She’d Do Anything For Me 3.9/5 (22)

Noni has been my wife – well, in name only – for the last 7 years but I am afraid I have stopped loving her completely. Certainly I loved her when we first married and we had a couple of very good years together but slowly my love for her just died and I found we were just living together with nothing much between us from my part.

However Noni loved me with a passion I just couldn’t understand. We had gone from making mad passionate love as often as we could to a state of me just fucking her when I wanted to get some relief – nothing more.

As far as I was concerned Noni was just a cunt I could stick my cock into and fuck! I have to admit I got wonderful relief as I fucked her but there was no other feeling for her. There wasn’t any single thing which stopped me loving her – it just sort of happened and one day I didn’t seem to be as excited about her and it just diminished from there.

We have a lovely home and she has everything she wants. She is quite pretty and has a lovely figure but I just can’t get my mind to love her. She has lovely breasts – full and no sign of any sagging – and the rest of her body is equally great. Her legs are very long and shapely and her hair is very dark but cut rather short which seems to suit her face.

Noni knew I didn’t love her anymore but she was prepared to try everything she knew to try to make me love her. She would buy extremely sexy underwear and parade in front of me hoping to get me aroused enough to want her but that usually failed and she would go to be and cry herself to sleep. Incredible as it seems,

although I know I don’t love her now, we still sleep in the same room and in the same bed! I have my side and she has hers and although she will often roll over against me and play with my body and my cock I don’t usually respond simply because I don’t love her.

Yes, she is very good to fuck and every now and again I will roll over on to her lovely body and fuck her but I just can’t make love to her. Every time I fuck her she thinks I love her and will come back to her but it just doesn’t work.

I guess we still live together and sleep together for appearance sake. We have no children and I am always busy at work – I have my own engineering business – and she can do absolutely anything she wants to do and have as much money as she wants but all she really wants is my love! Lately,

while I had been sitting down reading the paper she had walked into the same room completely naked hoping to gain my interest but it just wasn’t working for her! She was terribly disappointed. She also took to walking naked from the bedroom first thing in the morning hoping, I guess, to make me interested in her again.

She looks lovely when she is naked with her pert breasts and black triangle of pubic hair and those legs – gee, they are wonderful legs but just the same I can’t get interested in her as a lover. She looks lovely for her 31 years. I am 34.

Most of my friends know of my difficulty and have a lot of sympathy for me but just the same can’t really understand why I don’t love such a lovely woman. I know a couple of them have tried to hit on her knowing she is having difficulty with me but she has rejected their advances outright. One evening when I was having drinks with my friends the subject came up of how many men loved watching their wives being fucked by strangers.

The operative words were being fucked and watching! I know they had talked a lot about this before but this particular night it sort of sounded exciting as never before. I asked some of the men if they had actually had another man fuck their wives and I was surprised when three of them openly admitted they enjoyed watching other men with their wives.

I then started asking them all sorts of questions about when and where it took place and how their wives had reacted and, most of all, how they felt watching their wife being fucked by another man! Their answers all confirmed it was a great turn-on to watch another man and the consensus of opinion was that the wives absolutely loved it and thought they were proving their love for their husbands by submitting to another man.

All of this new information kept buzzing around in my head as we continued drinking. I was particularly interested how they found the man to fuck their wife. I had no idea how they would go about it and wanted details. They assumed I was interested in having my wife fucked so they gave me all the details. It appears there are several ways of going about it.

The first was to decide if they wanted to know who the man was in which case they would probably ask one of their friends to fuck her. If they didn’t want to know who the man was, they would simply go to the bars, usually with their wife, and select a man in the bar to be the one. It was as simple as that. The way they were talking I am sure more than the three who admitted they were doing it had tried it.

Naturally some of the men who knew Noni offered to be the one to fuck her if I wanted them and I took that on board. I hadn’t made up my mind that I wanted another man to fuck her – even though I didn’t really love her I was still fussy about who was interested in her – after all she is my wife. I went home that night very enthusiastic about this idea.

Noni was waiting up for me as usual and she was wearing only her very light robe which is almost totally see-through and I could see her lovely body through it. I had been drinking and my breath must have smelt bad but she totally ignored that and kissed me and for some reason I let her! While I was kissing her she slipped her robe off and was standing with me naked.

This was one of those nights when I felt like fucking her – not making love to her – just fucking her! So I peed, washed my face and hands and cleaned my teeth and then stripped off everything and fucked her! She loved it and came at the same time as I did but she was unhappy when I rolled off her and went to sleep. She wanted loving but I wasn’t interested.

Next morning being a lovely warm day she was walking around quite naked and I hadn’t bothered to put anything on either so we were both naked. My mind was buzzing with the thoughts of what I had learned last night so I called her over to me and asked her to sit on my lap.

She has never moved so quickly and immediately straddled my legs sitting on my lap facing me and waiting for me to push my cock into her and fuck her because we had done this many times before I tired of her. My cock wasn’t hard but the thought of another man fucking her was making it stiff and she could feel it rising between her legs and touching her cunt.

I ignored the feeling and asked her if she really loved me. Her reply was, as always, “Of course I do Darling, you know I love you and would do anything for you – anything!” This was my opening and I took it!

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