She Cucked Me By Fucking My Boss Who Was Also Her College BF/Lover

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Section 1

My name is John, my wife is Becky. We are both in our early 40’s, been married over 15 years. We started role playing 5 years ago with HER dominating me in the bedroom. It started with me worshiping her feet, ass and pussy. Then she made me lick my cum out of her and off of her, then strap on, crossdressing, bondage, cock cage, tease & denial, ruined orgasms and cuckold roleplay.

Steve was our HS star baseball player (I got cut from that team). Becky started dating him in our Junior year of HS. It wasn’t long before Steve stated fucking her in HS and for 2 years of college. Steve Played college baseball for 2 years then signed with the Detroit Tigers and played A level that year. The next year he played AAA level and actual played 5 games for the tigers that year. Becky and I went to watch him play a few times. He played for 8 years mostly in AAA but played several games for the Tigers and then also for Huston

When Steve left college to play pro baseball, HIM and Becky broke up but were still friends. Becky and I started dating 6 months later and 2 years later we got married. Becky is a hottie not small just right with BIG Tits and Nipples, I’m about 5’7” and only have a 5 inch skinny cock. SHE once told me that Steve had a 9 inch cock. I had seen it in HS and Knew it was BIG.

Steve’s dad owned a MFG company in our hometown just outside of Toledo Ohio. I got a job there after college - after Becky called Steve’s dad and asked him to interview me. I am now VP of Quality and make good money with a staff of 15 working under me. Last fall Becky’s old boyfriend/lover came back to town and his dad named him President of the company. Now I worked for Steve (Becky’s old boyfriend/lover). Things were going well at work. Steve was learning how to run the company from his dad and was being a really good guy to work for. As VP of Quality I had to meet with him daily and he would tell me how lucky I was to have found and married Becky.

Last Christmas our company held our Christmas party at the Hilton Hotel on the Friday before Christmas. Becky said maybe we should get a room that night in case we drank to much, We had done that in the past and I said sounds good, I can get a free room with my Hilton points. She said she would pack some sexy lingerie and we could play later that night. She also told me I would be in my cock cage, Starting on Monday night until the party was over.

The night of the party I got home early and Becky was in the shower and told me to join her. MY cock was straining against the cock cage and she told me get down on my knees and lick her asshole and then her pussy… the water was hot & steamy, her pussy was dripping with her honeydew and after 10 minutes of eating her hot cunt she came all over my face. She then told me to put my mouth around her full pussy and started pissing in my mouth, I swallowed as much as I could. She laughed and said that’s a good little sissy cuckold, too bad your cock is caged I’d let you fuck me with your little cock.

We got out of the shower and started getting ready for the party. She made me put on garter, stockings, bra and panties, then Blue dress paints, blue socks, blue dress shirt and then a RED ugly Christmas sweater. She said no one would know what I was wearing underneath. She put on Red stocking and Garter, No panties and no bra (Becky is a hottie not small just right with BIG Tits and Nipples) She then put on a sexy red dress that showed off her beautiful big tits. She finished with 5 inch heels. She came over to me and gave me a hot loving sexy kiss and said let’s go cuckold it’s time to party

When we got to the Hilton we checked into our room, went up to our room and put our stuff up and she used the bathroom to freshen up (PEE) then she said OK cuckold let’s go party and then later we are going to play hard!! SHE said how does that sound sweetheart cuckold? I said wonderful Mistress/sweetheart.

This party was just for the senior management team, shareholders in the company and several of our key customers and of course the spouses. There would be about 60-70 people in total. Becky and I walked in arm in arm and were Greeted by Steve (Her boyfriend/lover in HS & college…Now my boss) Steve’s dad the owner and CEO and his wife (Steve’s mom). Steve’s mom said oh Becky you look so pretty and so sexy, Becky said well you look fantastic too and kissed her on her cheek. We made our way to the bar and Becky got wine and I got a coke ( I was not allowed to have anything stronger tonight she said)

We made the rounds and made small talk and I noticed both the men and women looking at my sexy wife Becky, I noticed Steve watching her from across the room. Besides my wife there were several other very sexy ladies in attendance at our party. We finally found our table and sat with 2 shareholders and 2 of our customers and their spouses. We had a wonderful filet dinner and Becky had a few more glasses of wine. The guys at our table keep peeking at Becks big tits and I again noticed Steve (Her boyfriend/lover in HS & college…Now my boss) watching her.

Steve’s dad the owner CEO got up and gave a little speech and thanked us all for our hard work and cooperation this year and then introduced his son Steve (Becky’s boyfriend/lover in HS & college…Now my boss). Steve again thanked everyone for coming and looked forward to a great new year and said enjoy the rest of the night and have some fun dancing, then Steve gave a nice toast to his mom and dad and we all stood and applauded.

The band started up and several of us got up to dance. With Becky in my arms we danced and she whispered in my ear that she was going to use me later and I better do as she said! I said in her ear YES MISTRESS (my cock was straining against it’s cage. The next dance was a disco dance and we were having fun and everyone was laughing. When the song ended Becky said let’s sit one out and get a drink. She sat down and I went to the bar and got her a wine and me a coke. When I got to the table there she was sitting so sexy her big tits sticking out and then I saw Steve (Becky’s boyfriend/lover in HS & college…Now my boss) sitting next to her and both laughing up a storm.

As I came up I handed the glass of wine to her and asked her what was so funny?? she turned red and said oh nothing Steve was just reminding me when he brought me to this party when we were still in High School ( I then remembered her telling me that this was the night she lost her virginity to Steve). Another disco song started and Steve asked me if he could dance with Becky? and she said ya that would be fun – I wanted to say FUCK NO SHE IS MY WIFE!!! But I said sure Becky would enjoy it. After the disco song ended a slow dance started and Steve held her close and I watched them dance whispering into each others ears. When the song ended Steve brought her back to our table and thanked me and went off to talk with others.

About 10 minutes later, Becky asked me to get her a fresh wine so I went over to the bar and got her one. When I got back to the table Steve (Becky’s boyfriend/lover in HS & college…Now my boss) was back at our table sitting next to her and I saw his hand on her knee under the table, She was smiling at him like a lost puppy. When I came up She took her wine and said thanks sweetie. She asked If I wanted to dance, after seeing her smiling at HIM and HIS hand on HER knee I was in No mood and said not really! Becky said OK Steve how about you dance with me, He said sure would love too. I was steaming mad at HIM and HER.

2 songs later The band said this would be the last song and many people headed to the door, but Steve and Becky held each other for one more song. After the song ended He went to say good night to his mom and dad and she came to the table and told me to get my sissy ass up and get to our room it was time for Mistress and her cuckold to PLAY! as I stood up she gave me a deep French kiss and giggled. As we walked to our room she asked if it made me jealous when she danced with Steve?? I said YES, she said GOOD that is what she wanted and I was her good submissive cuckold.

Section 2

Once in our room she told me to take off my men’s clothing but leave on my garter, stockings, and bra. She then went into the bathroom to pee and wash up her ass and pussy. When she walked out I almost shot my load in my cock cage – She was only wearing her Heels, garter and stockings..SHE looked so sexy her big tits and nipples sticking out, I wanted to fuck her so bad!! remember I had been in my cock cage since Monday morning. She asked me if I was going to be her good cum eating sissy cuckold tonight?? (we had role played this 100’s of times) I said YES MISTRESS Becky! She said Ok good little sissy.

She told me to sit in the chair near the bed, she took out a pair of handcuff and put my hands behind my back and locked them. Then she tied my legs spread eagle onto the legs of the chair then put a rope around my shoulders and stomach and I couldn’t move. She then gave me a sexy hard French kiss fucking my mouth with her tongue. She then pulled away and put a ball gag with a 4 inch little cock in my mouth and strapped it on tight. I could not move or talk..She was going all out tonight I thought to myself..My cock was dripping in its cage and hurt so bad.

She walked over to the BED and spread her legs showing me her sweet pussy it was red and was very very wet. She laid back and sighed and said she needed a good fucking tonight. 30 seconds later there was a knock at the door…She got up and whispered in my ear..Tonight you will become my real sissy cuckold just like we have role played..I shook my head NO!!!!! she said YESSSS and slapped me hard across my face!! She opened the door and in walked Steve (Becky’s boyfriend/lover in HS & college…Now my boss) He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hot slow kiss and she moaned into his mouth. He then looked over at me and they both started laughing at me. I was humiliated hurt scared and my cock was straining into my cock cage. Becky said Steve - little Johnny is my sissy cuckold and his little 5 inch cock is not much use.. She said I need a good fucking tonight are you up to it??

Steve (Becky’s boyfriend/lover in HS & college…Now my boss) said baby im going to fuck you all night. Then he stood right in front of me took off his shirt.. He had muscles all over and strong looking shoulders. He then pulled his shoes and socks off then told Becky to pull his pants down. She got on her knees right in front of me and pulled both his pants and underwear off and his BIG 9 inch cock flopped out right in front of my face. He grabbed it and hit me in the face with it and said watch and learn Johnny boy and my wife said ya Johnny cuckold watch and learn..I was screaming into my gag NOOOO

There was my wife Becky on her knees in front of Steve’s 9 inch throbbing cock, She opened her mouth a started sucking him taking him deep as he moaned…watch and learn cucky johnny. After 5 minutes of suck his cock she stood up and they kissed like teenagers in heat. Her sucked on her tits and nipples leaving Hickes on each of them. They both rolled onto the bed Her pussy facing me and they got into a hot 69 session. 5 Minutes later she took her mouth off his cock and whimpered that she was cumming and moaned of Steve you still know how to make me cum like your BITCH… My head was spinning. My wife of 15 years..the love of my life having sex with Steve (Becky’s boyfriend/lover in HS & college…Now my boss) right in front of me. She got up unto hands and knees facing me and he got behind her and slowing pushed his 9 inch cock into her pussy..Her face was one of delight..My face had tears running down my cheeks..Steve’s face had a big grin.

She looked at me and said it’s OK cuckold, You are still my husband and I love you! But you know your little cock cant really please me so Steve is now going to not only be your BOSS but he is also going to be my fucking buddy and she said and you will learn to love eating his cum from my pussy.. I shook my head NOOOOOOO!!!!!! And she said oh yes you will or you will kiss me good bye and also your job and we will share pictures of you in lingerie with all the companies in the area if you try to get a job. I was cyring into the gag and she smiled and said baby I love you… you are now my sissy cuckold please baby if you love me you will go with it.

For the next 3 hours I watched them fuck, suck, kiss and tell each other they loved each other Steve had cum 3 times and becky at least 6 times.. Then Steve came over to my chair and pushed it over then bent down and took off my gag. Before I knew it Becky was sitting on my face and told me to eat her cum fill cunt!! With tears in my eyes she made me eat her pussy and his thick cum out of her for 30 minutes. When she got up Steve was gone. She untied me, I was still in lingerie and hand cuffs, she told me to lay on the bed…She snuggled up to me and said Johnny, I love you with all of my heart! We have role played for many years and you love it… so now that I actually made you a cuckold I hope you will still love me and be my husband forever!!

After we laid there for a while she unlocked my cock cage and rubber my little 5 inch cock, then undid my handcuffs. As she played with my cock I was rock hard. She said Johnny my little cuckold I love you and I hope you still love me. She said HER and Steve would continue to be lovers/fuck buddies. …She continued to rub my rock hard cock and I was exhausted. Becky stopped rubbing my cock and said …she would NEVER touch my little cock again unless I agreed to be her cuckold and I would allow her to fuck Steve (Becky’s boyfriend/lover in HS & college…Now my boss) I was exhausted, hard as a rock and she started rubbing my cock again..SHE said say it say “Becky please cuckold me and let Steve be your lover and Fuck buddy” She said it again then a third time and then stopped rubbing my cock..

I finally said “Becky please cuckold me and let Steve be your lover and Fuck buddy” she said say it again I said Becky please cuckold me and let Steve be your lover and Fuck buddy” She then told me to jack myself off as I continued to repeat “Becky please cuckold me and let Steve be your lover and Fuck buddy” remember I had been in my cock cage since Monday morning and in about a minute I shot a Hugh load unto Becky’s big tits..She then ordered me to lick them clean.

She grabbed her phone and called Steve and said he has agreed to be my cuckold..She put the phone on speaker and told me to repeat to him my promise to her… I said “Becky please cuckold me and let Steve be your lover and Fuck buddy” She hung up the phone and we went in to take a shower together..just like our evening started out back home..When we were done she kissed me and said she loved me then put my cock cage back on me and said When we get home tomorrow after a good night sleep at the Hilton she would take the cage off and let me fuck her with my little 5 inch cuckold sissy cock.

Wait till I tell you what happened in the office the next week!

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