Seduced by the Contractor 4.7/5 (25)

Marsha and I had each been married before, and after ending our first marriages, enjoyed dating others before we found each other. “Sexually experienced” is a phrase that comes to mind.

Talking about those times sometimes became part of our love making. She enjoyed hearing about some of the things I did.

“Jayne really used so much baby oil on you that you’d have to change the sheets? Wasn’t that messy?”

“Messy, but erotic,” I’d tell her.

Of course, I’d get off on hearing what happened to her. “You actually fucked Tony on the deck of his sailboat?”
“Not exactly, silly. It was mostly in the cockpit. I thought we were out of sight.”

“But you weren’t, were you?”

“No, the sex got distracting, and sailboats are pretty quiet Those guys sailed within 30 feet of us, and started clapping when I got off Tony. I got so embarrassed I thought I’d die!”

I really liked that story. Because of that, she told it often. And almost as often, I’d tell her, “I’d have liked to have seen that!” Her response was always a teasing “Well, maybe someday I’ll do it again to show you. I didn’t know I married a voyeur.”

“Yeah, do that when the opportunity is right, I’d like that,” was my automatic comeback.

Last month we decided to do some remodeling, removing a wall between a TV room/den and living room to create a great room, instead. I interviewed a couple of contractors, including a young guy just a year into his contracting business. He seemed to know what he was doing: from the basement he showed us some water and waste lines that would have to be relocated,

something the other remodelers didn’t do. “Be sure, whoever you use, has plumbing costs accounted for, or you’ll get a $500 surprise,” he cautioned us. You know, he was right. I called back two of the more established general contractors,

and when we went into the basement they said “Oh yeah, we’ll have to move them. That’ll add $600 to the estimate.” It made me wonder what else they missed. We decided the new guy was the one.

Was he ever!

Four days after he started I looked over the work – it was within hours of being done. Mostly what was left was some painting and cleanup, and a baseboard or two had to be nailed in place. The man had a great touch mudding the plasterboard, it was flawlessly done. Seams were invisible under the primer. Marsha announced herself satisfied, too.

In bed that night she was more turned on than usual. We were well along in our lovemaking when she slowed down a little. “Remember me telling you about what happened on Tony’s sailboat?” she asked.

“I sure do.”

“Remember what you’d say when I told you that story?” “I told you I liked the story.’
“You used to say you wished you were on that other sailboat to watch, too.”

She was right, I did say that. “I would have liked to watch you do that, that’s right.”

I had been making love, not having sex, with her, but I changed modes, told her again how I’d have liked to have seen her as she was now, legs spread, while her boyfriend would move between those legs, and . . . I demonstrated.

“What about now? Would you like to watch me have sex with someone else?”

I told her that if she’d have sex with someone while I watched, I’d have to fuck her silly as soon as I could. The predictable happened – we both erupted. A few minutes later, Marsha, snuggling next to me, muttered something.

“What did you say, honey?”

“Do you remember what I’d say about now, after we did that?” “We would usually say ‘I love you” and cuddle and go to sleep.”

“Well, sometimes, when you’d talk about wanting to have watched me, I’d say “Maybe someday I’d let you watch something like that.'”

“I DO remember that.”

“Do you still think you’d like to watch me someday for real, not pretend?” “Yeah, sure.”

“You mean, you want to be both cuckolded and a voyeur?” “Cuckolded? Yeah, sure, I guess, if it means watching you.”

“I’ve been thinking about you watching me. I’ve been thinking about it a lot the last couple of days. Would you like ‘someday’ to be sometime soon, like, maybe tomorrow?”

I felt a new stirring in my groin. “What are you talking about?”

“Well, Jim (he’s the contractor) kind of made a pass at me today, and he’s cute, and nice, and young, sexy, and tomorrow’s his last day here, and I think it would be easy to make something happen, and it could be fun. . .”

Take about a speed bump in life! I heard “sexy,” and “pass,”, and the words just poured from my mouth: He made a pass?”

“He just said he thought I was really pretty for an older woman – ” “Older? You’re just 35!”
“- And he wished this job was a lot longer because he liked looking at me.

“And honey, I like looking at him, too. He works hard, the sweat makes him look really sexy, and then he goes to the guest bathroom and gets washed up and all, and I’ve been thinking about that young body in there, and I wondered what it would be like going in when he was there,

and going up behind him when he was washing up, and thinking about sexy things like that. Does it upset you that I thought about that, wondered about what it would be like to seduce him?”

My cock was responding so fast it was scary. My actions were automatic – I got her on her back, and was in her again even before I could respond in words as images – forbidden images – raced through my mind.

“I wonder what it would be like too, and no, it doesn’t upset me. It excites me,” I said as I pounded into her, and as she was responding to me, excited too, and just before that magic moment, that “little death”, just before we both climaxed again, I grunted “Do it — show me”.

Afterwards, I wanted to know: “How would you do it? What would we do? Would you really go in while he was washing up. . .?”

“I don’t know what I’d do,” Marsha said. “But I do know about men, they sense opportunities, and I think he’d jump at the chance if he thought he had one.”

We made a plan. “How about if we drop my car off at the garage for that brake job first thing in the morning? My car would be gone so it would look like I was at work. We could come back here, and Jim would come and finish his work, and then you’d bring him in here somehow. I could be in the cubby, and watch through the louvers, and you’d seduce him. I’d like to see that, and if you’d like to, well . .”

Oh, I have to tell you about the cubby. Our house’s master bed room started off with his and her closets. We turned one of them, a 6 by 8 foot closet, into my small office/computer room. It’s my ‘cubby’, my at home office. Louvered doors help the ventilation.

We hadn’t made love or had sex three times in a single night for a long, long, time, but we did then.

We slept, awoke early. Her first words after a good morning kiss were “Steve, are you going to go to the office today, or are you working in your cubby?”

I had nothing pressing at work today, but that wouldn’t have mattered, anyway. I said “in the cubby” and rolled onto her.

“I want to see Jim to do this to you while you watch. What do you think of that? Would you like it?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“You know it!”

“Steve honey,” she said, knowing exactly what she was doing, “if I do it, just think. Before you’re in me again like you are right now, someone else’s cock will be doing what you’re doing to me!”

I usually don’t ejaculate prematurely, but did then.

We dressed, and changed the bedding into the cream colored satin sheets we used on special occasions.

“It’s wierd getting ready to watch someone have sex with you. . . I mean, we agreed long ago we’re modern and not hung up about things, but, well, look at what we’re doing.””

“I never thought it would happen, either, but we talked about it often enough, and this guy’s really sexy. I think it’s going to be fun.”

We got dressed, she followed in her car when we dropped mine off for the needed

service, and we sped home. We weren’t in the house for more than five minutes before the unsuspecting (but perhaps hopeful?) Jim arrived.

I had gotten some stuff ready in the cubby, so I watched from the bedroom window as this tee shirt and shorts clad young man made his way to the front door.

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