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It had been almost two years ago when I first mention to my wife Sue how I would love to see her with another man. We had been together for nearly thirty years, and the idea of seeing her being taken by a total stranger had been something I had desired for a while now. It took nearly a year to convince her on going through with it and we never looked back.

We decided the best approach would be meeting an unsuspected stranger while out at a night club. This gave Sue the power to choose whoever she liked, and we decided to try a new place that had opened recently. They catered to customers more in our age group, and the reviews I had read seem extremely promising.

My wife Sue and I hadn’t been out on a night like this in more than twenty-five years, and Sue began to wonder if men would even be interested in her. Sue can be a bit shy, and even though I think she looks great she really needed another man to tell her the same. I had her dress in a tight pair of jeans and a white buttoned up shirt.

It is my favorite outfit on her, and I still get very turned on when she wears clothing like that. Sue in my opinion is still a very sexy woman for being in her fifties, and I love it when other men look her way. Her breasts are large and very special, while her ass is beautifully curved, and there aren’t too many men out there who wouldn’t want a shot at her if given the chance.

That night we ordered a glass of wine and sat off to the side of the dance floor. We had a perfect view of most of the other patrons, and it didn’t take very long for a few men to look her way. We had been there for almost thirty minutes when a gentleman in his early to mid-forties made his way over towards our table. We must of have look somewhat suspicious on why we were there, and he asked if it would be alright if he danced with my lovely wife.

I was more than thrilled to let him, and my wife got up and headed out onto the dance floor with him at her side. They danced to several songs before returning to our table a brief time later.

She officially introduced Rick to me, and she asked him if he like to sit with us. He slid in next to my wife and we talked about an array of things. It was then Sue opened up why we were there, and Rick didn’t seem all that shocked. He had figured it out a long time ago and even mentioned how he had been with the wife of a buddy of his just recently.

We instantly felt relaxed while around him, and after a few minutes he said, “I would be an honor to make love to your lovely wife!”

We left a brief time later and headed for a motel just a few blocks away. I went in and got a room while the two of them talked quietly outside. When we got to the room I noticed how aroused Sue had gotten. Rick was a good-looking gent who stood just over six foot, and he had a body that most men would adorn.

My wife then surprised the both of us when she had Rick lay down onto the bed. She removed her shirt and bra exposing her large breasts to him and then climbed up onto the bed next to him. She ran her hand down over the front of his pants waiting for his reaction when she felt the biggest cock of her life. His cock was way bigger than mine, and she began to undo the front of his pants wanting to see his exposed cock.

Sue looked a bit nervous but also excited, and she pulled his huge cock out from his pants just a few seconds later. It was semi erect, and it had to be nearly nine inches in total length. I could see by the reaction on my wife’s face how excited she was, and she ran her hand down the shaft of his cock for a good minute or so. It swelled up right before her own eyes, and I watched as her lips engulf the length of his cock. She sucked on his cock for several minutes with great enthusiasm, and I hadn’t seen her take this much interest in sucking cock in quite some time.

It had been a brief time later when Sue suddenly stopped and she looked directly at him while removing her jeans and panties. She climbed up over top of his hard cock and seconds later guided it into her tight pussy. She immediately let out a loud ludicrous cry, and she told him how wonderful his cock had felt. I sat there with a major hard on, and I quickly pulled out my own cock out just a few minutes later.

I watched as my wife maneuver herself up and down on the shaft of his cock with quite precision. I hadn’t see her this excited in a very long time, and she rode hard on top of his cock for several minutes. It was then that Rick rolled her over onto her back with his cock still lodge deep inside her pussy.

He now held her down onto the bed and began to fuck her with more vigor. I heard Sue scream out, “Oh god! Oh god! You are going to make me cum!”

She could hardly take it, and after another few minutes she cried out into a very powerful orgasm right before my own eyes. Sue hadn’t orgasm on my cock in years, and it had a major impact on her moving forward. Rick then had Sue get onto all fours a brief time later. He moved in behind her adorable ass and immediately rammed nearly every inch of his big cock deeply into my wife’s swollen pussy.

My wife instantly began to moan loudly out yet again in pure ecstasy. Rick even reached up and pulled my wife arms back behind her back. He held firmly onto each of her wrists and forced her solid body hard back against his. He began to pound her even harder now, and I watched as my wife’s tits thrashed violently from side to side. I could no longer take it, and I heard my wife scream out as I came hard all over myself seconds later.

Rick continued to fuck Sue hard from behind for several more minutes when I heard him moan out, “I am going to cum all over your ass!”

He slid his big cock from my wife’s pussy and began to shoot his load all over the cheeks of my wife’s adorable ass. I sat only a few feet away and watched as a total stranger had cum all over my wife, and it left me even more aroused than I ever thought imaginable. It had been way more intense than I had thought, and when Sue had come out of the bathroom several minutes later Rick stood there waiting for her. He walked up to her and said, “I got to suck on that pussy!”

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  • CDR

    Reply Reply November 25, 2017

    The story was totally hot. It’s my biggest fantasy that I’d like to make happen for real. I masturbate and think about my wife naked with another man all the time. I have asked my wife about doing another man awhile back and she said she wasn’t interested. I’m hoping she’ll change her mind one day. I’ll probably ask her about it again. OMG I’d luv it if she’d do another man.

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