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Let me introduce myself, again. I am Sharon; 30 years old, married with no children. I work as a school teacher and live in the suburbs. I am 5ft. 7 inches tall and weigh just about 125. I have been told I have a great body. I have always been turned on by knowing that men are looking at me.

Though I am usually proper, being a school teacher doesn’t allow for wild excesses, I will admit that I often notice the fathers of the students taking a long hard look during parent/teacher conferences. Several of the men in the neighborhood spend a lot of time outdoors when I am relaxing by our pool, and a couple of men at parties have come on to me quite openly. I am always flattered.

Don’t get me wrong; before I got married I had a number of boyfriends and lovers. I love sex and I like the effect my sexual skills can have on men.

I teach at a school that is elementary level, kindergarten through third grade. The school has a lot of women teachers, in fact, the only male teacher is the gym teacher and he is in his mid-50s.

We do have one man who always gets our attention. He is the school janitor, named Kelvin. He is in his early to mid-30s, 6ft tall and the most gorgeous black man you can imagine. Kelvin is a charming, somewhat flirtatious man who always has the attention of all the women at the school.

As you can imagine, speculation regarding Kelvin runs the gamut, but often always centers on the old stereotype of black men having large cocks.

Several of the bolder ladies at school often commented on Kelvin’s cock size. “Look at the size of his hands, that’s a dead give-away.” “His feet are big. You know what they say about the size of a man’s feet? Big feet, big dick.” It was relentless.

Kelvin was always a perfect gentleman when it came to dealing with me. He often told me how beautiful I was, that I should have been a model, etc. Little did Kelvin know that I secretly wondered if those stereotypes about black me were true. In addition to the stereotype of the large cock, I often wondered if all black men were as controlling as I had experienced.

In college I had a black boyfriend for a few months. Believe me, he was not your stereotypical black man. His cock wasn’t very big, about the size of average white guys, but he was very controlling, liking rough and degrading sex. The first time was, perhaps, exciting, but I outgrew his childish need to control quickly.

Though often times I would recall him fucking me while his roommates were watching. I think that is why I do like being watched while having sex.

Kelvin was attentive, but not to the point of being obnoxious. I did get the feeling that he found me quite attractive. We got into the habit of chatting for a few minutes in the mornings and for a bit longer after the kids had left for the day.

I found myself being more and more attracted to him. He was nice, but exuded a sexual energy that I (along with most of the other women at the school) found somewhat intoxicating. I often found myself fantasizing to myself about Kelvin. Would he be a kind and gentle lover or would he be the big dominant black man that some women fantasize about.

As I said, many of the women I work with talked openly about Kelvin and what they thought he would be like as a lover. Not exactly the kind of conversation you would expect elementary school teachers to be engaging in over lunch.

One, Maryjean, was a woman of about my age but she often talked about sexual matters to shock us. We really didn’t need to know how many guys she fucked before she got married, or how big her husband’s cock was, or how they had sex on a private beach in the Bahamas when they were on vacation.

Remarkably, she was totally quiet on the subject of Kelvin. I would later come to discover just why.

Over the months Kelvin and my flirting became more and more sexual. Him telling me how lucky my husband was to be “getting some of my stuff.”

I told him (after I swore him to secrecy) that the women had openly discussed their fantasies and that the “size” of various men had come up.

He just smiled at me and said that he knew and that he’d be happy to show me so I could report back. I blushed and said, “Maybe some other time.”

A few more weeks of flirting with Kelvin was getting me more and more excited. He was all I could think about. I could just imagine what we would do together, how large his beautiful black cock would be, how he would fuck me until I came like I had never come before. I think Kelvin sensed my feelings.

One day after school I was heading home when I passed the janitor’s closet. The door was open and Kelvin was inside.

He saw me pass, and called me into the small room. I entered, he closed the door and locked it, and he took me into his arms and kissed me deeply. My knees went limp and, if it wasn’t for his strong hold on me, I would have collapsed.

Suddenly, I felt myself kissing him back eagerly and passionately. His strong arms felt so good around me and I pressed my breasts tightly to him.

He released me and looked me in the eyes and said, “We both knew that this was going to happen. It is up to you what we do next.”

I said, “Well we can’t do anything here, people will see us together and rumors will fly.” “I have to leave, we can discuss it at another time,” and quickly left the room walked to my car and drove myself home.

When I arrived at home I was trembling with sexual excitement and needed to calm myself down. My mind was racing through all the possibilities, though I knew there could be complications I didn’t care. I wanted to be with Kelvin, at least once.

The next day we more or less avoided each other. After the children had left and I was cleaning up and getting ready to leave I heard the door open. I turned, expecting to see one of the others teachers, but stopped in my tracks when I realized it was Kelvin.

“We need to discuss this,” he said.

“I know, but not here. People will see us together and start talking.” I said.

“Meet me in the closet in about ten minutes; everyone will be gone by then.”

A few minutes later I was walking down the hall to the janitor’s closet not knowing what to expect next.

I knocked, he opened the door and I quickly went inside. He closed the door behind me and locked it again. Again he kissed me passionately and I returned his kiss.

He stepped back and said, “Sharon, I think I know what is going through your head. I have the feeling you want me and I sure as hell want you.”

I didn’t say a word, but I was sure that the fact that my nipples were rock hard from his kiss was a sure give away that he was right.

“We need to figure out if this is right. I have feelings for you and you are obviously excited by the possibility of being with a black man.”

I nodded and he continued, “You are a beautiful, sexy woman that I would love to fuck, and I am pretty sure that you want me to fuck you.”

I stammered a mumbled “yes,” as he continued. How he read me so completely amazed me as much as what was happening.

“If you are interested, I’d like to get together with you sometime so that we can enjoy each other sexually.” My eyes must have widened at that comment, because he said, “I know you would like me to enjoy you, wouldn’t you?”

Again, I mumbled something.

“I know you are married, and I really don’t often get involved with married women, but I am just dying to fuck you like no man has ever fucked you before.” “You will experience things you never dreamed possible with me.” He said.

He stepped back and slowly unzipped his pants. He reached in and pulled out a huge, thick black cock. It must have been 8-9 inches long, and thick as my wrist, and it was still soft. As in a daze I reached out to touch it, but he pushed my hand away.

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  • Tony

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    Love the story especially from a woman. Would love for my wife to meet Kelvin and have his big cock.

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