Rolf The Real Story


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Section 1

I wrote a story about my wife and an older German man named Rolf. What I wrote was mostly fiction so here is the real story. At the time, two years ago, Rolf was 82 or so but a big hard guy. He was well over six foot but worked out a lot and my wife told me he had an excellent body.

Over some time of running into each other as she walked her dog and he rode his bike they became friends and then one day she went to his house and he fucked her. And fucked her hard, she was sore after but had not climaxed. This was always an issue with my wife, she loved sex, loved men but few could get her off.

Rolf had a woman living with him but she was out of town, he was horny so he seduced my wife. My wife was 68 at the time, five foot three, blond, fairly slender with thirty-six D breasts. She had many lovers when young and a few after I got ED right after we married thirty years before.

The next night Rolf picked her up in his car but made her lie down in the back seat when he pulled into his garage so his neighbors would not see her. When he got her undressed she realized that he did not have any condoms and she had not brought any.

She was always concerned about catching something from sex. She took his big cock and blew him. After he came he laid her down on the floor, got his cock wet with saliva and started fucking her tits. He got hard again and when he was ready to climax he jammed his dick in her mouth and filled her with his cum.

The following week she took him to be tested. He got the results a few days later and was over to our house. He came in like a bull, told my wife and I both to strip then took several pieces of rope out of his pocket, grabbed my arm, pulled me into her bedroom and forced me into a chair.

Then he tied me to it. My wife came in, looked at me and at the undressed Rolf with his big cock hardening and smiled. I could see pussy juice dripping down her leg. He picked her up and pushed her on the bed then came over to me.

“Cuckold,” he said, “suck my cock and get me hard so I can give you wife a good fuck for a change.”

It was hard to get his thick cock in my mouth, but I did the best I could do. He then got on the bed and pounded my wife till he came in her. While she cried out in pleasure, I could tell she had not had a climax. Rolf then got off the bed, stuffed his shrinking cock in my mouth to get clean then untied me.

“Cuckold, get on the bed and clean your wife and see if you can get her off.”

I did, and did. She climaxed in just a couple of minutes and it was one of the hardest in her life she told me later. Then Rolf replaced me on the bed and started eating her.

“Cuckold,” he said to me, “tell me how to do her right.”

I then conducted a class in pussy eating for my wife’s lover. I was surprised how fast he got onto it as she climaxed again.

With his live-in woman friend back he only got over once a week or so but my wife really lived for those days and I would hear each of them yell out as they climaxed. After he left she would always make me clean out his thick cum from her pussy, I was always surprised at the amount he gave her.

Then the day after his visit my wife came into my bedroom with tears in her eyes.

“Rolf is moving out of town this week,” she said. “This was the last time I will see him.” With that she broke down crying.

We then entered her sad period as I call it. She seemed to be OK but there was something missing. For me it was not so bad as she wanted oral sex a lot more now and would always get me off too but I knew she was missing Rolf. I suggested she look for another lover, but she was not interested.

Then one morning when I got up I found her very happy and bouncing around the house.

“Rolf wants to come for a visit,” she said, almost yelling in her excitement. “He wants to stay here and I told him there was lots of room in my bed. He has also emailed me his latest test results. He said he is not going to have sex with anyone till he gets here”

A week later, she went to the airport and picked him up. They came into the house, he put down his suitcase and off they went to her bedroom. This time he did not invite me to join them, but I was fine since I had installed a small IP camera in her room. I went to my room, locked the door and turned on my iPad to watch the show.

Rolf was stripping her and then fondling her large breasts, she undressed him and fell to her knees to suck his growing cock. She had her hands wrapped around it and I was amazed at how deep she got him in her mouth. I realized she must have been practicing with her big dildo.

He then picked her up, put her on the bed, got on it himself and slowly pushed his big cock into her pussy. Then he started driving into her like a mad man. To my surprise after just a few minutes she came. Wrapping her legs around him she kept pulling him into her tight pussy and then climaxed again.

Was this my same wife. She never wanted to climax a second time! They kept fucking and I counted two more climaxes, for her, before Rolf came with a roar. She then got off the bed and headed for my room. She came in gave me a big kiss, thanked me for letting her fuck Rolf then went back to her room.

Rolf stayed a week, I got to play with them from time to time but they fucked two or three times every day, in the pool and in every room of the house. Finally, his visit ended. I thought my wife would be sad but as it turned out they had decided to swap visits every month or so. When she was with him, she would always facetime me so I could watch them. All in all it proved that old adage, “Happy wife, happy life.”

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