Seductive Repair 4.2/5 (24)

He knew she was going to be his the moment he laid eyes on her in the doorway. He had seen her type before: middle-aged housewife, with too much time on her hands. Kids at school all day, a husband that worked too much. She probably didn’t think she was attractive anymore. All pretty standard stuff.

He smiled when she opened the door at looked at him.

“Can I help you?” she said politely.

“Hi, I’m Marcus. I’m here to fix your washer and dryer.”

He was a well built black man, a by product of having been a furniture mover for years. And on this 90 degree day, his shorts and tank top didn’t leave much to the imagination, including the bulge in his crotch.

“Oh, yeah. Come on in. I’m Janice.”

“Pleasure to meet you Janice.”

She stepped aside and Marcus entered the house. The cool air felt good and he turned and waited as she closed the door behind him. His large form blocked most of the hallway and he shifted to move into her path, pretending to be trying to get out of the way. The shifted a couple of times until he said, “Shall we dance?”

He reached out and took a hold of her hips, moving in closer, feigning some dance steps. She was a little taken a back, but laughed nervously. Marcus released her and moved out of the way.

“The washer and dryer are downstairs.”

Marcus watched as she walked past, following her into the kitchen.

“I don’t mean to sound forward, but could I trouble you for a glass of water? It’s a scorcher out there today.”

“Oh, sure. No problem.”

Marcus watched her reach up into the cupboard to get a glass, admiring the fine white ass hidden beneath her shorts.

“You must work out.”

That made her stop and look at him, a slight flush on her face.

“Well, I have a treadmill I use. Thanks for noticing.”

She poured some cold water into the glass and handed it to him.

Marcus stood straight, leaning back as he gulped down the water. He knew this pose would accentuate his figure and he saw her looking him over out of the corner of his eye.

He finished the water and handed the glass back to Janice. “Thanks” he said with a smile.

With that, she walked down the basement steps, Marcus following closely. She showed him the washer and dryer.

She briefly described the problem and Marcus started an empty load in the washing machine. He saw a leak in the back and motioned her to come over. She leaned over the now vibrating machine, craning her neck to look in the back. Marcus leaned over her, pushing against her, making her crotch rub against the washer in the front, and his crotch in the back.

He could tell she was nervous and was trying hard not to show it. She saw the leak and moved to lean away from the washer, but he didn’t move. Instead, he ground his crotch into her harder and reached his hands around her front to grab her breasts pinching her nipples just as the washer went into its spin cycle and started vibrating faster.

The combination of sensations caused Janice to gasp and her knees weakened, forcing her to lean into him for support.

She regained her composure and reached up to move his hands away.

“I don’t know what you think you are doing but I …”

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