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Sarah and Steve had a good a marriage. At least, that’s how it appeared to the rest of the world, and that’s how it was for both of them, up to a point.

Sarah controlled things in her owne way and both were happy with the arrangement. She ran the family finances, as well as her own business, and she dictated what happened in the bedroom. Sarah was 41, Steve 42, their sons Nate and Mike were both off at University and life was, well, OK.

Except Sarah sometimes felt that there was more, but though that feeling niggled at her often she never acted for fear of wrecking everything. Sex, after all, had become a little more interesting now that she had decided that a little bedtime adventure was permissable.

They had settled into a routine of having sex two or three times a month. When they were first married, all those years ago, it was at least that every day, but that passed, babies came along and routines were established.

Steve was always ready for more and was very keen to try something new. He would often choose a moment to suggest something different, but had been regularly denied by his wife. In their early days together he had even suggested a three-some with another woman, only to be dissapointed when Sarah revealed that her first husband,

whom she’d foolishly married as a love-struck teenager, had forced her to do that against her will and she had not enjoyed it at all. Her first marriage had lasted all of six months in which time her ex, Bobby, who was some five years older than Sarah, had spent more time in other women’s beds than hers.

Now though Sarah was prepared to go a little further with Steve, much to his delight and surprise. He loved anal, both giving and receiving, but had never been able to pursuade Sarah to do it. One of his favourite foreplay tactics, which she obviously enjoyed, was to curl up behind her with his arms round hers and his hands playing with her breasts.

He would cup and fondle both tits and play and tease the nipples. He knew this turned her on and made her wet in seconds, his fingers would then trace slowly down across her navel, through her pubes and onto her very prominent outer lips. Pushing gently in he would take her to a state of great arousal,

only for her to spin round and pull him into her. They would fuck, but within seconds both would cum, she moaning loudly as her orgasm took control of her entire body, the sensation made even greater as she felt his cock pumping inside her.

From their earliest time together, Steve had always had a problem of cumming too soon for her, so they worked out ways to cope with that. One was playing with her tits from behind, another was for her to sit on him, while he played with her tits, then when she was ready, she would lower herself onto his cock and use him as a dildo.

The only problem with that, for her, was the would not come with her on top, so she would have to roll on to her back for him to fuck her, just as her body was desensitising from her own orgasm. Not ideal, but it worked.

The other issue was that Steve was not that well endowed. A good six inches when erect, his cock almost dissapeared into his thick, bushy pubic hair when flaccid, which did absolutely nothing for Sarah. Still, when he used it, it worked and she found that when they fucked she could effectively wank him off with her cunt walls, flexing them round him rythmically to make him cum when she wanted.

The one thing that she always denied Steve was anal penetration. When he lay behind her playing with her tits his cock would rub against her ass, and she would manouver it so that it rubbed in the crease of her ass, but nothing more.

Sometimes, Steve would work it so that the tip of his cock nudged against her ass hole, but she always twisted gently away.

Just lately, however, she found herself pressing back against him, so that his cock just nudged inside her ass. She knew it felt good and a few nights before he pressed just that little further in and put his finger on her clit at one and the same time. She had just exploded with an orgasm more powerful than she could remember for a long time.

A night or two later, she had let him go a little further and allowed him to come with the tip of his cock just inside her ass. It had felt so good, that she decided he could ass fuck her properly next time he tried, but only if he wore a condom. She just did not want to deal with the mess of dried cum over her ass cheeks and the bedclothes.

Steve could not believe his luck, when his wife took the intiative and, for the first time in years, started stroking him before he touched her. She put her mouth to his circumsized cock and kised the tip of it. She allowed the tip of her tongur to play around the hole and then blew gently over it. Just as he thought she might suck him off, like she used to when they first met, she reached to her bedside cabinet and picked up a condom.

Looking him in the eyes throughout, she ripped the wrapper open with her teeth and carefully, slowly eased the condom over his hard prick. He even thought he heard her giggle as she turned away from him and lay with her back to him.

He snuggled against her, kissing her neck, nibbling her ear lobes and reaching round her to find her tits. Her nipples were already erect and she moaned softly and squirmed against him as he played with them. Her back arched and her ass pushed back against his cock.

The other benefit of the condom, the lubrication, then came into play as his cock nudged her ass hole and he felt it slide slowly in, stretching her as it went. He expected her to resist, but instead he felt jer push back, gasping for breath as he filled her. The thought flashed through her mind that for once she was greatful he was not bigger, unlike Bobby.

Bobby! Why had she thought of him, at this moment of all times? Her mind raced, but the mental image of Bobby, endowed with a pendulum between his legs that she thought was going to split her wide open the first time they fucked, just made her more frantic than ever to cum.

She closed her eyes and saw Bobby fucking her cunt, while Steve shagged her ass, and then her mind raced into overtime and she knew she wanted a cock in mouth too. She took Steve’s hand from her tits and put two of his fingers in her mouth. His other hand was already playing with het pussy lips and she pressed on it to push it firmly inside her.

Bucking back onto his prick, now fully inside her ass, she felt her tummy tighten as the wave of orgasm overtook her and kept cumming. It made her tremble, it made her scream, it felt so good.

Steve felt her ass tight round his cock as he, too, felt his release arriving and he pumped and pumped hit spunk into the condom until he thought it must split under pressure.

Neither said anything other than “I love you”, but both lay back breathless, knowing that they had enjoyed beyound imagining something that they would definitely do again.

Sarah was also already mapping out other plans she had for Steve. She also had plans for herself, which did not involve him…

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