Sex on the Beach

“Let’s do it on the beach!” my wife suggested.

“Are you serious?” I asked. I was far from against the idea, this just seemed slightly out of character for her.

“Yeah, I am,” she replied. “What the hell, we’re at an couples resort and we don’t know any of these people. I’ll wear this dress and NOTHING else,” she winked. “I’ll sit on you, no one will even know we’re doing it.”

‘This dress’ was a blue sundress that buttoned up the front. It came to below the knee so there would be plenty of coverage, however I didn’t think anyone would have any doubts whatsoever as to what we were up to if they came across Jen straddling my lap and bouncing up and down – covering dress or not.

“OK,” I agreed. “When do you want to go?”

“How about now?” she replied.

It was only 11:00 and there were bound to be plenty of people walking the beach this early.

What the hell.

“Sure,” I replied. “Let’s go.”

She made a production of taking off her panties, teasingly raising the hem of her dress just to the point where I could almost see paradise but no higher and then slipping them down her sun-tanned legs before stepping out of them.

She grabbed a towel, “To sit on,” she said. “So we don’t get sand in uncomfortable places,” and we were out the door.

I was at half-mast as we walked the paths from our hotel room to the beach and kept my hand on her hip and ass as we walked, feeling the bare skin move under the thin cotton of her dress. We giggled as we stumbled along through the sand as she dragged me off the path and onto the beach.

She picked the spot, not too far off the beaten path but in the shadows close to the hedge-like bushes that separated the ribbon of sand from the manicured grounds of the hotel. The moon was bright and she looked like a naughty angel standing there before me.

She spread the towel out and turned to kiss me. Our lips met, standing there in the moonlight and I soon forgot any trepidations I may have had about being in so public a setting. My hands stole to her breasts, feeling her nipples hard through her dress.

I unbuttoned the bodice, my hands fumbling slightly until the opening plunged almost to her navel. I slipped my hands in to cup her breasts and I felt her already hard nipples stiffen even more under direct contact with my hands. I loved my wife’s breasts; so full and large for such a small woman.

I let my left hand drop to her hips and pulled up her skirt, slipping under it as soon as I could. I stole to her pussy and she parted her legs to give me better access. She was almost dripping wet as I slipped a finger between her lips to stroke.

“I’m nice and wet,” she whispered into my ear, breaking off her kiss.

She dropped to her knees and opened the waist of my pants, pulling down the zipper. I had gone commando as well in light of our plans and with practiced ease she pulled me free. Smiling up at me, she tossed her long brown hair out of the way and took me deeply into her mouth.

I watched her kneeling before me, head bobbing up and down on my cock, the front of her dress swaying open, tits partially exposed to the night.

I caught her head in my hands, “You’d better stop if you want to fuck too,” I said, getting a bit breathless.

She pulled away, wiping her lips on her arm and grinned. “Sit down,” she commanded.

I sat on the towel with my ankles crossed, cock pointing at the stars. She straddled me and pulled her dress high enough for me to get a good look at her pussy, open and glistening before she lowered herself, reaching down to guide me in as she impaled herself on my cock.

The heat of her pussy was almost shocking after the cool night air and I gasped as I slid deep. She wrapped her legs around my back and her arms around my neck and started to slowly rock back and forth on me. It was frustratingly heavenly and made for wonderful, slow lovemaking.

I closed my eyes and buried myself in the sensation for an unknown time until I heard a strange voice ask, “Want some help?”

My eyes popped open and I saw a guy standing on the beach, a few feet away watching us. Couldn’t tell if he was a local or a tourist like us. Middle aged in a tee shirt and shorts. Nothing particularly scary about him but I had a moment of panic and then Jen surprised me.

“No,” she told him, a bit breathlessly, ‘but you’re welcome to watch."

To say I was shocked would be a massive understatement. It threw me for a moment, but Jen wasn’t going to allow that. She started grinding harder on my cock and soon had my full attention again.

“Suck my tits,” she hissed into my ear. She loves to have them played with when we fuck, especially when she’s on top.

“He’s going to see them,” I whispered back.

“I want him too,” she replied.

That was all the permission I needed. I pushed both sides of her dress open and sucked the nipple of one into my mouth, biting down softly and making her moan. I deliberately chose the one on the side furthest from our audience so he’d get a good look at her other one.

I loved the idea of exposing her to a stranger. I escalated things even further, pushing the top of her dress off her shoulders. She surprised me again by dropping her arms from around my neck to allow me to push the dress off. The top quickly fell around her waist leaving my wife totally exposed from the hips up.

We ground into each other, kissing again, me tugging her hard nipples. I saw her look towards our watcher when she suddenly moaned and came, convulsing slightly around me. I quickly looked over at him and saw he had his own cock out and was stroking. To this day I believe the sight of this stranger jerking off over her was what sent her over the edge.

“You’re sure you don’t want any help?” he asked again wistfully a little after as Jen clung to my neck post-orgasmically.

“No, but you look like you could use some,” she said. “You can come over here.”

She looked at me, asking my consent and I just nodded, shocked but excited.

She reached over and took him in her mouth as she bobbed up and down on my lap.

The stranger groaned as he warm lips wrapped around his cock and she started to suck. He reached down and fondled her tits. She jerked him as she sucked and reached down with her other hand to stroke her own clit while I fucked her.

“Oh yeah,” the stranger groaned. “Yeah, do it. Yeah, gonna cum.”

Jen pulled him out of her mouth and directed the stream at her full breasts, looking into my eyes and smiling as he coated her skin.

“Let me fuck you,” he begged as she let go of his softening cock.

“No, I think that’s enough for now,” my wife said.

Our new friend took the hint and after thanking us profusely, moved on down the beach.

We giggled and she asked me, “Did you cum?”

“No,” I said.

“Didn’t you like it?” she asked.

“I loved it, I’m just not getting enough stimulation in this position,” I answered truthfully. “Can we try a different one?”

“Let’s go back to the room,” she said.

I was a little disappointed in that but there was no way I was going to protest. With some difficulty I put my rock-hard cock back into my shorts and CAREFULLY zipped them up. She used the towel to wipe his cum off her chest and put her dress to rights leaving several buttons undone at the top, showing a lot more cleavage then she had on the trip down to the beach.

I grabbed her roughly as soon as the hotel room door closed behind us, kissing her hard. I turned her around and bent her over the bed as she laughed, pulling her dress up and exposing her sweet ass and sopping wet pussy. I had my pants down in seconds and spread her lips with two fingers of one hand while positioning my cock at her opening with the other.

She stopped laughing, gasping “Oh my God,” as I slammed into her deeply and began to fuck her hard. She normally doesn’t care for really rough sex but that night she loved it, grunting with each thrust until she came with a long, low, vibrating moan just as I shot an enormous load deep into her.

We literally fucked 6 times that night and the next day was the only day of our trip that we didn’t have sex – we were both too sore. I was looking for our stranger for the entire day but I honestly didn’t really remember what he looked like.

It was weird, I could see him just fine but the next day I really couldn’t remember his face. Same with Jen. There was one guy who was talking to us one night at the bar who MIGHT have been him but we weren’t sure and it wasn’t something we were going to ask – “hey, are you the guy my wife blew after watching us fuck?” I suppose we COULD have but it seemed like bad form.

We had just about given up any thoughts along those lines when, upon returning to our room, we found a note saying, “Thank you for a wonderful evening. I’d love to repay the favor with dinner tonight.” It was signed simply ‘Al’.

“Well?” Jen asked me. “Are you hungry?”


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