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The center bar in the restaurant was about half capacity. There were a few tables available but we prefer to sit at the bar for more interesting people watching and faster service. I sipped my margarita while holding onto Bert’s freshly sprouted hardon. His cock, stiff in my hand, was an unexpected event. As we sat at the bar a couple facing us on the other side got up to leave, and the man waved bye at me so I flipped him a quick wave and gracious smile.

Bert asked if I knew them and I replied I knew him but not her. He asked if that was a co worker. I had to smile and be honest in saying, no, I but I did suck his cock once. Bert’s eyes about bugged out and simultaneously spewed his beer, then his head snapped to the left to look at me. He wiped the beer from his smiling but shocked face, as this may have been slightly out of character on my behalf. “Oh, wow, Sara, so you blew him” he said.

I replied yes I had gone down on him at a party back when I was single. We continued eating our meal until Bert, my husband, eventually asked if I had swallowed the mans cum. I told him yes, of course. He then asked if the guy had came a lot. I told Bert yes, he shot sizable load if recalled correctly. He then asked if the guy had a big cock. I found his curiosity a tad out of character as well, but I did not mind answering his questions as it seemed fun curiosity.

I told Bert yes, the guy, David, was blessed with about seven inches and I remembered it being very hard. I watched my husband re arrange his cock through his pants. “Bert, are you getting a boner” I laughed and placed my hand in his lap to find he indeed had a full boner right there at the bar. “Oh, so you are one of those, guys huh, I did not know that about you” I laughed a small chuckle. He asked me what kind of guy was that.

I told him, obviously, one of the guys that get turned on thinking about their wives doing dirty girl things with other men. Bert said he didn’t know if he was one of those guys or not, but he certainly just grew a steel hard erection. He said he knew I’d had sex with other men before we got married, but he’d never really thought of it until I just told him about sucking off the man that sat across from us for twenty minutes.

He said “Hell Sara, I even nodded at the lucky bastard, lol. Well, at least I know I can be proud you did a good job, because your awesome at it”. I thanked Bert for his compliment. He followed up by asking if David’s cock or balls were shaved, did he fuck my mouth or just let me do all the work, I answered all his questions honestly and factually, all the while his cock throbbing in my hand. Armed with this new revelation about my husbands curiosity I decided to try something new at bedtime that night.

Bert and I sleep naked, so when I crawled into bed with him and snuggled close to make skin on skin contact, I made sure my lips were near his ear. “Did I shock you tonight” I asked softly into Bert’s ear. He laughed and said I sure did. “You asked a lot of questions during dinner” I added, nibbling his ear lobe. Bert said yes, it was sort of weird yet erotic at the same time. “I met David at a party and we talked a while.

We seemed to have some sexual attraction as well, so when he stepped out into the garden area. I followed him. I was sitting on a bench in a darkened section of the lawn when he noticed me and approached. He started to make more small talk but I simply reached out and took his cock in my hand. He looked around and made sure no one was looking then moved closer to me, cupping my left breast in his hand. I could feel his dick quickly stiffen in his tailored slacks.

I could tell he wore boxers because his cock was free to move with my hand as I stroked his growing manhood. He was fully hard in just seconds and I simply wanted to suck his thick cock. As I unzipped his pants he again checked for privacy. I remember reaching into his slacks and grasping his warm handful of cock, the air was cool and is dick was so warm, so hard. I fished his dick out and looked up at him as I took it’s thick head into my lips”.

As I described the interlude to my husband, I reached out to find his cock, and it was hard as I’d ever felt it, swollen and throbbing in my grasp. “My oh my, I think someone is getting turned on” I teased. “Damn Sara, it is quite hard isn’t it baby” he said. “I think someone likes my naughty story, well according to this” I squeezed his dick with a firm grasp. “Who are you” he asked pushing my hair back so he could see me.

“Just a woman who likes her man turned on, and clearly you are”. I then rolled over and got between Bert’s legs and held his stiff cock up. He looked down at me and I licked his cock from balls to head as we looked into each others eyes. “David’s cock was hard, like yours is now” I said then ran my tongue along the sensitive area just below the head of his dick. He throbbed a nice pulse in my grasp.

“He liked it when I slowly sucked his dick fully into my mouth like this” then showed Bert how I ever so slowly worked my lips and tongue over David’s cock until I’d inched him fully into my throat. “He had to of loved that” Bert moaned. “He did” I replied. I pumped Bert’s fine erection with my fist and licked his cocks head in a circular motion. “David’s cock was so hard in my mouth. I stroked his thick meat with my hand, like this,, while sucking his dick’s head and letting him slip his hand into my blouse”, I continued my story, doing everything to Bert’s cock that I told him I did to David’s.

My little test was passed as positive, my husband got hard from my being bad. Bert was getting close to cumming, I know his cock well and knew his orgasm was very close. His cock was fully in my mouth and his breathing was rapid when Bert asked “Did David’s cum taste good”. I spit Bert’s cock out just long enough to tease him with more details about David, it was obvious fuel to his desires.

“Yes, he got so hard in my mouth and gripped my breast a little firmer, he liked my tits. I knew he was about to cum even before he told me how good my mouth felt, then all too soon David said “oh fuck, I’m about to cum”. I stroked his fat cock with my hand,, like this, and sucked him with a slow soft action.

Then I took all of him into my mouth and he grunted out loud and I felt his dick swell a bit, then strongly pulse as he shot his tasty hot load of cum to the back of my throat” I described how it went, then did the exact same thing to my husband’s cock. Bert moaned and jerked as he erupted hard, blasting a huge load out with force to the back of my mouth. He spasm and quivered as he came and I knew it was a powerful one by the way his body was violently taken over. I kept him in my mouth as he softened and his entire body relaxed into post orgasmic contentment.

I felt proud of my skills. I just got my man up hard and fast and satisfied him physically and mentally. “Damn” Bert exclaimed, “That was one intense blow job, Sara”. Over the next few weeks I described several encounters I had sucking off the occasional man. There were not that many really but I gave Bert an honest account for each one, all the dirty details and each time more elaborate and detailed. The more information he got the harder he got.

If I felt horny, all I had to do is say, you know that reminds of the time I sucked off this one guy, and Bert would soon be sporting a good hardon for me. Bert sat in his easy chair while I knelt between his knees, his very active cock of the last couple of weeks stuffed inside my mouth, he looked down watching intently as my lips slowly worked his stiffness from head to base. “God you got skills” he complimented.

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  • Niall/Lisa

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    Great story, been there done that. Very real…and simple, not long drawn out.well done

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