She Gives Me What I've Been Wanting

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Section 1

“Are you fixing your makeup for this guy?” Molly was leaned over the sink and reapplying eye makeup.

“I just want to look nice, he’s doing me a huge favor by bringing over the papers for me to sign. He’s kind of bailing me out.”

“Who is he again?” I asked even though I was pretty sure she had mentioned Chris’ name a few times over the past few weeks.

“I’ve been working with him on the contracts for the new facility, he’s a nice guy. You’ll like, he flirts with me.”

She smiled as she said this because she knows I love when she flirts. Molly is a beautiful woman and gets a lot of attention from men. Tonight she was wearing knee high black boots, a short jean skirt, and scoop neck top that showed a lot of cleavage. I looked again and noticed that the tank top she normally wears under that top, and had on earlier was gone. Her 36C breasts were nicely displayed.

The doorbell rang and Molly went to answer it. Chris walked in and I was certain that the flirting went both ways. He was a shade over 6 feet tall and very fit. His tight shirt showed that he worked out regularly. He was definitely handsome and the type of guy usually finds attractive.

“Thanks for coming Chris, this really gets me out of a jam. I appreciate it. This is my husband Will.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you, good to finally meet you. No problem Molly, I’ll take them with me tomorrow and this part of the project will be done.”

He spread a number of documents on the dining room table and Molly got to signing. It didn’t take long and he scooped up the papers and put them in a folder.

“You guys have a really nice home, it’s a quiet location.”

“Thanks,” Molly said. “Would you like a beer or something?”

“A beer sounds great.”

“Will, go get Chris a beer from the fridge.”

I grabbed a cold one and joined Molly and Chris in the living room. I was surprised to see them sitting next to each other on the couch, legs almost touching. I took the easy chair next to the couch.

“You’re based out of Atlanta Chris?” I asked.

“I am,” he said. “But I travel a lot, I’ve been up here more than down there in the last month. I leave tomorrow but will have to return in a couple weeks to see this project through.”

“Have you enjoyed your time here?”

“I have,” he said and looked at Molly. She blushed slightly. “I’ve really enjoyed working with your wife.”

I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that.

“We’ve spent a lot of time together and talked quite a bit.” He put his hand on Molly’s thigh and said, “I understand you’d like to see Molly get fucked by another man.”

I was momentarily stunned and lost for words. Molly and I had talked extensively about my fantasy and had even done role play. I did want to see her with another man, but I never thought it would happen. She never seemed interested in making my fantasy a reality, and yet this strange guy was sitting next to my wife sliding his hand up her thigh.

I managed to whisper, “I do.”

“Well, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. I’ve been wanting this since I met Molly and I know she’s ready too.”

Molly look at me and smiled shyly. “This is what you’ve been wanting, I hope you’re ready.”

“Molly why don’t you get undressed for me. I want to see if you’re wearing what I asked you to wear.”

They were obviously more comfortable with each other than I imagined and I couldn’t help wonder if they hadn’t been intimate with each other already. Molly stood up and pulled her shirt over her head to reveal a black lacy bra I had never seen before. She started to pull down her skirt when Chris said, “Turn around, I want to see your ass.”

Molly turned and slowly pushed her skirt down to show a matching pair of black “cheeky” panties. She pushed her butt towards Chris and he gave it a light slap.

“Now that’s ass right there. Leave the boots on for me Molly. You look amazing.”

My shock was slowly turning into lust. My gorgeous wife was standing in front of another man obeying his every command. My cock was completely hard as I wondered what would happen next.

“Did you complete your other assignment?”

Instead of answering Molly pulled her panties down slightly to reveal a freshly shaved patch of pubic hair. I had been asking Molly for years to wear her pubic hair as a landing strip and she always told me no.

“Wonderful,” Chris said. He looked at me again as he said, “We’ve been planning this for weeks. Flirting, texting, telling each other sexual stories. I told Molly to buy some new lingerie for tonight and to shave like I prefer. And she has done both.”

I nodded because I couldn’t find my voice.

“Molly, I’d like you to come over here and suck my cock.”

Molly kneeled in front of him and unbuckled his belt. I could feel sweat forming on my brow as Molly pulled his pants and underwear down to reveal Chris’ cock. It was definitely bigger than mine. It looked to be about 8 inches and much thicker than my slender, very average penis. She seemed to have forgotten about me as she leaned in and began licking up and down his shaft.

When she put his cock in her mouth, Chris said, “Look at your husband while you suck my cock.”

Molly and I have been together for over 15 years and blow jobs aren’t as frequent as they once were. I saw an eagerness and hunger in her eyes as she sucked his cock that I hadn’t seen in years. I started stroking my cock through my pants.

“I can tell your enjoying yourself, but you will not touch your little dick until I tell you to.”

I immediately stopped as I could see that Chris would be controlling me as well as my wife. And somehow, I was ok with it.

“Good boy,” Chris said. “Molly has a lot of talent in this area. If you couldn’t guess, this is not the first time she’s been in this position with me.”

He seemed to wait for a reaction from me as he confirmed my earlier suspicion. I said nothing.

“We decided to wait to have sex so you could watch but she has been enjoying my cock for about a week now. Mostly in her office. She was nervous the first time, but it seems now she wants it almost everyday.”

As much as she could with a dick in her mouth, it seemed Molly was smiling. And obviously, so was he.

“Why don’t we move into the bedroom. Bring a chair for yourself Cuck so you can sit and watch.”

I joined them in the bedroom and Molly was lying on her back on our bed; her bra was off, but her panties and boots still on. Chris was undressed showing off a very fit and muscular body.

He pulled Molly’s panties down over her boots and threw them to me.

“Take off your clothes and put those panties on.”

I stripped down and Chris seemed to smirk as he looked at me naked. I slipped on Molly’s panties. I could feel their wetness on my dick. My erection peeked out the top.

“You can move your chair closer, I want you to get a good look at how a real man pleases your wife.”

He climbed on to the bed and began kissing Molly. It was extremely sensual to see Molly kissing this man. I had fantasized about it on countless occasions. He moved down her body stopping to lick her large erect nipples. He lightly pinched and pulled them just the way she likes. He continued kissing and licking down her stomach until he reached her swollen and excited pussy. I could smell her excitement. He pushed her legs to the side and began to lick her pussy.

Just as the frequency of the blowjobs had decreased over the years so had the times I gave Molly oral. I never felt I did it in a way she enjoyed. He did not seem to have that problem. He brought her to edge multiple times only to back off. The skin on her face and breasts was flush and I could tell she was thoroughly enjoying herself. He inserted one finger and then two as he continued licking her. Her moans grew louder and this time he didn’t back off.

Section 2

My breathing grew heavier as Molly’s groans of “Oh, oh, oh” finally peaked in an orgasm that seemed to shake her whole body. She seemed to sink into the bed as she recovered.

Chris shoved his fingers under my nose. I could smell Molly’s wonderful scent on his fingers.

“You like that Cuck?”

I nodded yes.

“You’re going to love this. Lay next to her, I want you to look at her face while I fuck her.”

Molly didn’t even look my way as I laid down next to her.

Chris positioned himself between her legs and teased her opening with the tip of his cock. Molly tried to move towards him to get him inside but he pulled back.

“You want this cock don’t you Molly?”

Molly nodded.

“Tell me Molly.”

“I want your cock, Chris.”

“How bad?”

“So bad. I need it.”

“How long have you wanted my cock, Molly?”

She paused, “Since the day I met you.”

And with that he entered her. I could see the ecstasy in her face as he began to thrust his cock in and out. Her groans told me how good it felt. I had used a dildo on Molly many times during role play and I always told her she made different noises with the dildo than she made with me. The sounds she made as Chris fucked her were completely new. She grunted and groaned with each push.

“Tell your husband how it feels.”

“It feels soooo good, his cock fills me up. Oh gawd, I love it. Oh yes, fuck me Chris. Fuck me hard.”

Her breathing intensified and she had her second orgasm. She had never had an orgasm with me without the use of a vibrator. His cock was obviously hitting her in all the right places.

“Get on your hands and knees Molly.”

Molly flipped over and assumed her favorite position. Her best orgasms came from the doggy style position.

“Cuck, you slide underneath. I want you to watch me fuck your wife up close.”

I slide underneath Molly’s body, my face directly below her wet pussy. His cock looked even bigger as he slid inside. Molly’s breath seemed to catch in her throat as buried himself deep inside her.

“Oh Gawd,” she groaned. She was making animal like noises, almost growling with pleasure.

“Lick her pussy, Cuck.”

I didn’t hesitate despite the proximity to his cock. I quickly discovered that I could not avoid also licking his cock while I licked her pussy. I tried not to think about it as I was overjoyed to be involved and so close to the action.

He continued pounding away as Molly began getting louder and louder, almost screaming in pleasure. Once, again he brought her right to the edge and backed off. He pulled out, pushed her slightly forward and put his cock near my mouth.

“Taste her pussy, Cuck.”

I hesitated. He had moved Molly away from me, making her pussy less accessible. I leaned towards her and he stopped me.

“No, Cuck. Taste her pussy on my cock.”

This was never part of my fantasy, but for some reason I wanted to please him as Molly had been pleasing him. I stuck out my tongue and tentatively licked his shaft. I could taste Molly’s creamy juices on him. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Molly looking at me. She had a sly smile on her face.

“Suck it bitch,” he demanded.

I took his cock in my mouth. Having no idea what to do I tried to picture Molly as she sucked him. I tried to focus on the taste of Molly as he fucked my mouth.

“See Molly, he’ll do anything. He’s your cuckold now. Go sit down Cuck. I’m ready to fill your wife with my cum.”

He lay down on his back and Molly climbed on top and eased down on to his cock. She slowly began to grind on his cock, back and forth before bouncing up and down, faster and faster. She began her animal like growl again and I could tell she was close to another orgasm. She got louder and louder, basically screaming as she orgasmed again.

Chris moved her to the edge of the bed and stood between her legs. She looked spent as he entered her again.

“Are you ready for my load Molly?”


“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fill my pussy with your cum.”

I had never heard Molly talk like this. I was beyond turned on and struggling not to touch myself.

“Your pussy feels so good Molly, so tight. I’m going to fill you up and make your pussy mine.”

His breathing increased and I could tell he was close. He groaned loudly and made one last thrust, collapsing across Molly’s body.

“That was worth the wait, Baby,” he said as he kissed her. She just smiled.

“Ok Cuck, time to clean up my mess. Get on your knees.”

I got on my knees in front of Molly. Her pussy lips were swollen and red and I could see his semen beginning to drip out.

“Don’t waste a drop Cuck.”

I began licking Molly’s pussy. I could taste her as well as his thick salty load. The more I licked, the more cum came out. I felt like it would never end. I kind of didn’t want it to end. I could tell Molly was enjoying the attention. It must have felt good to be softly licked after being pounded so hard.

“Ok Cuck, I think you got it all. Very good. I bet you’re bursting, aren’t you?” I nodded my head. I was beyond turned on. “Should we let him cum, Molly?” “I think we should, he’s been such a good boy.” “Ok bitch boy, I want you take off your panties and cum in them. You have 2 minutes.” I knew it wouldn’t take that long. 30 seconds later I erupted into Molly’s panties. My load may have rivaled his I was so excited. “You know what to do with it Cuck.” I licked the cum from Molly’s panties.

“Ok, Cuck. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Do what she says and take care of her. I hope you enjoyed that orgasm, it’s your last until I get back.”

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