Rose’s First in Las Vegas 4.3/5 (6)

My name is Kurt and my wife is Rose. We are both 40 years old. Rose is a real attractive well built blond who loves to flirt and tease. She makes pretend that she doesn’t know she is showing some flesh because she likes to see the guy’s expression. I work in sales and my company had a sales meeting in Las Vegas for 4 days.

I asked Rose if she wanted to join me to get out of the cold weather in Boston and she happily said yes. We both enjoy sex and always talk about our fantasies to spice things up. I don’t think there’s anything that Rose would consider off limits. She is very sexual and probably will try anything at least once.

On the first day of the conference I headed off to the conference room and Rose to the pool. She loves the sun. She looked incredible in her 2 piece suit. I gave her a kiss and told her to behave herself. She smiled and said, “I can’t make any promises.” Throughout the boring meetings my mind was wondering what Rose was up to.

I pictured her flirting with every guy at the pool. I couldn’t wait until the meetings were over. As soon as they were I headed straight to the pool. There was Rose talking to some young guy. When I walked over she introduced me to Anthony. We talked for a while then he left. I laughed and said boy you really can attract them. She said he was really nice.

He bought me drinks and rubbed suntan lotion on my back. I asked, “Is that all?” Well, he did rub suntan lotion on my legs too. That felt great. I told you she is a tease. The next day after the meeting I rushed to the pool and spotted Rose alone. I asked her, “What, no friends today?” She said they had to leave. How many was “they”. There were 3 guys today.

I kind of teased them first. I asked how. Well, I pretended I was really engrossed in my book. I was sitting up on the lounge chair and brought my knees up to my chest. When I saw them looking in my direction I opened my legs. I knew my bathing suit was wedged between my pussy lips. I thought they were going to fall out of their chair trying to get a better look.

They eventually came over and introduced themselves. The bought me drinks all day. I allowed each one to take a turn rubbing suntan lotion on me. As I laid on my stomach one was rubbing it on my legs. He was a little daring. He slid his hands all the way up my thigh and slid a finger in me. I’m sure his friends saw it. I smiled and winked at him.

After dinner Rose and I went to the lounge for a drink. She spotted her 3 new friends and waved to them. They came over and introduced themselves. We talked for a while but I told Rose I couldn’t stay too long because I had meetings the next day. She seemed disappointed but we went back to the room. As we cuddled I told Rose that the guys really had the hots for her.

She said she thought they were really hot and sexy. I asked her which one she would like to fuck. She paused for a minute and said, I would like to fuck all of them. She said it was hard to decide on just one. I pressed her more but she said she couldn’t decide. I really liked all of them. I asked her if she would be interested in doing one of them. She thought about it and asked me if I would be ok with it.

I took her hand and placed it on my rock hard dick. She said she would be interested in fucking one of them but she didn’t want to know who it was. “What do you mean?” I don’t want to see them. Blindfold me. I want to always wonder which one of the hunks was fucking me. I thought that was erotic and I told her I would work out the plan.

The following day I finished up the meetings and had the next 2 days with my wife. We were at the pool and her friends stopped by to say hi. I bought the first round of drinks to break the ice. I watched as rose dropped the straps of her bikini top off of her shoulders. I don’t know how her top stayed up. She was showing a good amount of her breasts and was purposely leaning down when she was talking to show even more.

These guys were really getting an eye full. Later in the Day Rose decided to go in the pool and not surprisingly the guys wanted to cool off in the water too. They were very close to her as they talked. They thought I couldn’t see but I saw one of them grab her breast and another reach between her legs. I let this go on like I didn’t notice because I knew Rose was having a great time.

Rose eventually climbed out of the pool and said she was going to get ready for dinner. I told her I would be up in a few minutes. Anthony was the only guy that came out of the pool and it was my opportunity to ask him is he had an interest in making Rose’s fantasy come true. He couldn’t say yes fast enough. We discussed the details.

After dinner I told Rose I wanted to go up to the room. Once there I placed a blindfold on her. I told her I had a surprise for her. I could feel her trembling and I asked her if she was still interested in living out her fantasy. She could barely say anything but shook her head yes. I slowly undressed her. She asked me what guy was coming to the room.

I told her that she was not allowed to take the blindfold off or ask who. She agreed. Once I had her totally undressed I led her to the bed. I called Anthony. I didn’t use his name I just said, she’s ready. Rose heard a knock on the door and I heard her gasp. Anthony didn’t waste any time he went over and was kissing Rose all over her body. He licked between her legs and sucked on her nipples.

Rose was really responding to his touch. She reached out and found his dick. She positioned herself to suck him off. Once he was hard he pushed her on her back and fucked her real hard. They both came hard. As he rested I went over and fucked Rose.. Anthony came back to the bed and flipped her over and pounded her real good from behind, her favorite position.

They both came again. We played with Rose and fingered her to a few more orgasm. She asked that we both fuck her together. Anthony was on his back and she climbed on him. I positioned myself behind her and fucked her ass. This was her first double penetration and she came really hard. In fact, this was the most intense one I experienced with her. Anthony dressed and left.

I took the blindfold off. And she gave me a very passionate kiss. She asked again who he was but I wouldn’t tell her. The next day at the pool we saw the guys again. She asked who it was and I said, “Why don’t you just ask them?” I knew she wouldn’t. She kept looking in their direction for any hint but none of them let on. I whispered to her that he’s coming back tonight at 8:00 pm but doesn’t want you to know his identity, I have to blindfold you again.

She smiled and said she was looking for it and thanked me for being so open to this adventure. After dinner she said she wanted to get back to the room to shower again and put on her sexy dress for her visitor. I asked her why she wanted to be dressed. She said it made her feel more sexy. Once she was ready I blindfolded her and made the phone call.

“She’s ready and hot.” She sat on the edge of the bed and waited. We heard the knock on the door and she jumped. I went over and invited our guest in. She was standing facing the door but couldn’t see. He came up behind her and cupped her breast through her little black dress. He started kissing her neck while he unzipped her dress.

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