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Z moaned as she looked up at Tom and panted, “Cum inside my cunt. Fuck your load into me.” I was stunned, thrilled, aroused beyond description to see my wife take another man’s cock inside her most intimate place. Asking him to cum in her. Without a condom. Without shame. Asking him to flood her womb with his semen, to make her his. It was awful. I loved it. And obviously so did Tom, who started stroking in and out of my wife.

Tom was in full rhythm now. He rode Z hard, each stroke penetrating to its full length, all the way out until I could see the head of his cock, all the way back inside Z’s cunt until I could hear his testicles slap against her sopping labia. The soft slurping sound of her sticky, silken vagina holding on to his penis as it glided in and out of her kept time to the rhythm of his penetrations.

My wife was fucking another man. She slammed her hips up to receive each driving thrust of his cock, the wet sucking noises of their coupling mingling with their passionate grunts and loving murmurs as his penis slid in and out of her slippery cleft, filling my ears as it filled her womb, claiming her as his.

“Fuck me in the bottom, too,” Z gasped after a few minutes. “Take me in both holes.” An electric tingle ran all through me. Z and I liked anal sex, but I knew it was hard for her, and it hurt her if I went in too deep or too fast, or fucked her there for too long. But now she had asked Tom to do that to her, too, in front of me.

Tom withdrew his member from deep inside Z’s vagina, and she lifted her bottom, putting both hands underneath to raise it up, giving Tom access to her small anus. His cock glistened with their mingled juices as he positioned the bulb of his penis on her purple rosette and rubbed it gently back and forth.

Z’s sphincter relaxed and opened slightly as the tip of Tom’s organ probed lightly, and Z whimpered softly as she raised herself a little to apply pressure against it, giving herself up to him.

The head of Tom’s penis popped inside and spread her anus open as Z moaned and turned her head. Gently, Tom withdrew and ran his whole shaft up and down Z’s genitals, sliding over her clitoris and her wide-open vagina, rubbing the lubrication from inside her womanhood onto her smaller opening,

distended now from his presence. Z’s pussy dripped the clear, viscous wetness from inside her cunt, that lovely, slippery nectar I knew smelled and tasted so good, and it ran down into her crack and into her slightly pouting anus, wetting it, getting it ready to be sundered open.

Tom moved the end of his prick back again to her ass and he rubbed it back and forth, gently massaging it open, allowing Z’s juices to make her opening slippery.

“Relax and let it in, Z” he ordered. “Open yourself for me.”

“I will. Take me. Put it in,” Z answered, her breathing careful and controlled as she concentrated on letting him in. He rubbed his prick gently on her little hole and I saw her sphincter relax and dilate. The tip of his cock slipped inside her with a little wet popping sound, and Z sighed and moaned out loud, “Ohhhh, God, yes!” I saw her face and her whole chest flush red with the heat of her passion at having his cock impale her there.

Tom left it in her this time, not moving at all, waiting for her to be able to accept the complete invasion of his entire organ. Slowly he started pressing it gently in and then relaxing, time and again, as Z pulled her legs back to help give him access. She rocked softly when Tom pushed it in and out a tiny bit at a time. Slowly the wetness from her vagina worked down the top of Tom’s shaft and ran into her rectum, and his strokes became longer and deeper.

Z shuddered and whinnied a soft, tremulous, undulating whimper. She helped welcome his insistent shaft inside by lifting herself up to take Tom’s strokes. He was sliding more easily into her, now a tiny bit further with every thrust. Finally, Z cried out, “All of it! Give me all of it now.”

With that, Tom drew all the way back out of her anus, leaving it gaping open—a dark black tunnel to her insides, to her most private place, and then, in one push that Z answered with her own upthrust, he plunged his whole cock into Z’s ass, burying his penis up to the hilt in her rectum, his pubic bone pressing against her perineum. “Yeees, yeees, yeees!” Z welcomed him into her guts. He began to stroke in and out of her asshole.

“Oh, God, yes” Z exclaimed sharply as he rode her, bucking up to take Tom’s languid strokes deep into her intestines. “God, that feels good!” Z was letting Tom fuck her in the ass, all the way inside, and she was in ecstasy from it, more so than she had been with me in there.

Tom drew all the way out again and then pushed inside her once more, and Z rose up to reciprocate. His strokes became faster, his thrusts harder, his cock disappearing to the hilt inside Z’s purple gap. His penis made a sucking sound as it glided in and out of her now, unobstructed,

freely opening her anus as she gave him access to her rectum, to the her most intimate cavity. “Do you like it there, baby?” Tom asked. “Is it good in your ass?”

“Yes,” Z answered, unnecessarily. “Oh, God, I love it.”

”You like my cock in your ass, Z?” Tom continued. “Are you my slut?”

“Yes, I’m your cockslut” Z whimpered.

“Tell me how good it is, Z. Tell my you’re my cunt,” Tom ordered.

“I’m your cunt. I’m your cumslut. I love your cock in me, in my bottom,” Z answered.

“Do you like it more than Larson’s? You want my cock in you?” Tom asked.

“Yes,” Z exhaled, “I want your cock in me Yours.” His cock. She wanted his cock. I had to squeeze my own cock forcefully to prevent my sperm from blasting out. I went hot in the pit of my stomach, agony and arousal in equal parts trying to force out my jet of cum.

“Do me in both holes,” Z begged him, “Fuck me back and forth.” Tom’s slippery cock backed out of Z’s smaller hole and she helped him move the tip up to her vagina, which yawned open, wet receptive. His next stroke went up her cunt and made her gasp as she took it all in,

and then when Tom pulled back again Z rotated her hips and guided his cock with her finger tips to take the next thrust in her ass, still open from his recent presence there.

Tom drove himself into her to the hilt. Back and forth, on every stroke Tom’s cock alternated between her openings, Z timing the tilt of her pelvis with the rhythm of his thrusts, tipping her hips to take his invading engine in first one opening and then the other.

“Do you like it?” Tom panted. “Do you like it in your ass? Do you like it in your cunt?”

“Yeees.” It was a tremulous whimper, almost indescribable, inspired by her passion at his invasion of her body. “I love your cock in me. I love it. I’m so glad you’re in me.” Z’s eyes gazed up into Tom’s, and then she turned to look at me, but she didn’t need to say anything to tell me what she was feeling.

The desperately wanton way she lifted herself up, tipping her pelvis to accept his cock inside her as he alternated holes, told me how much she loved being filled by Tom’s penis, by another man’s cock. But even as Tom was fucking her, Z had turned her face toward me.

“I love you,” she mouthed to me as Tom worked his cock savagely back and forth, in and out of first her cunt and then her ass. “Thank you,” her lips whispered to me as she rocked with him to let him plunge into her in rhythm.

She turned her head back to Tom, her eyes staring up in desperate desire, and Tom ploughed her open, Z giving herself up to him, writhing and moaning in gratitude for his cock as he took her as he liked.


  • mike

    Reply Reply February 7, 2019

    Great, well written story. Sure got me aroused thinking/wishing of a similar thing happening with my wife. So hot!!!

  • Bob

    Reply Reply March 17, 2019

    WOW, you are a fantastic writer. I genuinely felt every word. I usually prefer real stories that are much shorter, however, I absolutely enjoyed the ride. Thank you!

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