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I started to Ginger’s and realized I hadn’t put in my overnight bag so drove back home to get it. I was late, and it’d started snowing, what a way to start! I realized I should have looked at the weather report, but it was a bit late for that. I did have snow tires on the car, though, so I wasn’t too worried.

When I arrived, Ginger opened the door for me, then went to her husband and gave him a big hug. I couldn’t help but try to imagine the emotions that were going through his mind, hers too I guess. He knew his wife was going to be sleeping with another guy the first time since they’d married.

His insides had to be turning into pure mush, the same as mine did when Michelle was with Mike that first time in Seattle. I wondered if either of them realized how much their lives could possibly change as a result of that one night. I hoped he’d enjoy the residual benefits as much as I have with Michelle.

Ginger had on an attractive, fur-lined coat over her dress. All I could see was the bottom portion of a floor length green gown. Her hair was in a pretty bun, and she was beautiful! When she stepped away from her husband and took my hand, I led her to the car and opened the door for her. I watched her slide in, and noted the slit in her dress. Guys appreciate those things.

When I turned onto the freeway only a couple minutes later, I looked over at the beautiful woman sitting beside me. I could hardly believe that we were finally doing this, the culmination of my fantasy from over twenty years ago. Next to Michelle, Ginger was my dream-come-true woman!

It’s hard to explain, but in high school, I was so shy and couldn’t ask any girl out. I had wanted so badly to ask Ginger on a date, and now we’re going to the most exquisite dance of the year in Eastern Oregon or Washington and then spending the rest of the night together. It seemed surreal that it was actually happening!

The snow fell harder and harder as we drove over the hill just South of Kennewick, making it a beautiful, magical night. We were both nervous when we started, but by the time we arrived in Pendleton a couple of hours later we were giggling and laughing, much more at ease with each other.

We arrived at the Convention Center, and I turned the car keys over to the parking valet. I very happily escorted my date into the building. The lobby had been transformed into a beautiful winter scene, which seemed appropriate with the snow falling outside.

When Ginger turned toward me and slipped her coat off her shoulders, I couldn’t help but glory at how beautiful she was. Her dress was a long emerald green gown with a slit up the side to her thigh, teasing at those gorgeous, never-ending legs.

It was a halter type, crossed across her breasts, leaving a small triangular opening exposing her abs and wrapping around her neck with straps diagonally across her back, leaving her back mostly open down to a ‘V’ at the base of her back. It looked like silk but bunched across her bosom so her nipples weren’t visible.

All I could think when I saw it was ‘WOW’! The soft, smooth material flowed around her. Ginger’s heels had little, fake emeralds embedded in the straps across her toes and around her ankles adding to the sexy effect. I felt more than a little underdressed in my new suit. I almost asked her if her husband had seen her dress and if so, why he would let her out of the house.

After we checked our coats and walked through the dance hall to the seating area in the room behind the dance floor, I told her, “Ginger, you look fabulous tonight!” What I wanted to say to her was that she was sexy.

After my forced abstinence the last couple of weeks, I didn’t know how I was going to manage myself with this beautiful, sexy, gorgeous creature accompanying me! I thought she was the most beautiful woman at the dance, and I noticed several guy’s eyes following her walking across the floor.

We visited and listened to the music until the band played a slow song, and I asked Ginger if she’d like to dance. I wrapped both arms around her waist, and she wrapped hers around my neck, pulling our cheeks tight together. We mostly swayed to the music, moving slowly around the floor, enjoying the close companionship. Ginger’s perfume was fabulous, nearly driving me wild.

I caressed my hands up and down Ginger’s bare back, looking for that special spot on her back that I hoped would drive her wild. When I found it, she purred in my ears, “Mmm, that feels so good,” and snuggled in closer, nibbling on my ear just a little. Touching her back like this, with our cheeks together sent shivers all the way through my body.

When the song ended, they played a faster song which isn’t my thing to dance to, but Ginger enjoyed it, so we twirled and moved around the floor, trying to emulate the younger crowd. When that one finished, we were both worn out and laughing at each other’s clumsiness. Square dancing is much easier!

We explored the hors-d’oeuvre table and found smoked salmon, stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs (one of my favorite foods), shrimp bowls, chicken wings and so many other things that I had no idea what they might be.

Our plates were full, though, and when we sat to eat, the food was divine! I wondered how much of it was an aphrodisiac. The more I ate, the more I couldn’t take my eyes away from my beautiful companion.

When we finished eating, I asked Ginger if she’d like to have a picture. There was a photographer with a romantic scene set up in the front lobby, and I wanted a picture with Ginger. She agreed so we took each other’s hands and weaved our way through the crowd on the dance floor.

He had his ‘studio’ set up with a wintery scene, complete with real pine trees, a log to sit on, and a beautifully painted outdoor scene backdrop. Another couple was posing, so we waited, watching the photographer’s interaction with them.

When it was our turn, he sat me down on the log, Ginger alongside and slightly behind me with her arms around my neck, gripping her wrist with her other hand and her head leaning into me. He complimented us both, telling us what a gorgeous couple we were.

He snapped a couple of the shots, then rearranged us with me sitting slightly crossways and Ginger sitting on my lap facing the camera with one hand around my neck and the other on my shoulder.

When he finished shooting those, I asked Ginger to look at me, and I looked into her eyes, realizing for the first time how green they were. In this pose, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to pull her slightly toward me and kiss her. When her lips met mine, I completely forgot where we were, closed my eyes and let myself fall into her web, feeling the emotions pass between us.

Our kiss deepened, mouths opening and tongues intertwining, we were oblivious to the flashes from the photographer’s light bars until we heard him say, “Umm, we’re done.” Ginger and I broke our kiss, looking at each other and realized what had just happened between us.

He gave us our identifying number and said to come back in about a half hour to his assistant, sitting at her computer and printer off to the side.

Ginger and I both realized that something had happened at the photo section, and the next time the band played a slow song, we danced again but this time with our lips together most of the time. What had been a simple bolt of lightning before had become a hurricane strength storm of passion between us.

Even during the faster songs we couldn’t take our eyes off each other, and our dancing changed from being fun and bouncy to sultry. Ginger slinked into and out of my arms, kissing whenever our lips came close together. My hands on her back and hers around my neck took on an entirely different meaning than before.

When we sat between dances our fingers were intertwined and our heads together in short kisses and whispering sweet nothings to each other. We’d almost forgotten about the pictures until we realized the dance was nearly over so hurried back to the photographer. We waited our turn and sat down at his assistant’s desk, looking at the pictures on her computer.

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