be like with another woman but had never been with another woman. She looked at me and asked would my wife like to be with her. I suggested that she ask her and see.

Later that evening the two women walked off down the beach talking and when my wife returned she told me that we where going to go to this other couples apartment the next night. Later that evening I asked my wife Jean what she was talking about with TJ and she told me that TJ had told her of my conversation with TJ, and wondered if she would like to get together with her while the guys watched.

My wife had agreed. The next night we went to their place and I wondered how the evening was going to go, but could not have imagined what would really transpire. After some wine and some dinner we all retired to the living room and Jean and I sat on a couch while TJ and her husband Mark sat on the floor and we where just talking and drinking some wine.

Mark started to kiss his wife TJ’s neck and so I started to make out with my wife. When I look over in a few minute later at TJ and Mark, they where both naked and kissing with Mark fingering TJ pussy. That was when I started to remove the clothes on Jean and after she was naked I took off my shirt.

My wife and I continued to make out and I was rubbing her breast when I heard some moans and looked over and Mark was fucking TJ. I slid my hand down to my wife pussy and she was already soaking wet. As I was kissing my wife and fingering her I noticed that TJ set down on the couch next to Jean and Jean just kept kissing me with her tongue down my throat.

After a minute I stopped kissing Jean and turned her head toward TJ and they immediately started to kiss. I just set back and Mark and I where just watching. TJ started to caress my wife’s body and to pinch her already hard nipples. She took her time exploring my wife’s chest and stomach and I noticed my wife was rubbing TJ’s boobs and thighs.

I also notice how hard they where making out and I noticed that my wife had started to separate her legs. TJ eventually started to slide her hand down and separate my wife’s labia and then entered her pussy with two of her fingers.

My wife immediately arched her back and moaned. TJ then slid my wife down on the couch and laid her diagonal on the couch with her legs separated and one leg on the floor while the other was on the couch. Within a short time TJ moved between my wife’s legs and started to eat her pussy and finger her cunt. My wife was going crazy with her head turning from side to side and moaning.

I looked down and Mark had gotten behind his wife and was fingering her pussy and looked at me and said,”she is so wet”. I slid my hand over her butt and entered her with one finger and I have to admit that not only was she wet but she may have the slickest pussy I had ever had felt.

I continued to finger Tj’s pussy and Mark went up and sat next to my wife’s head and started to caress her boobs which made her even more aroused. Soon TJ had 4 fingers in my wife and was working them in and out of her pussy and so I reached down with my fingers which moments ago had been in TJ pussy and started to rub my wife’s clit.

She immediately start to buck and cum and cum. She finally caught her breath and I continued to rub her pussy and TJ continued to work her fingers in and out of her cunt and then almost immediately she yelled out “oh I am going to cum again” My wife then looked over to Mark setting next to her and stared at his hard cock only inches away from her face.

Her face was flushed and her eyes were full of lust. Mark was still rubbing her tits and nipples and for a minute I thought my wife was going to reach out and grab Marks cock and start to suck on it. Mark thought so as well, as he slid his pelvis forward positioning his cock right next to Jeans mouth.

Jean started to raise her arm to take hold of his cock when another orgasm hit her hard and violently.. she arched her back and screamed out as the intensity of her orgasm spread all over her. Jean reached down and pushed my fingers away from her clit and pushed TJ’s fingers out of her pussy as it was just too sensitive after the massive orgasm she had just experienced.

Everything just start to subside at that point in that TJ walked over to the other couch and Mark followed and spread his wife’s legs and started to eat her. I was so turned on that I could not wait any longer and mounted my wife driving my big cock into her and she responded by grabbing my face and kissing me deeply and then said to me thank you for letting me experience what just happened.

I drove my cock into her harder and for some reason decided to take my wife over to the couch that TJ and Mark were on and had her lean over TJ’s head as I took her from behind. TJ looked up and started to rub Jeans clit as I fucked her from behind. I then heard TJ start to cum from Mark eating her pussy and that was all I could take as I shot my load into my wife pussy.

Even before I had pulled out I could feel my cum and my wife juices starting to leak out from around my cock. My wife must have felt it as well as she stood and said I need to go to the bathroom. I went back over to the original couch and watched Mark continue to caress TJ pussy.

TJ looked down at mark and said I will finish you up later and then laid back on the couch and looked at me and said “Wow I am totally satisfied right now” I shook my head in agreement and said “me too” Mark got up and said I need to go the bathroom as well and left the room. TJ on one couch and I on the other just relaxed in post orgasmic bliss.

I was relaxing when I thought that my wife had been in the bathroom a long time and then shortly after I heard what I thought was a dull thud sound from the hall bathroom and wondered what it was, then I heard it again and again. TJ and I both rose up on our elbows and looked down the hall and for sure we both could hear the unmistakable sound female moaning coming from the bathroom.

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