Samantha’s First Time Being Shared 4.6/5 (52)

It was our first time actually going through with the threesome. My girlfriend Samantha was 20 and I was 22 at the time. We had been dating about a year and a half when this took place. She was a short thin little blonde with a killer surfer body. Big 34D titts. We had talked about a threesome during sex and finally she agreed to it.

I call up my buddy Aaron who I had previously mentioned my fantasy with and he was more than willing. The theee of us were good friends and hung out a lot. went to concerts together. Smoked with. Drank with. A close friend for sure. He had always tried to flirt with her and she knew he wanted her badly. He always joked about her huge titts on her small body. When he finally arrived I had met with him outside and we talked about how it would go down really quick.

Samantha was inside changing and getting ready. We walk in and Samantha is laying on the bed topless. Aaron’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her breasts for the first time. Samantha moved toward the end of the bed where he was standing and they started to kiss and caress each other. He almost immediately went and sucked on her titts, feeling then and biting her nipples which I didn’t know but she loved that so much.

Samantha then unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down and pulled out the hammer of a dick he had. I was kind of taken back by how long and thick it was. I looked at her and she looked back with a huge smile. Aaron then asked if I was sure and I had assured him it was ok. Samantha then starting to lick his balls and suck on them, moving toward the tip of his dick.

I was pulling off her thong while she was doing this and I found her to be completely soaking wet. I started to eat her soaked pussy while she was blowing him. At one point Aaron then grabbed her hair and essentially started face fucking her. She squirted all over me at some point while she was gagging on his dick. Samantha gets up and moved into a doggy style position where she was now starting to blow me and had her ass and pussy in the air toward Him.

Aaron asked if we had a condom as he didn’t bring any but we didn’t. We never used them as Samantha and I were together for over a year and a half. I told them both don’t worry I know he’s clean and told him to just blow his load in her mouth which they both agreed. So He slowly put the tip of his dick inside her and she let out a huge moan. Little by little he thrusted more in until he was balls deep.

Now at this point Samantha couldn’t focus on blowing me as she was gone in pleasure. Luckily for me I was so turned on and close to cumming myself I backed off and watched for a few. He was fucking her hard and she had her face buried into the pillow screaming. Samantha then looked up and screaming “I’m cumming, Aaron fuck me harder I’m cumming!” And he grabbed her by her hair and drilled her as had as he could.

Samantha then let out a huge moan and rose up so that Aaron was now holding her from behind, with one hand covering her breast and the other covering her mouth, while still thrusting his massive dick into her. Her body was shaking as she came and then fell flat back onto the pillow. I said to both of them it’s my turn for a go so I got up behind her and started fucking her, slowly at first but then I really gave it to her.

Almost breathless she said again she was cumming. When Samantha finished cumming she moved around and started blowing me. I came shortly after and filled her mouth full of cum. She swallowed every bit of that too. Aaron had grabbed her and they both laid sideways on the bed as he fucked her from behind. He was holding her body so tight and close to him.

One hand around her neck squeezing lightly as she mentioned she liked, and his other hand under her, rubbing her clit as he fucked her. She was screaming “yes Aaron you know just how to fuck me”. They were like that for at least 10 minutes when I got hard again and wanted more action too. I said to Samantha come over here and take me now. I could see that she tried to pull off him and come toward me but when she did Aaron held her tighter and fucker her harder to which she was screaming and moaning so much she was powerless.

I could tell she was loving it too. Aaron then said “not yet. I’m not done with her”. I was taken back but also so turned on that I let him have her. I wouldn’t Havnt lasted two minutes anyway so they continued. Samantha was now cumming over and over again covering his cock in her creamy juices. While completely out of breath Samantha’s wise ass said “ that was fucking amazing but is that all you got?”

With a evil smirk on her face While fucking her, Aaron rolled her to her stomach, to where she was laying flat with her legs spread wide and he was on top of her back really giving it to her. I watched as his balls slapped against her dripping pussy. Samantha moaned “just like that Aaron. Make me your bitch!” Aaron then said “I’m gonna cum roll over” Samantha replied “blow that fucking load inside me or you’re never fucking me again”

Aaron looked at me for a quick second and I nodded a yes to. Not like I had any control, I always made sure she got what she wanted. She was on birth control so that part wasn’t a worry. As she threw her ass back toward him as he was fucking her Aaron let’s put a huge moan as did Samantha while he pumped his cum inside of her. I watched as her pussy flooded from his dick and his cum dripping out Fromm the side.

He laid flat on top of her cumming. Samantha screamed “oh my god yes. All of it!”. Aaron pulls his dick out and Samantha rolls over to suck the remaining cum out of his dick, blowing him slowly for a little bit. When Samantha sat up she said “oh fuck, thank you Aaron. Holy shit, that was amazing”. I said “ isn’t she something! She’s the fucking best”. Aaron had smiled and replied “she can really fuck she’s amazing” Samantha grabbed him and moved him toward her. S

he licked and sucked on his balls and took his dick in her mouth for about a minute and then said “that was amazing. Let’s do this again very soon” to which we all agreed. We all got dressed somewhat and they kissed and hugged as they said goodbye. He gave her a nice slap on her ass and said “see you soon sweetheart, bye guys!” And he left. Samantha and me were now alone and talking about how much fun that was and that we were both happy we finally did it.

I was still hard and she decided to climb on top of me and fuck me. Her pussy was noticably looser from him and I was soo turned on by that. I came shortly after and filled her up. I loved knowing she had two different loads inside of her.

Samantha laid there playing with her pussy and rubbing both our loads around and inside of her and sucking on her fingers. I look to her and say “let’s plan something for tomorrow”. She smiled and said “you read my mind, Aaron was amazing but there’s one of your friends I’ve secretly been wanting to fuck for a while now”. I shocking reply “who?”

She gives me this evil smile and tells me his name – that will be my next story.

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