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Section 1

This happened a couple of years ago. My wife Dani and I had been married for about 30 years. At the time I was 78 and she was 67. Dani is still a hot looking woman, at least to me. Five foot six, blond, slender with a great chest and legs.

She had some work done on her face some years ago so she does not look her age and is not dumpy like a lot of women become. He breasts were 36 D and do sag a bit but not that bad, her nipples are small but enlarge when she was excited. Never having any children her vagina was tight and that was compounded by us not havinge intercourse for years.

In her youth she was a total slut, going to college at the age of 18 from a small town she cut loose and of course this was during the free love hippy days. Her female room mates were shocked at the number of males she had sex with.

When we first met she told me about a boy friend she had that was a DJ and fucked around a lot. She got pissed at him and showed him she could fuck more people than he could. She estimated that she had sex with over 50 males in her live and one female.

She usually needs oral to climax, except with one lover she had back in the day that could get her off in any position with his cock. She has stated that very few of her past lovers have ever been able to do oral sex well enough to get her to climax on a regular basis so sex has been mostly frustrating for her although she still loves it.

I got ED after our first year, at the time we did not know what caused it, she thought I was having an affair and when I told her I was OK with her having lovers she took me up on it. At my request he even came to our house and let me video tape him fucking her.

What made it worse for me was that after he left, I was able to get really hard and fucked her myself. Their affair continued for about a year and I got to love the taste of cleaning her out when she came home from him.

Later she let a consultant that called on her work fuck her when ever he came to town. Then she decided to change her job and went away to Grad School for a couple of years where she had multiple lovers that she used to write me about. When she returned, she took a job with the school board so that slowed down her activities, but she did take a few lovers.

She retired at age 65 but kept herself in great shape. We had sex about once a week, but it was only oral. I sensed that she missed intercourse but at least she always climaxed.

She walked every morning and I joined her from time to time. We got to know the neighbors on our walks and would often see a big German man named Rolf riding his bike. He was a distant neighbor and friendly to her, not so much to me. Sometimes his neighbor Bob would be riding with him.

I started having trouble with my right foot, a nerve issue, related to my diabetes so I was unable to continue the long walks. Dani kept on her daily walk though and would talk about Rolf from time to time but just casually.

One morning after she had left on her walk, I decided to take a short one. I headed out and coming around a corner with a large hedge on it I saw them off in the distance. Rolf was off his bike and they we close together and having an animated talk.

I noticed she kept touching his arm and as he got ready to leave, he kissed her, just a peck, but a kiss in any event. I ducked back and started going the other way as he came riding up to me. He stopped, got off his bike, and sneered at me.

“John, I really like your wife, she is so hot. She tells me you have ED and can’t give her what she needs. As good as she looks, I am sure a man is going to take care of her soon.”

To say I was shocked is an understatement. After that he got on his bike and rode away. I had noticed as he got on his bike an exceptionally large package in his shorts, I was kind of surprised because I always had heard that big guys often had small cocks. Rolf was big, I guess 6'4" at least, stocky but he looked hard, his leg muscles were amazing for an old man.

I went back home, still kind of in shock. A few minutes later Dani came in, she was flustered looking and her nipples were fully extended. She ran to her bedroom and closed the door. A few minutes later she came out, her hair was in a ponytail. She was wearing a halter top that tied at the back allowing her large breasts to jiggle back and forth. Short shorts and sandals.

“John, Rolf’s girlfriend is out of town for a month. He told me his big balls are so full he is in pain, I agreed to go help him with his problem. I told him at my age he will not have to worry about using a condom. He seemed happy with that idea.”

“But Dani, I am shocked. He seems so crude; he made an obscene comment to me about you.” She laughed and went out the door.

Now, I don’t mind her having lovers, but it had been a long time and I thought she was over it and with this man of all men. I was never aware of her liking big men either in stature or cock size. In fact, she tried one man who was so thick he could not fit in her.

A couple of hours later my phone beeped and I saw it was a text from her. I opened it to see a picture of a big hard cock, almost out of a red swelled cunt with what must have been cum leaking around the edge. The text said, “home soon.”

Another hour and she pulled in the driveway. Coming in the door she looked well used. She walked to the middle of the room, dropped her top and shorts. Her breasts were covered in red marks and her cunt was swollen and dripping. She sat down, opened her legs and called me over.

“Rolf ordered you to clean all his cum off my cunt. Get here right now you old cuckold.”

Without thinking I crawled over, put my head between her legs and started lapping his nasty tasting cum up. As I was cleaning her, she talked to me.

“Rolf is the hottest lover I have ever had. His cock is so long, thick and hard it is amazing for a man his age. He came in me three times, twice in my cunt and once in my mouth.

He said he is going to fuck me every day while his girlfriend is gone. I am to stay with him this weekend and his friend Bob is going to fuck me also. He said if you were good, he and Bob would fuck me here and make you clean both them up.”

My wife had never been submissive, so I was again shocked. In the past she had mostly been the dominate with us. It was obvious that Rolf had captivated her. As I got finished, without another word she got up and went to her bedroom, closed and locked the door.

It took me a long time to go to sleep, so I slept late, when I got up there was a note for me. “Gone to give Rolf his morning blow job, back soon.”

A bit later she came home, walked in the door, walked up to me and gave me a sloppy wet kiss. I knew what I was tasting was Rolf’s cum.

So the rest of the week it was morning BJ’s and evening sex with Rolf. I decided to just keep my mouth shut knowing it would only last three more weeks or so I thought.

Friday evening the doorbell rang about 7. She answered and there was Rolf and Bob, I could see they were carrying several bags of food and liquor. Dani went into her room and came back just wearing her bikini bottoms.

Bob went into the kitchen and started making drinks. Rolf and Dani hugged then he took off his shirt and dropped his shorts. I was astounded at the condition of his body. Hard and all muscles.

His cock, while somewhat soft was also amazing. He ordered her down on her knees and she started sucking him. Then he had her stand up and drop her bottoms then they both went out and jumped into the pool.

Bob came out with three drinks, put them on the table by the pool, came back in and dropped his shorts and shirt.

Section 2

Bob’s cock was very nice looking also. He turned and went back out and into the pool. I did not know what to do until I heard Rolf calling my name. I went out and saw an unforgettable sight. Bob was sitting on the pool step; Dani was kneeling in front of him with his dick in her mouth while Rolf was behind her with his hands on her boobs fucking her with his big cock.

She came as I got there, then a few minutes she came again. Both men then groaned and shot their cum into her. As they pulled out Rolf whispered in her ear. She got out of the pool, came to me, gave me a big wet kiss and pushed Bob’s cum into my mouth. I wanted to spit it out but was afraid of them both.

Rolf dismissed me after that, so I went to my room and tired to go to sleep amid the cries of passion and release by all three. Dani slept late the next morning, when she got up, she gave me a list of things to do during the day and went off to visit Rolf. I had never seen her like this and realized she was totally addicted to Rolf and wild sex now.

That evening Rolf came over again. It surprised me because Dani had told me he had shot cum up her cunt three times during the day. I could not imagine how he could have more for her. In he came to my bedroom, grabbed my arm and pulled me to Dani’s room.

He pushed me down onto a chair by the bed and tied me to it with a handy rope. He left the room and came back in with Dani. She was naked except for crotchless panties and metal clips on her nipples and a dog collar around her neck with a leash attached.

“Dani, tell your husband why you are letting me do this to you.”

She looks at me, blushing and says, “John, I can’t help it. I am a slut for Rolf’s big cock, and I love the way he makes me feel when he fucks me. I also love that he is my master and I am his fuck slave to do whatever he wants me to do.”

With that Rolf picks her up like she is weightless, drops her on the bed ties her hands to the head board, lifts her ass, puts a pillow under it and ties her ankles so she is spread eagle on the bed. He then comes over to me, forces me to get his cock wet then drives it into her pussy and starts fucking her with long deep strokes.

She starts climaxing and they just seem to roll one after another. Finally, she passes out from pleasure. He pulls out of her, comes back to me and makes me clean him off before he unties me. He pulls on a pair of shorts and shoes and leaves.

I rush over to her, make sure she is OK, just sleeping it off like a drunk and go to my room. I wake up late to find Rolf and Bob taking turns fucking both ends of her. She looks over at me and smiles just as Bob shoots his load on her face. Bob turns away and Rolf orders me over to clean the cum of her face which I do.

Later I hear some other men arrive and see another big man and a huge black man. They are greeted by Rolf and all go into Dani’s bedroom. Later Rolf calls me, I go in and see the new man laying on the bed with Dani impaled on his dick, the black man is on top with his dick up her ass and she has Bob’s cock in her mouth as Rolf is slowly tweaking her nipple. Her cries of pleasure seem to be nonstop. I turn and leave.

Waking up Monday morning I realize we have three more weeks of this. I walk into the kitchen to see a note from Dani. Rolf and Bob have taken her to a swinger’s island in the Caribbean. I wonder if I will ever see my wife again.

The next weekend they are back. Dani has a great tan, she gives me a big kiss and drags me into my bedroom. Closed the door, sets me in a chair, drops her top showing me her brown tits, opens my pants, takes out my cock and gives me a great blow job, swallowing all my cum. She gets up, gives me a big kiss, tells me she still loves me and thanks me for understanding.

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