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Like many husbands, I’ve wanted to see my wife fuck other men. I like the idea of being a cuckold. I had thought my wife Pam had been fucking a man but I had never seen it. One afternoon a friend of ours came over while my wife was at work.

His name was Marcus. Marcus was a big young black man, very nice looking. He was wearing jogging pants and I could see his dick moving in his pant leg. Swinging back and forth. He told me that he had been fucking Pam for over 2 months. He planned on continuing.

He stood up and I thought he was leaving so I stood up to show him out. We were facing each other. He put his hand on my shoulder and press me down. I went to my knees. He pulled the string at the waist of his jogging pants and his pants fell to the floor.

My world changed! His big huge cock was in my face. My heart raced; pounded. I was filled with lust. He took his cock and rubbed it over my face. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. I thought I may pass out from lust. That big head rubbed my eyes, nose and lips. He was dripping pre cum on my lips. He painted it on like lipstick.

I was about to become a cocksucker and I wanted it so much. I opened my mouth and licked his cock head and took it into my mouth. I was a dick sucker and I wanted his load. I rubbed my tongue over and around his head; sucking and licking and moving my lips over the ridge of that big head. I was hungry and wanted to be feed his sperm. I worked hard to get it. He was calling me names that I wanted to hear, especially “cocksucker” and “sissy”.

I wanted to be a sissy for Marcus. Finally he shot his sperm into my mouth and I swallowed every drop. I immediately wanted more! I wanted to go to a men’s room and be a cocksucking faggot for all the men that came in and get a belly full of sperm. I didn’t stop sucking until Marcus pushed me off his dick. We sat on the couch and he gave me my instructions.

From now on I was to dress as a sissy all the time; bras, panties, garter belt, stockings, high heels, lots of lipstick and make-up, and nighties and dresses. I told him I would! He left.

Pam came home in a few hours and I told her we needed to talk. Marcus was here and I sucked his dick. I don’t know why but I’m a cocksucker and I love it so much. Marcus wants me to be your sissy. He told me that he has been fucking you for more than 2 months. My being a sissy is the only way he will let me stay with you.

She smiled and said, “I know Sweetie.” I’ve been with Marcus and some of his friends just now. She pulled up her dress and she was covered with sperm from several men. “Here Baby, your first creampie.” I crawled between her legs and started licking and sucking. She said five men fucked her pussy and I would be sucking creampies every day from now on. I loved it! It was so good.

After sucking I told her about wearing women’s clothes and she said that was her idea. We went to the computer and started finding women’s clothes.

Bras, and panties in my size. We placed orders for hundreds of dollars of lingerie. In just a few days I was dressing as a sissy full time. Pam then started me on hormones to grow my own titties. The first time I put on a bra it took my breath from the pleasure of it. Every breath I could feel the band around my chest and I realized I was a sissy and I craved cocks. I wanted to practice my sassiness; my feminineness.

The breast forms put weight into the cups and pulled on the straps. The garter belt pulled on my stockings. Everything and every sensation made me feel sissy and girly and I wanted to feel the humiliation in front of my wife as she watched me be a faggot and see in my eyes how much I craved it. I could see in her eyes how much she loved big black dicks. We both needed these men. We both were black cock owned.

Men were coming over every day to fuck us both and I would always clean-up all the sperm. I never realized how much I loved being a sissy for my wife and her men. We both needed those men and we both were filled with joy for the time we spent with them.

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