Sharing My Shy but Blindfolded Wife 4.8/5 (60)

This pushed him over the edge and he started to cum inside my wife pumping his seed deep inside her. Michelle started to cum as well and just before this, Clinton had picked up the camera and had started taking more shots of my wife being fucked by Greg. He’d also removed his clothes and was sporting a pretty impressive dick of his own.

My wife started saying how this fantasy had made me and her cum more strongly than ever which I was very pleased to hear and took as my invitation to ask if she wanted “Clinton” to fuck her as well.

Again, to my increasing surprise and the real Clinton’s absolute delight she said “well as I’m tied down I don’t have much say in the matter do I so I suppose he might as well fuck me as well”.

I picked up “Clinton” (the larger black dildo) and switched it on and approached my wife from behind. (Remember she was blindfolded and tied face down on the bed) I nuzzled the head of it into her cunt and then the real Clinton motioned for me to allow him the pleasure and so I let him take over the penetration of my shy wife.

I must say he worked the dildo very well as Michelle was soon moaning with delight. Meanwhile Greg had been cleaned up by Jo sucking him and was now behind our video camera getting all of this on tape.

The next thing shocked me as Jo came up behind Clinton and reach under my wife’s body and started to rub Michelle’s clit and looked at me and winked in a naughty school girl sort of way.

Then the near catastrophe happened, Jo stopped rubbing Michelle and came over to me and started removing her clothes and knocked a chair which was at the side of our bed. I quickly came up behind Clinton who was busy pleasuring my wife with the “Clinton” dildo and I said “oops I caught the video cameras strap on the chair” and Michelle started to say how perverted I was and called me a kinky bastard.

Now, this was something new for her as she rarely swears but she did not say to stop it and so we got away with our near miss and Jo looked very relieved as did we all, except my wife who didn’t know we were all there.

As Clinton worked the dildo and rubbed my wife’s ass I again walked up to just next to Clintons head and asked Michelle if she wanted the real thing inside her and she said “you wish,

I bet Clint’s got a bigger dick that you” and thinking pretty darned quickly I said “well he’s made a surprise trip just to come a fuck you and I think he’s at the door, shall I let him in?”

My wife really lost herself in the role and said “was that Clint at the door? Do let him in dear, we can see if his dick is bigger than yours when he fucks me”. So as Clinton pulled the dildo out of my wife’s cunt I walked over to the door and said” hello Clinton, would you mind coming in and fucking Michelle for me” – there was an obvious silence and I shut the door saying “come on in Clinton and take all look at Michelle,

she’s naked, blindfolded and tied to the bed and wants you to fuck her” my dear shy wife replied “Hi Clint come here and fuck me please” I then said “he’s got a big smile on his face dear and he’s sporting a huge dick which he intends to ram inside you”.

This really did make me as hard as I can remember and as Clinton approached my wife’s cunt with his impressive dick in his hand Jo knelt down in front of me and started sucking my dick. I can tell you it was the most erotic thing I have ever done, to be sucked off whilst you unsuspecting wife is about to be and then is penetrated by one of your black friends dick – heaven!

Michelle made a low guttural moan and started to move around as much as her tied body could do. She said “how big is your dick Dave?” and I stood behind Clinton and said “it’s your fault you’ve really turned me on and I can’t remember my dick being this big before” and this seamed to quell my wife’s momentary bought of anxiety.

Clinton started pushing further and further into my wife’s cunt as Greg videotape everything, including his own wife sucking me off.

My wife started moaning again as she does just before she cums, Clinton was gesturing that he was about to come and I was about to cum to and then Greg motioned for Jo to go on all fours and he entered her from behind whilst she was sucking me and he was videotaping the scene.

Now that’s what I call multi-tasking!

It all ended in this order. I came in Jo’s mouth and she swallowed all my sperm. My wife came next with the loudest orgasm I have eve heard her do, then Clinton started pumping his juices into her and then to end it all Greg came inside Jo.

To this day I don’t know how we all kept silent but I think our deception succeeded because of the comments my wife was making just after we came and that was how “brilliant it all was and asked me to thank Greg and Clinton for such a wonderful time” I pretended to finish the fantasy by saying that I see our “guests” out and opened our door to let Greg, Jo and Clinton out.

As I did this Jo gave me one last suck on my limp dick and then a kiss goodnight. As I closed the door the three of them started laughing and Michelle shouted to shut the door quickly in case whoever was out the saw her.

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  • Resik2

    Reply Reply March 30, 2019

    I’d love to do the same thing to my darling wife!

  • mervyn47

    Reply Reply April 28, 2019

    Love to watch my wife get it like her

  • mervyn47

    Reply Reply April 28, 2019

    Love to watch my wife get it like her and then take the blindfold off

  • Ronald

    Reply Reply June 1, 2019

    This was a really nice story. I wish I can meet you guys. I’m in the Uk as well. Please email me at [email protected]

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