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I enter her bedroom with my hands behind my back and naked except for my cock cage. My little clitty is throbbing inside its prison even more than usual. I approach Mistress and await her command yet she ignores me as she enjoys her coffee and morning paper. Mistress looks up just as I wince in pain,

“What is the matter husband is that useless worm causing you discomfort?”

“Yes Ma’am, it keeps trying to grow inside my unit and the lack of room is quite painful.”

“Ah yes, that’s probably the Viagra I ground up in your food bowl last night, I wanted to see if it really worked.”

I notice she has a devise attached to a stand on the floor, it is long and slim, it looks somewhat like a dildo but really more like a shoehorn. Mistress instructs me to kneel on it all the way, until my rectum is touching the stand. I am so happy that I have such a benevolent Mistress because she has thought to put lubrication on the devise.

” This dear hubby is a prostrate massager and I think it will alleviate your throbbing little clitty.”

She presses a remote control and the devise begins to both vibrate and ungulate in and out of my rear. It feels thrilling in fact almost too much to bear and as I look down, I see my clitty start to drip. My filthy spunk pools inside my plastic cage then slowly drips out on the floor. When my discharge finally stops Mistress instructs me to clean the floor where I dripped with my tongue and then to go finish my chores. As I leave her room, I feel my spunk drying inside my cage.

Later Mistress allows me to help her dress for Her day. I bath her, shampoo her hair, and then dry her with the big fluffy towel. I feel so fortunate that she allows me to select her panties and I pick a very pretty lavender for her. After dressing her, she leaves without so much as a good bye.

I was almost finished with my housework when she called to say she was going out with HIM,

“Don’t bother making dinner I’ll bring you home something.”

I asked her when she’d be home and was told it was none of my business. It is always so tough on me when she goes out with HIM. HE just uses her for his own pleasure and often she comes home in a foul mood and I’m the one who suffers.

I finish my housework and then go to her bath to retrieve her delicates to hand launder. This is always my favorite chore and it is such a delight just to feel her dainty panties. This is especially true when Mistress is not at home, as I can caress them on my face and enjoy her scent. I always taste the gusset hopping for just a hint of her essence. Once done I go to my tiny room and try for sleep as I await her return.

I am awakened by the cold wet feeling of Mistress’s panties on my face; I can tell they are full of HIS semen both foul and distasteful. As soon as Mistress sees that I am awake, she straddles my face. I look up to her most precious place to see it crusted with HIS spunk and from deep inside her I see a drop ooze out and cascade to my face.

Once, twice, and yet again drops fall from her to my brow before she seats herself upon my face. She starts by rubbing herself all over me, then settles upon my mouth, and she orders me to clean her. I stick my tongue deep inside her to scoop out HIS ilk trying not to retch.

“Oh, he was so amazing tonight; I came so many times I lost count. He is without a doubt the best lover I’ve ever had.”

Mistress goes on and on about HIS virility but I can see that by the copious amount of HIS issue I am cleaning up.

When I have finished and she has yet another orgasm, she leaves my tiny bed to go to her room. I lie there alone with the images of them in my head, and HIS ilk drying on my face as my clitty throbs inside its cage. Now wide-awake I lay on sheets wet from the cum of my wife’s lover and I think on my life.

Why do I put up with this degradation and mortification? I am not a captive; I can leave anytime I want. Ah yes, that is the question, does my Mistress force my humiliation or is it what I really want? I already know the answer I’m just too ashamed to admit it.

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