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in my twisted mind, to start ramming my dick in as hard as I could. As I started to cum Jo started to cum again and we both came together and if you’re like me it’s one of the world’s greatest pleasures to cum together with your partner.

Once we were done Jo acted so naturally as if we had been lovers for years saying how much she had wanted to do that and that it was OK by her for Greg to fuck Michelle. She promised faithfully not to tell Michelle and to keep our secret fucking session between us. The visit was ended by Jo sucking me until I came again and then she left demanding that we fuck whenever we felt the need.

I can tell you that this changed my life for the better to know that literally at any time I want I can go and fuck Jo. I had a call from Greg later that day asking me if I had enjoyed his wife to which I obviously said yes and profusely thanked him.

It seemed to deepen our friendship at that moment in time.

This event as I call it, only encouraged me to set my wife up with Greg and so we arranged to have a short break in the Lake District in the north of England with Greg, Jo and the pair of us.

We booked a Bed and Breakfast, which for you non-English people, is usually know as a guesthouse or small hotel where you have your own room for the night and are given a full English breakfast on the morning by the owner.

Michelle looked forward to visiting this beautiful area and had no idea what we were planning. We travelled together in my car and she talked about shopping and restaurants we would enjoy eating out at.

We stopped at a motorway services about halfway there and as Greg and Michelle went to the toilets Jo quickly unzipped me and started sucking my dick inside my car in the car park which totally surprised me and caused me to look around in a panicky sort of way.

I came within a couple of minutes which is the fastest time I can remember and I put it down to the suddenness and excitement of the moment. Jo just sat back and smiled as Greg and Michelle came back to the car. I was just lost for words and got a telling off from my wife about being boring and quiet!

We arrived at our B&B and settled into our rooms which both had double beds. We had arranged to go out for a meal later and this we did at a very nice old English pub. During the meal we chatted about what we were going to get up to over the next couple of days and really enjoyed ourselves.

Michelle went to the toilet and Greg asked what I had in mind for him. I just asked him to be outside our room at 11:30pm and not to make a sound.

We left the pub and after saying our goodbyes went to our separate rooms. I started making suggestions to my wife Michelle and she responded exactly as I had hoped demanding that her blindfold came out for a good fucking session. Remembering how shy she normally is, this was amazing to hear from her.

Once her blindfold was on I started removing her clothes and by the time we were both naked and her selection of vibrators had come out I asked her “who” she wanted to fuck first and she said “Clinton please or maybe Greg I can’t make up my mind” I replied that as he was in the next room it should be Greg and Michelle just smiled and said “OK let Greg fuck me first”. I wondered how he would have looked if he could have heard her say that!

I started by shoving the vibrator in and out which made her pretty wet and started asking how “Greg” felt. She amazed me for the second time by saying “Greg feels sooo good” and we both giggled. It was approaching 11:30 and I upped the stakes by saying that I had arranged for “Greg to come in and fuck you” to which she laughed and called me a pervert to which I said that if she was a good girl I may pretend to be Greg as a treat.

She went quiet for a few seconds and started giggling as I tickled her and as 11:30 came up I said “I think he’s at the door shall I let him in” and to my great satisfaction she said “don’t keep him at the door too long” and at that moment with my wife blindfolded I said OK and went toward the door. Now I can tell you I was pretty nervous about opening it. Isn’t it strange how when a fantasy is about to become reality you sometimes get second thoughts?

I mustered up the courage and turned the handle. Greg was standing there smiling his head off. I gestured to him to enter and he tip-toed in as I turned and closed the door saying “say hello to Greg dear” and Michelle said out loud “hello Greg come and fuck me please”. Me and Greg did all we could to stop laughing out loud or making too many noises and I just said

“he’s on his way over to you” and Greg just walked over and dropped his trousers and started rubbing his dick ready to enter Michelle. I gave him the nod and stood next to him and told Michelle “hear come Greg’s dick” and as I said that he shoved his dick inside my wife and she twitched as he rubbed her clit. My wife was lying there being fucked by a mate of mine and she had no idea at all – I was hard as a rock I can tell you.

I reached down and picked up my camera and asked my wife if I could take a picture of our friend Greg fucking her. I spoke next to Greg’s head so as not to give our secret away. Michelle said “oh, go on then, it will be something to put in our holiday album”.

So, I started to take photos of my mate fucking my unsuspecting, shy wife, and this was a totally incredible sight. Greg just had a smile on his face and Michelle was starting to moan away as she does before cuming.

At this point Greg was humping my wife in and out and pointed to the door gesturing to open it. I was puzzled but crept over to the door and gentle opened it. To my complete and total surprise Jo and Clinton were standing there and as I couldn’t say a word they both walked past and stood quietly as Greg continued to fuck my wife.

I had to think quickly about what to do next so I told my wife that Greg wanted to tie her to the bed and she pulled a face at the idea but said “if it’s what Greg wants I suppose it will be OK” and with that pulled away from Greg (who she though was me) and turned over onto her front and stretched out her hands and legs.

I quickly opened the wardrobe door and found two bathrobe ties and then got two of the room’s curtain ties and all the time Michelle was asking me (or Greg in her mind) to “hurry up and tie me down”.

Meanwhile our three friends were silently admiring my wife and as Jo was there I wondered if she was slightly bi or just curious. When I’d finally got Michelle tied down Greg motioned me to step back and came at my wife from behind shoving his dick straight in without any warning and waving at the same time to his wife Jo.

Michelle jumped and moaned at the same time and I stood next to Greg again and asked if she was enjoying being fucked by Greg to which she replied with and uncontrolled “ooh yes”. Jo had in the meantime picked up my camera and started to take photos of the event and Clinton who obviously had not said a word reached out and started rubbing my wife tits as if Greg was rubbing them and he had a large grin on his face as well.

I was pretty turned on and slightly jealous at the same time but thought everyone was enjoying themselves including my unsuspecting, blindfolded wife.

Greg started to mouth to me that he was about to cum so I asked Michelle if “Greg” could cum inside her and this kept her own fantasy going as she replied “go on Greg, fill me with you nice cum” Greg’s wife Jo started shaking her head in a -you total slut- kind of way and reached out and started rubbing Greg’s balls from behind.


  • Resik2

    Reply Reply March 30, 2019

    I’d love to do the same thing to my darling wife!

  • mervyn47

    Reply Reply April 28, 2019

    Love to watch my wife get it like her

  • mervyn47

    Reply Reply April 28, 2019

    Love to watch my wife get it like her and then take the blindfold off

  • Ronald

    Reply Reply June 1, 2019

    This was a really nice story. I wish I can meet you guys. I’m in the Uk as well. Please email me at [email protected]

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