Sheila's Last Payday


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Section 1

Al pulled the bottle of scotch from his bottom desk drawer, and poured a generous helping into his coffee cup. It was just after seven on a Friday evening, and he didn’t feel the need to close the office door. Most of his employees had left hours ago, only Sheila Rollinson remained, and she was busy cleaning out her desk.

Thoughts of Sheila were weighing heavily on Al’s mind as he sipped his whisky. He remembered that time about a year ago when he stole a kiss one night after closing up the shop. She diplomatically rebuffed his advance and tried to smooth things over with a joke. Al tried to laugh it off, but the rejection didn’t to cool his desire for her one bit. In fact, it made him want her even more.

He knew getting into her pants would be a longshot. She married Walt when she was just out of high school, and the two of them have been together for twenty-five years. They had a nice house, kids and as far as he knew were happy.

Not having Sheila around would be tough to get over. He did hire a replacement, a tall, twenty-two year old blonde named Tracy, with a perky pair of tits and million watt smile. Selling garage doors wasn’t the most glamorous business in the world, so it was nice to have a little eye-candy around to brighten up the day.

Tracy would be nice to look at, but Al didn’t have any delusions about getting together with her. He was almost sixty and even though he could kick the crap out of most men half his age, he knew it was highly unlikely that a kid like Tracy would find him attractive.

“Excuse me Al, but I think I’ve finally gathered up all my stuff.”

Al looked up to see Sheila standing in the doorway. He felt slightly embarrassed getting caught off-guard – especially since he was thinking about her.

“Sheila! C’mon in and let me find that paycheck of yours.”

He shuffled through a stack of papers on his desk as Sheila slid that big, round ass of hers into the chair across from him. She was wearing a short grey skirt, which rode up as she sat down, allowing Al to catch a glimpse of panty when she crossed her legs. The quick flash of her black satin-covered crotch provided a nice little thrill.

“Here you go!” Al pulled a letter-size, manila envelope from under a box of invoices. “Your paycheck - and I’m very sorry to say that it has to be your last one.”

Sheila smiled; her blue eyes twinkled as he handed her the check. “Well, Al, I hope you folks miss me as much as I’ll miss you guys.”

“Well, I’ll definitely miss you, Sheila.”And I’ll definitely miss those big bouncy tits of yours too, he thought.

“Hey, how about the two of us having a little going away drink? I think I can find a clean glass around here somewhere,” Al chuckled.

Sheila appeared hesitant at first but then gave in.

“Why not, it’s not like I’ll be driving myself home tonight. My car is in the shop again.”

“Sorry to hear that, is Walt gonna pick you up,” Al asked as he handed her the good crystal tumbler he kept around for the occasional drink with a customer.

“Oh no, he’s off on a fishing trip til tomorrow, and the kids are out of town too. It looks like I’ll be taking a cab home tonight.”

She leaned forward in the chair and held out the glass. He couldn’t help but fixate on those two overripe melons under her blouse as he poured the drink.

“Please Al, just a little bit – that’s way too much for me! You’re not trying to get me drunk are you?”

“Uh- no – why would I want to do that?!” They both chuckled, but there was a little edge to Al’s laughter.

For the next twenty minutes or so, they sat chatting and reminiscing about some of the more memorable events of the last few years. Now matter what they discussed, the notion of how badly he wanted to fuck Sheila was always just below the surface for Al. Nearly every gesture she made turned him on. He especially liked to see her laugh; she would toss back that head of thick brown hair and her breasts would bounce and jiggle like jello in an earthquake.

Sheila was right in the middle of a good chuckle, when she noticed Al staring at her chest.

“Damn, Sheila you are one fine lookin’ woman,”

The unexpected bold remark made her uncomfortable, and she tensed up.

“Um…that’s very nice of you to say Al, but…”

“Yeah, I’ll bet ol’ Walt is pretty damn happy,” he interrupted. His tone was sharp and without the playfulness it had just moments ago. “I’ll bet he’s pretty damn happy to have the opportunity to crawl on top of you every night.”

“Al, please!”

Red-faced, Sheila stood up abruptly. She took a moment to choose her words carefully before speaking.

“Al, I’m flattered that you’re attracted to me, but you know that I’m a married woman.”

Al didn’t say a word; he just glared at her with a wanton look in his eye. If her laughter made her attractive, then her anger made her irresistible.

“Don’t bullshit me woman, you’ve been nothing but a cock-tease since the day you started working for me and now I’m calling your bluff.”

Al slowly rose from his desk. His size was intimidating; at 6’5”, he was nearly a foot taller than Sheila. Her anger turned to panic – she turned and bolted for the door. She was quick but not as quick as him; he dashed around the desk and beat her to the exit. As she pulled the door open, he slammed it shut with his massive right hand.

“Please Al…please…let me go home…you know I love Walt, and could never cheat on him,” Sheila pleaded.

“Walt ain’t here,” he hissed and spun her around. “It’s just you and me, and you ain’t leavin’ here until I get a little satisfaction!”

He leaned forward to kiss her, but she turned away. Angered by her rejection, Al pinned her against the wall. Sheila shut her eyes tight.

She shivered as he fumbled with the buttons of her top. Impatient, he tore open the blouse and pulled it down past her shoulders.

Shaking and feeling a momentary tinge of regret, Al stepped back. He wasn’t proud of his actions, but the sight of Sheila’s creamy white breasts heaving under a black satin bra drove him mad.

“Al…please…” Sheila pleaded - her voice barely a whisper.

He pounced on her - kissing her forcefully on the lips. Sheila resisted, her lipstick smearing across her face as she attempted to squirm away.

“I’m sorry Sheila, but I’ve been waiting a long time for this!”

Helpless, Sheila tried to reconcile herself to the inevitability of the situation. He was too big and strong for her to fight. Her only hope was to bargain with him, and try to minimize the damage.

“Al, please – let me say something.”

He let her speak, but wouldn’t take his hands from her body. His rough, meaty hands pawed at her breasts as she struggled to get the words out.

“How about if I – if I –suck you…would you like that?”

By doing that, she rationalized, she would have somecontrol of the situation and possibly save herself from a more traumatic violation.

Without saying a word, Al undid his belt and opened his pants. Sheila gingerly got down on her knees and timidly tugged down his boxers.

Sheila had only been with one man her entire life, and was frightened and awed by what was before her. Al’s rock-hard cock looked nearly twice as big as her husband Walt’s in both length and girth.

Al put his hands on her head and gently guided her towards him. Hesitant about taking his ungainly tool in her mouth all at once, she approached the task slowly - gently stroking him at first and nervously licking his shaft.

“C’mon Sheila – what are you waiting for?”

She sensed his growing impatience, shut her eyes and took as much of his immense cock in her mouth a she was able. Al ran his fingers through her thick brown hair as if she were his pet.

She tried thinking of Walt as she worked the huge cock in and out of her mouth, but there was no deceiving herself – this monster was clearly not her husband’s.

“Yeah Sheila - that’s the way to do it! Yeah – you’re a hungry little girl aren’t you?!”

Al’s vulgar running commentary was sickening, but at least it let her know she was pleasing him. The more skillful she was, the sooner all this would be over. She put her hands on his waist and began bobbing and sucking more furiously.


Al’s beastly moans of pleasure echoed in her head like a mantra and she started to lose herself in the moment. The all consuming fear disappeared and a sense of fantasy took over. Something clicked inside her, and she gave in to a deeply repressed dark side. All her life, Sheila Rollinson had been a good girl, a loyal wife, a loving mother but now she would revel in this temporary role as a cocksucking slut.

Section 2

Al felt his knees get weak as he approached climax. There had been plenty of fantasies about Sheila over the years, but this surpassed all expectations. He reached down, grabbed two fistfuls of her hair and let fly.


Sheila’s head jerked back suddenly as Al erupted into her waiting mouth. Long streams of cum flew in spurts, landing on her cheeks, chin and hair. Weak with ecstasy, Al’s sense of balance failed him and he collapsed on the floor beside his sweaty, exhausted captive.

Weary, but satisfied, Al gazed over at Sheila’s cum-covered face. He had marked his territory, and tonight she belonged to him.

Although she had done what he wanted, the look in Al’s eyes let Sheila know that he was not finished with her. She watched as he slowly struggled to his feet.

Towering above her, with his pants around his ankles and his spent but still massive cock dangling in front of her, Al removed the rest of his clothes.

As large a man as Al was, he cut an even more imposing figure stark naked.

“You took care of me – and now I’m gonna take care of you,” he growled

Al cleared his cluttered desk with one quick sweep of his arm. He reached down picked up Sheila as if she were a small child and sat her on the desk.

“W-what are you going to do to me?”

Al locked her in his steely glare.

“Undo your bra.” His voice was calm, but forceful.

Demurely, Sheila did what was ordered. Her hands shook as she unhooked the hasp in the front and let her breasts fall free.

Snickering, Al pinched her nipples.

“I’ve been waiting a long time to see those,” he whispered before burying his face in Sheila’s quivering bosom.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you? I can tell you really liked sucking me off,” he said after coming up for air.

Sheila’s heart raced.

“Y-yes…I loved it.” She couldn’t believe what she had just said, but she couldn’t deny the truth of it either.

“I thought so – now pull up your skirt!”

Sheila awkwardly pulled her skirt up around her waist.

“Mmmmmm - I can smell you from here.”

Al reached behind her with both hands and unceremoniously pulled off her panties. The force of his action nearly sent her tumbling from the desk. After regaining her bearings, she reflexively snapped her legs shut.

“Show me your pussy.”

Slowly, she drew her knees apart – just a few inches at first - then wider.

Sheila quivered with anticipation as Al traced a finger up the inside of her thigh.

“Oooh honey, you’re nice and wet,” he purred.

Sheila restrained a gasp, as his finger slid inside her.

“Relax, honey,” he spoke softly.

As much as she tried to fight it, she couldn’t deny it felt good.

“Oooh Al,” she cooed and leaned back on the desk. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as he manipulated her clit.

“Mmmmm…Sheila, you sure are sweet!”

She opened her eyes to see him licking his finger.

“I think it’s time for dessert!”

His head disappeared between her legs and she felt his warm, curious tongue explore her. She always loved when Walt would go down on her, but having someone else do it was even more thrilling in a forbidden, nasty sort of way.

He worked her pussy like a maestro conducting a symphony - hitting all the right spots at all the right moments. Her head lolled from side to side as if she were in a trance. Once again, she had lost herself in the moment.


She felt herself peaking – she was almost there. Suddenly, he stopped.

Oh God – Why did he stop now! Is he torturing me, she wondered.

Before she could see what was happening, she was jolted by an almost paralyzing thrust.


Al’s massive cock had entered her with a sensation that she could only describe as a mixture of unearthly pleasure and intense pain.

“OH GOD – AL – OH GOD!!”

He was so enormous she thought she would split in two.

Al reached around, grabbed an ass-cheek in each hand and pulled her to him. Sheila’s body went limp as he pounded hard and deep into her. HE was like a jackhammer, and it took only a few moments for Sheila to reach her first climax.


She flopped and wriggled on the desk, like a fish on stick, as he slammed her again and again. Soon the orgasms were coming so fast and so often that she lost count. Sensing he was close, she bucked furiously, trying to get as much as she could before he came.


She grunted like an animal, as he gushed inside her. He withdrew and once again decorated her body with ribbons of jizz.

He fell on top of her and they clung together in a sweaty, impassioned tangle.

They maintained the desparate embrace for what seemed like a long time, as if each didn’t want to let go of the moment.

Al got up first, and without a word or a glance in Sheila’s direction, began getting dressed. Not knowing what else to do, Sheila got up and gathered her things, and politely excused herself. In the ladies room she cleaned herself up a bit, and got back into her clothes.

“I guess I better give you that ride home now,” Al calmly announced when she emerged from the ladies room. He didn’t seem at all like the person he was moments ago. Once again, he was the man she knew before they sat down for drinks earlier. She threw on her coat and buttoned it up over the torn blouse.

They made small talk on the ride to the house, with no mention of what went on. When he pulled into her driveway, Sheila politely thanked him for the lift, went inside, and went upstairs to bed.

“So did Big Al try and put the moves on you on your last day,” Walt asked as he pulled the car into the lot.

“No, he was really very nice,” Sheila replied.

“Yeah, so nice that you forgot to bring home your paycheck,” Walt joked.

“I’ll just be a few minutes, I may have to do a little bit of paperwork too,” Sheila said as Walt put the car in park.

“It’s early, are you sure anyone’s here yet,” Walt asked.

“Well, there’s Al’s car, so at least he’s here.”

“You want me to come in with you?”

“No Walt, you just wait here and read your paper I won’t be long.”

Sheila gave Walt a quick peck on the cheek before getting out of the car. She walked through the showroom and went straight to the back and knocked on Al’s office door.

Al’s jaw dropped when he opened the door. Clearly, Sheila Rollinson was the last person he expected to see.

“Sheila…um what can I do for ya,” he mumbled.

“We don’t have much time,” she announced as she brushed by him and shut the door.

Before he could ask what was going on, Sheila was bending over his desk and hiking up her skirt.

“Hurry up and fuck me before Walt finishes his newspaper and wanders back here,” she snapped and wiggled her bare ass at him invitingly.

Al just chuckled and pulled down his fly.

“Okay Sheila - get ready!”

“Oh, I’m ready – just don’t let me leave here without my paycheck this time!”

Walt didn’t have much interest in the paper. He tossed it aside and looked out at the nearly empty parking lot.

Bored, he thought about that story Sheila told him about Al making a pass at her that one time. He wasn’t sure why, but for whatever reason, the idea excited him. Just the suggestion of it made him hard. He pictured Sheila bent over his desk right now; her squealing in delight as Big Al pounded away at his sweet little wife from behind.

An odd noise snapped him out of his daydream. It almost sounded like Sheila’s voice screaming “YES” at the top of her lungs.

I guess I was a little too deep into that daydream, Walt mused.It was probably just a bird or something.

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