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My friend Wayne and I met on the job. He was from out of state, but we worked together regularly. He and I hit it off very well, right off the bat, so when we weren’t working together, we had regular phone conversations.

There wasn’t a topic of any kind that we didn’t talk about, including sex with our past girlfriends and wives. As guys will, that was talked about on a regular basis. I felt that I was pretty well endowed, at eight thick inches, but apparently, according to him, I came up short in that department. By about three inches short!

We also, as you might guess, talked about our wives, their body parts, and their sexual preferences on a regular basis. I had mentioned several times how good and tight my wife’s pussy was. Also talked about was whether or not we thought our wives could be seduced and fucked by another man.

My wife always said she had no interest in any other man, however, there were a few times that I thought there might be a red flag or two. We discussed that at length. When asked how sure I was about the red flags, I told him I wasn’t sure at all. It was just some things I had noticed that seemed a little out of the ordinary. After not finding any evidence to back it up, I dismissed the idea that she was screwing somebody else.

That, however, didn’t exclude that possibility from our conversations. Wayne asked, what if she was fucking another guy? After some careful thought, I decided that if it was recreational sex… I probably wouldn’t care if Sherry was getting some stray dick! Her pussy did get neglected at times when work was hectic… so if she just needed some dick… ok, I can live with that. However, I would want to know about it.

I would only be bothered about it if she was sneaking around to do it. He asked how hard I thought it would be to get her to fuck. This, I didn’t have to think too hard about. My wife loves to suck dick. Sucking dick makes her horny. Therefore, if you could get your dick in her mouth… you probably could easily fuck her!

Our friendship, and those conversations continued for a couple of years before Wayne and his wife divorced. I think I may have seen it coming before he did. The break up was rough on him. Not so much about the marriage ending, but they had a child together. She was dead set on him not ever seeing his kid again.

It took about six months to get it all settled. She had to be forced to allow him time with their child. She finally got past enough of the hurt to allow things to smooth out between them. So with all that going on, and the amount of time they had problems before the divorce, he hadn’t had any pussy in close to a year! He didn’t dare be seen with another woman for fear of complicating the situation further, so he didn’t date at all.

Past conversations about whether or not my wife had been getting fucked while I was at work, and conversations about Wayne’s sexual frustration began to come together in my mind. Plus, if his dick was as big as he said it was, I was certain Sherry would love to get some of it! I began to put a plan together.

I told Wayne I wanted to test Sherry to see if she was susceptible to being fucked by other men. He didn’t much care for the idea at first, but the more we talked about it, with his lack of sex for a year, he began to like the idea.

“What if it does happen? What if I can seduce and fuck her?”

“Then she gets fucked by the biggest dick she’s ever had!”

We decided that the next job we worked together, he would be invited to dinner at our house, and we would see what happened. As luck would have it, we didn’t have to wait very long. We ended up working together the next week. Sherry knew all about our friendship, not so much about some of the topics of our conversations.

She also knew about Wayne’s divorce, and the problems he had with his ex, so when I told her I wanted to invite him to dinner Friday night, she agreed it was a good idea. She thought it would be good for him to get a good home cooked meal, and be among friends, rather than fast food or sitting in a restaurant alone with his troubles. The two of them had met before, on several different occasions, and liked each other. So this wouldn’t be their first meeting, but a chance to get to know each other better.

Wayne was filled with anxiety all week long. He was delighted that he was going to get a good home cooked meal for a change, but was a little nervous about the plan for my wife. He tried to cover it up by talking about how hard he was going to fuck her and tear her pussy up, but I knew him well enough to see through all that trash talk.

Finally, while we were having lunch on Friday, I told him I thought he was scared to death of trying to get my wife’s pussy! He admitted that he was nervous about it. Not what it was going to do to either of them, but he was afraid of damaging our friendship.

I told him not to worry about it, I had already made peace with the fact that she was going to get fucked by a dick bigger than mine. In fact, I admitted that I would be a little disappointed if he didn’t get to fuck her! That seemed to settle him down.

When we finished work, Wayne wanted to go to the motel to get cleaned up, so I gave him directions to the house. When I got home, Sherry was busy in the kitchen. A quick kiss and I was off to the shower.

I had just slipped my pants on when Wayne called. He was about ten minutes away. When he arrived, I met him at the door and led him to the den. Just as I handed him a beer, Sherry came in, said hello, and asked how he liked his steak. Armed with his preference, she returned to the kitchen.

“Damn man… I kinda forgot how hot she is!”

I laughed.

“Yeah, just think how hot her pussy is going to be.”

I could tell he was thinking exactly that. He began to fidget and adjust himself for more comfort. By the time we finished our beer, Sherry returned to tell us dinner was on the table. We followed her to the kitchen.

Wayne couldn’t keep his eyes off of her shapely ass. It was a great meal, with the steaks cooked to perfection, and the side dishes were just as good. Sherry was the perfect hostess as well. The conversation was pleasant, the whole thing couldn’t have gone better. After we finished, Wayne helped us clean off the table and put everything away.

We all returned to the den and had several drinks. I made sure Sherry’s were a little stronger than usual. I put some music on and we took turns dancing with her. After a couple of slow dances with Wayne, he was beginning to get aroused. She made a comment about him poking her while they were dancing. He did indeed have a bulge in his pants.

“Well, I’m not surprised. He hasn’t had any pussy for a year, and he’s dancing with a hot woman…”

Sherry blushed a little.

“In fact, from what I’m told, you’ve never had a dick that big!”

She continued to blush and swigged down the rest of her drink. She showed some interest with her comment.

“Oh really… bigger than my baby?”

She snuggled up under my arm and put her arm around me.

“Yes ma’am. I’ve never seen his, but if what he’s told me is true, much bigger.”

Sherry looked at me, then back at Wayne’s crotch. I knew she wanted to see his dick.

“Honey, we’ve never done, or even talked about doing anything like this before, but… would you like to suck his big fat cock?”

Her mouth dropped open as she blushed again.

“Tell you what… let’s have another drink… you think about it, and give us your answer when you finish the drink.”

She agreed to that and I mixed another round. There was another slow dance with each of us before she finished the drink. He had a significant bulge by the time they finished dancing.

“Ok, I don’t know about giving him a blow job… but I would like to see it if it’s really that big.”

“Ok, deal. Go ahead and get on your knees. If you decide you want to suck his dick… you have my blessing.”

She dropped to her knees without hesitation!


  • Mike

    Reply Reply August 15, 2019

    I would love to watch my own wife with a big dick

  • kelly Kute

    Reply Reply August 15, 2019

    Ive seen my wife ,Walk funny a few times all ready…

    • Me

      Reply Reply August 18, 2019

      Because of your cock or a lover

      • Kelly

        Reply Reply August 19, 2019

        Because of His Cock,She said to me that His Cock was the Biggest Cock she had Ever Seen of Fucked in her life.and Now she see him about once a week every week.and im Glad for her..???

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