She Goes All The Way 4.6/5 (22)

I guess I knew it would be a good day the night before, when she told me to lay out her clothes for her. I chose a mid-thigh black skirt, a silky cranberry blouse, black jacket, and textured black stockings. She came in as I was choosing her shoes, cranberry pumps that complimented the blouse. She crossed her arms and sighed heavily.

“What the fuck is this?” she said, walking to the bed and picking up the stockings.

Her tone caught me off guard, and I felt a not at all unpleasant “thud” in my chest as she turned her eyes to me.

“Uhhh…they look great on you baby…they’re sexy.”

Lame. I hadn’t expected the tone. She smiled…no…she grinned, and stepped toward me.

“Baby…” she whispered as she drew near, “I can’t look like a total slut at work…you know that by now. Subtly slutty…isn’t that what we say? Save these for another day, OK?”

Her tone had softened, her eyes danced…she knew what she’d done to me, and she knew we both loved it. I went to the dresser and chose plain back stockings, lace topped at least, and put the others away.

“Nice baby…thanks.”

She planted a soft lingering kiss on my lips. My cock bobbed in my shorts…I wondered if she knew the power she held over me.

She was up before me in the morning, I heard the alarm through the morning haze, the shower running. Smelled her perfume as she moved about getting dressed. It was Friday drinks at her work that evening, they did it once a month, and she’d go in early to get a jump on the day since they’d leave the office a bit early that night.

She’d never had me lay out her clothes for work drinks, but our play had been escalating over the past several months. She was learning to pull my strings, gauging the effect. No sex last night, she’d claimed the early morning as her excuse with a wry smile, then slid over and pressed against me, feeling my stiffness.

She knew, because I’d told her, that little things like last night’s harsh tone would stay with me and inflate my cock throughout the day as my mind inevitably drifted back to the moment.

“Really??” she’d asked, not quite believing.

“Really” I’d said.

“Hmmm.” she’d said, a thoughtful smile on her lips, and I’d enjoyed a flurry of those moments ever since.

Drifting back to sleep, I jumped slightly as she touched my stomach, thought she was leaning down for a kiss goodbye, but then felt her nails trail lower, inside my shorts as she began to stroke me. I stiffened, and she withdrew her hand. I watched in the dim light of the clock LEDs as she hiked up her skirt and slipped out of her panties, then straddled my head and lowered herself over me.

She pushed my shorts down and took hold of me as I sprang in to the cool air. She smelled great…soap, perfume, the delicate rosewater drawer liners, all mixed with her scent.

She was wet already and I groaned involuntarily at her taste as I pushed my tongue into her slit. She sighed, stroking me softly, as I pushed my tongue inside, flicked it over her clit, and found a rhythm. She began to pump me as I worked at her now slippery lips and I felt her legs tense against my sides as she drew closer. She cried out softly when I nibbled her clit, then sat upright and let go of me as I sucked it between my lips.

She always came easily when I licked her and I had her at the brink now. I released her clit, pulled my tongue back, planted a soft kiss on her lips, teasing her back for her letting me go. I felt, more than heard, a low growl in her throat, then her hand on my head, nails scratching my scalp as she pushed her ass more firmly on to my face. Holding my head in place, she began rocking, and I obligingly replaced my tongue on her clit.

She came hard after only a few fervent thrusts of her hips.

Ginger isn’t a regular squirter, she’s more of a flooder because her pussy seems to flood inside when she cums, her juices ultimately dripping or splashing out depending on her stance. She’s squirted on occasion, but this was a flooding orgasm. I heard my name, she always says my name when she cums and I love it. I lapped at the juices that dripped from her as she tensed and relaxed above me. She lifted her ass and sighed.


  • Malcolm Jensen

    Reply Reply October 21, 2017

    This story is so realistic that it seems that it must be a recounting of a series of real events. Great story. Very Erotic. Thanks.

  • John

    Reply Reply December 28, 2017

    Great story, absolutely riveting.


    Reply Reply April 15, 2018

    Has to be based on real experience. Brilliant

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