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Recently my wife starting selling clothes online – pants, tops etc. Even some of the kids clothes they grew out of. I told her maybe she should get rid of some of her old shoes and boots too, make room for some new ones. She really had no interest so I told her I would sell them for her. She thought I was just being perverted so she shot me down. After a few weeks of her listing stuff and not really selling, I offered my help again. This time she seemed interested but I told her there would be a little extra work to help. She asked me what I meant so I explained that I would need some new updated pictures of her shoes and of her wearing the shoes. She said you’re crazy, no way am I doing that. I don’t want to attract the wrong people.

I then offered to create my own account with a dummy email and location. She was a little hesitant but after a few more days she agreed to take me up on the offer. So I collected her shoes and boots, sandals and even a pair of slippers she no longer wears. They were all in really good condition so I didnt think it would be difficult to move them. Although deep down, i really wanted another foot guy to enjoy them!

Friday arrived and I had managed to have both kids sleep over at their friends house. After dropping them off, the wife and I went to dinner. We had some really good Mexican and shared a pitcher of Margaritas. We were both feeling pretty good at this point. I brought up the topic of selling her shoes again at dinner and she said maybe we could start tonight. When we got home, we discussed which pairs we should focus on first. I picked the black 4″ patent leather heels and the light blue open toe slide ons with 2″ heels. She agreed on the black heels but her 2nd pick was a pair of tan boots that came up just under her calf, they also had about a 3″ heel. I agreed with her to make her more comfortable and started staging them for pictures.

After a few pictures of both the heels and boots, I asked her if she was ready for her modeling debut. She hesitated again, but I convinced her it would speed up the process of selling so she agreed. First we had her slide on the boots. She was wearing her dark brown almost dress socks already so the boots slid on easily. I snapped a few pictures from different angles and we were both happy how they turned out. The next step were the black heels. She slipped off the boots and then her socks. I noticed she must have just recently gave herself a pedicure because her toes looked so perfectly painted a shade of purple. I’m a huge fan of red but these were so sexy I almost forgot what we were there for.

She slowly put on her left heel first, then her right. I again took pictures from all different angles. I asked her to pop out her right heel and she did – snap! I then asked her to pop out her left heel, she did – snap! I was getting a raging hard-on with her shoe play which did not go unnoticed. I then pushed my luck a little more and asked her to dangle her right heel from her toes, she did! Snap! I got very close with the camera and got a great shot of the inside of her heel and also a great shot of her sexy, high arch.

I then had her put both heels flat on the floor in front of her and asked her to pull her feet out of both but keep her toes on the back of the heels. I knew no way would she agree with this but she gave me a look with a twinkle in her eyes and said ok. Now I have to zoom close and get her sexy toes with her heels.

After all this work, I was all wound up and she was really hopeful they would sell. I uploaded the pictures to the laptop and listed the boots and heels! We talked about the rush for the next hour while we had some wine and relaxed on the couch together. We were watching a movie when we both dozed off, still on the couch. I was awoken by a ding on my phone at 11:30pm. I quietly reached over to the table to get my phone, trying not to disturb my sleeping wife. I opened my email and I had a new message from the site! I opened it up and it was a direct message from an interested buyer. It started out by saying they thought the black heels were in mint condition and they were very interested in purchasing them. They asked where they would be shipping from and how would that be calculated. Towards the end of the email I discovered it was a Male contacting us, and he was from our same state! What are the odds of that?!

He ended his email by saying what beautiful feet were in the picture and if we had any more pictures or heels to sell, he was VERY interested.

I must have been really focused on the email because I didnt notice my wife had opened her eyes and was watching me read my phone, meanwhile her left foot discovered how turned on I was getting reading the email. I tried to play it off and just mentioned to her there’s a buyer that is watching our listing. She rubbed her left foot up and down my hard cock under the blanket and said to me, oh, are you sure that’s all?

She then asked if she could see the email but I was reluctant to hand her my phone. After some back and forth I agreed. I handed her my phone and waited for her reaction. I was sure we would not be listing any more shoes. Instead, as she was reading the email, she started to read it out loud. When she got to the end and the compliment on her feet, she peeked over my phone to look at me. I was trying not to blush but I could not hide it, or the erection that was ready to split open my pajama pants!

After she read it, she handed me back my phone and rather calmly said, maybe you’re right after all. Maybe I do have pretty feet, I just never really thought of them in a sexual way. I couldn’t have agreed more. At this point I was feeling brave so I asked her if she would like to respond to his email with a picture of her bare feet on my lap. She haughtily said yes, but she wanted to do the email response and I was not allowed to edit it. I happily agreed and started to take some pictures with my phone. She teased my cock thru my pants I almost came. After a few pictures she took my phone.

I patiently waited to get it back but it seemed as though she was writing a book back to him. She first thanked him for the interest in her heels and she thought his compliment of her feet was very flattering. She went on to tell him how many times she wore the heels, where she wore them to and what other clothing she wore with them. She then asked him where he was from and informed him she had several other shoes, sandals and even slippers she would like to get rid of. She ended the email asking for a picture of his choice back. She handed me back the phone but she had already sent the email. What a tease!!

We decided to get off the couch and go to bed at it was after midnight already. She got up and went to the bedroom, I quick made sure everything was closed and locked, and the TV was off. I got to the bedroom and she was already under the covers. I soon joined her and just as I leaned over to give her a kiss…DING! My damn phone again! My wife asked if she could check this time so I handed her my phone and laid there next to her. She opened the email and said out loud, ooh looks like he replied already!

She opened his email and her jaw opened widely. I asked her what crazy thing did this guy write now. She said to me, that he didnt say anything crazy, her eyes never left the phone screen. I asked her why she looked so shocked then. That’s when she turned the phone towards me and there it was. This guy had sent back a picture of what we assumed was his rock hard HUGE cock. He had a can of Monster energy drink under it and his cock head still peeked out past it. My jaw about hit the bed. He then wrote that he was from a neighboring city in our state. This guy was only an hour drive away! He asked if there was any way to pick up the heels in person as he did not want to spend the money on shipping.

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  • Ron

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    Very sexy story great turn on.

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